Here Are 25 Older Women Who Perfectly Pull Off The Modern “Wedge Cut” With Style

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

#1: Face-Framing Wedge Bob with Bangs

This face-framing wedge bob with bangs is the perfect way to add a top-notch style to your look. This style suits both abundant and coarse hair. It features a bob that tapers or ‘stacks’ at the nape, with a side bang that blends well with the overall look. If your hair isn’t straight, you can achieve this style at home. Use a 2-inch round brush and a hairdryer for a blowout. Work in small sections for volume and to create a smooth, rounded texture.

#2: Short Graduated Platinum Blonde Hair

Overhaul your style with our short graduated platinum blonde hairstyle. Our short graduated hairstyle works well for older and younger women alike. It helps add shape and brightness to your hair and features that complement round or square face shapes and enhance your overall vibe with an interesting color. You will need a regular appointment every 6-8 weeks to maintain the platinum blonde hairstyle.

#3: Short Hair with Pink and Violet Highlights

Are you looking for a fun style with added flair? Give the short hair with pink and violet highlights a try. Tell your stylist that you’re interested in inverted bobs. Also, let them know you want fashion tones or fun colors in your hair. Your stylist will first assess your hair. Then, they will personalize the look for you. After that, they will suggest a care routine for your hair at home. This includes how you should wash your brightly colored hair and when you should trim it.

#4: Dimension Brown Bob with Stacked Layers

Give a new look to your dark brown hair by trying a layered bob hairstyle. This sleek haircut offers a classic look while still maintaining a traditional vibe. Choose a shade of brown that suits your skin tone. Keeping this in mind will improve your hair styling experience.

#5: Short Wedge Cut with Silver Blonde Highlights

A short wedge cut is a perky shape that is easy to maintain. Adding silver-blonde highlights can enhance the cut. The graduated back will lengthen the look of your neck, making you appear taller. Using a medium-round brush, you’ll love how simply the long layers blow out. If you have a narrow face shape, you should aim for more volume. This will make your features appear wider. If you have greying hair, you’ll appreciate the silver-blonde highlights. They mask your root regrowth and reduce the need for salon visits.

#6: Concave Bob with Caramel Highlights

A caramel-highlighted concave bob will give you a simple, stunning, rounded shape. Note how the layered cut meets the occipital bone to create an ideal profile. Blow-dry your hair with a medium brush to enhance the highlights. For a modern finish, keep the edges straight rather than curving them under.

#7: Wedge Bob Cut with Longer Layers

A wedge bob cut with long layers is a trendy and versatile hairstyle that combines the classic bob shape with modern layering techniques. This haircut for older women features a shorter back that gradually tapers to longer layers in the front, creating a sleek and chic look. The long layers add movement and texture to the hair, making it easy to style in various ways, from straight and polished to tousled and casual.

#8: Jaw-Length High Stacked Bob

If you want shorter hair or need more style, think about this high-stacked bob that stops at your jawline. This high-stacked bob suits round and square faces. It also helps manage aging and textured hair by reducing weight near the hairline. Use a flat iron for touch-ups during the week, especially on days you do not wash your hair.

#9: Wedge Classic Bob for White Hair

bob haircut with a wedge style is an ageless look that suits white hair well. The wedge is a stylish cut featuring back layers that are short and gradually get longer towards the front. The mix of white hair and the lines in a wedge cut is trendy and easy to maintain. This makes it a great option for those who want a sleek, effortless look.

#10: Textured Wedge Bob Cut

Check out this textured wedge bob cut. This trendy style features a textured, stacked bob with highlights through the top of the style and a shadowbox sitting on the nape for a pop of color. The textured bob provides an illusion of light and fuller volume, and the color enhances visual interest and depth.

#11: Rounded Wedge Bob Haircut

The rounded wedge bob haircut is a classical pick among short haircuts, most recognized for its angled shape. This haircut still earns favor as it adds texture and volume to thin hair. It also reduces bulk from the neck area, resulting in a playful shape, mainly for those with round and square faces. If your hair lacks smoothness, it’s advised to use a flat iron for uniformity across your strands. This step will help achieve a cohesive look.

Short Feathered Wedge Bob with Graduation on Older Ladies
Instagram @ulacentanni

#12: Short Feathered Bob with Graduation

short bob with feathered layers is a stylish way to add texture to a plain bob. The feathered bob is particularly stunning when accented with blonde highlights or a rich color with depth.

#13: Wedge Thin Hair with Short Bangs

Did you notice the thin hair wedge with short bangs? This look features a stacked hairstyle with added texture and natural added highlights for a sun-kissed, timeless feel. The style is simple to create at home. You only need a flat iron for the hair length and bangs (don’t forget the heat protectant). Use a flexible hairspray all over to highlight the texture of this haircut.

#14: Side-Parted Stacked Bob for Fine Hair

The side-parted stacked bob is suitable for fine hair and flattering for both young and old women. The side-parted bob hairstyle features a slight texture and smooth, stunning finish. You can add color or incorporate bangs into the side-parted stacked bob to make it more personal.

#15: Two-Toned Wedge Cut with Short Layers

This two-toned wedge cut with short layers is a cool style. This style features an elegant wedged bob with an edgy shadowbox color placement. You should ask your stylist to point cut for wispy edges in your style. Also, review a color book with your stylist to agree on flattering tones. You should return after 8 weeks for a trim and a color refresh to maintain this style’s great look.

