50 Cute & Youthful Short Haircuts for Women Over 50

The most popular short hairstyles for women over 50

Short haircuts for women over 50 vary from very short pixies to long neck-length bobs. These are chic, timeless cuts, and styles that match the ageless beauty of any lady.

What’s great about this length is the home maintenance. According to Canada-based stylist Olivia Berttall, it’s easier to manage when washing and styling. Meanwhile, longer hair can be tiring to brush, blow-dry, and style.

Wanna make sure that short hair will make you comfortable? Pull it up into a ponytail.

Berttall states, “See how you feel with your locks away from your neck and jaw. Are there points of your face that must be accentuated or softened?” A pixie or bob with bangs can help you enhance your facial structure.

Discuss with your stylist the aspects of your face that you like and don’t like to feature. This helps determine the proper length and texture to suit you best.

Ask your hairdresser for some recommended at-home care products, too. Know how to style your locks and what tools to use.

Short hairstyles for older women sit best within a certain length, so get a trim every 4-8 weeks. This isn’t for those who don’t have time and budget for regular appointments.

Berttall warns about the cowlicks that may appear on short hair cuts. “Be mindful of your cut as it’ll either accentuate a split or work in its favor,” she adds.

Save these images of the most popular short hairstyles for women over 50 for your next trip to the salon!

The Types of Short Hairstyles for Older Women Over 50

The best hairstyle for a 50-year-old woman is a textured bob with bangs. Adding texture helps make thin hair appear thicker. Adding bangs gives a youthful look that takes years off of your face.

This year, the most popular short haircuts that can refresh the looks of older women include pixies, long bobs, shags, long layers, and bangs. If you’re looking to cover up your natural grey hair, then keep your eye out for our hair color photos that will flatter your skin type and lifestyle. Gone are the days of outdated hairstyles only suited for grandmothers. These days, there are no rules for hairstyle choices for women. You can totally take on today’s trends and rock an awesome, chic hairstyle without looking too youthful!

Before your next hair appointment, check out these popular short haircuts for women over 50.

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#1: Shorter Ear-Length Blunt Cut

A style that would make you less drab and more fab! The bob is a great choice of short hairstyles for women over 50 who a looking for something cute and simple.

Mature short and choppy a-line cut for ladies over fifty
Instagram @wojo_creations

#2: Mature Short and Choppy A-line Cut

You should consider a short and choppy a-line cut. With my years of experience, this shape is a crowd-pleaser. Ask your stylist to add medium-length layers to your a-line shape and you will have movement in your cut for a tousled feel. No matter your face shape or age group, a choppy short bob should work wonderfully. Blow dry with your hands or a large round brush and make sure you finish with wax to bring out the funky layers.

modern short choppy bixie cut women over 50 with fine hair
Instagram @outofhertree

#3: Modern Choppy Bixie for Fine Hair

Try a choppy bixie if you are wanting the low-maintenance aspect of short hair, but still want to maintain some length. Fine hair will love a bixie, keeping it looking full and really hitting it high on the volume. You may want to consider using a dry texture spray as a styling tool to keep those choppy layers from clumping together. In addition, ask your stylist to do some light point cutting in the layers to keep your ends soft and feathered.

#4: Stylish Short Blunt Cut with Bold Blunt Bangs

If you want a cut that is sharp but simple, you should try a short blunt cut with bold blunt bangs. The bold bangs really give this shape its strength, but it’s important that you have the bangs cut the right length for your face shape. If you have a rounder face don’t go too short. The correct bang length can be quite complementary and can hide your forehead wrinkles. If you have fine hair, a blunt cut is a perfect choice to keep your hair looking as thick as possible.

Jaw-Length Cut with Long Side-Swept Bangs and Blonde Highlights for Women Past 50
Instagram @dimas_hair

#5: Jaw-Length Cut with Long Side-Swept Bangs and Blonde Highlights

A jaw-length cut with blonde highlights is a perfect blend of an edgy and classic look. Perfect for almost any hair type, the jaw-length cut is a great way to add volume to the perimeter of fine hair, as well as remove bulk and weight from thick coarse hair. A sideswipe bang is perfect to add shape around the face without the commitment of a full bang. In addition, blonde highlights add great texture and dimension. I highly recommend that you consult with your stylist about proper color care to keep your blonde looking bright and healthy.

