27 Very Short Haircuts for Women Who Need a Big Makeover

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Very short haircuts for women are a constant source of inspiration and empowerment. Today, many varieties of the classic short ‘dos (pixies, bobs, and more) are coming back with a vengeance and are even shorter than ever.

Between unconventional styling and a touch of bold color to boot, really short hair for women has been reborn once more. The best hairstyles for super short hair include pixies, bobs, and undercuts.

Before your next hair appointment, check out these photos of the hottest very short hairstyles for women.

Androgynous Short Hairstyle
Instagram @alexei.fedorko

#1: Androgynous Short Hairstyle

Get the courage to try an androgynous short hairstyle. Say goodbye to long hair and embrace short hair and you’ll feel empowered. Not only will you be transformed on the outside, you’ll feel different on the inside as well. Short hair is easy to wash and style and believe it or not, it’s versatile. You can wear it flat, pushed off your face, or curl it with a tiny iron.

Modern disconnected pixie cut with textured top and short bangs.

#2 Cute and Modern Disconnected Pixie

This very short pixie cut is modern and chic, perfect for those seeking a low-maintenance yet stylish look. The haircut features a textured top with short, wispy bangs that add softness and femininity. Ideal for fine to medium hair textures, this style offers versatility, allowing you to play with different looks, such as tousled for a casual day or sleek for a polished evening out. This cut enhances facial features and is especially flattering on oval face shapes.

#3: Short Layered Crop with Textured Bangs

This feminine short hair cut is effortlessly chic. This is one of those cuts that can easily go from work to night out with the girls. This cut is also ageless and works well with fine to medium textures. It’s very low-maintenance, and this length of pixie looks good on any face shape because the razor cut gives it a softer finish. If you have a rounder face shape, make it give the front a fuller fringe to slim the face. This is a great style for all textures.

Extra Short Blonde Hair
Instagram @sindicamonique

#4: Extra Short Blonde Hair

This extra short blonde hair for black women is edgy and trendy from color to cut. It can also be versatile because the cut can be worn spikey or flat. To maintain this very short length, have a regular stylist treat your hair first because of the color. At home, a good product would be a foam wrap for that flattened, sleek style, along with an oil or curl wax to finish the look after drying.

#5: Feminine Buzz Cut for Grey Hair

Check out this feminine buzz cut for grey hair! This style contributes to your individuality with an edgy yet feminine look. Your stylist can achieve this look with a razor or scissors, based on your preference. For extra style, add matte clay to your styling routine. It will give your short hair a textured look and apparent thickness.

#6: Super Short for Women Over 70

A super short crop is a great way to give a youthful look. Instead of an aging old-fashioned cut, ask for a wispy textured fringe that can be styled to the side. Or you could style the parting loosely, opting for a more relaxed feel. Finish with a wax product to give definition and hold.

Super Short Michelle Williams Inspired Crop
Instagram @__k_vu__

#7: Michelle Williams Inspired Crop

Always on the rush? The cool pixie cut is perfect for that classic yet low-maintenance styles, and will look flattering on most face shapes!

Short Soft Curls for Very Short Hair
Instagram @__k_vu__

#8: Short Soft Curls

Go for a razor-cut cropped style – it’s not quite a pixie, as it has a longer, softer outline. The shape of this cut offers ease of styling and is still versatile enough to tuck, part, push back, or enhance the volume of your curls. This cut is ideal if you have fine curls (or waves) and want more definition from your natural texture.

Very Short Androgynous Black Pixie with Fringe
Instagram @akira__sato

#9: Androgynous Black Pixie with Fringe

One of the best super short haircuts is the androgynous pixie with fringe. This uber-flattering, choppy crop will help turn heads with its raven tone and super textured fringe.

Brushed Up Super Short Asian Hairstyle
Instagram @russdoeshair

#10: Brushed Up Short Asian Hairstyle

A short brushed-up haircut on Asian women makes your eyes speak for themselves. It shows off all their beauty while giving such a sleek look. Style this haircut with a round brush blowout, finishing with pomade and a light mist of hairspray.

#11: Short Brushed Back Chop for Older Women

A short brushed-back chop for older women is a great way to wear a feminine haircut. Because there isn’t much length to create style, creating direction is the highlight of this style. Use a small amount of serum to blow back with a round brush to get this desired look without frizz.

