Hair Product Review – The Spin Pin!

We’ve heard a lot of buzz this summer about the Spin Pin from Goody Hair Products, so I thought I would try it myself and see what the hair fuss was all about! Initially, I looked up reviews of the product before making my purchase. Amongst a number of four and five star reviews, one particular post on really sold me… “I am not a woman equipped with even a quarter of the basic hair styling skills that the average small child has, but somehow this silly little spiral has managed to turn someone like me into a budding hairstylist!”

Goody Spin PinHow can you argue with that? The Spin Pins are available a number of places including, Target and Walgreens. You can buy them in two different colors to match your hair hue – blonde or brunette. The pins come in a package of two with instructions for three different styles. I used my brunette pins to hold my medium to long length (and often unruly) hair into a messy bun, and they worked great! Though some consumers have expressed discontent with the price ($7-$10 for two pins), I consider anything that makes fixing my hair easier for under $20 a good buy!

Here are links to two great tutorials on how to use the Spin Pin:

Have you used Goody’s Spin Pins for a hairstyle? What’s your review?