70 Super Short Pixie Cuts That Are Still Feminine

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Trendy, very short pixie haircuts are versatile cropped styles for women of all ages. The length varies from ear to jaw-grazing cuts. Whether you like it sleek or tousled, pixies flaunt confidence and elegance.

Stephanie Burt, a hairstylist at Haus of Flint Salon in Draper, Utah, classifies a pixie cut that is very short as cute and low-maintenance. “It’s a chic get-up-and-go style that can be neatly done or disheveled. It even looks awesome if you do nothing at all with it,” Burt describes.

For ladies thinking of getting a big chop, Burt suggests considering your face and head shape. Short pixies are suitable for “anyone with a nice long neckline and a perfect curvy head,” she states. Pixies appear effortless on women with heart-shaped faces, too.

Keeping the nape neat and tapered creates a sleek edge on your neck and cheekbones. Consider your hairline; if not done well, the fringe won’t lay right, and a cowlick appears. Visiting the salon every 4-5 weeks is requisite to maintain the shape.

To help you choose the ultimate pixie cut, read our guide for expert tips and intricate details.

Look here for images of popular, very short pixie haircuts. You need to show these photos to your stylist!

Very Short Cute Pixie with Wispy Sideburns
Instagram @menaartistry

#1: Super Short Pixie with Wispy Sideburns

I suggest a modern textured tapered cut for the confident woman who wants to make a bold statement. This short and ultra-sleek look works best on thick, straight hair types. But can be cut with gentle styling techniques to work well with more textured curls. Make sure to tell your stylist you want an all-over cropped length of no more than 2 inches to get that modern feel. For added definition and hold, I recommend using Kenra texture cream for styling. With this neat pixie cut, you’ll be sure to stand out from the crowd!

#2: Really Short Bright Blonde Pixie

If looking for pixie cuts for women with light and fair skin, opt for a bold color for an impressive wow factor. While a bright blonde pixie cut can dry out your hair, regular trims every 4-6 weeks can maintain healthy hair and prevent the cut from looking outgrown. Moreover, if your face is petite, you may find pixie cuts are very flattering.

#3: Extremely Short Pixie with Intricate Designs

If you want a hairstyle that is uniquely yours, ask for a white pixie with intricate designs.

#4: Buzzed Pixie Cut

The buzzed pixie cut is great for adventurous women who want to embrace their masculine side. One of the benefits of this cut is that it makes it easy to try out different colors often!

#5: Very Short Pixie Cut with Visible Layers

Go for a very short pixie cut with visible layers. Consider a layered pixie if you want to go shorter with little movement in the hair. Layers will show off your texture and give you an easy style to manage. Try a textured wax by Hairstory to give some definition to your hair without a sticky mess.

#6: Piecey Micro Pixie with Short Fringe

This short pixie cut with fringe is a great option for older women if you want a low-maintenance style. It doesn’t require frequent touch-ups. The natural hair color adds a touch of finesse, while the choppy layers create texture and volume. This look works best for women with a round or heart-shaped face. It can be styled with lightweight cream or gel to define the layers and create a tousled finish. Another tip is to use a round brush to add some volume to the fringe and add a few wispy pieces for a softer look.

Very Short Side-Swept Pixie with Grey Balayage and for women with an oval face
Instagram @kaya__kaia

#7: Side-Swept Cropped Pixie with Grey Balayage

The cool tones of a grey balayage on a side-swept pixie is a striking style. Keep in mind a grey balayage hairstyle is not easily achieved. Your hair will have to be lightened and toned for the desired results. The good news is that the cropped cut will keep your hair healthy and free of dry ends. You’ll love the results if you ask your stylist for micro bangs and a short layered cut that can be styled easily with a texture putty.

Very Short Buzzed Pixie Style for women with low-maintenance hair
Instagram @rcgimenes

#8: Buzzed Pixie Style

If you’re low-maintenance, opt for a buzzed pixie hairstyle. Ask for a finger-length pixie with a medium fade that starts with a 1/8-inch guard. I suggest leaving cute pieces around the fringe a little longer. This way, you can create a mini side-swept bang to create a feminine finish.

