Cool Off With a Hot Summer Top Knot

This summer is definitely on the road to being a scorcher and we are always looking for ways to stay cool.  If you have medium to long hair, the last thing you want to feel is that hair sticking to your neck! While ponytails and messy buns are great go-to hairstyles for summer, but why not bump up the trend-factor and keep cool with a trendy summer top knot?

This super easy and youthful style has definitely made a statement for the past several seasons, so we thought we would share some of our favorite celebrity top knot looks of late and share a simple tutorial so you too can rock this sweet summer hair trend!

top knot tutorial for summer

Basic Top Knot Styling Steps:

1. Pull hair into a high ponytail and secure with an elastic. Use a brush if you are going for a sleeker look or simply use your fingers for a more casual, messy style.

2. Tease the pony if needed to add more volume, then wrap the hair in a circular motion around the elastic to create your bun/top knot piece. 

3. Once you have fully wrapped and run out of hair, secure the ends as needed with a few bobby pins. The “knot” can be as perfect or imperfect as you want it to be.

4. Loosen the pulled back hair as desired or gently tug out a few tendrils to fall around your face if you want.

5. Secure the entire style with a nice medium hold hairspray. You don’t want hair to appear “crunchy” from too much holding spray.

Creative Top Knot Tips:

  • If you are rocking a set of trendy bangs, you  can leave them out a la Nicole Richie or twist and pin them back into the style like Gwen and Julianne. 
  • The twisting and pinning method also works on the back of your hair if you have some shorter layers underneath that won’t stay in a high pony. The extra twist really adds a cool element to the look!
  • If your hair is long enough, braid the ponytail before wrapping to wear a braided top knot. You can also simply leave a small section of the ponytail out, braid it and wrap it around your top knot for another take on the style.