30 Very Short Haircuts for a Totally New You

Super short haircuts for women

Short hairstyles are a constant source of inspiration and empowerment. Today, many varieties of the classic short ‘dos (pixies, bobs, and more) are coming back with a vengeance and even shorter than ever.

Between unconventional styling, and a touch of bold color to boot, short hair has been reborn once more. Check out these very short haircuts that just might inspire you to make the cut!

Short Layers

Short Layers
Instagram @v.mo.hair

Q&A with style creator, Vanessa Moser
Master Designer @ Pump Salon in Cincinnati, OH

How would you describe this look?

This look is spunky yet feminine. I used a feather razor to cut the entire thing which adds so much texture and creates feminine, wispy lines, especially around the hairline.

Any advice for someone considering it?

This look is mostly for an oval, square, or heart face shape. This is a very short pixie, so it bares all. Confidence in “rocking” this look as opposed to just “wearing” it is key. This look takes some styling with texture products such as clays and dry sprays to really show off each razor stroke.

Soft Curls

Q&A with style creator, Amanda Sarah
Stylist @ New Vintage Beauty Lounge in Portland, OR

How would you describe this look?

This is a razor cut cropped style – not quite a pixie, as it has a longer, softer outline. I love this shape because it offers ease of styling and is still versatile enough to tuck, part, push back, or enhance the volume of the curls.

Any advice for someone considering it?

This look is ideal for someone with fine curls (or waves) who is looking to get more definition from their natural texture. Styling is as simple as layering your salt spray of choice and a texture appropriate curl cream to suit your unique curl pattern, drying by hand with diffused air, scrunching, finger coiling, and molding it to suit your look.

Signature Pixie

Signature Pixie
Instagram @aaaerdna.hair

Q&A with style creator, Andrea Aikens
Hairstylist @ Theory Salon in Charlotte, NC

How would you describe this look?

This textured pixie was inspired by her existing color. It was a fun & playful way to incorporate and utilize her new growth to our advantage creating depth and dimension while giving her a fun/edgy cut in between color services.

The best part was giving her a personalized look – working with what color she had and just having fun with it. My client here is also my boss and mentor so it was a great learning experience as well.

Any advice for someone considering it?

If you’re ready to chop, go for it! Consultation with your stylist is key. Be mindful you will have to get it cut more often to maintain your new look. Pixies are versatile meaning anyone can have it it just takes the right style of cut for each person. Depending on the desired look, you can enjoy low maintenance styling or really get into your style with a blow dryer and Denman brush working it in all directions for volume and movement.

A workable styling paste will be your best friend. For a messy/undone look I like to use a dry texturizer.

My go-to paste is Davines Finishing Gum. It defines texture, is lightweight, with a medium hold so creating your own style is attainable without any sticky or greasy residue.

For dry texturizer, Davines wins again. Their ‘This Is A Dry Texturizer’ gives piecey full-bodied look. This product has hold without weighing the hair down.

Empowering Round Layers

Empowering Round Layers hairstyle
Instagram @minnasojakka

Q&A with style creator, Minna Sarianna
Advanced Hairdesigner @ QTime Hair Design in Helsinki, Finland

How would you describe this look?

I would describe this look as a warm, soft, and very feminine look that empowers the woman who wears it.

I love how the warmer and lighter tone in my model’s hair really complements her skin tone so much better than the dull tobacco brown we started off with. My model also has a stunning silhouette, and creating a short, barbered look really elongates her neck and brings out that oval face shape she has.

Any advice for someone considering it?

This look is perfect for a busy and carefree lifestyle. The round layering gives you that head-hugging soft look which is very versatile. All you really need is a good texturizing wax, smoothing cream, or serum (depending on your style of choice) and you’re ready to go.

My model has curly hair, but this look can be created with straight hair just as easily. Most of us can pull off a short, round layered look. By adjusting the length of the sideburns and top/front area, you can tailor this look to your liking and bring out your facial features even more. Life is too short for long hair.

Versatile Pixie

Q&A with style creator, Kate Engelman
Hairstylist @ Stranded Beauty and Barber in Chicago, IL

How would you describe this look?

I would describe this as a versatile pixie. It has plenty of movement and enough texture to support a soft or edgy look.

