10 Totally Rad Reasons to Embrace Your Natural Curls This Summer

10 Totally Rad Reasons to Embrace Your Natural Curls This Summer

With the temperature rising and our laziness at an all time high, we’re open to anything that’ll cut down our beauty routine in the morning. Embracing our natural curls and storing those hot tools away until the fall sounds a-ok to us, so we’re all for these 10 excuses to jump on the natural curl bandwagon.

10 Totally Rad Reasons to Embrace Your Natural Curls This Summer

1) It’s healthier for your hair.

If you spend more time cuddled up next to your flat iron than your real life main squeeze, you’re probably doing some serious damage to your poor strands. Constantly running a hot tool over your hair can fry delicate tresses, so giving them a break every once in a while is a healthy and welcome option.

2) Natural beauty rocks!

There’s nothing more gorgeous than a natural beauty who knows just how perfect she is, am I right? We love the ever-growing trend towards embracing your natural beauty, and can’t help but squeal with delight whenever we see a fellow curly haired beauty step out with pride.

3) Curls are always on trend.

Crazy hair trends come and go (mohawks, anyone?), but you can guarantee that curls will always be in style every single season. So curly gals are actually pretty lucky to be blessed with such a naturally trendy style!

4) Why fight the curl power?

Why should you spend your time fighting the stubborn strength of your curls when it’s much easier to embrace all their awesome qualities instead? Accepting your curls is actually a pretty freeing experience once you make the decision to do so.

5) Natural curls are sexy.

Sleek, smooth hair sure does have its own level of sex appeal, but there’s something instantly more sultry and come hither about voluminous, shiny curls if you ask us.

6) The product options are endless!

Curly ladies are never short of product inspiration for their tresses, and although it can take some time to find the perfect cocktail for your natural curls, if you stick it through and find “the one,” getting ready in the morning is a cinch.

7) They’re a celeb fave.

In the early 2000s, it seemed like every starlet was rocking stick straight strands, but these days, bouncy bombshell curls and wonderful waves are the look du jour.

8) Humidity doesn’t faze you.

If you’ve ever been to the salon for a blowout in the summer, you know the familiar horror of stepping outside and having your hair immediately blow up into a giant ball of frizz. But with the right products and a bit of TLC, you can rock those natural curls through brutal humidity and keep your cool in style.

9) Workouts won’t wreck them.

You can pretty much guarantee limp, greasy locks if you wear your hair in a straight ponytail to the gym, but if you’re working out with your curls pulled back, a bit of sweat won’t wreak too much havoc. In fact, it can add a bit of extra grit that natural curls love!

10) They’re universally flattering.

Bangs, certain parts, updos, or braids don’t look great on everyone, but with the right haircut, curls are pretty much universally flattering on every woman. So can you really blame us for loving them so much?