#6: Edgy Asymmetrical Lob with Side-Swept Fringe

An asymmetrical long bob with a side-swept fringe is a trend that has come back full circle! This edgy, chic haircut can be suitable for all face shapes depending on the small adjustments made to the cut. An asymmetrical bob, is a short cut, with a longer piece to one side (uneven bob). Fringe is a great way to cover larger foreheads, this is a good example of one of the many adjustments that can be made to this style!

Mahogany wavy bob short hairstyle for women over 50
Instagram @modange13

#7: Mahogany Wavy Short Bob

One of the best short hairstyles for women over 50 is this mahogany wavy short bob. If your hair is feeling a bit boring these days, try using a curling iron to add subtle waves. It’s a lovely ladies’ short hairstyle you’ll see more often this year.

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#8: Cute Blonde Pixie Style for Short Hair

Stand out with a blonde pixie style for short hair. Blonde is an eye-catching color, but throw in a cute pixie, and this trend lifts the whole face for a brightening effect.

Messy pixie bob for 50 plus women
Instagram @jamiemcdhair

#9: Messy Pixie Bob

Try a messy pixie bob for 50-year-old women and you’ll have the best of both worlds. The bob element will add structure to your hair, while the choppy pixie element on top will enhance volume. Blend in textured bangs and you’ll have a beautifully crafted hairstyle.

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#10: Bold Short Textured Hairstyle

Rock a short textured hairstyle for women over 50 if you’re finding your hair too high-maintenance. Not only does a shorter style open up the face and give a fresher appearance, but it’s easier to style. Just add some light texture cream for definition.

Short cut bob for naturally curly hair women over 50
Instagram @kkbhair

#11: Short Cut Bob with Curls for Naturally Curly Hair

A short cut bob for naturally curly hair requires multiple layers to create a full, curly look. Getting a special curly cut, often called a dry cut, lets your curls lay in their natural state allowing your shape to be perfect. It’s one of the best short women’s haircuts.

Polished Short Layered Bob for Women Over 50 with Fine Hair
Instagram @ellie.at.shine

#12: Polished Short Layered Bob for Fine Hair

short layered bob for fine hair with a slight face frame is a layered short cut for women who want to create volume in their crown. It hugs your head shape and the soft layers help frame your face and soften features and produce a rejuvenating effect.

If you’re considering a bob hairstyle for your fine hair, I highly recommend it, especially if your hair is coarse and unruly due to grey hair. If you don’t have access to a smoothing treatment, consider any lightweight de-frizzing products like WOW Dreamcoat and Speed Dry or Goldwell Kerasilk smoothing fluid before blow-drying and Kerasilk humidity barrier spray once it has been blown dry or heat styled.

#13: Trendy Short Hair with Bangs

A short haircut with bangs for women over 50 looks elegant and is easy maintenance. A short crop cut in the back makes for easier management and styling. Using a round brush to style will give more body in the back for a more structured shape.

Classy Short Wavy Bob haircut for older women 50 and over
Instagram @hair_byemily

#14: Classy Short Wavy Bob For Women with Gray Hair

This classy short wavy bob for women over 50 is a bob hairstyle that requires a lot of upkeep. Toners fade after 4/6 weeks. In order to maintain a true pigmented color prepare to visit the salon more often. The color is easier to achieve when your hair is naturally light. Silver hair is a great way to transition from coloring to growing out natural gray!

Super modern layered bob for ladies 50 and up with thick hair
Instagram @bormannjr

#15: Super Modern Layered Bob for Thick Hair

A modern layered bob would be a great choice for women over 50 with thick hair. Chin-length with minimum layers gives it a sharp and stylish look. Curling it with an iron gives a mature woman a softer look.

#16: Spikey Layered Pixie

A spiky layered pixie for 50-year-old women who want a haircut that is easy to style, consider this short pixie. This cut is easy to take care of at home, but be prepared to spend time at the salon every 4-5 weeks for a trim when maintaining short haircut styles. Use pomade or gel when styling short hair for women over 50.

Short Textured Pixie With Long Side Bangs and Glasses
Instagram @snippy_longs

#17: Short Textured Pixie With Long Side Bangs and Glasses

This is a trendy, fashion-forward pixie. This pixie with long side bangs can be worn so many different ways and each style looks like a different haircut! It even looks great on older women with glasses. Short styles like this are fantastic with any texture of hair but look best if your hair is on the medium to thick side.

Feel comfortable in your own skin because this short haircut exposes a good portion of your face and neck. To keep this style looking its best, you need to head to the salon every four to six weeks for maintenance.

