56 Types of Undercut Pixie Cuts & How to Rock It Best

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

An undercut pixie cut is a women’s haircut where the sides or back are shaved and disconnected from the short hair on top. It’s an edgy cut that fuses two bold, versatile, and sporty haircuts together and is invented to satisfy fashion-savvy rocker chicks.

There is nothing more to ask for from this low-maintenance look that gives a strong yet feminine image. Albeit the short length, there are plenty of pixie styles you can go for – bangs, messy coif, and even a faux hawk!

You’ll attain extreme cool-girl vibes with the help of some hold and styling products such as waxes and clay. Dying your cropped hair with trendy fashion colors could complete the look.

Notable personalities who confidently carried this androgynous style are Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, and Scarlett Johansson. San Antonio hairstylist David Solis features some of his insane work on pixie cuts with undercuts and vivid colors, and they’re definitely to die for!

It’s practical, striking, and contemporary – if you need more reasons why you should get an undercut pixie, check our guide and see these popular images below for your inspiration:


#1: Edgy Undercut Pixie with Blonde Tones

You can rock an edgy undercut pixie with blonde tones. The shaved undercut combined with the long highlighted top results in a hairstyle that has a strong visual impact. Ask your hairdresser to make cuts into the longer part of your hair to encourage movement. Keep in mind that you will need to trim your undercut pixie every 3-4 weeks to maintain its sharp appearance, but the effort is worth it for the style. After a quick blow dry and applying some texture wax, the quality of your cut will be self-evident.

Brushed Forward Undercut Pixie with Bangs for Long Face Shapes
Instagram @aliciaklein

#2: Brushed Forward Undercut Pixie

A brushed forward undercut pixie with bangs is a great choice for long face shapes. Ask your stylist to create texture and movement by layering the hair slightly in front. Then, blend into longer side layers at the sides and back. The bangs should aim to be cut slightly shorter than the rest of the hair so that they overpower your features. Soft, wispy pieces can be left around the face frame for an effortless look. To give fine hair more hold, aim for products like flexible hairspray. Paul Mitchell Extra-Body Finishing Spray will provide a light hold. All while still allowing you to brush through it without leaving any crunchiness!

Orange Undercut Pixie with a Spiky Crown
Instagram @zinoveva_elena

#3: Orange Undercut Pixie with Spiky Crown

The hairstyle is an orange undercut pixie with a spiked crown. If you want a lighter haircut, try a shaved side, which you can exhibit by parting all to one side. Alternatively, you can let your hair overhang. This style is very versatile and displays a lot of crown layers and volume for extra texture and edge.

Undercut Pixie with a Brushed Up Messy Style
Instagram @kurzehaare

#4: Undercut Pixie with Brushed-Up Messy Style

Consider this undercut pixie hairstyle with a brushed-up messy style. It showcases a versatile and modern look that emanates confidence. Moreover, this style can give a trendy twist to your look. The shaved side of this haircut delivers a bold and edgy vibe, while its brushed-up and messy style offers a touch of effortless coolness. This is an excellent choice if you have a strong personal style and are seeking a chic, low-maintenance haircut. For ladies always on the move, the undercut is beneficial. It permits easy styling and swift drying.

Short Silver Pixie with an Undercut
Instagram @hairmakesupbee

#5: Layered Silver Pixie with Undercut

This is a modern, stylish haircut. It’s a layered short, silver pixie with an undercut. The short silver hair color is bold. Together with the edgy undercut, it gives a unique look. This hairstyle suits women who want to stand out and show their uniqueness. The silver color makes your hair look elegant and sophisticated. To style this chop, start with dry hair. Use a good styling product to add texture and volume. Use a comb or your fingers to fluff the hair and create an easy, messy look.

#6: Bright Blonde on Straight Pixie Haircut

This trendy hairstyle features a bright, blonde undercut pixie bound to turn heads. The undercut adds a touch of boldness and allows for easy maintenance, while the pixie cut gives a dash of femininity and sophistication. The bright blonde tint enhances the pixie’s vibrancy. This matching haircut suits people who desire a chic, confident look with a playful touch. Use a color-safe shampoo and conditioner to keep the bright blonde tint vibrant. Add hair volume and definition with a styling product, like lightweight mousse or texture spray.

