26 Easy Beach Waves Tutorials – How to Get Cute Beachy Waves

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

#1: Subtle Beachy Waves

Opt for shoulder-length highlighted hair, toned with a beautiful beige-blonde color. Styled with soft, subtle beach waves.

Long Beach Waves Hairstyles
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#2: Long Beach Waves

Summeriffic vibes coming your way with loose curls. Achieve the style using a curling iron or giving your damp hair a twist and scrunching it for natural-looking waves, or simply let your hair air dry for optimal results!

Blonde Balayage and Beachy Waves
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#3: Blonde Balayage and Beachy Waves

Try a blonde balayage and beachy waves for a bright and lived-in style. Balayage is one of the best ways to add bright blonde colors to your hair without having to get color touch-ups. To help create that beachy feel, try spraying your hair with a sea salt spray to add grit and separation.

Effortless Hawaiian Beachy Waves with Textured Ends for Mid-Length Hair
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#4: Effortless Beachy Waves with Textured Ends

Beachy hair with textured ends often looks beautiful and needs minimal care. A wand or flat iron would be best to style this look and keep your waves loose. If you desire more volume, add a few smaller curls close to your roots.

#5: Wavy Short Bob with Rose Gold Highlights

This wavy short bob has a “barely there” texture. These bombshell beachy waves are messy and unrefined. The cutest thing about this look is the volume you get when you simply flip it to one side with a heavy part and then pull the bangs forward to frame your face.

If you are considering this look, it’s best if you have medium to thick hair that your stylist can cut to a non-angled bob and then texturize a lot. For styling, I recommends Puff Me volumizing powder by Design.Me that conveniently comes in a pump to spray at the roots! Then use Biolage Texturizing Styling Spray to give your hair the perfect amount of separation for this style!

Long Beachy Waves with a Side Part
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#6: Long Beachy Waves with a Side Part

Long beachy waves combined with a side part give a nod to the surfer-girl chic look. It gives off an effortlessly beautiful vibe, with minimal effort if you already have naturally curly locks. If you have straight hair, you can try to diffuse the hair to add a slight curl and once dry, you can go over with a curling wand or iron to finish the look.

Long Beach Waves Hairstyle
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#7: Long Beach Waves Hairstyle

The long beach waves hairstyle gives women an alluring, classy finish. To recreate this look, start by prepping the hair with a volumizing mousse like IGK’s Beach Club, then blow-dry the hair. Once dry, add some heat protectants that offer a stronghold like Paul Mitchell’s Hot Off the Press. Curl the hair, leaving an inch to an inch and a half throughout the ends. Polish the hair by stroking your hair down with your fingers to avoid tangles and create even bigger curls.

Beachy Curls and Waves
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#8: Beachy Curls and Waves

Try beach waves if you have a natural curl in your hair. Ask your stylist for a curl cream or mousse to enhance your natural curls. Let it dry from wet or defuse your curls so your natural curls can come to life!

ombre with beach waves
Instagram @catcoiffeur

#9: Gorgeous Ombre with Beachy Waves

Master Colorist Cat created this black to rose gold melt that’s surely pleasing to the eyes! Styled with deeply waved strands, this beach waves hair is the definition of effortless beauty!

beach waves for long hair
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#10: Beach Waves for Long Hair

The easiest way to add a bit of definition to your natural tresses – add loose ripples and beachy ends for a complete blonde beach babe look for long hair! If wanting to add fullness to shorter hair, opt for some hair extensions.

Half up half down beach waves with a braid
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#11: Half-up Half-down Waves with a Braid

Try half-up half-down waves with a braid whether your hair is short or long. It’s such a versatile style that can be worn day or night and completely changes your look from just wearing it down. Adding braids adds extra detail and can be as simple or complicated as you can manage.

#12: Sun-Kissed Shaggy Waves

Sun-kissed shaggy beach waves can be worn if you have fine or thick hair. For fine hair, add in a few layers for extra texture.

#13: Summer Balayage Waves

Surfer tousles for the summer! Sun-dipped copper blonde hair styled into loose waves to amp up your vacation. Finish the style off with a texturizing spray to boost the texture and movement.

#14: Beach Waves Hairstyle for Ladies

The beach waves hairstyle for ladies is a timeless piece that leaves you with a breathtakingly elegant look. To recreate this style, use a curling wand and a silkening spray to create polished waves with a strong hold.

Textured Beach Waves Hairstyle
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#15: Textured Beach Waves Hairstyle

The textured beach waves hairstyle creates a messy, lived-in finish. It adds an extra layer of volume to thin tresses. To recreate this look, scrunch the tresses with Powder Play Volumizing and Texturizing Powder and Fun Raiser Volumizing Dry Texture Spray with Collagen to plump up the volume and texture while keeping your hair healthy.

Beach Curls
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#16: Beach Curls

Creating beach curls fulfills your dream of sporting a mermaid’s hair. To recreate this look, start by applying a volumizing mousse like IGK’s Beach Club, then blow-dry the hair. Mist the hair with heat protectants like Paul Mitchell’s Hot Off The Press. Lastly, curl the hair while leaving an inch to an inch and a half throughout the ends, then polish it with your fingers to create even bigger curls.