Short textured inverted bob for older women over fifty
Instagram @jeanniejachman

#18: Textured Inverted Bob for Older Women

A textured inverted bob is an ideal hairstyle for older women with thicker hair. An inverted bob on short hair is shorter in the back and longer in the front. How to style a short cut for older women entails air-drying and then straightening with a flat iron.

#19: Modern Take on The Classic Bob for Red-Haired Ladies

Search high and low for a haircut for older women over 50 and you will find a modern take on the classic bob. A hairstyle for older women with short hair can vary from a long pixie, a pixie bob, and many others. Red-haired ladies can create a level of maintenance that supports the frequency of haircuts.

Short to medium bob for women over 50
Instagram @justinewerline

#20: Creative Short-to-Medium Straight Bob

This short-medium haircut is a creative spin on the evolving rose gold color trend! More mature ladies are wanting to see a pop of color or do something fun while still keeping it acceptable for everyday work.

Using a great sulfate-free shampoo and rinsing will cool water is the best way to get more longevity out of these fun colors. All older women over 50 can have fun with their hair!

Simple Dark brown lived-in pixie cut for women over 50
Instagram @chekatilda

#21: Simple Dark Brown Lived-In Pixie Cut

The dark brown lived-in pixie cut is an excellent option for women who have a straight hair type. To have an impeccable straight, you will need to cut the ends of your hair every three months.

Long undercut edgy pixie for women 50 and up
Instagram @amoverley

#22: Long Undercut Edgy Pixie

A long undercut edgy pixie is a fun way to de-bulk thick tresses with a bit of sass and flair. To create this long pixie with an undercut, My stylist used a scissor cut for shape and a razor cut for texture. The undercut is done with a buzzer with one guard. Styling short hair requires heat protection, texture spray, serums, and hairspray.

#23: Gorgeous Chin-Length Bob

This modernized chin-length bob for women in their mid-50s is one of my favorites because it is so versatile. We utilize a light razor technique in the finishing details to complement a carefree style.

Chin-length short hairstyles can really uplift and accentuate bone structure. Common face shapes such as oval and round face shapes particularly look great. The cut looks amazing textured or smooth and flatters most with a clean line from the nape to the jawline. A natural body on fine to medium hair shows off volume and texture as well.

Super Short Choppy Pixie for Senior Ladies over 50-years-old
Instagram @hair_wiz

#24: Black Super Short Choppy Pixie

This black choppy pixie is a short haircut for women over 50 with a round face. The playful pieces that frame the face help you create different looks like super short pixies that are perfect for work or play.

Shampoo and condition your hair, mold it down with Nairobi Styling Foam, then tie it down with a scarf or strips until dry. To style,  mist the Sparkle Shine over the entire head, then use a 1/4-inch flat iron. Simply start at the top and slightly bevel the iron in a circle pattern completely around the entire head. To finish, fingerstyle until the desired look is achieved.

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Auburn bob with layers for volume for women 50+
Instagram @valerie.solo

#25: Auburn Bob with Layers for Volume

An auburn bob with layers for volume is an absolutely stunning short cut for women 50+. A textured bob with face-framing pieces creates dimension, texture, and volume and is perfect for thicker hair.

#26: Trendy Rounded Bob Short Cut for Older Women

A short, rounded bob cut for older women allows for an easy styling routine. A short bob hairstyle is perfect for textured hair and stylish when worn straight or wavy!

Very Short Pixie with Purple Highlights for over 50
Instagram @villageonmain

#27: Very Short Pixie with Purple Highlights

This is an edgy pixie cut with purple highlights, while also maintaining a level of softness. This look can work for a variety of textures and it compliments many face shapes. It’s a very low-maintenance style and the swept bang and undercut melt two looks together in a striking way.

I recommend anything that enhances texture or gives a little hold. For this style, Aveda’s Brilliant Universal Styling Creme was used to give a little shine and to create separation and weight. I also often find myself reaching for pomade and hairspray such as Aveda’s Men’s Pure-formance Pomade and their Aircontrol Hairspray

#28: Grey Undercut Pixie for Youthful Ladies

You’re never too old to rock a grey undercut pixie! Pixies are very common short hairstyles for women over 50. A pixie cut can make 50-year-old women with white hair look younger by bringing out their best features, especially their cheekbones and eyes!

