Have You Seen The Body Wave Perm Hairstyle Yet? If Not, You Have to See These 25 Examples

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief
Soft Permed Body Wavy Long Hair
Instagram @ha_minjoo

#1: Soft Permed Wavy Long Hair

Enhance your hair’s volume and texture with this soft permed wavy long hair. Body wave perms offer a loose wave, contrasting the traditional tight curl, for a more wavy look. If you struggle with limp, fine, or straight hair and seek more volume, this solution is highly recommended. It gives natural-looking curls needing little routine upkeep. Your stylist may suggest a curl cream to enhance your new look.

Shoulder-Length Perm Body Waves with Wispy Bangs
Instagram @rintaro_sato0

#2: Shoulder-Length Perm Waves with Wispy Bangs

Try natural-looking perm waves on shoulder-length hair with wispy bangs. Wispy bangs can add extra softness to the face and enhance the curls. Try a curl gel to maintain frizz-free hair and increase shine.

Permed Body Waves for Chin-Length Fine Hair
Instagram @maaaho_01

#3: Permed Body Waves for Fine Hair

Follow the trend of natural texture by choosing a permed body wave for fine hair. Your thin hair will transform completely when you opt for a body perm with waves. You’ll achieve the messy look you’ve wanted, which can be air-dried using a texture cream. A perm also creates a thicker look by enhancing the hair cuticle, making your fine hair appear denser.

#4: Brown Permed Hair with Blonde Tips

Body wave perms pair well with styling techniques such as ombres, dip dyes, and balayage. A good example is a brown body wave perm with blonde tips. If you create a soft wave in your hair, it can help different colors blend well and also make them stand out.

Mid-Long Voluminous Body Wave Permed Wolf Cut
Instagram @hoshiyuta

#5: Voluminous Permed Wolf Cut

If you have straight hair and want to try a trendy wolf cut, consider also getting a voluminous perm. Body wave perms add movement and curls, creating a lovely, shaggy look. The wash-and-go method suits women of all ages. After washing and conditioning, apply curl cream and foam for root volume.

Short Permed Body Waves for Thick Hair
Instagram @ancymon_gdynia

#6: Short Body Waves for Thick Hair

If you are tired of your straight hair, consider a short body wave ideal for thick hair. Curly and wavy textures are being seen everywhere, and they are easy to manage as well. A great cut is important, as it forms the foundation for your body perm. If you prefer less volume, opt for less layering. However, if you want more fullness, request more layering. A body perm in waves will soften your appearance and make you feel reinvented. For a soft wave, remember to choose a looser rod for your perm. You can simply air dry your hair or diffuse for extra fluff, always using a curl amplifier to define and reduce frizz.

Long-Length Modern Body Perm Waves with Curtain Bangs
Instagram @leard_ys

#7: Modern Perm Waves with Curtain Bangs

Change your long hair by adding curtain bangs and a modern wavy perm. Curtain bangs are super trendy, and they suit most face shapes well. The curtain bangs and wavy perm put the hairstyle’s maintenance level between low and high. You’ll need to tweak the bangs every few weeks. However, the mid-length layers will help the haircut grow beautifully.

Chest-Length Textured Messy Body Perm Waves with Bangs
Instagram @mikikudou

#8: Textured Messy Perm Waves with Bangs

You can achieve effortless texture with a textured, messy perm with bangs. This look is a great wash-and-go style. To control frizz and make your hair ultra shiny, use a good quality curl gel or mousse.

Permed Body Wavy Short Hair with Fringe
Instagram @rintaro_sato0

#9: Permed Wavy Short Hair with Fringe

Transform your straight and limp hair with a wavy and short haircut that has a fringe. A wave body perm gives your hair enough movement. It creates waves without leaving your hair tight or frizzy. If you’re looking for extra body in your flat hair, a body perm is the perfect solution. It’s easy to maintain with the right care. Ensure you use high-quality products that moisturize to keep your hair hydrated and free from frizz. Use the Dreamcoat spray from Color Wow to define and protect the curls in your hair.

