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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

A short wavy bob is a women’s haircut between jaw-to-shoulder length that’s styled with waves. Now that tousled strands are in for their glamorously low-upkeep requirement, everyone’s excited to jump into this immaculate hairstyle!

A-list models and Hollywood fashion icons Emily Ratajkowski, Miranda Kerr, Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, and Alexa Chung ditched their long locks and swore by this trendy short hairstyle, and guess what?! It’s now overly possible to make their enviable thick, wavy hair your own!

Ask your trusted hairdresser about your desired length and style of waves, as these play a major role in making the cut fitting for you. Keep in mind that round, oval, and heart-shaped faces are ultimate for the wavy bob style and that your hair density also determines how you’ll want those beautiful waves to lay and slay.

Check out how hairstylist and beach wave expert Sonia Élise from Malibu snips her clients into perfection with matching natural-looking wavy highlights and impressive hair texture. To achieve a wavy hairstyle that’s naturally dimensional, use lightweight products such as styling mousse and texturizing balm or spray. For sure, you’ll be out and ready to seize the day in just a matter of minutes!

Check out this up-to-date gallery and find the most trending short wavy bob haircuts and hairstyles to bring to your next salon visit!

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Short and wavy a-line bob cut
Instagram @mqm_beauty

#1: A-Line Bob

This is a beautiful short A-line bob cut. Short wavy bobs are popular when styled into loose waves that give it a stylishly messy appearance. Or, if you have naturally curly hair, try using a straightening iron the night before. The next morning, add some light product or wet your hair, scrunch it up and let it naturally dry.

#2: Curly Waves on a Short Bob

Opt for a versatile, trendy short wavy bob haircut. If you want to rock this style, you must ask your expert stylist how to shape your facial features. They can help sculpt your haircut into subtle curls that frame your face and give body all around. To maintain maximum volume, use products designed for curly hair. And don’t skimp on conditioner! Don’t forget to apply it from mid-lengths to avoid oiliness at the root.

#3: Razor Cut Curls and Waves

Razor cuts for curls and waves are the trendiest ways to showcase natural and lived-in style. If you need to take matters into your own hands, there are pro videos that showcase how to do so from home. This does require purchasing a razor. If you rather leave it to professionals, I highly recommend finding a stylist that is good with the razor.

Short Golden Blonde Razor Cut Shaggy Bob with Waves
Instagram @ellienorski

#4: Golden Blonde Razor Cut Shaggy Bob

A golden blonde razor cut shaggy bob is perfect for the wash-and-go type of gal! One of the best things you can do to have softer and wispy ends is to use a razor for your cut. It will prevent your end from looking too blunt and your style will look more lived-in.

Brunette Bob with Loose Waves
Instagram @tatumshanehair

#5: Brunette Loose Waves

As stylists, we often get asked what types of cuts work best with certain hair types. A short, blunt bob looks very cool and trendy on wavy hair. If you decide to do this cut and want to take it to the next level, you could always add bangs for interest around your face.

Chin-Length Wavy Bob
Instagram @emphasizedhair

#6: Chin-Length Wavy Bob

Consider a chin-length wavy bob if you’ve been searching for the perfect short hairstyle that provides both movement and texture. Say goodbye to your dead ends because this blunt chin-length bob is about to change your life. This chin-length wavy haircut looks great with most hair types, but especially compliments finer hair, as a blunt length always makes the ends appear fuller and thicker. Throw in some messy waves if you’re looking to add texture and volume, finish with a texture spray, rough it up with your hands, and boom – you’re looking fabulous.

wavy short bob with blonde highlights
Instagram @yukistylist

#7: Wavy Short Bob with Blonde Highlights

A wavy short bob with blonde highlights and curtain bangs is for women with round or wide faces because it hides the sides of the face creating the illusion it’s narrower. The highlights give extra texture and dimension which is great for fine to medium hair densities. Wave with a tong or straighteners, spray with hairspray, and mess it up with fingers.

Short Cute Dark Brunette Bob with Waves
Instagram @ruteboazhair

#8: Cute Dark Brunette Bob with Waves

Why not try a dark brunette wavy bob if your long hair is dragging you down. Cutting your hair shorter makes you feel lighter and definitely makes your hair appear healthier. Ask for gentle layers and some face-framing and the results will be fabulous. If you have wavy hair, you’ll be able to air dry. Straight-haired ladies will need to add some curl with a wand. Ask for a clear sealer and really make that brunette shine.

the angled wavy bob haircut
Instagram @shmoakin_hair

#9: The Angled Bob

This short, angled wavy bob is stacked beautifully with subtle blonde highlights. For styling gorgeous beach waves, use the Babyliss 1″ curling iron.

