Get Taylor Swift Inspired Waves With A Triple Barrel Jumbo Waver

Ever wonder how the lovely Taylor Swift gets these gorgeous crimped waves?

triple barrel jump waver

Well, we wondered too until we discovered the magic of a triple barrel jumbo waver.  Much like the crimping iron some of us remember from the 80s, a waver crimps the hair but in a softer, wavy pattern, just like what you see on Taylor Swift.  One of the most popular and top rated wavers is the Revlon RVO84C 3-Barrel Jumbo Waver with Ceramic.  This product is super easy to use and in stock at for $29.99.

Revlon 3-barrel jumbo waver**STYLING TIP**
Remember to prep hair with your favorite heat protectant before using the triple waver or any heat styling tool.  We love CHI Silk Infusion!

Have you tried a triple barrel waver? What’s your review?