Top 26 Boho Hairstyles Trending in 2024 to Get That Bohemian Spirit Out

Boho hairstyles for women
Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Bohemian means unconventional with a spiritual or artistic touch and hairstyles in this category will display braids, twist, free-flowing tresses, and so much more. Originally coined for gypsies, it has become more modernized as time flows and is a combination of hippy and Renaissance so expect to see some 70’s styles as well as romantic hairstyles. Boho, the shortened term, has become popular during certain periods and the number of hairstyles has just increased.

Boho hairstyles are so easy to do, yet look so beautiful and stylish. What I love most about it is that you can play up your natural texture or temporarily change it to another, but still keep it natural-looking and effortless. Whether you’re going to a festival, celebrating the 4th of July or going to a Boho-chic wedding, you’ll find a look for you. Here are some popular bohemian hairstyles that you can mix and match to create your own look!

High Volume Boho Braid Hairstyle

#1: High-Volume Boho Braid

This is bohemian and natural, yet trendy and chic. There’s a balance between the pretty and feminine top half of the style versus the attractive, tangled texture at the bottom. If you want to express your fun, carefree and stylish side, you can wear cute boho hairstyles on medium-length hair to a wedding, prom, music festival, or a night out on the town. This boho style can be done on all hair types. It requires texture in the hair so get a texturizing spray or volumizing powder to add grit. This makes hair easier to manipulate, especially if you have thin, straight hair.

Volume is an important element of this boho braided hairstyle. Teasing the crown and the remaining hair left down, as well as plumping out the braids by gently pulling out the sides, will elevate the style. If you want a more subtle style, keep the teasing to a minimum. End with finishing spray to ensure long-lasting hold.

Loose Braids Boho Style
Instagram @sabrinadijkman

#2: Loose Braids Boho Style

This style is trendy boho. It’s not your every day, hippy-ish, free spirit boho style. It’s a little more polished, with just a bit of a laid-back feel. From the front, your hair looks simply curled and ready to go. Then you get a little surprise when you see the braid in the back!

This style is versatile enough for any girl. All you need to achieve this style is a good curling iron (a 1 1/2-inch iron), some basic braiding skills, and texture powder (try Expandadust by Unite). Once you create the braid, puff some Expandadust onto the braid. It gives the hair the grit you need to expand out the braid and make it more full. It also gives it an extreme hold so it isn’t going anywhere until you wash it out!

#3: Bohemian Braided Updo

This Bohemian hairstyle is effortless, romantic, and slightly messy. Bohemian updos with braids are simple but add so much to the overall boho style. Boho braid hairstyles are best suited for women with medium to long hair and without short layers because they’ll stick out of the braid. Use texture spray to add some dimension to the bun and help hold the braids when slightly pulled apart. Boho hairstyles for long hair could be dressed up with hair accessories or a veil as well. Or add flowers for an even more boho romantic feel. This updo is ideal for women who want a boho or romantic style for a wedding or event.

#4: Dimensional Bohemian Updo

Is your big day coming up? If so, this dimensional bohemian updo is a dream and will make you look like a real princess. Ask for some volume and pinned-up fishtail braids. Any master wedding stylist will execute this updo and make you feel amazing on your wedding day.

Bohemian Gypsy Braids
Instagram @hairpreto2022

#5: Bohemian Gypsy Braids

Bohemian gypsy braids are a great way to switch up and protect your natural texture and to avoid a flat iron. Make sure your braider is installing quality hair. Rebook maintenance every 8 weeks!

Gorgeous boho with small braids
Instagram @svglamour

#6: Gorgeous Boho with Small Braids

Try an elegant boho style with a double braid that is great for weddings or events. Get a great hairspray to hold your bohemian style! Try Not Your Mother’s haircare products. Hair extensions can also be added to boho hairstyles for a much fuller look.

#7: Boho-Inspired Brown and Blonde Hair

This boho-inspired brown and blonde hair is the best for beachy babes whose hair doesn’t hold a curl. The braids show off the dimension and add points of interest throughout. The half-up, half-down can help you pull hair away from your face while keeping some down for a more relaxed feel.

Long Boho Hair with Flower Accessories
Instagram @sabrinadijkman

#8: Long Boho Hair with Flower Accessories

Boho hair is quite popular at the moment, especially when it comes to weddings. To get this look requires a lot of hair. So, you will more than likely need to add some extensions. I would choose clip-ins so that they can be placed exactly where the volume is needed most. Consult with your stylist to see what’s best for you!

Long Blonde Boho Festival Hair
Instagram @hairbyhatem

#9: Boho Long Blonde Festival Hair

Boho-inspired, long blonde hair is popular this summer for festival concert-goers. Adding jewelry to your hair has replaced the feathers of the prior years. My advice would be to practice your style a few times before the day of the concert. You’ll want to curl your hair, each section in different directions. Take a top section from the top of the ear to straight back and up to leave as much hair down as possible. Pull two small sections from the top knot to leave out to braid. Add in the jewelry as you braid. In my professional opinion, it’s best to wash your hair the day before rather than that morning, so you will get more hold in your style.