#10: The Choppy Bob

The uneven and choppy, short wavy bob cut doesn’t look misplaced, rather, it’s a rebellious vibe on your supposed normal shoulder-length hair. Love this look? Check out more amazing short choppy bobs.

short wavy bob with bangs haircut
Instagram @victorkeyrouz

#11: A Short Wavy Bob with Bangs

A cut for your bangs is fittingly contrasted by a short shaggy cut to your tips. A short wavy bob with bangs is best for women with round faces because it adds a more square frame around your face.

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#12: Wavy Bob with Fringe

The chocolate to brown is gorgeous with waves and a curtain fringe. If you’re looking for super cute short wavy bob hair, this is the new look you’ve been wanting. The hair color is perfect for those with fair skin while the fringe is for those looking to accentuate their eyes.

#13: Blonde Wavy Bob

If you’re a blonde and want a short wavy bob haircut then this hairstyle and color is a great place to start. The dynamic combo of the A-line cut and short beach waves offers a refreshing and modern look. This is even more fantastic if you have blonde hair and dread of rich, and vibrant hair.

#14: Graduated Bob

Longer layers are found as you go to the top, giving you this wonderful graduated bob. The key to the best short wavy bob haircuts is to give the cut a rounder shape. This help keeps its natural form as the hair grows out.

#15: Sew In Bob for Black Hair

This brown sew-in wavy bob is a multi-purpose hairstyle. A short wavy bob hairstyle can be worn in any professional setting and also perfect for a night out.

I recommend having freshly trimmed ends (long layers if possible) and consistent treatments to allow longevity for this style. Also, having the right amount of heat protectant will bless the hair!

Know your hair and remember your lifestyle! The worst thing we can do is run and get a hairstyle we like but it isn’t for us.

If you have extremely straight hair and can’t hold a curl, it may be better for you to consider getting a roller set or possibly a curly perm instead. Another example is, if your hair hasn’t been properly trained. By trained I mean treated and/or styled on a consistent basis, then it will be easy for the hair to revert back to its natural form. Also, if you’re one to work out often, this could be a no-no without properly pinning it up. Nevertheless, this style is amazing!

With that in mind, this style is ideal for women who get styled regularly and can maintain the look. To style his, give a moisture steam treatment followed with a medium heat round brush blow-dry and a dusting of a trim. Use a combination of thermal sprays and heated tools to finish the look. Occasionally, a small mist of shine spray can be applied.

messy wavy layered bob hairstyle
Instagram @salsalhair

#16: Messy Wavy Layered Bob

A textured, short and wavy layered bob has the right combination of messy, sexy, and the hairstyle doesn’t look overly done.

A short hairstyle on any face shape that needs a little softness around their face. For styling at home, use a light mousse or salt spray, blow-dry in a finished with wax and shine spray, or dry texture spray.

Short wavy bob hairstyles are perfect for women on the go or active women, as it looks best when tousled.

shaggy, stacked and wavy hairstyle
Instagram @sacaumut

#17: Shaggy, Stacked and Wavy Hairstyle

This shaggy, wavy and stacked bob haircut on short hair is the easiest to maintain. There is literally no work involved because the shape is built in such a way that you don’t have to think about how to style. It’s definitely one of my favorite cuts because it looks great any day at any time on every occasion.

When getting a bob for short wavy hair, ask your stylist to use the natural roundness of your head to create volume through the whole cut. Doing this will result in an organic yet timelessness feel.

This bob haircut looks great on all hair types, however, the most important part about maintaining this look would be finding the right product for your hair type. Because the shape is built in styling, it is very easy to manage.

#18: Wavy Inverted Bob

Adding wavy curls to a short, wavy inverted bob cut will show off the dimension in the color while adding some sass to a classic cut.

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This short bob cut for wavy hair is great for women who like to have a versatile style because it also looks great straightened. Because of the length that is kept in the front, it has the ability to flatter almost all face shapes.

You can style this with a flat iron. Heat protectant is a must when working with flat irons and curling irons. Once the curls are set, a light-hold hair spray should be applied to help hold the curls but still have movement.

#19: A Very Short Bob

With a very short wavy bob, you can have healthy hair that has a bit of length to still play with. This bob is a great go-to style when you want shorter hair without getting a pixie and has some natural body or texture in their hair!

Short bobs for wavy hair are great for women with those natural bends and waves in their hair. Weight can be taken out under the occipital bone to keep the back from poofing out where the hair is most dense, so it works for thick hair as well.

This look can be an easy, fresh style for the wash-and-go gals, using a texturizing lotion for dimension and control.

For styling this wavy bob, use Oribe Matte Waves then partially dried or diffused. A wand or flat iron can easily give you that effortlessly wavy look if your hair doesn’t cooperate.

This cut works for most face shapes. Round faces may want to leave more length in the front to elongate the look.

#20: Cute Curly Wavy Bob for Over 40

A bob for wavy, short hair is perfect for women over 40 because it’s very versatile can be easily curled or smoothed out.