#9: Very Short Side-Parted Pixie Cut

If you’d like a simple and enjoyable style, ask for a side-parted pixie haircut. When you’re thinking about getting a short haircut, consider your face shape. Normally, a shorter hairstyle suits an oval, square, or heart-shaped face with small features. While cutting, I ask my clients about their preference for the neckline’s length – long and thin or short and blunt. I also ask about their choice of the hair length around the ears – cut up and over the ears or slightly longer. Don’t forget that to keep a short haircut, you’ll need to book an appointment every 4-6 weeks.

Very Short Micro Pixie Cut for women in their 30s with a large forehead
Instagram @rcgimenes

#10: Micro Pixie Cut

Consider getting a micro pixie cut. Keep in mind you will need at least a cleanup every 4-6 weeks to maintain. If you want a more androgynous or masculine style, a fade around the perimeter will give you that style.

#11: Soft Wavy Pixie with a Side Part

A soft wavy pixie with a side part on deep, smoky hair is a perfect way to have edgy and elegant on the same canvas. Take time to style your waves by parting your hair after a fresh wash and blow-drying in place. Finish your style with a pomade or a styling cream for an all-day hold.

Beige Blonde on Super Short Pixie Hair
Instagram @sky_eyes_

#12: Beige Blonde Ultra Short Pixie

Show off your beautiful facial features with a beige blonde on super short hair. Remember, your maintenance will require a monthly trip to the salon. But the best part of a short cut is your day-to-day maintenance will be quick and easy. It will leave you more time during your morning routine!

Bleach Blonde Spiky Very Short Pixie
Instagram @tumihair

#13: Bleach Blonde Spiky Pixie

Do you want your hair to look fuller? Then go shorter! A pixie for fine hair works as it gives a full-bodied look. Ask your stylist to work with the ends of your hair if you like texture and want that spiky finish. It also gives the edges of the shape a more feminine feel. Remember to invest in haircare for your makeover, as this will be different from longer hair. A volumizing product is recommended, along with a texture paste to define your ends.

Very Short Razored Pixie Hair with Mini Bangs
Instagram @hair.did

#14: Razored Pixie Hair with Mini Bangs

Are you bored with your current pixie cut? A razored pixie with mini bangs may be your perfect answer! Update your pixie cut with some added texture on top paired with an edgy, modern mini bang—style with matte clay on damp or blow-dried hair.

#15: Side-Swept Crop Style with Choppy Layers

Contrasting lengths are the main part. Choppy layers give height and are versatile, while a graduated cut will show off the head shape. Ask to keep the length at the crown working forward if you want to wear with as much body and push over for a softer feel. If you like the idea of a raw fringe, it needs to be shaped to your hairline. This works wonders to show off your features. When you go for this cut, I recommend spending time talking to your stylist about how to re-create the look at home. Discuss which products will be needed to complete the new look.

Sleek Very Short Tapered Pixie
Instagram @larahoneey

#16: Sleek Short Tapered Pixie

If you have a petite face and sharp cheekbones, a bold pixie cut is one of the perfect options for you. When short and tapered at the nape, cut close around the ears, it gives this look a structural feel. All while maintaining length on top, giving a versatile shape. For even more, quid away from your face by drying upwards and style with a long, lasting sculpting product.

#17: Layered Pompadour Pixie

Modernize your look. Why not go for a soft-textured pixie? Ask for the nape to be graduated up to the crown. This gives softness around the ears for a clean look. Maintain length at the top of your face. This gives a feeling of texture and softness. When drying, go for a quiff if you prefer hair off your face. My favorite way to create a quiff is a round brush. While drying, roll the brush from root to tip with the dryer behind the brush for volume. It will also get your hair to sit in the right shape. Use hairspray to keep it in place.

Bleach Blonde Spiky Very Short Pixie
Instagram @tumihair

#18: Bleach Blonde Spiky Pixie

Do you want your hair to look fuller? Then go shorter! A pixie for fine hair works as it gives a full-bodied look. Ask your stylist to work with the ends of your hair if you like texture and want that spiky finish. It also gives the edges of the shape a more feminine feel. Remember to invest in haircare for your makeover, as this won’t be the same as longer hair. A volumizing product is recommended, along with a texture paste to define your ends.

