The 10 Types of Hair Brushes: Are You Using The Right Ones?

When it comes to beauty, your hair is truly an extension of your overall style and personality. Whether you have short, long, straight, curly, unmanageable or flat hair, there is a brush to help you achieve a look that matches your mood and fits the occasion. While using hot tools is always an option, it will eventually start damaging your hair. We suggest putting your straightener and curling irons down from time to time and simply trying out a new brush!

types of hair brushes

Denman Head Huggers Hair Brush DHH4
The main features making this brush ideal for all hair types are the hourglass shaped ceramic barrel and the velvet coated handle. The ceramic nature of the barrel traps heat in order to drastically reduce drying time causing less damage to your hair and the shape contours to your head and helps curl the ends and add volume at the root. Retail: $16.98

Spornette Prego Round Styling Brush 277
This brush is extremely light in weight and makes styling comfortable with its non-slip foam grip.  The ventilated barrel distributes heat evenly and provides fast drying results. The nylon bristles will create added volume for normal to thin hair types! Retail: $20.98

Mason Pearson X-Large Mix Bristle Hair Brush
Mason Pearson is definitely worth the hefty price tag. The bristles of this particular brush contain a mixture of boar and nylon bristles, which are normally great for brushing through thicker hair. This particular size contains 8 rings of bristles and nylon tufts to gently massage the scalp with every brush stroke. Retail: $169.98

BrushLab {Fresh} Thermal Round Hair Brush 22823
Whether you want to curl, straighten or add volume, this brush does it all. The bristles are 100% premium cut boar hair which makes it flexible in order to do multiple styling techniques. When drying, the brush will evenly distribute the moisture in your hair to the ends, preventing over drying. Since this brush is smaller in size it is ideal for using on shorter layers or bangs. Retail: $14.98

Spornette Zhu Cushion Paddle Hair Brush 2125
Your hair can now “Go Green” too!  For all you eco conscious consumers, the Spornette Zhu Paddle Brush is made with a durable bamboo handle and tourmaline infused nylon ball tipped bristles which help condition the scalp. Retail: $13.48

BrushLab {Fresh} Thermal Round Jumbo Hair Brush 22501
This brush is known for its soft touch cozy grip. The non-slip comfortable grip is key to a great brush especially if blow drying your hair is a lengthy process although the ceramic barrel and nylon bristles drastically cut down on dry time and bring out your hairs natural shine. Retail: $14.98

Monroe Latina Envy Hair Brush M2543-LE-0
If you have medium to thick hair and are looking for a round brush to give you a smooth blowout with just enough volume, this one is for you! The white nylon bristle helps get a good hold of your hair and control the shape of your blowout. Using high quality boar bristles adds shine and closes the cuticle of your hair for an exceptionally straight finish. Retail: $32.98

Brushlab Fresh Oval Cushion Hair Brush 22711
As another signature style in BrushLab’s {Fresh} Collection, this finishing brush also has the massaging cozy grip. The boar bristles will easily brush through all hair types and bring shine to your hair throughout the day. Retail: $11.98

Denman Squargonomincs Square Barrel Hair Brush DSQ4
The Denman Squargonomics brush is ideal for curling. The ceramic barrel traps heat to set your hair and add lift to the root!  The unique crimped bristles are also much gentler on the scalp for those of you that are tender headed. Retail: $19.98

Brushlab Pronto Ionic Nylon Bristle Hair Brush 33452
There is nothing worse than static on your hair during the cold winter months.  When you need a quick brush through during the course of the day, the negatively charged ionic bristles will not add one bit of static! Retail: $8.98

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