30 Gorgeously Chic Hairstyles to Try Before 30

The big 3-0. Sound daunting? Don’t let it be! 30 is most definitely the new 20, so there’s nothing to sweat about. But one thing that’s fun about your 20s is being able to experiment like crazy. So, before you blow out your candles for your 30th birthday (or 40th or 50th!), make sure you’ve tried these 30 hairstyles.

30 hairstyles to try before 30

1. The Pixie Cut

If you’ve ever wanted to try something daring, the pixie cut is one to try. It’s cute and sassy plus, you’ll have plenty of time to grow it out if you try it in your 20s.

the pixie cut

2. Shoulder Length Blunt Bangs

Blunt bangs are often paired with a bob, but if that’s too aggressive, one nice way to rock the look is with a shoulder-length cut. It’s still fashion forward, but a more approachable style.

medium length hairstyle with blunt bangs

3. Face Framing Layers

Why do we love face framing layers? They look great on practically every face shape! So go ahead and at least once, give some face framing layers a try.

face framing layers

4. Soft Waves

Big beautiful curls as seen here on Mila Kunis is one look we’ll never get sick of. Use a big barreled curling iron to get the look.

soft wavy hairstyle

5. Bob With Side-Swept Bangs

Growing out that pixie cut? Try this sassy bob with side-swept bangs.

bob hairstyle with side-swept bangs

6. Medium-to-Long-Length Locks

Medium-t0-long length locks, sans bangs, is absolutely a classic hairstyle. Try some highlights or even an ombré style to add some dimension to this look.

medium length hairstyle before 30

7. Sleek Pony

A sleek ponytail is always sexy. Try it for a special event for an unexpected yet glam look.

sleek ponytail

8. Playful Pony

Blake Lively proves that a ponytail can absolutely be red-carpet worthy. Loose hair around the front softens up the look.

playful ponytail

9. Medium Length Hair + Blunt Bangs

You really can’t go wrong with this winning combo. Medium length hair + blunt bangs + healthy shine = a total show-stopper!

medium length hairstyle with blunt bangs

10. Summer French Braid

With summer right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to practice some braids like this beautiful French braid style.

French braid

11. Braided Bun

Whether for daytime or nighttime looks, we love braided updos.

braided bun

12. Glam Side Pony

For a glamorous ponytail look, try this side ponytail with loose strands. It’s pretty, feminine and looks great both day and night.
side ponytail

13. Veronica Lake Waves

Channel a vintage vibe with these gorgeous, Veronica Lake-inspired waves. Play up the part with a bright red pout.

Veronica Lake waves

14. Long Luscious Curls

A glamorous way to style long hair is with big beautiful curls. Try hot rollers or a big barreled curling iron to get the look.

long curly hairstyle

15. Slight Wave

Add some interest to long hair by adding a bit of wave. A 2-inch curling iron or slight tousle while you’re drying your hair will achieve the look.

slightly wavy hairstyle to try before 30

16. Funky Color

If you’ve ever wanted to try an unnatural hair color, your 20s are the perfect time to experiment! For more ideas, check out our guide on unusual hair colors to try.

funky hair color

17. Summery Highlights

For sunkissed locks, try some beautiful summery highlights. It’s a fresh and flirty style that’s very youthful.

hair highlights for summer

18. Sleek Shorter Hairstyle with Side-Swept Bangs 

Going to your first job interview? Try a smart and polished hairstyle like this look on Emma Stone.

sleek hairstyle

19. Shoulder-Length Waves

If you’re looking for a truly classic hairstyle, these shoulder-length waves as seen on Ivanka Trump is as timeless as it gets.

shoulder-length wavy hairstyle

20. Fun High Pony

Whether you’re riding a beach cruiser for the day or out shopping with the gals, a high ponytail is a fun and spunky style to try.

high ponytail

21. Beachy Waves

Beautiful, beachy waves create one of the flirtiest hairstyles ever. Nail it by braiding your hair overnight.

beachy waves

22. Ombré

Ombré is one of the hottest hair color trends. Try it in your 20s so you can experiment with the intensity of the look.

ombre hair color

23. Classic Updo

Going to a wedding or special event? You’ll want to practice the perfect updo. This hairstyle will come in handy for years to come.

classic updo hairstyle before 30

24. Sleek and Straight

sleek and straight long hairstyle

A good flat iron and some shine serum will help you get sleek and straight locks. The look is sexy and the high shine is definitely attention grabbing.

25. The Bun

The bun has made its way from a formal hairdo to an everyday style. Try a sock bun for a quick and easy style when on the go.

bun hairstyle

26. Creative Pinning

Add a few bobby pins as a great way to get a creative hairstyle like this. Pin a few pieces in the back for a half up half down variation.

half up half down hairstyle

27. Half Up Half Down Style

A half up half down style is always a classic look. Make it more interesting by adding a small twist.

half up half down hairstyle idea

28. Conservative Ponytail

Yes, you can wear a ponytail to the office! Pin some pieces in the back for a more demure look.

pretty ponytail

29. Unnatural Highlights

Your 20s are all about experimenting, so try something daring with some unnatural highlights. Deep reds, pinks, purples and blues are all fun colors to try.

red hair highlights

30. Short Layers

A great way to try a short hairstyle is with some sassy layers. The layer help to add serious volume (and sass!) to your shorter locks.

short layered hairstyle

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