All About Hair Combs

We typically think a comb is a comb when it comes to our hair, but that it not the case! There are several different types of combs out there, each with their own specific purposes. When done correctly, combing can actually be more gentle on your hair than brushing. Here’s a little “All About Hair Combs” tutorial to ensure you are using the right comb for your hair type and styling needs.  Enjoy!

A wide tooth comb is typically used to detangle hair.  I actually keep a wide tooth comb in the shower to comb though my hair when conditioning.  The wide teeth ensure gentle detangling with less risk of breakage and permanent damage to your hair.

hair combs tutorial

A fine and wide tooth comb works double duty to both detangle (wide teeth) and smooth (fine teeth) your hair.  This is the most commonly used type of comb.
fine and wide tooth hair comb

A styling comb has both fine teeth and metal teeth all in a single comb.  These two types of teeth are used to smooth and style the hair.
metal tooth hair comb

A hair pick is used to add volume by lifting hair away from the scalp.  This type of comb is commonly used by folks with curls not only to detangle without compromising the curl, but to lift and shape their curly style as well.
hair comb pick

A teasing comb has brushlike bristles within the teeth of the comb to give you extra traction when teasing or backcombing hair.  A fine tooth comb can also be used for teasing.
teasing hair comb

A rat tail or tail comb is used to part, smooth and style hair.  The tip of the handle is often used to create the perfect part so you can flip the comb around and use the fine teeth of the comb to smooth the newly created part.
rat tail hair comb

Which type of comb(s) do you use most often?