#10: Boho Hairstyle for Short Hair

Boho hairstyles for short hair? Yes, please! This is a textured chignon, perfect for a “classy bohemian hair girl”. It’s simple but still has some intricate detail within the style, giving it interest and beauty. You can dress it up or dress it down. By adding a hairpiece, veil, or a bridal gown – you have a beautiful wedding hair updo.

Since this style is all pinned up, it might not be the best option for a woman who typically wears their hair down. It might feel too tight to their head and not comfortable for them. To make it looser or wispier, small pieces could be pulled out around the face to give it a more organic feel.

#11: Boho Chic Hairstyle

Boho chic hairstyles are a beautiful option for brides. Pair the wavy style with boho hair accessories to elevate the look even further.

boho hippie style

#12: Boho Hippie Style

Consider boho hippie chic hairstyles for your next event. Boho half-up half-down hairstyles would be perfect for the summer bride. Style down with long beachy waves and braids and embellish with loose garland or a flower crown.

#13: Dimensional Boho Chain Braid

This Bohemian style gives off a fun yet edgy boho vibe. It’s one of the boho short hairstyles that offer a timeless look of a traditional braid, but by switching it up and making it a chain braid, it becomes edgy and different.

It’s polished, while still giving the feeling of a lived-in boho style. This cut also features contrasting textures.

If you want such bohemian hairstyles for short hair, make sure you’re ok with some texture and a more lived-in finish. Although there is a volume in this short boho hair, the front is closer to the scalp. if that makes you uncomfortable, opt for adjusting where the braid begins.

With short boho hairstyles for thin hair, add texture and volume with a lot of shine. Try Redken’s Full Frame Mousse with a drop of Redken’s Glow Dry. It’s the perfect combo for volume and shine without weighing your fine hair down.

For thicker hair, use Redken Velvet Gelatine and some Redken Guts to create a smooth and controlled, but voluptuous canvas. With any hair texture, use Redken’s Windblown to finish and create a disheveled style with shine and texture.

#14: Bohemian Beachy Side Braid

This Bohemian hairdo is “beachy” with a side braid. It looks very natural as if the sun-kissed the hair itself.

There’s natural depth at the root and it melts into the beautiful pops of blonde around the face and on the ends.

This look is super low maintenance. When done properly, this style can last for six months. This style is for women who love a natural, sunkissed vibe. It looks undone and messy.

Blow dry Kevin Murphy Body.Builder and Body.Mass into the hair. After the hair is dry, add Young.Again serum and Bedroom.Hair hairspray. Use a 1 1/4-inch Halocouture curling iron, and wrap small sections around it, using the curling iron like a wand. Finish by brushing the hair out with a paddle brush and fingering back through it. This style lasts for days!

#15: Low Twisted Boho Ponytail

This boho pony is a ponytail with a twist. It’s a modern take on the classic low ponytail.

When you think of bohemian hair, you think of loose waves, texture, and big, messy fishtail braids. This look encompasses all of the above but is effortless, easy to achieve, and the perfect style for any girl that has to attend a formal event, but is not so formal herself!

Sea salt, sea salt, sea salt! This kind of hair is all about texture, so applying a good sea salt spray to damp hair before drying (and also before styling dry hair) is a great way to add body and movement to finer, silkier hair types. You can also never get enough of texture spray. Use that on the roots to give added volume and directly on the pony to give more shape and feel after styling. Redken Wax Blast is amazing for creating texture in hair!

Softly Braided Boho Updo
Instagram @hairismything

#16: Softly Braided Boho Updo

This is a softly braided boho updo, one of the most stunning bohemian hairstyles on black hair. Don’t you love hairstyles with the simplicity of the earthy yet elegant vibe of the pulled apart braids and carefree soft curls?

This is a great style for women with shoulder-length hair or longer, who is looking for a quick and easy style that is soft yet playful, and won’t get in their way.

For straight hair, start with clean, dry hair and utilize either some dry shampoo or powder root booster. Then use a light hairspray to add a little bit of texture and hold. Use these products prior to wrapping one-inch sections around a 1 1/4-inch barrel curling iron or wand.

For hair that has natural texture, you can jump right into braiding! Softly pull the braids apart and pin up the back. To finish, pull out a few soft pieces of hair to frame the face and neck.

#17: Messy Bohemian Half-Braids

These are messy bohemian half-braids. It’s basically two inverted French braids with added volume, finished with a nice twist of hair to hide the elastic. The hair is styled first with just a bit of wave and some sea salt spray. This boho hair is totally easy but gives a festival-chic vibe!

Braids on bohemian hairstyles for long hair are definitely the best when prepped with a sea salt spray, as well as a dry shampoo and/or a volume texture spray. These products provide a lot of volume, texture, and “piece-y-ness” that make this boho hairstyle adorable. The key to all good hair: Don’t overthink it!

Half Up Do Braid
Instagram @yadgiahair

#18: Half Up Do Braid Boho Style

This is a half up half down Bohemian hairstyle. The braid is worked into the style. It adds a nice detail to the style and creates that boho feel. Hairstyles that are half up and down can be worn for any event.

