Comb Craze – Are You Using The Right One For Your Hair?

Combing and brushing are two very different but equally important activities.  A round brush or a paddle brush should never be the first tool to take to your head after a shower or before styling. Combing the fabulous tresses on your noggin is one important step that many people bypass. By adding five extra minutes to comb your hair first, you will not only make styling with a round brush much easier but you will also prevent split ends as well as flyaways.

When combing your hair, gently start from the ends and work your way up to the root.  Paying a little special attention to your ends will help add more time between cuts and preventing the ends from drying out. Being rough and combing quickly will defeat the purpose, so make sure you are taking your time and combing smoothly in the downward direction of your hair.

Here are a few of our favorite combs available on!

comb craze

Bring on the Heat

Bring On The Heat Comb

Hair Art- Pink Combout Comb H30013 – Other than that electric pink color being extremely fabulous, this comb has a lot to offer. The wide teeth help detangle and brush through hair and distribute conditioners. This particular comb is heat resistant and also extremely lightweight for styling purposes.  Also 10% of the net proceeds will go benefit the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Retail: $8.98

Adios Static

Hana K. Tourmaline Comb

Hana K. Tourmaline Ionic Sectioning Comb 72505 – This tourmaline crystal infused comb is ideal for styling and removing static when styling dry hair.  The bristles are good for teasing whereas the tail of the comb is perfect for sectioning, creative parts and lifting! Retail: $4.98

Get it Done With This All-In-One

Carbon Comb

Cricket Carbon Comb CRK 905 – The two distinct tooth patterns make this comb multi-purpose and great for all hair types. It is ideal for sectioning, applying product, and lightly brushing through curls! This particular comb is made with carbon which prevents static!  Retail: $5.48

Straight Up

Mason Pearson Rake Comb

Mason Pearson Rake Comb MPC-RAKE – The MP Rake Comb is slim and durable, perfect for brushing through curls, applying conditioning treatments and detangling!  Each tooth is polished and seamlessly rounded not to snag or break dead ends! Retail: $29.98

Trimming Made Easy

Cricket Silkomb Comb

Cricket Silkomb CRK 990 – The Cricket Silkomb is ergonomically designed to enhance scissor over comb cutting as well as two varying tooth patterns making this a multipurpose styling tool! Retail: $6.98


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