Very Short Icy Blonde Pixie Hair with Buzzed Sides
Instagram @tinietashaa

#19: Mini Pixie with Choppy Fringe and Buzzed Sides

Make your style a statement with a short, icy blonde pixie. In this look, the hair is buzzed off to the lower crown. But the longer top and fringe area give a feel that is softer and more feminine. Great if you don’t want to worry about having to style too much. Bold blondes work well on short pixies as they give the wow factor. I would recommend that your hair is cut no more than every 4 weeks to maintain a polished finish.

#20: Low-Maintenance Short Crop for Women Over 60 with Glasses

You’ll have an easy time in a low-maintenance, short pixie crop. A short, bold look will save you time and make your hair appear thicker. If you’re going to cut it off, I recommend styling your shape forward to hide thinning areas. When you push your hair away from the face, it will stand up and show the scalp and weak hairlines. If you’re wearing glasses, the close sides will show the arms of your spectacles very well.

Very Short Brunette Side-Parted Pixie with Layers
Instagram @paulaprice_

#21: Brunette Side-Parted Pixie with Layers

If you’re looking for a pretty ready-to-go style, then a soft pixie is great. Tapered at the nape, a wispy over the ears for softness, ask for chopped layers on top to give texture. Push the length at the front to one side for a casual feel.

Edgy Balayage Very Short Pixie Crop
Instagram @blond.pixie

#22: Edgy Balayage Pixie Crop

An edgy balayage cropped pixie is the perfect balance of edgy and professional. Ask your barber or stylist for a fade on the sides and a scissor cut on top for some added shape and texture. Don’t forget to ask for matte clay for easy, low-maintenance styling at home. This haircut is best kept up by seeing your stylist every 4 to 6 weeks.

#23: Piece-y Highlighted Pixie Crop

Try the stylish piece-y highlighted pixie crop. Short hair styled forward looks modern and trendy. You can add highlights for more dimension and pop. Keep in mind your hair is short, so your stylist might want to hand paint the color instead of foils. Your cute, short pixie will be super easy to maintain at home. But you’ll need a shaping about every four weeks to keep it sharp.

Very Short Disconnected Pixie Crop with Piece-y Layers
Instagram @dudkazhenya

#24: Disconnected Crop with Piece-y Layers

Have you been searching for a haircut that lets you stand out from the crowd? Undercuts are all the rage, and a disconnected crop with piece-y layers may be your perfect answer. Ask for an uneven fringe to give this haircut a face-framing shape.

Very Short Natural Gray Pixie Hair
Instagram @trishowenhair

#25: Natural Gray Miniature Pixie Cut

Natural gray pixie hair will make you feel empowered. It takes strength to cut your hair off, but you’ll look and feel stunning. You’ll never be late for the office because you’ll always have a good hair day. Have your stylist design the perfect bang for your face shape. You can always leave them a bit longer or asymmetrical.

Faded Boyish Very Short Pixie on Dark Hair
Instagram @rene.hfdzk

#26: Faded Boyish Pixie on Dark Hair

There are lots of examples of sharp, boyish looks, but this cute cut has it all. Cropped close around the ears and faded from the nape, it gives a nod to a more masculine feel. But the side-swept fringe gives a playful twist. Ask to maintain length from the crown forward. It will ensure you a fuller shape with texture and movement. Try allowing your hair to dry naturally to give an undone feel.

Choppy Pixie Cut with Very Short Blunt Bangs
Instagram @joeprofita

#27: Choppy Pixie Cut with Short Blunt Bangs

If you have heavy locks, then a pixie hair cut for thick hair will look great. Ask for lots of layers that gradually get longer. Also, having texture cut into your hair is important as it helps to decrease the bulk and feather the ends. It’s all in the details. Ask for a soft shape that will highlight your cheekbones with an edgy fringe to frame your face. For a modern feel, try to stay away from waxy finishing products. Use a matte paste instead.

#28: Textured Short Cut with Baby Bangs

Stand out from the crowd with a cute pixie cut with bangs. It has a whimsical feel, which is good for petite faces and delicate features. Cropped close around the back and sides gives contrast to a longer, playful top area. Short, full bangs will frame your face perfectly. I highly recommend you stay on top of your trims to keep the look from becoming outgrown.