My favorite thing about this pixie is how it accentuates my client’s features. She has a very balanced face shape, so the cut helps to show off her jawline and cheekbones. I love a great pixie that really opens someone up and allows you to just enjoy the person’s appearance! I also like how you can wear this as a very soft, natural look or spice things up a bit and separate it with product.

Any advice for someone considering it?

The great thing about a pixie is that it will significantly cut down your styling time. It’s a great option for someone that struggles with time and style management.

When styling, I recommend blow drying to help with direction and movement. Add some texture or styling cream like Lock & Loaded Grit Transforming Cream. It provides great shine and easy manageability. You’ll want to make sure you’re using a product that will hold all day and have medium to heavy shine.

When deciding on a pixie cut, it’s very imperative to pay attention to face shape. This is crucial in order to show off or soften a feature. Also, make sure you’re choosing a good cut for your end goal. Do you want a soft look or something stronger? Think feminine versus masculine!

The good thing about shorter haircuts is that most hair types can benefit from them. I would just be cautious of extremely curly hair as it can pose issues when trying to smooth the hair for styling.

A pixie cut just screams confidence. Wear it and own the look!

Ageless & Effortless

Q&A with style creator, Danielle Easterling
Owner & Stylist @ Danie Nikol Beauty Bar in Lanham, MD

How would you describe this look?

I would describe this look as effortless chic. This is one of those cuts can easily go from work to night out with the girls. This cut is also ageless and works well with fine to medium textures.

It is very low maintenance and this length of pixie looks good on any face shape because the razor cut gives it a softer finish. For my clients who have a rounder face shape, I would make give the front a fuller fringe to slim the face.

My favorite thing about this cut is the versatility. You can spike it or wear it sleek.

Any advice for someone considering it?

This client’s hair is relaxed. For relaxed hair, I suggest a good wrap lotion like Nairobi Foam Wrap and wrap strips s you can mold the hair and go under the dryer. Once it’s dry, take a small amount of the TGIF Wax Stick and rub it through the hair. Then, take a small flat iron and curl the hair for texture and shine.

This is a great style for all textures. It is great for women who are on the go but want a style that stands out. Make sure you keep up with your haircut every three weeks. On fine hair, all the hair will need is a pomade and finger styling.

Pixie Cut With Movement

Q&A with style creator, Oliver Kelly
Stylist in Asheville, NC / Los Angeles, CA

How would you describe this look?

This is a choppy pixie cut that was created with a razor, shears, and blending shears. We wanted there to be movement within the hair no matter what angle we were looking from.

With her shorter fine hair, we could achieve a soft framing fringe with staggered bangs using a matte product like a sea salt spray, or create defined pieces all throughout the hair using a product like styling paste. I love the options to style this cut differently, the movement, and the sheer choppiness.

Any advice for someone considering it?

This is a great look to concentrate a sea salt spray or R+Co Badlands dry shampoo paste near the scalp and texturize with fingers for a softened texture with slight volume. For a more choppy appeal, you could use styling paste and your fingers to piece out the hair, focusing on the fringe and top for extra pieces popping. This is also a cut that can be utilized for a slick pixie using pomade. This model has fine hair, so the first option is what she’ll wear more, but the second can be a bold alternative, and the third maybe only for fun.

This cut gives height and also width with slight volume. Notice the sides are not shaved, but instead left wispy for softened edges and a slight widening effect for her slender face shape.

Professional But Fun

Q&A with style creator, Julie Marie
Hairstylist @ Vivid Hair Design in Hollidaysburg, PA

How would you describe this look?

I would describe this look as professional but fun!

My favorite thing about this cut is how it looks different on everyone! Also, you can style it many ways to look different from day to day.

Any advice for someone considering it?

My advice for someone considering this look would be to go for it. You only live once!

It doesn’t take much to style it so it’s perfect for everyone. Just a simple, messy blowdry and some pomade to control the hair is all you need!

Modern Disconnected Pixie

Modern Disconnected Pixie hairstyle
Instagram @mahrithemaven

Q&A with style creator, Mahri Jones
Owner @ Parlor Salon​ in Richmond, VA

How would you describe this look?

This is a new take on an old pixie. Contouring the cut along the head is consistent with a pixie, but it’s more disconnected. This is definitely a tribute to a classic Mia Farrow cut.