#17: Chic Ponytail with Voluminous Waves

Add a chic ponytail with voluminous waves to make finer hair appear fuller with a stunning updo. Adding waves to your ponytail and a little gentle back-combing instantly bulks up the hair and makes it appear fuller. Try a little back-combing underneath the crown and let the hair smooth over the top for extra oomph.

short beach waves hairdo
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#18: Short Beach Waves Hair Do

Make that everyday look more interesting by adding wispy waves and chestnut brown highlights to dark brown hair. Perfect for ladies with a straight hair type who want to flaunt some curls for an added pop. Mimic the waves by using a flat iron for easier manipulation.

Tousled Beach Waves Perm
Instagram @thomas.goh

#19: Tousled Beach Waves Perm

What a perfectly undone way to change your thin hair! These rose gold medium-length tousled waves are the next Hollywood favorite! Incorporating those subtle highlights are sure to enhance dimension in these undone waves.

#20: Beach Waves Weave

Set the mood for date night with a golden ombre beach waves weave, which exudes elegance and allure all at once. If you want to add a little pop to the style, opt for braids on one side.

#21: Blonde Loose Beach Waves with Dark Roots

A full head of fine highlights for beautiful beach hair! Ends that look nice and light and have the right amount of brightness, and still maintain a modern rooty look.

wavy medium-length hair
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#22: Wavy Medium-Length Hair

Show off your medium-length soft locks in a natural-looking hairstyle like these honey-highlighted waves. Styling with a middle part makes it perfect for round and short faces!

Shoulder Length Dirty Blonde Waves
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#23: Shoulder-Length Dirty Blonde Waves

“This is my idea of a California blonde,” says stylist Thalia Ramirez of Santa Ana, CA. “I created these messy waves with a balayage technique in order to give her a seamless blend and a “rooty” look so she doesn’t have to get this touched up every month.”

Ramirez loves the contrast between the dark and blonde, giving it the perfect amount of dimension, and the bombshell beach waves just show it off perfectly.

There is some maintenance to this dirty blonde color. Ramirez recommends professional-grade products. “Purple shampoo is a must to hold on to that blonde intensity and keep out brassy tones. I recommend Redken Color Extend Blonde. For the beach wave style, I use a 1 1/2″ curling iron and I finish it up by breaking up the curls with Bumble and Bumble Brilliantine and spray it with some Kenra professional platinum dry texture spray,” she adds.

no heat waves
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#24: No Heat Waves

These no heat waves enhance the natural beauty of soft waves, and encourage their natural movement.

To encourage these natural elements, ask your stylist to grab some length away and use a slicing technique to shatter the line – not layering. This allows the weight to be lifted from the internal section, encouraging the natural movement and creating soft, textured waves.

This is such a versatile look and can be recreated at any length, ideally for those with wave or movement. These textured beach waves are the perfect synergy to live a free-spirited, low-maintenance lifestyle by the sea.

#25: Ash Blonde Lob with Waves

This ash blonde lob with waves was created by senior stylist Jessica Chave of Kelowna, BC. “Loose waves accentuate the long textured layers which makes it the perfect style for this haircut. The great thing about it is that ladies can wear this wavy layered hairstyle on formal events, such as a wedding or even a prom,” explains Chave.

She also insists you invest in a good purple shampoo!” This will be a lifesaver and keep your blonde from becoming brassy. I personally love Fanola No Yellow shampoo. To get your hair blonde enough to show ash tones usually means bleach, so a deep conditioner with protein to help rebuild protein bonds once or twice a week is a must. Expect to rebook for about 6-8 weeks for a root touch-up or toner (or both) to maintain this color.”

Beachy bob with a middle part
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#26: Beachy Bob

Consider a beachy bob with a middle part.

This cut can go for any hair density and is flattering on most face shapes. To keep it fresh, visit the salon every 3-4 months.

If you have medium-length thin fine hair, ask your stylist to create extra weight at the ends by cutting the perimeter at graduation, and keeping the layers minimal. Ask for the angle that creates weight, not removes it.

It’s very easy to round brush for extra volume. Straighten for sleekness or wave for a lived-in look that will last several days.

We styled these effortless waves with Kevin.Murphy Body Builder for body and the illusion of more density, and Anti-Gravity for volume, grip, and heat protection. After curling, we finished with Bedroom Hair for some light messy texture.

Feel and wear the cool ocean waves on your hair without needing to go on a summer vacay by simply recreating one of these trendsetting beachy waves hairstyles! The ultimate cool babe look – beach waves hair is what you call any textured, loose, and effortless wavy hair that is anything but boring! The perfect mix of gritty and charming strands makes it one of the hottest hairstyles, not just during summer, but any time of the year.

No need to spend more than a few minutes to give your hair a sea-inspired look, as these breezy tresses do not need to be perfectly done. Grab your curling iron, flat iron, or wand and go for a tousled, lazy, and casual style, finished with a sea salt spray for an all-day texture! Your fingers are your best tools to create this California beach look. Simply run them down your strands to loosen and shake out your locks.

So before your next hair appointment, check out these photos to find your next beach waves hairstyle.