#29: Blonde Spiky Hair with Dark Roots

Blonde spiky hair with dark roots will give your cut great dimension. The dark roots will show the spiky bits and make your cut stand out. Have your stylist texturize the top pieces to make your cut last longer. If you’re ready to embrace short hair, remember a texture putty to help you with your finished style.

#30: Choppy Platinum Pixie Crop

Try a choppy platinum-cropped pixie! Once you have the perfect short length on the sides and top, ask how to style your new hairstyle. Make sure to pre-book and get products before leaving your favorite salon.

Extra Short Fluffy Pixie
Instagram @lisahanni

#31: Extra Short Fluffy Pixie

Do you have a lot of hair? An extra short, fluffy pixie is perfect if you have coarse, dense hair and want a shorter hairstyle. For added texture, ask your stylist to remove weight with a razor or thinning shears. Perfect for anyone wanting a flirty, fun hairstyle.

Very Short Waves with Side-Swept Bangs on a Pixie
Instagram @jaandiego

#32: Short Waves with Side-Swept Bangs

Do you have naturally curly or wavy hair and thought that a pixie cut wasn’t for you? Check out these short waves with side-swept bangs. A hairstyle like this is perfect for anyone wanting to wash their hair and go! Make sure you book your next trim in 4-6 weeks to maintain this hairstyle.

#33: Wispy Pixie Cut for Thin Hair

Do you need to add some volume to your fine hair? Try a wispy pixie haircut for thin hair. A short style paired with a quick blow-dry may be just what you need to bring your hair back to life!

Very Short Modern Bowl Pixie Cut with Shaved Lines
Instagram @octaviamaraz

#34: Modern Bowl Cut with Shaved Lines

Try a modern bowl cut with shaved lines. Ask your stylist for clippers on the sides but scissors on top to attain soft bangs that sit right above your eyes. Perfect for girls wanting to try the textured crop haircut.

Very Short Angled Pixie Haircut
Instagram @locksby_leanne

#35: Very Short Angled Pixie

Have you ever thought super short pixie cuts were boring? A very short-angled pixie might be just what you needed to change your mind. Part to one side for a more elegant, professional feel or style forward with a matte clay for an edgy, textured crop.

Bright White Buzzed Very Short Pixie
Instagram @iamkingsleyb

#36: Bright White Buzzed Pixie

Check out this bright white buzzed pixie! Keep it fresh by seeing your stylist every 4 to 6 weeks for maintenance—style with a quick blow-dry for volume and matte clay for added texture.

#37: Comb-Over Taper Pixie Cut

Looking for a haircut that stands out from the rest? A comb-over taper pixie cut maintains an edgy feel around the ears but has an elegant side part for a softer vibe. For added dimension, check out the rooted, balayage bleach root. It’s a low-maintenance color.

Very Short Soft Messy Pixie and Bangs
Instagram @skybdoeshair

#38: Soft Messy Pixie and Bangs

A messy pixie and bangs are currently trending! Ask your stylist to cut your pixie with a razor for a perfect edgy texture and style with matte clay for an all-day hold. Make sure you wear your favorite outfit! Because this haircut will have you turning heads fresh out of your appointment.

Very Short Fauxhawk Pixie with a Textured Top
Instagram @tagli.cortidonna

#39: Fauxhawk Pixie with a Textured Top

A fauxhawk pixie with a textured top is the perfect way to be trendy with a low-maintenance haircut. Combine a fade on the sides with a scissor cut on top. Add a firm-hold gel for those days when you want to look good but don’t want to spend too much time styling your hair. Cute short pixie cuts like this pair well with many different colors for added fun.

#40: Wispy Feathered Pixie on Silver Hair

If you are looking for a haircut with a subtle wave, try this wispy feathered pixie on silver hair. A feathered pixie will add easy volume to fine hair when paired with a styling cream or a quick blow-dry. It’s also a low-maintenance style. Ask your stylist to use clippers on the sides and scissors on top. Make sure you pre-book your next haircut before you leave your local salon.

Super Short Undercut Pixie Hair
Instagram @pxqueen

#41: Super Short Undercut Pixie Hair

Super short undercut hair is a great option for an edgy yet professional hairstyle. The shorter hair on the sides paired with a longer length and texture on top have a youthful feel to this haircut. Ask your stylist for a product list before you leave the salon. You’ll style with ease at home.

