25 Modern Bowl Cut Haircut Ideas for Women

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

A bowl cut is a 1980-inspired hairstyle with a mushroom-looking shape. It features a combination of blunt fringe and blunt perimeter. Most of the time, strands beneath the top hair are graduated, tapered, or undercut.

Even today’s stylist, Sam Carter from Chicago, gives the bowl chop a thumbs up. Her number one rule? “Have fun with it! Your hair will always grow back.”

Keep open and honest communication with a stylist before getting it done. Ask these questions: (1) Will it work with my lifestyle? (2) Can I maintain it? Carter mentions that “a bowl cut is a maintenance as you have to keep a regular schedule.”

When styling, she suggests different products depending on the tresses’ texture. “For finer hair, I recommend a salt spray or a lightweight texture cream on dry locks. For medium to coarse hair, I recommend a texture clay for that grungy pieced-out look.”

A woman who has drier locks can also pull this trend off. “I like to first blow-dry a moisturizing cream into the hair. Then, finish it off with a shine spray on the ends for some piece-y definition,” says Carter.

Mushroom hair has a very eye-catching and unique shape. Carter advises that if you opt for a bowl cut, be sure you want it that bad. Once you wear it, you have to rock it for a few weeks or months before transitioning to another chop.

Remember when Celine Dion, Ruby Rose, and Zendaya flaunted such an iconic look? If you were blown away, check this article out. Images here include the most inspirational bowl cuts and styles you have to see!


#1: Edgy Bowl Haircut

Add a twist to an edgy bowl haircut by tweaking the shape for smaller faces. Adding curvature to the line opens up the face and contours the head shape beautifully. This enhances the feminine neck area. Don’t be afraid to play with the fringe length depending on how much forehead you want to show.

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Asymmetric Bowl Mushroom Cut for ladies with glasses
Instagram @__k_vu__

#2: Asymmetric Bowl Mushroom Cut

You might be surprised, but bowl pixie haircuts are back in style! This uneven bowl mushroom haircut is a good way to update the old-fashioned look, giving it a trendy touch. If you choose this haircut, know it needs frequent upkeep to maintain its sharp look.

Short Asymmetrical Bowl Cut with Side-Swept Bangs

#3 Asymmetrical Elegance Bowl Cut

The asymmetrical bowl cut offers a fresh take on the traditional style, perfect for hair that is straight to wavy. This cut flatters oval and square face shapes, balancing symmetry with its off-center fringe. The textured layers encourage movement, adding a lively bounce that classic bowls can lack. It’s a practical choice for those seeking a stylish yet low-maintenance option. To keep this asymmetrical shape in prime condition, routine trims are a must. Style with a dab of mousse for volume and a spritz of hairspray to hold the fringe in place.

Short Crimson Shadow Bowl Cut on Straight Hair

#4 Crimson Shadow Bowl Cut

Looking for something bold yet manageable? This hairstyle is a great choice for straight, medium-density hair. Its short length offers ease of care, while the striking maroon hue provides a depth that accentuates the rounded cut. While it’s a statement piece, consider the upkeep; the color may require salon visits to retain its vibrancy, and the precision of the cut demands regular trims. To style, a smoothing serum will maintain sleekness.

Woman with modern bowl haircut and burgundy color accent

#5 Burgundy Tinted Modern Bowl Cut

This modern interpretation of the bowl cut combines simplicity with a dash of color. The bob length ends precisely at the jawline, which flatters most face shapes. The uniform fringe frames the face beautifully, drawing attention to the eyes. The standout feature here is the burgundy tint peeking through the dark brunette base, adding depth and a playful element to the style.

Woman with Voluminous Textured Bowl Cut and Natural Fringe

#6 Voluminous Textured Bowl with Fringe

Step into boldness with this voluminous textured bowl cut. It’s a terrific choice for those with medium to thick hair, looking to add body and movement. The fringe is cut to echo the natural brow line, making it a strong fit for square or diamond face shapes that benefit from softening lines. While it’s full of volume, be prepared for styling time with products to enhance and hold the texture.

Short Straight Hair with Modern Wispy Bowl Cut

#7 Modern Wispy Bowl Cut Elegance

Embrace a refined look with this cut, ideal for straight, fine-textured hair. The wispy bangs delicately kiss the forehead, lending an air of softness to the style—best suited for those with oval or longer face shapes to enhance symmetry. It’s low-maintenance yet requires precise trims to keep the fringe and bowl shape impeccable. To style, a light hold hairspray will maintain the shape while keeping the strands looking natural and effortless.

Short Textured Blonde Bowl Cut with Blunt Bangs

#8 Feathery Blonde Bowl Transformation

This feathery blonde bowl transformation is a fresh take on a timeless style. The blunt fringe pairs well with fine hair, giving structure without looking heavy. The textured edges add an airy, modern touch, perfect for softening angular jawlines. Keep in mind that this cut requires upkeep to maintain its crisp shape, and for those with fine hair, volume may need boosting with a light mousse or spray. Style it with a blow dryer and round brush to add lift and finish with a texturizing spray to accentuate the feathery layers.

Short Bowl Cut with Dimensional Highlights

#9 Dimensional Highlighted Bowl Cut

This cut is a perfect merger of shape and shade. On straight, medium to thick hair, the precision layering of the bowl style creates a voluminous look, ideal for elongating a round or heart-shaped face. The highlights artfully interwoven into the fringe and sides offer a chic contrast that can brighten the facial features. Note that the meticulous nature of the cut requires upkeep to maintain its form, and the highlights may need refreshing to preserve their dynamic impact. To style, a light pomade will enhance the texture without weighing down your hair.