I think my favorite aspect of these kinds of cuts is that I’m more “cutting the style into place”, whereas most of the time you get a haircut that you have to style. I often tell my clients that I can either cut their hair into place or they can style it into place. Most of my short haired women love having it CUT into place. They really love that concept.

Any advice for someone considering it?

Embrace your face first for sure. Know who you are. I take this all the way to her hairline because we WANT to accentuate that. The hairline is actually my guide. I recommend starting with a longer version of this to get used to it. If it feels too short a few inches long, then you know this is going to be too short for you.

Beyond a light leave-in conditioner after washing (I use UNITE 7 Seconds) and a texture paste (I use Conundrum by UNITE), there is really no styling needed. This client works at a prestigious private university and rocks glasses with pencil skirts and this cut. It can be as classic or edgy as you want.

Traditional Pixie with Edge

Traditional Pixie with Edge hairstyle
Instagram @laelannmarie

Q&A with style creator, Lael Ann-Marie
Owner @ B•B Coiffure in Del Mar, CA

How would you describe this look?

This look is a traditional pixie with a bit of edge. What makes it a bit edgy is the cropping in the nape and the texture. It was tailored to her specific bone structure, features, hair texture and hair type. These things are key when cutting short hair, especially pixies.

My favorite thing about it is how the fringe hugs her cheekbones to make them stand out. This cut really made her features pop and the placement of the fringe was strategic.

Any advice for someone considering it?

I would advise a client considering this look to first do your research and find a stylist that understands the theory behind suitability. There is a perfect short haircut for everyone, and the key to it looking great on you is it being tailored to your unique bone structure, features, hair type, and texture. I would also recommend that you have an in-person consultation to discuss options with your stylist. Make sure you bring inspiration photos with you! You may love this exact look, but may not have the same hair type, bone structure, etc. Your stylist will be able to assess your hair, your lifestyle, maintenance routine, and styling requirements to help you decide on the right cut for you.

Most short hair is not wash and go, but because of the length, it will take minimal styling. Make sure you have at least 10-20 minutes to devote to styling. All of this should be taken into consideration when making the pixie plunge.

In this client’s case, she has very thick hair with a ton of body that can be slightly frizzy. I prepped the hair with Davines Oi All in One Milk and Relaxing Moisturizing Fluid, then roughed dried it a bit with a flat brush before using a flat iron to lightly smooth the frizz. I then used a light hold forming pomade to show off the texture and give it a more piecey vibe. I tousled the hair with my fingers, using her natural body to support the style.

By leaving her with a bit of length on the top, it gives her versatility and multiple styling options. This makes it easier for those second and third-day styles, or days where she doesn’t have time to spend 20 minutes on her hair.

Trendy Pixie

Q&A with style creator, Laura Wheat
Hairstylist @ Old Town Ladies and Gents in Evansville, IN

How would you describe this look?

This look is for anyone who wants to be trendy and put together without a lot of maintenance. That is my favorite thing about it! As a very busy woman myself, I appreciate any hairstyle that’s able to be achieved with ease and still look like a million bucks!

Any advice for someone considering it?

I think this is a great look for anyone with fine, straight hair. That’s what makes it so easy to style! All it requires is a good texturizing product. I used O’Doud’s Matte Paste.

This cut and style look great on oval and heart face shapes. If you’re feeling fancy, some winged eyeliner and red lips would absolutely complete the package!

Versatile Edge

Versatile Edge hairstyle
Instagram @_kstylz

Q&A with style creator, Kanetra Jones
Hairstylist / Cosmetologist @ Precise Cuts Barber & Beauty Salon in Atlanta, GA

How would you describe this look and what is your favorite thing about it?

This look is very edgy and trendy from color to cut. It can be versatile as well because the cut can be worn spikey or flat. In today’s society, we all like trendy and versatile!

I believe my favorite thing about this look is the versatility.

What products do you recommend to maintain and recreate this look?

To maintain this look, I definitely recommend you have a regular stylist to treat your hair first because of the color. At home, my go-to product would be a foam wrap for that flattened sleek look, along with an oil or curl wax to finish the look after drying.

I recommend the Nairobi Foam Wrap, but when it comes to curl wax, they all pretty much get the job done.

This is a sleek short look, so to maintain I would definitely say to utilize your regular stylist or barber for the cut.

What type of client would you recommend this look for?