Very Short Golden Brown Pixie with a Shaved Design
Instagram @pxqueen

#42: Golden Brown Pixie with a Shaved Design

Try a golden brown pixie with a shaved design for one of this year’s most popular super short haircuts. Before booking your appointment, be sure to find a stylist. A stylist confident with giving you the perfect fade and design. After washing your hair, blow-dry your hair forward. Use your hands or a comb and add your favorite matte wax for added texture and style.

Very Short Shaved Pixie with Short Blunt Edges
Instagram @alexei.fedorko

#43: Shaved Pixie with Short Blunt Edges

A shaved pixie with short, blunt edges is perfect for anyone looking to be daring and bold. Ask your stylist for shaved sides and scissors on top for volume and texture.

#44: Piece-y Blonde Pixie

A piece-y haircut is a bold statement and can make for an exciting change. Blonde on a pixie should be an allover blonde or painted. Avoid foil highlights as they will create lines that will show in short hair. A pixie will be cut with lots of layering and can be best cut with a razor. Always rough-dry your hair and follow with texture paste and hairspray to hold.

#45: Short Blonde Pixie with Long Bangs

A short pixie with long bangs has a shorter cut on the sides and longer strands on the top of the head.

Very Short Freshly Textured Pixie with Bangs
Instagram @jules_c_hair

#46: Freshly Textured Pixie with Bangs

For aging hair, try bangs on a freshly textured pixie. If you are looking for a haircut that will style itself, this is it.

#47: Cute Undercut Pixie with Short Sides

Consider an undercut pixie with short sides if you desire an edgy and versatile look. A pixie is bold and fun to wear. Style it smooth or with extra texture, depending on your mood for the day!

Trendy Short Pixie with Layers
Instagram @faba.moscow

#48: Trendy Short Pixie with Layers

A short pixie with layers is versatile and bold. The short layered haircut flatters different face shapes and hair textures.

Cute Pixie Cut for Blondes
Instagram @tinietashaa

#49: Cute Pixie Cut for Blondes

Consider a pixie cut with shaved sides if you’re thinking about going short. To keep this style looking sassy, as with most pixies for short hair, visit the salon every few weeks for some trimming. Remember to use a purple shampoo and conditioner every week to maintain the bright blonde hair color.

Modern Undercut Pixie for Women Over 40
Instagram @dudkazhenya

#50: Modern Undercut Pixie for Women Over 40

An undercut pixie for women over 40 holds power and practicality for every woman facing this modern-day world. Styling very short haircuts with plenty of volume at the root is highly recommended.

Edgy Pixie for Women with Round Faces
Instagram @zinoveva_elena

#51: Edgy Pixie for Women with Round Faces

An edgy pixie for women with a round face shape leaves the face thinner with side bangs. A pixie for the shortest hair grows fast, so visit the salon every month to keep your cut fresh and beautiful.

Very Short Pixie Cut for Thick Hair
Instagram @stebunovhair

#52: Very Short Pixie Cut for Women’s Thick Hair

A  pixie for thick hair looks great when brushing the strands out, kneading it with a dry pomade, and fixing it with a spray to finish it off.

#53: Sassy Shaggy Pixie Cut for Women with Glasses

A shaggy pixie cut for women who wear glasses has long bangs that can be worn on the sides. Adding hair mousse creates extra volume and texture to thin hair.

#54: Very Short Spiky Pixie Cut

Use some styling gel to style a spiky pixie cut. Find pixies that suit your facial shape and enhance all your best features.

Very Short Pixie for Curly Hair
Instagram @curly_sivz

#55: Very Short Pixie for Curly Hair

Add some leave-in conditioner on a pixie cut for curly hair to create defined curls and control its volume. Bet on a pixie for short hair if you want to showcase the beauty of your natural tresses.

Bold Short Pixie for African-American Women
Instagram @trueglambeauty

#56: Bold Short Pixie for African-American Women

A short pixie for African-American women looks beautiful with natural hair textures. Black hair illuminates the eyes and eyebrows, enhancing the overall look.