The hair has to be able to hold a curl or wave well. The whole idea of the “bohemian” look is for it to have natural, loose-looking waves. The style will not be achieved if the hair falls straight.

Some great styling products that add wave and texture to hair are sea salt sprays and texture sprays such as Doo.Over texture spray by Kevin Murphy. This style is great to wear to a party, a festival, or even a boho-themed wedding.

#19: 3 Strand Ponytail Braid Bohemian Style

This 2 strand ponytail braid bohemian style is simple yet edgy.

Boho upstyles would need any texture spray or dry shampoo, a 1-inch curling iron, a ponytail holder, a few bobby pins, and Kenra 13 hairspray to achieve.

Soft Boho Fishtail Braid
Instagram @hairbylaceygc

#20: Soft Boho Fishtail Braid

This Bohemian hairdo is for the beautiful bride. The softness of a fishtail braid and incorporating a French braid at the top helped create a little more texture and volume.

To create this boho style, go through and spray Delorenzo Elements Sandstorm in your hair to give volume and texture to the root area. Then use the Cloud 9 to curl the hair, then pin the top section. While the top section cools down, use ShowPony clip-in extensions around the side to help create extra length and fullness. Work back through the top and use Delorenzo Quicksand to help give the mid-lengths a little more hold.

Braid the top and use a clear hair tie to secure the braid. Use a sea salt spray to help the styling of the fishtail. To help hold everything in place, finish with Affinage Black Ice hairspray.

Effortlessly romantic boho hairstyle

#21: Effortlessly Romantic Boho Hairstyle

These Bohemian braids are the main feature and blend into the ponytail. Plus, it features a touch of casual and romantic bohemian styles. The best product to recreate this style would be the Design Me Puff Me powder because of the texture it gives your hair. This style would suit most hair types but works best on long thick hair. It’s a casual look, so it may not work for those with a hectic or corporate lifestyle. Bohemian hairstyles look best on ladies with a round or oval face shape.

#22: Boho Braided Crown Hairstyle

A braided crown is sure to create stunning boho updo hairstyles with a romantic touch.

Use a dry shampoo to give the hair a good amount of texture, as well as a stronghold hairspray.

Loosely Braided Boho Hairstyle
Instagram @majestichairfl

#23: Loosely Braided Boho Hairstyle

This is a secure but loosely braided Bohemian style. When you add baby’s breath and/or jewels, this style becomes elegant in so many ways. Believe it or not, the hair in the photo is a pin-less style.

When choosing long boho hairstyles of any kind, remember that you can opt to have extensions. Also, the entire boho style changes when you add your hair bling. Come well prepared with your hair additions to give your stylist a fighting chance in recreating something you have in mind.

I have also found that the messier, the better! Not the fuzzier though, because no one likes frizz. I use Redken Spray Wax and/or Kenra alcohol-free hairspray to keep my boho beauties effortlessly secured. Messy hairstyles can still look hot if done correctly.

Modernized Boho French Braid
Instagram @theupdogirl

#24: Modernized Boho French Braid

This is a modern twist on your classic French braid. Infinity braids are everywhere at the moment and are relatively simple to accomplish. You get a ton of different textures from the combination of braids.

If you aren’t blessed with tresses, use a texturizing iron at the roots for added volume for the Dutch fishtail. Ensure you keep the Dutch fishtail nice and tight, pulling on it as you go for that “pancaked” style.

Try Design.Me Puff.Me hair volumizing powder. It’s popular for creating a lot of types of braids, and it’s great for baby hairs too! When creating the infinity, the smaller the pieces of hair you take the more effective the outcome.

This style is really suitable for all women. It can be adapted for women with bangs and taken over to the side for a softer look, which is great for women with slightly rounder face shapes. This style really would stay in for days if you needed it to.

#25: Bohemian Crown Braid Updo

Boho braided style is relaxed, textured, soft, and elegant, ideal for mid-length to long tresses. It can be dressed up or dressed down for any occasion.

The preparation for this style is key. You need a good setting spray. Once the braid was done and set, the rest of the hair was curled and set with pin curl clips. It’s important to let the hair fully cool down before attempting to create its structure. Also, use a sea salt spray and a volumizing powder to create a messy, matte texture.

This style is great for women with a lot of hair. It’s essential to have enough length for it to be able to be loose, creating the “boho” look.

Bohemian Festival Vibe
Instagram @hairbyjennh

#26: Bohemian Festival Vibe

This is a half up half down Bohemian hair with soft waves. It gives a festival vibe to a classic style. The braid adds bulk to fine hair and plays up all the highs and lows of the blonde hair color.

Use a 1-inch Babyliss Wand to achieve this uneven and soft curl pattern. Add Powder Play Lite Soft Volumizing & Texturizing Powder to the crown to help create texture and volume at the scalp. Lightly spray Redken Diamond Oil through the mid-shaft and ends to create shine. Finish with a light working hairspray to keep the hair soft to the touch and moveable.

Easy and simple boho hairstyles like this work best on fine to coarse hair. The braid being pulled apart makes it appear larger and is an easy way to help finer hair appear thick and full. This style would be perfect for a night out or a special event, or even anything in between! Braided boho hairstyles are perfect for concerts and festivals.