10 Hair Tools Every Woman Should Know How to Use

Hair Tools

hair tools women should know how to useGetting that celebrity coiff you’re lusting after isn’t all about the haircut, it’s about mastering your hair tools, too! They’ll take your hair from drab to fab and should definitely be a part of your beauty repertoire. Just remember to be patient because practice makes perfect! Go ahead and practice that perfect style by learning how to use these 10 hair tools.

1. The Flat Iron

Sleek, straight shiny hair is hardly a look that goes out of style, which is why you should master the art of using a flat iron. Whether you’re using it for all of your hair or just to tame some frizzies, a good flat iron will always come in handy. Remember to use a thermal heat spray to protect your hair from heat damage; you should also make sure you are using the right setting. A higher heat is best for thick, courser hair and a lower heat setting is best for thinner hair.

2. The Round Hair Brush

For bouncy locks and added volume, you’ll want to master using a round hair brush during your blowout. The bigger your brush, the more volume you’ll get. For curls, you’ll want to use a smaller round brush.

3. The Blow Dryer

For frizz-free hair and to straighten curls or wavy hair, you’ll want a blow dryer to do the job. Mastering the perfect salon blowout will get you those lust-worthy locks. Not sure what kind of blow dryer to buy? Check out our Hair Dryer 101 Shopping Guide.

4. Hot Rollers

Hot rollers are a fuss-free way to add some serious style to your hair. Simply heat, roll your locks into the rollers and let them set. You can do your makeup while the curls sit in — a great way to do double duty for the gal on the go. Just like with a round hair brush, you’ll want bigger rollers for bigger curls and smaller rollers for tighter curls.

5. The Hair Donut

Want to get the perfect top knot? Buy a hair donut, also known as a chignon hair tool. They’re great for creating that quick and stylish hair bun that goes everywhere from day to night.

6. A Fine Toothed Comb

Whether you’re looking to create the perfect part or wanting to get a great tease, a fine toothed comb is the way to go. Stash one in your purse for on-the-go beautifying.

7. The Curling Iron

A great curling iron is the weapon of choice for achieving amazing style. For beautiful curls, be sure to twist the hair back and away from the face. This is one hair tool you should definitely consider researching to invest in a quality product.

8. A Hair Tie 

There are so many hairstyles you can create with a simple hair tie! And yes, we mean a beyond-the-gym ponytail. Just check out this story on 4 ways to spice up your ponytail for some super glam ideas.

9. The Curling Wand

For loose, beachy waves, you’ll definitely want to master the curling wand. A curling wand is just like a curling iron, but without the clamp part of the barrel. It creates a much looser curl that’s virtually fool-proof to achieve.

10. Bobby Pins

Don’t be surprised that bobby pins made the list — they’re essential for creating an endless amount of hairstyles! From beautiful updos to taming flyaways, bobby pins are useful on just about any hairstyle. Need some inspiration? Check out our article on 6 creative ways to use bobby pins.

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