#7: Icy Blonde Pixie with Spikes

An icy blonde spiky pixie cut pairs well with an undercut. You need to book regular appointments at the salon to keep these spiky pixies tight. I would also recommend using purple shampoo to maintain the hair color and finishing with a shiny styling paste.

Undercut Pixie with a Messy Top
Instagram @shmoakin_hair

#8: Pixie with Messy Top

By achieving an undercut on a pixie cut, you can diminish the roundness of your hair, hence providing the liberty to keep the top of your hair a bit lengthy and tousled. Overall, this hairstyle is very easy to style. To enhance this style, it’s recommended to use a texture cream.

Undercut Asymmetric Pixie Cut for ladies with prominent cheeks
Instagram @dudkazhenya

#9: Undercut Asymmetric Pixie Cut

Try an undercut asymmetric pixie if you want to spice up your short cut. This haircut is trendy and easy to style. Ask for the best styling products to keep this look textured and fun!

#10: Titanium Undercut Lixie

You could go for a titanium undercut. Women with thick hair looking to get a short cut should try an undercut pixie. This technique helps take the bulk out of your style while adding texture for movement. Look for a cutting specialist if you’re seeking a style suited for your face shape and hair texture.

Block Colored Undercut Pixie for asian ladies with short fine hair
Instagram @pavel_okhapkin

#11: Block Colored Undercut Pixie

If you want a new trendy cut and color, try this undercut pixie with block color. This is a great look when you want a short haircut but also want to add a fun color without overdoing it. You can also do your block color in a more neutral color to add depth.

#12: Thin-Haired Wavy Pixie with Shaved Temple

This thin-haired pixie with an undercut is ideal for finer and thin hair types. This is one of the best short haircuts for women with natural greys who struggle to get volume or maintain a style all day. Aging hair can be a difficult thing to deal with, especially if it’s thin. Doing a short edgy pixie may be the best way to achieve volume and give the illusion of fuller, thicker hair.

#13: Undercut Pixie Cut with Shaved Nape

Try an undercut pixie with a shaved nape. A disconnected undercut is the best way to reduce bulk in a pixie cut. Consider facial shape and profile and where the hair lies to create the best balance. A root boost spray and flat wrap brush will make it easy to style your pixie. For more body, using a 1-inch round brush will give you more bend in the hair. Finish off with a light hairspray or texture paste for definition.

#14: Side-Swept Asymmetrical Pixie Undercut

A cut as short as a pixie could revitalize your face, revealing your sharp features. The undercut is the statement of this cut, making the disproportionate look more of an asset.

Amazing Undercut Style on a Pixie with Bangs and a messy top
Instagram @teryn.tucker.hair

#15: Undercut Style on Highlighted Pixie with Bangs

The amazing undercut pixie style with bangs and a messy top is edgy and unique. This is a great cut for those who like an easy style. When in doubt, talk to your stylist to see if it’s right for you. To get the perfect shape, undercut the sides and back. Then, add some layering for movement throughout the longer top. Use your fingers to apply a texture paste, styling forward, to add a bit of modern messiness to your funky cut.

Icy White Pixie with an Undercut
Instagram @no.15_hairdressing

#16: Icy White Pixie with Undercut

This icy white shade adds pop to a pixie with an undercut. An undercut is one of the best ways to get rid of unwanted bulk and allow for easier styling. Give your pixie some extra style and texture by leaving some length on top. Ask your stylist to leave the layers wispy for a more feminine feel.

#17: Warm Blonde Long Pixie

When wanting to achieve blonde hair, my best advice is to put in a routine that cares for the quality of your hair. It’s important to let go of length and shift haircuts when the blonde no longer serves your hair. With styles like a warm, blonde long pixie, it gives the wearer a youthful glow.