To limit this style to one particular face shape would be mindless of me, but I will say that lifestyle and hair type is definitely a factor when choosing this look. If you have an on-the-go lifestyle, this style can be very easy once maintenance (i.e. cut and color) has taken place, because all you would have to do is mold at night and tie down with a scarf. In the morning you would only fingerstyle flat or spikey, whichever you prefer.

Classic Elegance With an Edge

Q&A with style creator, Camilla Dobbie
Hairstylist @ Civello South Granville in Vancouver, BC

How would you describe this look and what is your favorite thing about it?

This look oozes classic elegance with an edge. It is sophisticated, but rebellious.

My favorite things about this look is how the color makes her eyes pop and how the fringe has been heavily texturized to softly frame and complement her bone structure. It’s also a super wash and go look, so it’s perfect for a busy or active lifestyle.

What products do you recommend to maintain and recreate this look?

Products can be kept to a minimum for this look. Your daily shampoo and conditioner, a light leave-in conditioner and a shaping wax, cream or pomade to finish the style are all you need.

What type of client would you recommend this look for?

This look is best suited for a confident guest with fine to medium hair texture, medium density, and a straight to wavy hair type. Guests with fine to medium curly hair can rock this too, leaving it a bit longer and less texturized to prevent frizz and accommodate shrinkage.

I think the main thing about this style is that it leaves nothing to the imagination, so making sure to inspect the head shape, nape/hairlines for growth patterns and overall bone structure is essential to the success of your outcome.

Textured Cropped Pixie

Textured Cropped Pixie hairstyle
Instagram @studio_wolf

Q&A with style creator, Lindsay Wolf
Color & Blonding Specialist @ Studio Wolf in Portland, OR

How would you describe this look and what is your favorite thing about it?

This look is a textured cropped pixie. It is ideal for the removal of heavy hair with a focus on the shoulders, neck and facial features.

I love it with the purple color because it really makes the cut pop and gives the whole look an element of individuality.

What products do you recommend to maintain and recreate this look?

To help maintain this style at home, I recommend Oribe Rough Luxury Soft Molding Paste for shine, definition, and touchable hold. For upkeep of color in between services, I recommend washing hair in COLD water only and using a color-depositing shampoo like Viral Extreme Purple Colorwash.

What type of client would you recommend this look for?

This look is ideal for those who are looking for something stylized and fresh, but without the time consuming efforts of having to style it every day. It’s truly a wake up and go cut!

Simple Pixie

Q&A with style creator, James Detwiler
Stylist @ Hair Cuttery in Plantation, FL

How would you describe this look and what is your favorite thing about it?

I would describe this look as a simple pixie. There’s nothing to complex about it. However my favorite thing about this cut is the detail and intricate attention to small details that make really make the style, the hairline in particular. A soft textured fringe around the whole hairline make it a very feminine look.

What products do you recommend to maintain and recreate this look?

The products I recommend to maintain this style would be a light shampoo and conditioner. I used Redken’s All Soft shampoo and conditioner. You could style with Redken’s 03 Water Wax for a wet look, or air dry and style with Redken’s 06 Rewind for a more natural look.

Here I styled this down with a fringe, but if you air dry and style it up and back with 06 Rewind, it makes for a very elegant look.

What type of client would you recommend this look for?

This style would suit someone with any lifestyle really. I guess you could say it’s on-the-go and versatile, but the haircut must match a person’s style, in my opinion. Someone who is hip and trendy would really have fun rocking this style.

Short cuts always require minimum daily effort, however they need to be cut more frequently. This particular guest of mine has very fine, medium density hair which is perfect for this cut. It would still work on someone with a light wave and medium density, however fine hair is ideal.

As far as face shape goes, oblong works with most styles, a heart or diamond shape works with this cut/style as well.

Not Your Average Pixie Cut

Q&A with style creator, Cara Mio Robinson
Hairdresser @ Fruition Hair Brisbane in Brisbane, Australia

How would you describe this look and what is your favorite thing about it?

This look is definitely an edgier variation of a pixie because it has both masculine and feminine elements to it. It has a tight clipper fade through the back and sides and the top is soft and textured as a pixie cut should be.

My favorite thing about this look is that it is not your average pixie cut!

What products do you recommend to maintain and recreate this look?