Natural-Looking Choppy gray pixie cut with long bangs for 50-year-olds
Instagram @cutcolorsteph

#29: Natural-Looking Salt and Pepper Pixie

A pixie cut on a lady over 50 is a popular haircut for women. When considering the vast styles of pixie cuts, it’s easy to change every time. If opting for short haircuts for women over 50, ask the stylist for a feathered curtain fringe to frame the face. It will create a soft look and short wispy layers for added textures. Box o’Bollox is a staple styling product for pixies and shorter cuts.

#30: Stylish Tousled Pixie

A tousled pixie style for women over 50 works best with textured hair. For senior women, this short style works best with loose waves, and pixie haircuts that have many layers to create more body.

Modern pixie haircut for women over 50
Instagram @silverowl_64

#31: Modern Pixie Haircut

A modern pixie haircut is the perfect, low-maintenance haircut for women over 50. A short pixie with side-swept bangs and short tapered sides is very trendy right now.

Simple Gray Graduated Bob with Bangs
Instagram @lolopisani

#32: Simple Gray Graduated Bob with Bangs

This graduated A-line bob for 50-plus women is very modern and on-trend. To maintain this short hairstyle at home, I recommend applying a mousse-like R+Co Chiffon to towel-dried hair before blow-drying. A paddle brush can be used for a sleek look, or a round brush can be used for achieving volume. Finish the style with a flexible hold hairspray. My favorite is R+Co Outer Space.

#33: Edgy Chin-Length Shag for an Older Woman

An edgy chin-length shag for an older woman is a very practical haircut for a woman in her fifties. A short shag has a variety of layers, creating volume and fullness all around.

shaggy pixie for ladies over fifty with thinning hair
Instagram @cocoon_styling

#34: Shaggy Pixie for Thinning Hair

shaggy pixie hair style has a disconnected, long razor cut on top with an undercut. The best thing about this short cut is that it proves that having very short hair can still be feminine, stylish, and sexy at any age!

This look is great for women wanting to give their short hair an edgy look, yet still keep it soft and feminine. It’s a great style for fine hair as we’ve kept the top and sides a little longer than the traditional pixie. This creates volume and texture and also means that having that extra length gives you more appealing options for styling your hair differently. It also works well on short thick hair, removing bulk from underneath for a more defined and textured look that you may not have been able to achieve before without having an undercut.

Neck-Length Layers with Long Bangs for 50-Year-Old Women
Instagram @finnellhair

#35: Neck-Length Layers with Long Bangs

These neck-length layers and long bangs are perfect if you are 80% gray and want gray blending versus permanent hair color. I cut her hair in a one-length bob with round layers so she may keep the curl throughout the day. I cut a side-swooping heavy fringe, blending it into a face frame to maximize curl hold and minimize a rounder-shaped face. I recommend using Paul Mitchell’s Awapuhi finishing spray and Keratin Intense Treatment. To finish, use Joico’s styling lotion for frizz reduction and curl hold.

#36: Youthful Gray Bob

A youthful gray bob is for someone who wants to embrace their natural gray but still has a sense of style. Like most gray hair, hers is coarse and resistant. It takes a lot of patience to grow out your gray hair. While it can age you, however, this woman in the picture has naturally beautiful white hair with no yellow or dishwater tones. If you like to have fun with color and weave in lowlights to add some depth and spunk to your natural gray.

#37: Cute Layered Bob with Side-Swept Bangs

Consider a jaw-length layered bob with side-swept long bangs. I recommend Redken Pillow Proof Primer, Redken Stay High, and Amika Undone texture spray for styling. Short hairstyles like this are perfect for a woman over 50 years old who wants texture and a fun look without a lot of work. It’s ideal for fine to medium hair texture that is straight to medium wave. Oval, square, and heart-shaped faces will wear this style well.

#38: Mature Short Feathered Layers

This short layered cut for mature women has feathered layers to add dimension. It suits any age group, and even if you have wavy hair, you can wear this cut. Blow-dry with a round brush for a smooth look.

High Stacked Bob with Layers for a 50-Year-Old
Instagram @geekycuts

#39: High Stacked Bob with Layers

This layered stacked bob with side-swept bangs is simply gorgeous. It has a high stack in the back and is layered throughout to give it more movement. Side-swept bangs are a good choice for diminishing wrinkles around the forehead, fine lines, or crowfeet around the eyes.

When it comes to short hairstyles for women over fifty, this hairstyle is perfect for anyone looking for a change in their hair. It’s ideal for someone with medium to fine hair who is looking for a cut to give their hair some extra oomph.