#10: Bowl with Bangs for Women

A precise cut like the bowl with bangs for women is designed with tender and dainty features in mind. An elegant, vintage style is the way to go for classy ladies. Such a bowl cut with heavy bangs also requires regular trims to maintain its shape and beauty.

Feathered bowl cut hairstyle
Instagram @mr.barber

#11: Feathered Bowl Cut

A feathered bowl cut is an upgraded form of a classic bowl cut. It features more structure, layers, and movement. Your hair won’t need to be sleek styled every day.

Korean bowl haircut for girls
Instagram @reimi_hair

#12: Korean Bowl Haircut for Girls

Get a Korean bowl haircut for girls if you have medium to thick, sleek straight hair. Consider a layered bowl cut for thick hair, allowing a lot of texture to sit within its structure. Ask your stylist to take the sides short, so you get longevity out of your short haircut.

Fashionable mushroom haircut for brunettes
Instagram @spankthesinner

#13: Fashionable Mushroom Haircut for Brunettes

Go short with a fashionable mushroom haircut for brunettes to enhance the bowl cut shape. The brunette tones sit perfectly against the strong textured line. When the sides are undercut they remove the bulkiness at the round of the head, keeping a feminine silhouette.

#14: Bowl Cut with Blonde Highlights

A bowl cut with blonde highlights adds the illusion of depth. Keeping some balance of the dark base against the blonde hue defines the precision of the shape. It thickens up finer hair and brings harmony to the style’s texture.

Blonde mushroom cut
Instagram @hairnerdsalon

#15: Blonde Mushroom Cut

With a blonde mushroom cut, keeping subtle lengths can add interest to your bowl cut. Longer areas can hold elements of softness, whether it’s by the ears, hairline, or fringe.

Bowl cut hairstyle with shaved sides
Instagram @coiffeurstory

#16: Bowl Hairstyle with Shaved Sides

Make a statement with a bowl hairstyle with shaved sides to show off all your features. A bold line flowing into a micro fringe adds extra attitude to the shaved sides. It’s such a strong precision cut!

#17: Asian Bowl Cut for Women with a Round Face Shape

Try an Asian bowl cut for women with a round face if you crave a strong sleek style. The shape hugs the head at all angles to frame the face in an elegant manner. The roundness of a bowl cut softens stronger angular areas.

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Textured shaggy bowl haircut
Instagram @todchukstudio

#18: Textured Shaggy Bowl Haircut

A textured shaggy bowl cut for black, thicker hair is a true low-maintenance cut. The beauty of side-swept bangs and texture around the edges means your style will grow out softly. A textured bowl cut is sure to carry out femininity to an ultra-short shag.

Undercut Bowl Hairstyle for Women
Instagram @estilist_rup

#19: Undercut Bowl Hairstyle for Women

An undercut bowl cut hairstyle for women exposes the neck while keeping the hairline feminine. Undercutting the sides to be disconnected from the top allows for extra length. A modern bowl cut with an undercut brings out a playful element to fine and thick hairstyles.

#20: Long Bowl Style

A long bowl style, or a bowl bob haircut, is one of the most technical haircuts in the industry. It’s high-fashion and a ’60s style that will last forever. It’s also a chop that requires regular trims every 3-4 weeks. With such precise detail, it needs continuous maintenance.

Mushroom haircut for older women
Instagram @bowlcut_jo

#21: Mushroom Cut for Older Women

A mushroom cut for older women is a short, blunt bowl cut around the head. Jorunn of Oslo, Norway is a huge fan of edgy short haircuts such as a bowl haircut. A buzzcut on the sides and back are done to create the style.

Jorunn recommends an Asian-style blunt mushroom haircut as it’s easy to style and perfect for thick tresses. “It’s a stylish and trendy look for a woman who likes some attention.”

Low-Maintenance Bowl haircut for round faces
Instagram @snippy_longs

#22: Low-Maintenance Bowl Haircut for Oval Faces

A bowl haircut for oval faces has graduation for weight and bevel structure within. This edgy chop is a creation by stylist Hels Gomersall from the UK. “I disconnected the sides at the front to create a sharper look, which works with the blunt micro fringe,” she says.

A bowl cut is low-maintenance, perfect for a lady who wants zero effort when styling. Gomersall also reminds us that regular visits to the salon will keep it looking fresh.

#23: Curly Bowl Hairstyle

A curly bowl hairstyle is great for ladies with textured locks and angular faces. Stylist Ellen Horwath from Birmingham, MI created this edgy cut and says, “A sharp jawline, high cheekbones, or a strong nose can help contrast the roundness of a bowl cut.”

“The crown area is cut shorter than the perimeter for an added volume. Use R+Co’s Sail soft wave spray and R+Co’s Outerspace hairspray when styling a bowl chop,” says Horwath.

#24: Modern Blonde Bowl Haircut

The modern blonde bowl haircut is known for it’s simplicity and all-around length. Also referred to as a mushroom cut, the bowl cut has made its way back into the modern day. Your stylist can heighten the look with platinum blonde color and seamless precision cutting.

#25: Pixie Bowl Cut

A pixie bowl cut is an edgy hairstyle for women who prefer short hair. You could also wear this haircut in a more sophisticated way by smoothing it down with a light hold cream and pushing it to the side.