17 Stylish Wedge Haircuts for Women Over 70

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Wedge haircuts for women over 70 are short and angled with stacked layers at the back. These create a voluminous shape and timeless elegance.

“This sharp haircut has enough stylistic power to stand on its own,” says stylist Janine Ker of Pasadena, CA. “It’s for ladies who no longer wish to color their hair or want to embrace their grays. As a short chop, it also automatically cuts down the styling time.”

👉 Key Things to Know First

Here’s Ker’s best advice for this cut:

  • The key element to an artistic wedge cut lies in blending the weight and layers. If not done right, there can be a heavy perimeter or bulkiness around the edges.
  • Having angled short hair is a commitment. You must be willing to dedicate effort and time to styling. Don’t be afraid to ask or book a session with your hairdresser to get tips and techniques.
  • Wedges have various stages of growing out, which can last for months. Some people would enjoy every look these cuts can create, but the other half might find it a drawback.
  • To maintain the wedge shape, you’re looking at refreshing it every 6-8 weeks.

Here are the photos of the trendiest wedge haircuts for women over 70 in case you want a change. Take your picks, but choose the ones with the same hair texture as you.


#1: Very Short Undercut Bob with Blunt Bangs

If you’re over 70 and are looking for a bold haircut, try a very short undercut bob with blunt bangs. There’s no reason 70-year-olds need to have boring hair if you don’t want to! This cut looks fabulous with any hair color, including your natural grey if you choose to rock it. Pro tip – this cut requires extreme precision, so visit a hairstylist that specializes in short haircuts.

Elegant Chanel-Cut Wedge Cut for Ladies Aged 70
Instagram @shine.esteticaebeleza

#2: Elegant Chanel-Cut Wedge Cut

A classy Chanel-Cut wedge enhances volume at the top of your hair. The lean, tightly trimmed back of the cut removes excess weight, allowing for fullness to be centered at the desired spot. Not to mention, it’s very easy to style with virtually no effort at all!

#3: Tapered Wavy Wedge Cut on Thin Hair

A tapered wedge cut is a great way to have a pixie if you have thin hair and want more length and fullness. I recommend having longer hair framing your face to give the illusion of thickness. Plus, it gives you the option to add beachy waves that will give you a youthful-looking finish to your style.

#4: Wash-And-Go Long Wedge Pixie Cut

Try a long wedge pixie if you’re wanting an easy, everyday, wash-and-go style that looks great! A short hairstyle is perfect for a woman on the go.

Inverted Wedge Bob for Thick Hair for Ladies 70 and Up
Instagram @anna.poshasalonmadison

#5: Inverted Wedge Bob for Thick Hair

An inverted wedge bob for thick hair is easy to style and a gorgeous signature cut if you are a woman over 70. This short style features graduation/stacking in the back, which builds a classic round shape with just the right amount of volume. To style, blow dry directing the air downward in a wrapping motion around the back of your head/neck using a paddle brush or Denman brush. Finish off your look with a light-hold hairspray.

Feathered Wedge Bob with Wispy Bangs for a Lady in her 70s
Instagram @embersalon

#6: Feathered Wedge Bob with Wispy Bangs

Consider a feathered wedge bob with wispy bangs as your new style. The wedged back keeps the hair off your neck and the feathered layers on a bob length give this shape a modern feel. Blow dry with some volumizing spray, such as Pureology’s Instant Levitation Mist, and a medium round brush for lift in the crown. Even if you are a grandma, this shape will make you appear young and sharp. A feathered wedge complements most face shapes and is a fashionable choice.

Chin-Length Inverted Wedge Bob for Older Ladies 70 and Over
Instagram @eb.hairx

#7: Chin-Length Inverted Bob for Older Ladies

Older ladies should try a chin-length inverted bob and update their appearance. A short cut appears more fashionable and is easier to manage than long hair. Don’t forget to ask your stylist to stack the back up for a more modern shape, and minimal layering will make your blow dry simple. Blow dry with a medium round brush and some smoothing cream for a shiny and bouncy finish that will leave you feeling beautiful.