#16: Inverted Balayage Bob

This stylish inverted balayage bob will bring shape and light to your hairstyle. You can achieve a fun and bright haircut by pairing balayage and a wedge haircut. Balayage gives your hair a soft, easy look, and a wedge haircut provides maximum shape and volume. To maintain this style at home, I suggest a blowout lasting 2-4 days. Use mousse for lift and a blow-dry brush. On low-maintenance days, simply spray in sea salt spray and let it air dry.

Sleek Angled Wedged Chin-Length Bob on Mature Ladies
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#17: Sleek Angled Chin-Length Bob

A short, sharp haircut and a sleek angled chin-length bob are stylish. The bob cut is suitable for older hair as it adds fullness and volume due to its short, sharp edges.

#18: Disconnected Wedge Undercut

Boost your confidence with a disconnected wedge undercut! This super chic style will have you feeling younger than ever before.

#19: Pixie Wedge Bob with Short Stack

A pixie wedge bob with a short stack is a soft and sophisticated hairstyle that blends the classic pixie cut with a stacked bob. This hairstyle has short, graduated layers at the back that create a stacked look. The front stays longer and forms a wedge shape. It’s a bold and stylish choice for those looking to embrace a trendy, low-maintenance haircut.

#20: Salt and Pepper Wedge Bob

The short and trendy hairstyle, known as the salt and pepper wedge bob, blends a pixie cut and a bob style elements. This easy-to-maintain hairstyle fits perfectly for those who like not to spend too much time styling their hair. Virtually no heat styling is needed, making its upkeep quite simple. For the hairstyle to look its best, a trim every 6 weeks is recommended.

Choppy Wedge Short Bob for older women with round faces
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#21: Choppy Wedge Short Bob

A choppy wedge short bob combines a pixie cut and the features of a bob haircut. This hairstyle is great for those who want short hair but like length near the ears and cheekbones. If you want shorter hair, try the choppy wedge cut. It’s a fresh version of the usual bob.

Grey Wedge Mini Bob with Bangs for Women over 50
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#22: Grey Mini Bob with Bangs

A grey mini bob with bangs is a cute haircut that suits many face shapes. This classic bob style is ideal for anyone wanting a shorter haircut without the extra upkeep of a heavily styled one. The soft framing and bangs add an extra touch, making it a flattering and edgy hairstyle.

#23: Modern Wavy Layered Wedge

If you are looking to add an effortless and sassy feel to your hairstyle, consider a modern wavy layered wedge. This wavy wedge cut works well for daily wear and is also perfect for any events or outings you might plan. To get this style, curl small sections, about one square inch each, around your head using a one-inch curling iron. After curling, brush out the curls and set with a flexible hold hairspray.

#24: Wispy Gray A-Line Pixie

If you need more texture and volume for your fine hair, try this wispy gray, A-line pixie cut. The wispy pixie cut has a subtle angular shape often called an ‘inverted bob‘ by hairstylists. Your stylist will assess your hair texture and head shape. They will pick the angle and length that fits you best. They will also give you a home care regimen tailored to your hair texture. Additionally, they will book your next appointment 8 weeks later to maintain your fresh look.

#25: Short Graduated Bob with Flipped Layers

A short bob with flipped layers is a fun version of the usual bob haircut. This hairstyle has a smooth texture but still keeps the bob-cut shape. I recommend this haircut to anyone with a square face. It can enhance your square features and make them less sharp.

Get ready to redefine your style with wedge haircuts for older women. It’s high time to embrace the grace of your years and flaunt an oh-so-stylish look. Dive in as our renowned expert, Yukari Yokomizo, unravels the beauty and versatility of this fabulous haircut. Step into the world of hair enchantment!

Meet The Expert

Yukari Yokomizo
Yukari Yokomizo
Yukari is a hairstylist with over 20 years of experience.
You can find Yukari at her own studio in Los Angeles, CA

About Hair Type and the Wedge Haircut

Yukari sees a wedge cut as a fit-all style. “A wedge haircut is good for any texture, really. It creates a nice shape, especially from the side,” she mentions. Yukari finds this look striking with wavy or curly hair. A good stylist, she believes, should adapt the cut to match the client’s face shape and features.

The Right Fit for Different Face Shapes

The wedge cut shines in its flexibility. It works for all face shapes with slight adjustments at the front. Are you sporting a round face? Yukari advises adding height at the top. Ease those sharp angles if your face is square, she suggests. To go wide for a long face, volume around the cheeks does the trick. Heart shapes look balanced with curtain bangs or a short layer around the face. And if you’re part of the oval gang, options abound!

Creating and Maintaining the Look

Looking for sleek style tips or tricks for a wedge cut? Yukari comes with answers. First, she recommends a strenuous blowout for a sleek look. Then, a glossing spray from Unite grants shine. There’s a secret to easy volume, too – the Unite Expanda Dust. A puff at the roots after drying, and you’ve got lift and texture.

Yukari knows about curl-made-easy. She suggests Kevin Murphy Motion Lotion or Deva Curl Styling Cream. Her post-trim steps are simple: Towel-dry, apply the cream, twist some hairs, and air-dry. Complete the routine with Young Again serum. The wedge cut, according to Yokomizo, should keep its shape, making it easy to style and sharp to the eye.

Pictures of Flattering Wedge Haircuts for Older Women