Long Body Wavy Perm with Face-Framing Bangs
Instagram @goby_naeun

#10: Wavy Perm with Face-Framing Bangs

For many of today’s trendy hairstyles, a wavy perm with face-framing bangs is perfect. A body wave perm style works well with various styles, from shags to wolf cuts to Barbie-inspired ones.

Medium-Length Permed Body Wavy Hair with Thin Bangs
Instagram @chihiro_anai_official

#11: Medium-Length Wavy Hair with Thin Bangs

Consider the medium-length wavy hairstyle combined with thin bangs. If you have fine hair, this wavy style will help you maximize your texture. Maintaining weight on the ends of the hair is possible with minimal layering, and thin bangs serve as a great accent. Permed body waves are in trend, and they enhance thickness and volume effectively. For added fullness, try diffusing your style with a volumizing product. Although air drying is easier, it may result in a flatter finish.

#12: Short Layered Perm Blonde Hair

You can add volume to short layered blonde hair with a wave perm. Use a hydrating shampoo and conditioner. Also, use a good curl gel to keep your hair hydrated and add definition. Perms look best on short hair.

Long Body Wavy Perm with See-Through Bangs
Instagram @leard_official

#13: Long Wavy Perm with See-Through Bangs

If you love a soft, beachy wave, you should try a long, wavy perm with see-through bangs. This body wave perm hairstyle will help you achieve the hair texture you desire.

Neck-Length Tousled Body Wavy Perm with Wavy Bangs
Instagram @mikikudou

#14: Neck-Length Tousled Wavy Perm

If you want more volume in your hair, a neck-length tousled wavy perm is perfect for fine hair. A classic method to add volume and texture to fine, limp hair is a body wave perm.

Long Body Permed Beach Waves
Instagram @yuka_hair_van

#15: Long Permed Beach Waves

Permed beach waves are a great way to add fullness to long permed hair. This perming technique results in natural, gently coiled curls for a softer look. Remember, you can customize perms with body waves to suit your specific hair type, achieving a look that makes you happy in the long term.

Digital Wavy Body Perm for a Short Haircut
Instagram @stylengo_hlua_chhakchhuak

#16: Digital Wavy Body Perm for a Short Haircut

A digital wavy body perm can greatly enhance a short hairstyle. Applying a soft wave to bobs, lobs, or longer pixie cuts will create a new texture. This change can simplify daily hair styling.

#17: Medium Layered Body Wave Perm

For medium-layered hair, a body wave perm is a great option to add volume. The look from a body wave perm is easy to style, especially during busy mornings when quick prep is needed for you and the kids. Try using a frizz serum or gel. It keeps your permed waves moisturized and free from frizz all day.

#18: Short Wavy Permed Bob

A short wavy bob is the perfect way to enhance your permed hairstyle! If you want more volume, a body wave on short hair is your solution.


Textured Chin Bob with Perm Body Waves
Instagram @rintaro_sato0

#19: Textured Chin Bob with Perm

Go for a natural look in a textured chin bob with a perm. A natural curl pattern is on trend for a messy and organic style. If your hair needs help and is straight, you should definitely consider a perm. Even a super loose body wave will add a cool texture to your hair that can be air-dried. Keep in mind that the perm process uses chemicals that might lightly change your hair color. However, most modern perms are gentle and cause little damage.

Mid-Long Cut with Permanent Permed Body Waves
Instagram @granc912

#20: Mid-Long Cut with Permanent Waves

Add waves to a mid-length cut for more volume. Control frizz with curl gel. Dry and set the curls with a diffuser.

#21: Soft Wave Perm on Short Bob

If you have a bob haircut, consider trying a soft wave perm. A soft wave perm looks great on round faces. If your face is oval or heart-shaped, a chin-length bob is a good choice. A chin-length bob is great for busy women on the go. You can wash it, apply some defining gel and curl cream, and then head out for your day.