Edgy Disconnected Pixie with an Undercut and Shaved Line
Instagram @titan_barber

#18: Edgy Disconnected Pixie with Undercut and Shaved Line

Getting a disconnected pixie cut with an undercut and shaved line requires skills. Spend time finding the right stylist who understands your desired look. If you’re feeling bold, wear your hair short on one side and longer on the other for a daring asymmetrical style!

Side-Shaved Silver Undercut Pixie for Fine Hair
Instagram @kurzehaare

#19: Side-Shaved Silver Pixie for Fine Hair

Try a silver undercut pixie if you have fine hair. The best way to extend your pixie cut is with a shaved side. If your hair is fine, but you have a lot of it, shaving the sides will debulk your hair. And you can create a lot of texture through the crown to give lift and body. Add a volumizing mousse before you blow dry, and use a 1-inch round brush or a Denman half-round to style your hair.

#20: Disconnected Pixie with Long Top

Leaving a long top on a disconnected pixie is great if you want an edgy look without spending a lot of time in the mirror. In my experience with these haircuts, the product is key. My top picks would be Kenra root boost to add volume at the root and Kenra thickening glaze. It gives fine, thin hair a thicker appearance.

Short Pixie with Highlights and an Undercut
Instagram @salvo_curiale

#21: Textured Short Pixie with Highlights

Check out this short pixie with highlights! It has the perfect shape for a natural texture. I advise taking in the side short enough to lay smooth. Leave a bit of length on top to accentuate your natural curls. Remember, you’ll want to incorporate a curl gel or a pomade for some control.

Sleek Undercut Pixie with a Shaved Side
Instagram @kassiabarbo

#22: Sleek Pixie with Shaved Side

Sometimes, a sleek pixie with a shaved side is all you need for a new look. An edgy, disconnected haircut can be a fun way to express a creative side. Try to incorporate a lively hair color to compliment it. Your best bet would be a fun platinum or icy blonde tone.

Messy Silver Undercut Pixie
Instagram @156_thebox

#23: Messy Silver Undercut Pixie

Try a chic take on a traditional haircut with a messy silver undercut pixie. Opt for soft texture, and stay away from rounded or structured shapes. Keep the length on top and disconnected. It will cause your hair to lay slightly longer on the sides, resulting in a modern pixie.

Wavy Undercut Pixie with a Fade for Women
Instagram @julenbarber82

#24: Wavy Pixie Cut with Fade Undercut

A wavy pixie with a fade creates an edge to your style. I suggest seeking out a barber or stylist in your area to create that. They should have an artistry for creating this on a texture like yours. They should be able to help you to maintain it from styling at home, and salon visits.

Blonde Pixie Undercut Fade
Instagram @thecolorist.ch

#25: Blonde Pixie Undercut Fade

The look is considered a disconnected pixie undercut. What sets this particular undercut apart is the skin fade. I love showing women that skin fades are not just for men. Fades can be used to express strong and confident femininity by the person wearing the cut, especially when the fade is coupled with a dramatic style.

#26: Disconnected Pixie with Shaved Sides

Try a unique style with a disconnected pixie with shaved sides. A pixie is one of my top picks for fine, thin hair that wants an edgy style. Keeping the top layered is helpful to give some messy body and volume where it’s needed most. Use some texture paste to give a messy and piecey style.

Modern Tapered Undercut Pixie
Instagram @ittaribeiro

#27: Modern Tapered Undercut Pixie

Consider a modern tapered pixie for a bold, short style. I encourage my clients to choose a style that shows off their personalities. And the undercut can be tailored to suit your taste. Shave it if you want a super strong shape, or choose a softer taper if that is your vibe. Find a way to style the top that works for you. You can slick it, push it all to one side, or wear it down parted to one side.

Creamy Blonde Pixie Bob with an Undercut
Instagram @kortri

#28: Creamy Blonde Pixie Bob with Undercut

If you are searching for a strong shape with personality, consider a pixie bob with an undercut. Your hairstylist should consult about how short you would like the undercut to be. I recommend a softer taper, but shave it off for those who want to go bold. You’ll want the long top to hang over the undercut for a cool disconnection that will make you look like a rockstar.