Wedge Lob Cut on Gray Hair
Instagram @love4hair13

#8: Wedge Lob Cut on Gray Hair

Grey-haired ladies should try a wedge lob cut for a feminine style that will uplift their appearance. Keep in mind, that to create a wedge style, medium to thick hair works best and will give you a rounder shape. Ask your stylist to graduate the bottom and leave the top on the longer side. Blow dry under first, then brush the sides back for the perfect finish.

#9: Textured Choppy Pixie

Consider a textured choppy pixie for your next cut. Don’t worry about your face shape, because a brushed-back pixie compliments all faces. Make sure you leave the sides soft and covering the ear and have your stylist cut into your shape to create texture. Blow dry easily with your hands or a small round brush moving your hair away from your face. Finish with a texture paste and run through the ends for a casual shape that is sure to please.

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#10: Wash-and-Wear Round Wedge Haircut

For an easy breezy cut, try a wash-and-wear round wedge haircut. Round layers follow the head shape and will fall into place without styling. Thinning your hair out in bulky areas may be necessary for hair to fall with ease. Women who are seventy years old look stylish without having to try. Hairspray will come in handy to hold your hair and keep it in place.

Textured Wedge Cut for Wavy Hair for Ladies Over 70
Instagram @carolpashak

#11: Textured Wedge Cut for Wavy Hair

Opt for a textured wedge cut for wavy hair. Wedge hairstyles for women over 70 work well with all shapes. Just add more bangs and volume for concave and convex facial profiles to give the illusion of a straight profile.

Wedge Bob Cut on Straight Hair for Women Over Seventy
Instagram @agapesalonnspa

#12: Wedge Bob Cut on Straight Hair

A blunt bob cut on straight hair is a perfect choice for older women. Having straight hair will give you an advantage when it comes to styling. A simple blowout to give the illusion of roundness is really all this beautiful haircut needs. It’s a super trendy option for women with highlights of wisdom wanting a change in style.

Short Wedge Cut for Fine Hair for Ladies Over Seventy
Instagram @kymberpalmer

#13: Short Wedge Cut for Fine Hair

A short wedge cut is a trend of the recent past, that quickly made a comeback! If you want to look 10 years young, then choose this short and very textured haircut. Taking off length, especially if you have thin or fine hair, makes a huge difference. Eliminating weight can help your hair look fuller.

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#14: Curly Wedge Crop

A short wedge crop is an excellent hairstyle for women with long or oval face shapes by adding width to your features. To achieve a wedge hairstyle, ask your hairstylist to leave weight on the sides and taper the back in. Curly-haired ladies will automatically get volume from your wave. While straight-haired ladies can use a medium round brush and volumizing lotion blowing under, and lifting at the root. Your wedge cut will need to be trimmed about every 4-5 weeks for the optimal shape.

Jaw-Length Layered Silver Wedge Bob for 70-Year-Olds
Instagram @d.deimagenbyoz

#15: Jaw-Length Layered Silver Bob

The asymmetrical layered pixie silver bob is very chic and stylish. Short haircuts can sometimes get boring. Having a side fringe, length framing the face, and texture by a razor will give your short hair a new funky look. All this, plus having beautiful natural silver hair, will be a style that will get you many compliments.

#16: Ear-Length Wedge Haircut

An ear-length wedge haircut is a very polished and clean haircut. Short wedge haircuts for women over 70 work best on women with straight and medium textures.

#17: Wedge Pixie Cut for Women with Glasses

If you’re a woman who wears glasses, you should try a wedge pixie cut. Short hair moving away from the face is the perfect shape to accommodate your eyewear. A wedge pixie is also easy to wash and style and can uplift features for any woman in her 70s. Ask your stylist to create a weight line around the parietal ridge and cut the sides and back short for a great shape. You’ll need to get cuts fairly often, about every 4-5 weeks.