Medium-Length Body Wave Perm with Bouncy Layers
Instagram @ono_yu_ya

#22: Body Wave Perm with Bouncy Layers

The hairstyle in the image is a perfect example of a perm featuring body waves and bouncy layers. These layered cuts help eliminate heaviness, which could cause your curls to sag. Try a curl mousse or gel to keep your hair hydrated and defined.

Loose Curly Perm Body Waves with Mid-Length Layers
Instagram @hairby_arlene

#23: Loose Curly Perm with Layers

For an effortless look with easy styling, a loose, curly perm with layers would be a perfect option. You could add a root booster and a curl mousse to your styling regimen for added volume.

Short-Length Body Permed Loose Waves with Subtle Layers
Instagram @soulhair_su

#24: Permed Loose Waves with Subtle Layers

If you want fluffy hair, ask for permed loose waves with subtle layers. The short fluffy hair trend is highly popular because it gives a light, airy feel and high volume that people find enchanting. Perms are a great method to make softer, heavier hair textures look fluffier.

Long Dark Hair with Spiral Body Wave Perm
Instagram @londonhair.yyc

#25: Long Dark Hair with Spiral Perm

Change your dull, straight locks into long, dark curly hair by getting a spiral perm for a beautiful texture change. Dark hair is shiny, and a perm, giving you curls, simplifies your day-to-day styling routine into a quick ‘wash and go’ process. After you’ve washed your hair with a color-safe moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, towel dry and add a dime-sized amount of curl creme from one inch out from the root to the ends. Twist the section away from the face and repeat all over the head. Flip your head over and diffuse, switching your heat from cool to hot.

Ever thought about changing your hairstyle and debating whether to go with a body wave perm? Linda Pomilio, a recognized expert, is here to share her wisdom and insight to answer all your burning questions. From advising on the suitability for different hair types, to sharing her top styling tips and product recommendations, Pomilio’s advice is sure to put you on the right path to transform your tresses. Here’s the scoop.

Meet The Expert

Linda Pomilio
Linda Pomilio
Linda is a master stylist with over 20 years of experience.
You can find her at Carmine and Company in Warrington, PA

Body Wave Perm and Different Hair Types

“If you’re thinking about a body wave perm, keep this in mind. A body wave is a chemical service that adds natural looking waves to your hair. It also boosts volume and texture,” says Pomilio. For fine, straight, and limp hair, a body wave perm could be your best bet. The result? Lovely soft waves that last all day.

Looking to change your straight hair type? A body wave changes your look and streamlines your styling routine. However, Pomilio urges us to use caution if your hair is very damaged or dyed.

“But if your hair is aging and thin, a body wave might be just what you need. It adds volume and thickness, giving your locks a youthful feel,” Pomilio advises.

Styling Advice and Product Recommendations

If this is your first body wave perm, do not feel out of your depth. Pomilio advises to use a diffuser to lightly dry your waves, and urges the use of curl-energizing products. She highly recommends L’Oréal’s Curl Expression line, specifically the 10-in-1 Cream-In-mousse, for superb definition and moisture.

If your perm needs a little extra help with frizz, Pomilio suggests gently using a 3/4-Inch curling iron after the hair has dried. She also recommends not combing through your hair once it has been diffused, as this could lead to frizz and upset the wave pattern.

Another tip from Pomilio is to air dry your new perm. “You’ll get a fuller, more vibrant look with a diffuser. If you like neat ringlets, try twirling each section around your finger as you style it,” she advises.

How to Maintain Your Perm

The first wash after a perm might loosen the waves. Pomilio’s advice? “You must wait 48 hours after the perm to shampoo your hair. After that, wash as needed. The perm might reduce your hair’s oils, so you might not need to wash as often.” To freshen your curls between washes, use water or L’Oréal’s Curl reviver and scrunch.

In love with your new body wave? Pomilio advises waiting five months between perms to maintain your hair’s health. “The chemically treated hair won’t be gone until it gets cut out. So, it’s best to wait as long as you can to get another one,” she concludes.

Photos of the Most Gorgeous Body Wave Perms