Charming Short Choppy Pixie with Bangs
Instagram @lcs.hairdesign

#57: Charming Short Choppy Pixie with Bangs

A short, choppy pixie with bangs is a very charming version of the pixie cut. The fringe adorns the face. Transform your hairstyles with short or long bangs to enhance your facial features.

Modern Super Short Pixie Cut
Instagram @kurzehaare

#58: Modern Super Short Pixie Cut

A super short pixie cut has a shorter side and irregular or frayed bangs that give it a modern look. This haircut requires high maintenance to keep its shape and finish.

#59: Versatile Low-Maintenance Pixie Cut

A low-maintenance pixie cut haircut is a good choice for women. Pixies for the shortest hair create a charming look with versatility.

#60: Stylish Wavy Pixie for Women Over 30

Think about a wavy pixie if you’re a woman over the age of 30 and if you like a little more length up top. Easily style this very short haircut by adding some barrel curls. Use a curling iron and lightly separate the curls with texturizing cream.

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Bright Blonde Very Short Pixie Haircut
Instagram @chroma.moscow

#61: Bright Blonde Pixie

Consider this haircut if you’re ready to rock a spiky, undone look. It’s good for any hair type. These pixies should have edges that are short to gather attention up top and around the face. Get those spikes to stick up with styling wax.

#62: Youthful Short Pixie for Women Over 70

A youthful short pixie for women in their 70s is created by keeping the edges soft and wispy. To keep your very short pixie cut looking feminine, create length in front of your ear to ensure no harsh lines. Ask for lots of texture around your face and throughout the top. This cut is good if you have natural waves, as you can blow-dry and go with a texturizing spray.

#63: Classic Short Pixie Hairstyle

Pixies come in all shapes, but this classic boy cut is worth a try. You can’t go wrong with a side part and gently tousled bangs. To achieve a lift and volume up top, try using a curling wand for a slight bend.

#64: Cool Long Pixie with Bangs for Short Hair

A cool long pixie with bangs for short hair is a good option for fine hair texture. Very short cuts can be versatile with long fringe. Bangs can be twisted back with a clip or easily brushed to the side. Keep the side cut close around the ear to keep the focus up the top.

#65: Extra Short Pixie with Wispy Bangs

Women with thick, straight hair should consider an extra short pixie with wispy bangs. The bulk of the hair is pulled forward from the crown, and lots of texture is required to control fullness. Wispy fringe bangs break up any hard lines around the face. Keep the sides and nape cropped short to showcase this short pixie.

Grey Spiky Pixie for Women Over 60
Instagram @stylesbyame

#66: Grey Spiky Pixie for Women Over 60

Try a grey spiky pixie for women over 60 if your hair is soft and thick. These hairstyles can often take the burden of styling thick hair away. Ask your hairstylist for lots of texture so that the ends won’t be as thick as the base. Finish this cut with a gel-like pomade for control.

Short Pixie Shag Cut
Instagram @earth.bride

#67: Short Pixie Shag Cut

A short pixie cut is best styled by pulling the majority of your hair forward from the crown. It gives this shaggy hairstyle lots of movement in front of the ears and around your face. It’s perfect for medium-textured hair but can be beneficial for fine hair, too. Added choppy layers give the appearance of added volume. Blow-dry your hair forward and style with a texturizing spray.

Wash-and-Wear Pixie for Older Women
Instagram @ashadoeshair

#68: Wash-and-Wear Pixie for Older Women

Wash-and-wear pixie hair cuts for older women are great for a simple and on-the-go styles. Pixies for the shortest of hair don’t have to be boring! Accessorize this cut with headbands or barrettes. For an extra piecey style, rub a matte pomade between your fingers and apply it to the ends.

#69: Dark Brown Short Pixie with Shaved Sides

A short pixie with a shaved side is a bold, edgy cut that is great for women who want their hair off their necks and ears. A pixie for shorter hair looks great when styled in several ways, but spiked and messy is an ideal way to style a pixie. With shaved sides on short hair cuts, it’s vital to make trim appointments every 3-4 weeks.

#70: Asymmetrical Pixie for Women Over 50

An asymmetrical pixie hairstyle for women over 50 gives the illusion of longer hair with the maintenance and styling versatility. Having a thicker, heavy side fringe is ideal for women over 50 as they hide any forehead wrinkles they may have.

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