Very Short Trendy Pixie for Straight Hair
Instagram @tinietashaa

#12: Trendy Pixie for Straight Hair

A trendy pixie for straight hair looks incredible and shows off all your features. A hairdo like this is for women who want to be trendy and put together without a lot of maintenance. That’s what makes it so easy to style! All it requires is a good texturizing product such as O’Doud’s Matte Paste.

#13: Grey Pixie for Women with Thin Hair

Embrace a grey pixie for women with thin hair and look bold and stunning with grey tones. Not only does grey hair change the texture as we age, but it can also sit totally different from what your hair used to do. The grey adds dimension to the locks, giving you a flattering, full-of-life style. Play around with a fringe, which curves the forehead for an extra cute look.

#14: Traditional Short Pixie with Edge

Give a short pixie an edge with the cropping in the nape and the texture. Your crop should be tailored to your specific bone structure, features, hair texture, and hair type. These things are key when cutting short hair, especially pixies.

#15: Super Short Hair with Fringe

This short haircut oozes classic elegance with an edge. The fringe has been heavily texturized to frame and complement the bone structure softly. It’s also a super wash-and-go very short ‘do, so it’s perfect for a busy or active lifestyle.

#16: The Shorter French Bob

This extra short crop is so cute and posh! Get ahead with a short ‘do that will leave you looking fresh, modern, and effortless in all seasons.

very short layered pixie cut
Instagram @sm_lawless

#17: Very Short Layers

Opt for a short haircut with very short, spunky, and feminine layers. A feather razor can be used to cut the entire thing, adding so much texture and creating wispy lines, especially around the hairline.

#18: Textured Pixie with Undercut and Golden Highlights

This textured pixie with an undercut and golden highlights is a fun & playful way to incorporate and utilize new growth to your advantage. It helps with creating depth and dimension while giving you a fun/edgy cut in between color services.

very short sides with round layers
Instagram @kortri

#19: Very Short Sides with Round Layers

A super short haircut is a warm, soft, and feminine look that empowers the woman wearing it. Creating a short, barbered look elongates the neck and brings out an oval face shape.

Very short Funky Pixie for Women Over 40
Instagram @hasenlezoum

#20: Funky Pixie for Women Over 40

A pixie for women over 40 is perfect as it offers plenty of movement and enough texture to support a soft or edgy vibe. The great thing about a short haircut is that it’ll significantly cut down your styling time. It’s a great option for a woman who struggles with time and style management.

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#21: Short Asymmetrical Cut

The short-length asymmetrical cut is a voluminous hairstyle that benefits thin, fine locks. This is a hairdo with lots of layers, adding an extra bounce to the result. Such a haircut looks way better with a piece-y definition. To achieve this, apply a volumizing mousse and then manipulate the strands individually.

Super Short Cut with Long Side Swept Bangs
Instagram @michelle.k.harrison

#22: Short Cut with Long Side Swept Bangs

This extremely short hair looks different on everyone! You can style it in many ways to look different from day to day. It doesn’t take much to style, so this cut is perfect for all women. Just a simple, messy blowdry and some pomade to control the hair is all you need!

Textured Cropped Choppy Pixie
Instagram @pxqueen

#23: Textured Cropped Choppy Pixie

Consider a super cute textured cropped choppy pixie to elongate your face. A line or slant from the bangs can balance out a square or round-shaped face with movement from the texture on top and disconnecting the bangs to allow extra length on a very short cut. See more pictures of short haircuts for women with bangs.

Very Short Edgy Silver-Gray Pixie Cut
Instagram @pxqueen

#24: Edgy Silver-Gray Pixie Cut

If you love a balance of strong and soft then consider a short edgy pixie. Because a shorter haircut exposes more of the face, be sure to discuss with your stylist to keep length and texture in your areas of concern when considering an on-trend silverish gray hair pixie.

#25: Feminine Wavy Texture with Length on Top

This trend is for any girl or woman who wants easy and flawless styling while remaining chic and modern. Very short hair can always make use of a wavy texture. It creates definition, movement, and different styling options.

silver slicked up pixie cut
Instagram @juansartini

#26: Silver Slicked Up Pixie Cut

A silver slicked-up pixie cut will look striking on any woman. This short haircut cuts down on drying and styling time.

#27: Very Short Blonde Pixie Cut

The short blonde pixie cut is an edgy and bold hairstyle that suits oval, heart-shaped, and round faces. It has short sides, usually cut with clippers, and a longer top with a short fringe. On dry and clean hair, put some L’Oréal Super Dust on it for texture and flexible hold.