#29: Soft Red Pixie for Women Over 70

If you are in your 70s and looking for a more youthful look, ask your stylist to give you a spunky pixie. The short layers and piece-y volume bring instant sass to aging hair. Style this look with a sea salt spray and a matte paste to bring the whole vibe together.

#30: Perfectly Disheveled Pixie with Piece-y Bangs

Try a perfectly disheveled pixie with bangs if you want a lived-in look. A pixie is the number one best cut for easy styling. Using a razor or texturizing shears will give your hair that edgy, messy texture. Use a thick texturizing paste and mess it up to bring out a big, fun texture. Do an undercut to remove bulk for a lighter feel and easier styling.

Bright Red Undercut Pixie
Instagram @hirohair

#31: Bright Red Undercut Pixie

Go for a bold and edgy statement with a bright red pixie. Make sure before dyeing your hair a bright red that it will match your complexion. A warm complexion will work best with a warm, bold red. An undercut hairstyle will work great if you want to remove bulk from your hair. Getting rid of unnecessary hair will make for easier styling.

#32: Trendy Pixie for Older Women with Thin Hair

For an older woman with thin hair, try a trendy undercut pixie. Having an undercut is the most effective way to remove unwanted bulk. Your aging hair will thank you when you give it a big chop. Taking off dead ends will make your hair look thicker and fuller for a more youthful appearance.

Incredible Undercut Pixie Cut for Women Over 60
Instagram @nastyyhair

#33: Incredible Undercut Cut for Women Over 60

Try an undercut pixie cut if you’re a woman over 60. Be sure to tell your stylist how short you would like your undercut. I suggest that thin-haired women leave it longer to make it appear thicker. Try to style the top closer to your head and move forward for a modern shape.

#34: Undercut Pixie Haircut with Cute Bangs

Opt for a faded pixie cut that is very textured and shattered in the top hair but very soft in the faded sides and nape. It will grow out nice because there are no harsh necklines. The color is a rose gold tone on the highlighted top hair.

#35: Extra Long Voluminous Pixie

Try an extra-long pixie for fullness and height. Perfect for fine to medium hair, this type of chop will allow your hair to sit on top to create volume and shape. Ask your stylist for a disconnected undercut.

#36: Brick Red Pixie with Fringe

Regarding cute and flirty, we love the brick-red pixie cut! The pixie can be cut short with the head’s curve or clippers cut very short against the head underneath to create more drama and edge. Some helpful advice would be to show your stylist a few pictures to convey what you want more easily. Styling will be minimal; use a mousse to add hold to the style, rough dry, and put into place with a texture cream.

Jet Black Disconnected Pixie Undercut
Instagram @ittaribeiro

#37: Disconnected Slicked Back Pixie with Side Bangs

A disconnected pixie is a unique masterpiece that will never go out of style. This style needs a woman who will rock it with confidence. The shine from the jet-black color paired with the dramatic haircut will steal the spotlight no matter where you are.

#38: Copper Undercut Pixie with Bangs

A pixie with bangs is perfect for an easy short cut with low maintenance. Styled with texture product, a pixie is easy to tousle and go. Ask your stylist if an undercut is suitable for your hair type.

#39: Heavily Layered Pixie

Go for a bold and timeless cut with a pixie with a heavily layered undercut. Pixies can be customized to flatter any face shape. Lots of layers give movement and shape that easily fall into place with some styling paste for a messy texture. An undercut will provide bulk removal and is a bold and edgy choice.

undercut pixie bob hairstyle
Instagram @shmoakin_hair

#40: Undercut Pixie Bob

I’m sure any hair length would be gorgeous on you right now. But something about a short pixie bob with an undercut will certainly pull out your wild side.

#41: Perfect Thin Hair Pixie with Choppy Layers

The dainty girl’s guide to looking like a doll: gorgeous bangs, balayage hair, and a super short pixie haircut for thin hair!