It’s a classic bob and fringe with a modern twist – an effortless style that requires a quick fluff of the curl, smoothing of the fringe, and you’re ready for the day ahead!

There’s a variation of this short haircut that can be suited for different hair types. Fuller hair can go for a forward fringe, curtain bangs for finer hair, and a side part fringe for versatile styling.

For styling, this wavy bob, use a smoothing iron with a comb or blow dryer and a paddle brush. Use in a C formation starting at the root and pulling down towards the ends. Adding a heat protectant is ideal for daily refreshes without damaging the shorter pieces.

If you want this as a short curly bob with no direct heat, twirling a few pieces in front and allowing it to dry will set the side bangs in place.

If you’re a more active woman, then learning simple twists, braids, or even owning a few hairpins and headbands will allow for a quick sweep of hair off the face.

#21: Flattering for Women Over 50

A short bob on wavy hair is flattering for women over 50 because it can be styled in so many ways. You can air-dry and finger curl, blow it out straight, or curl it with a curling iron. It’s a really trendy hybrid look!

Any woman can wear this wavy hairstyle with minor adjustments made for facial anatomy.

To style this, use a root lifter and a 12-hour humidity defense to keep the look from becoming frizzy in a humid climate. Most likely, a woman with minimal experience will be able to style this look in about 30 mins blow-drying and curling included.

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#22: Pixie Bob with an Undercut

An undercut pixie bob on wavy short hair looks amazing when adding a caramel balayage color. The color gives it a subtle to dramatic change, depending on what the desired lightness is on the ends.

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This is a versatile haircut that you can style waved, straight, pinned up, parted to either side or combed forward or back.

Undercut pixie bobs on wavy hair are great for women with thick or coarse hair, because it gets rid of excess bulk and still looks full.

If you have medium to fine hair, this cut can work for you too. People generally have more hair in the nape versus the sides and top.

To style this pixie bob, I recommend you use Keune Care Vital Nutrition Thermal Cream and Keune Care Keratin Smooth Smoothing serum to blow-dry, then wave with a flat iron, and use Keune Blend Sea Salt Spray to finish.

If you have finer hair, I’d recommend using volumizing products like Keune Style Blowout Gelee or Keune Style Thickening Cream to blow dry and Keune Style Sea Salt Mist to finish.

Undercut bobs are very versatile for almost any face shape, as you can go extremely short on top or keep it longer to mid-neck in length. Your undercut can just be in the nape area, or nape and above ears, or just a side shave. It has endless combinations of lengths and styles.

#23: The Blunt Bob

This is a super chic look. Cutting the ends straight gives an edgy look. For those with a more defined bone structure, you can still enjoy this marvelous blunt, short wavy bob if you add some soft waves to the style.

A blunt, short wavy bob will add lightness and texture. This urban cut was created using a cutting technique that meets the need of each hair type and style because nowadays it is not only about cutting hair but also delivering style and texture.

For women wanting short haircuts with a blunt cut, you’ll want to use appropriate products for your hair type.

#24: Asymmetrical Bob

A chin-length, texturized asymmetrical bob cut for short wavy hair will accentuate the jawline as well as elongate your face shape.

Medium textured hair is ideal to style with soft waves to create volume and to give a more lived-in textured look.

Adding a blonde balayage accentuates both angles purposely. One side is to highlight the jawline and the other side is to create an illusion of more hair to draw your eyes downward.

With this take on the asymmetrical bob, think of texturizing weight out more than heavy layering. I find fine to medium texture more ideal to create soft texture curls with rather than thick to coarse hair that I find will create bigger structured curls.

To style this, Materialist made by Kerastase is an awesome thickening spray gel you can spray into your hands for great distribution before your blowout for added texture and grip. Finishing it off with a 1 1/2-inch curling iron just polishes the look.

The best part about short, wavy bobs is that with the right textured hair you can go days with a dry shampoo, and it will still look great.

short blunt bob with beach waves
Instagram @hirohair

#25: Short Blunt Bob with Beach Waves

Blunt bobs are on-trend right now, so try pairing a short blunt bob with beach waves for a trendy and effortless look. Tousled hair gives a cool and easy-going vibe to any look and also helps to create soft volume throughout the hair. To enhance your beach waves, spritz some sea salt spray through your hair and scrunch.

messy wavy bob with middle part
Instagram @jordanaveryz

#26: Messy Wavy Bob with Middle Part

Rock a middle part bob with some messy waves as opposed to the general straight style. It’s a softer and more fun alternative for a different vibe. This look is easily created with a large barrel iron, little working spray, and plenty of finger styling.

Short Wavy Bob Cut with Choppy Layers for Girls
Instagram @nataliarok

#27: Wavy Bob Cut with Choppy Layers

Seeking a more voluminous style? It starts with a good haircut like a bob cut with choppy layers and texture styles like waves. This hairstyle will make the layers pop. And, when paired with a texturizing spray, you’ll look like the inspo pictures.

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