High Volume LOB With Layering for Over 50
Instagram @t.beauty11

#40: High Volume LOB With Layering

Women over the age of 50 tend to go shorter in length but a lob gives more options. A lob (long bob) with layers refreshes your hair by making it appear fuller and thicker. I love this look because it helps add instant body to your hair. It’s a great cut for older women with short hair.

I recommend this haircut/style for any mature woman with thin hair or lifeless hair. It creates the illusion that your hair is actually thicker than it is. However, I wouldn’t recommend it to someone who likes to pull their hair up. With this cut, an updo, ponytail, bun, etc. are not options.

Sleek & Youthful Angled Bob For Women Over Fifty
Instagram @nacirsomera

#41: Sleek & Youthful Angled Bob

Go for a short cut that is sleek, trendy, and classic and is one of the best youthful hairstyles! This short angled bob is layered, giving it serious swing and movement. It looks so sharp and stylish.

For styling, use Matrix Volume Bloom, which is great for short fine hair like this because it is so light and gives great lift. Also, try Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Renewal Creme Oil to give your hair a smooth and shiny finish. This haircut is for fine to medium hair. It can make someone’s fine hair appear fuller. On a 50-year-old woman with thin straight hair, the cut falls right in and is easy to style with this length. This can complement any face shape and plan on coming into the salon every six weeks to maintain it.

Angled Bob With Layers and Flip for a Lady Over 50
Instagram @haircarebyjenn

#42: Short Angled Bob With Layers and Flip

This slightly angled bob, with over-directed round layers and a wispy fringe could be your next cut. As for the fringe, you can wear it three ways: swept off to the side, straight down, or take it back to the 90s by curling the top section of the fringe up and the bottom half of the fringe down.

Graduated layered bob for mature women in their 50s
Instagram @arrazzostudio

#43: Graduated Layered Bob for Mature Women

This graduated layered bob is carefree, feminine and sophisticated. The graduated layers maximize carefree volume and movement. This short haircut is perfect for fine to medium hair texture. Layered bobs are ideal for a 50-year-old woman who does not wish to spend a ton of time on their hair, but wants the illusion of a styled look.

Use a root volumizing mousse and blow-dry serum for a superior blow-dry slip. Great products include Wella’s Eimi Root Shoot and Eimi Perfect Me Lightweight Beauty Balm. Use a 35mm MoroccanOil ceramic round brush to create volume and separation between layers.

Elegant Side-Part Chin-length Bob for 50-Year-Old Ladies
Instagram @thecolorist.ch

#44: Elegant Side-Part Chin-Length Bob

This chin-length bob is nearly all one length. This keeps the style heavy and dense which is perfect among short hairstyles for women over 50 with fine hair!

Short haircut with wispy bangs for women over 50
Instagram @thehairroominc

#45: Short Haircut with Wispy Fringe

This short style features longer layers on top of the head and a beautiful wispy fringe. It’s one of the classier and simpler-looking short haircuts for women over 50 you’ll see.

cool and soft blonde highlights hairstyle for ladies over 50
Instagram @maciverjaclyn

#46: Cool & Soft Short Blonde Highlights Hairstyle

This fabulous layered haircut features a texturized side-part fringe. If you’re looking for professional short cuts for women over 50, then this is it.

#47: Chic Highlights and Longer Bangs Hairdo

This shaggy bob hairdo is nearly all one length and the bangs are perfect for hiding deep wrinkles on the forehead. This allows it to keep most of its weight, making it the perfect cut for women in their 50s with thick hair. The way that it’s styled keeps it from looking too heavy and the slight bend on the hair in the front gives a softer overall look.

Face-framing bob with bangs for ladies over 50
Instagram @bareeminimum

#48: Face-Framing Bob with Bangs

The curve and wispiness of this short blonde bob make it more youthful. It softens the face as it frames it by having the ends beveled in. The short bangs on blonde hair give the same effect because it is cut at a curve and is texturized, soft, and wispy.

The Wispy Casual Long Bob for Ladies Over Fifty
Instagram @desasalon

#49: The Wispy Casual Long Bob

This pretty short hairstyle for a woman looks effortlessly beautiful and casual!

#50: Shorter Graduated Bob

This bob is shorter in the front and longer in the back. This causes hair to naturally fall to the back, making it one of the easiest short haircuts for older women over 50.

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