Hair Dryers 101

When it comes to styling your hair, having the right tools can make the difference between a great hair day and plopping a hat on your head before you leave the house. To make styling your hair easier and more rewarding, you should have the best hair dryer for you.  Consider these tips before making your purchase!

Hair Dryers 101

Consider Your Hair Type – Understanding and considering your hair type is perhaps most important when choosing a dryer.  If you have curly hair, you need a dryer with a diffuser that creates a softer airflow to help eliminate frizz.  Diffuser attachments can also help to pump up the volume of those with fine hair.

Those with fine or easily damaged hair should choose a blow dryer with variable settings. Most dryers have anywhere from 3-6 heat settings. Use the higher heat and air settings to remove excess moisture from your hair when you start to style it, then switch to lower settings for more precise and less-damaging styling when you’re almost done.

Keeping the heat setting as low as possible will provide gentler styling to vulnerable, fine locks.

Think About Features – In addition to multiple heat settings, choosing a dryer with a “cool blast” button is also recommended.  If your hairstyle can be tricky to set, you need a dryer with a cool shot button to make locking in your hairstyle so much easier! Once the hair is heated and dried, press the cool shot button to give your hair a cold blast of air for four to five seconds to set the style. Heated hair is more pliable and can lose its shape. Blasting the hair with cool air after drying can help prevent shapeless shame!

Wattage is also important to consider because the higher the wattage of the dryer, the more powerful the heat and airflow will be.  A minimum of 1800 watts is recommended, but if you have thicker hair, consider bumping up to 1900-2000 watts to reduce your drying time.  Additionally, look for a removable air intake grill and filter so you can clean out the filter as needed to ensure the best airflow.

Styling Needs – Just like we mentioned a diffuser attachment is important for curls, there are also factors to consider if you want your dryer to aid in straightening your hair. A ceramic heater give off more powerful and evenly distributed heat while the tourmaline promotes shiny, smooth strands. Additionally, look for a dryer with a nozzle attachment to concentrate airflow for faster drying, smoother and straighter hair.


The Price Is Right – Blowdryer prices can range anywhere from $10 to well over $100 for a salon-quality dryer.  The price you pay for your dryer really comes down to what your needs from a dryer are (ie. heat settings, attachments, wattage, etc.) and how often you plan to use it.  If you have short hair or don’t use a blowdryer very often, then an inexpensive dryer with fewer options will likely work for you.  When you get into the $50+ range, you are investing in a dryer that will last longer, use newer drying technologies to reduce damage on your hair, and contain more options for cater to your hair needs.  While the more expensive, salon-quality models do tend to have all the bells and whistles, you can get a good, well-equipped dryer with great features for around $40 or $60.

Happy shopping!

What dryer have you found that works best for both your hair AND your purse?