#42: Curly Pixie with Faded Sides

Try a curly pixie cut undercut if you are tired of dealing with your curly hair. The super-short undercut removes so much hair, and styling becomes a breeze. Air dry with some gel and rock this curly pixie chop. Cutting this style every three weeks will keep it looking fresh.

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#43: Edgy Pixie Undercut Style

A short hairstyle often spells confidence. With an undercut and a wild hair color, a pixie exudes a specific level of extra glam.

Asymmetrical Pixie Undercut
Instagram @barbara.sft

#44: Asymmetrical Pixie with Shaved Stripes

With this kind of short pixie cut with lines, I say go big or go home, am I right?

Platinum pixie with an undercut
Instagram @hair_by_pedro

#45: Textured and Choppy Platinum Pixie

Enrich your already immaculate facial features with a stylish undercut platinum pixie with side-swept bangs.

orange pixie with long bangs
Instagram @stil_lage

#46: Orange Pixie with Long Bangs

Layers on top combed over the face make for long bangs. Pixie cuts usually use bangs to create a wonderful balance of lengths. Ask for a bright orange shade to show off your edginess!

layered undercut pixie with shaved sides
Instagram @sm_lawless

#47: Layered Cut with Shaved Sides

Consider a great pixie for easy maintenance and also gives a new look. Lessen the fuss of styling by lessening your hair to style!

#48: Textured Cut with Waves

With this pixie, work your way around those light locks and create layers and layers of texture. Mix in some color variations for depth and added attitude.

Grey undercut pixie
Instagram @henniegebhardt

#49: Trendy Grey Colored Pixie

This cool pixie doesn’t need any statement because this says it all! The cool-toned ashy color surprisingly works for many skin tones and is great for trying an edgy style. If you’re growing it out, ask your stylist to cut it into a bowl cut. They’re making a comeback!

#50: Pixie Cut with Full Bangs

Go all out with that short chop! Amp it up top while keeping it avant-garde with a pixie cut, fringe, and undercut.

#51: Ideal Undercut for Round Face

The pixie undercut is buzzed and faded throughout the area below the crown, with one side buzzing with a longer guard at the side. The “shorter” side is exposed completely. The other side features a cheek-length fringe blended into the shorter hair at the back of the head. The cut is shaped with a shaved-in hard part, dividing the faded, exposed side and the longer fringe.

super short undercut pixie
Instagram @stil_lage

#52: Super Short Pixie

This pixie is a feminine version of the trendy crop haircut with more length around the crown to build some mass that would create a bit more roundness instead of keeping it too straight as you would do on a man. I also added a lot of texture on the top so she could style it differently. It’s important to educate your clients on how to style their hair. Never assume that they already know.

undercut with a back view
Instagram @helmiturku

#53: Undercut with Back View

Opt for a pixie undercut with a scissor-over comb throughout the sides and back, taken high up. The top is left quite heavy but with texture added into the ends as well as with the color. It has been pre-lightened and then toned.

#54: Side-Swept Pixie with Cool Design

This cut can be for those who want to reflect their inner unique personality and those looking to control underlying styling issues like cowlicks that were restricting a previous style. My favorite part about undercuts is that each one is unique! It can stand out for that client who wants to “whisper, speak, or shout” for about 2 weeks before it grows out. You can’t see the design, so you can change it faster than a person who wants a dusting cut every 6-12 weeks.

#55: Long Shag Pixie with Shaved Sides

This cut combines a long pixie undercut that started off using clippers – with a number two guard and working the way down to a zero for the fade. To give an angled look for the top portion, I pulled everything back so that the pieces around her face gradually got longer. Cutting the back right above her occipital bone gives a beautiful shape (side profile) and volume. I layered the top and added a bunch of texture so that it doesn’t fall flat when styled.

#56: Nice Punk Rock Cut for Thick Hair

I love this sleek haircut because it’s creative – a twist on an edgy look. This is a double undercut pixie because there’s a clipper cut undercut, and on top of that is a layered undercut with a disconnected top section that falls over both. The whole thing is shattered with a razor, so it’s extra piecey and punk rock. She can wear it flipped to either side, messy as a wash and wear, or hit it with a hot tool to soften the look.