To ensure ease of styling for this look, I recommend starting with a lightweight shampoo and conditioner such as the Kevin Murphy Angel.Wash and Rinse. To add lightweight and malleable texture that’s not going to flatten the hair, Shu Uemura’s Clay Definer is amazing.

What type of client would you recommend this look for?

This cut would suit most hair textures and densities, however I would avoid this cut on wiry coarse hair as it will be much harder to get that soft texture through the top.

This haircut suits all face shapes because the top section and fringe can be styled in any way. For example, if your client has a narrow face, flatten the top down with less texture. If your client has a rounder face, give the illusion of length by pushing the top section back off the face like a quiff.

Overall, it’s an easy to manage look that grows out well and is perfect for those wanting a low maintenance but edgy hairstyle!

Feminine Texture

Feminine Texture hairstyle
Instagram @stevie.hairdo

Q&A with style creator, Stevie Cook
Hairstylist @ Bella Gia Salon & Day Spa in San Diego, CA

How would you describe this look and what is your favorite thing about it?

This look is very soft, feminine, and obviously low maintenance.

There are so many things that I love about it! On the technical/tangible side, I love how it makes use of her wavy texture to create dimension and different styling options. On the ethereal side, I love how liberating this cut can be if you’re ready for it.

What products do you recommend to maintain and recreate this look?

Choose a shampoo/conditioner that will keep your hair moisturized and manageable. I love MoroccanOil Hydration. For this client, I lightly blow dried her hair and worked in the Acai Flexible Molding Clay Wax from Brazilian Blowout to control frizz and piece out her curls.

What type of client would you recommend this look for?

The best thing about a pixie cut is that as a stylist, you truly get to flex your creative muscle by personalizing it for any client, regardless of texture or face shape. This client has a heart-shaped face with a strong jawline and chin a la Julianne Hough.

This look is for anyone who wants super easy and flawless styling while remaining chic and modern. It is only for those who want to increase their confidence and not hide behind their hair!

1. Strawberry [Blonde] Shortcake

This is a softly undercut take on the pixie cut. The sides and back are much shorter than everything else, causing a more detailed idea of length and perception.

Super Short Pixie HaircutSuper Short Haircuts

How to Style:

1. Use a flat brush to smooth out the hair when blow drying. How easy is that?

Recommended Products:

A texture cream or paste will work great with this haircut to add piecey-ness if desired. Apply the paste of your choice, working rom back to front once dry.

Best Face Shape and Hair Type: 

Heart and oval shape faces work well with this cut. Straight to wavy textures will look the best.


This look can be accomplished with very minimal styling, so don’t overthink it!

2. Triangle Treat

This is a very disconnected undercut. The tapered sides and back are detailed with triangle shapes at the ears, creating a very balanced style. The length remaining on top allows a ton of versatility in styling options!

Short Disconnected Haircut with Tapered SidesShort Disconnected Haircut with Tapered Sides Side

How to Style:

  1. For a wavier look, use a flat iron or small barrel curling iron on dry hair to add coordinating curls.
  2. Use your hands with a small amount of product to break up the waves.

Recommended Products:

A soft matte finishing cream applied sparingly from roots to ends will work perfectly for this super short haircut. Bumble & Bumble’s Brilliantine is a great choice!

Best Face Shape and Hair Type: 

This is a very versatile haircut, flattering on all face shapes and hair textures!

3. Textured Box Bob

I love this upbeat version of the traditional box bob. When a hairstylist uses a straight razor to create this haircut, added movement and texture are a bonus to an already multifaceted style.

Short Textured Bob HaircutShort Textured Bob Haircut Side

How to Style:

  1. Sparingly apply a volumizing spray from roots to ends prior to blow drying.
  2. Use a paddle brush or flat brush, blow drying in every direction, to work the texture of this look.

Recommended Products:

Bumble & Bumble’s Thickening Hairspray is a great product for this look. Work your way into using more of the thickening hairspray as needed.

Best Face Shape and Hair Type: 

Triangular and diamond and oval face shapes will benefit from the balance of this style. All hair types can be cut to work wonderfully with this bob!

Michelle Williams Inspired Crop

Michelle Williams Inspired Crop
Instagram @hairbystudioplayleena

Always on the rush? The pixie cut is perfect for that classic yet low maintenance look, and will look flattering on most face shapes!

French Bob

French Bob
Instagram @localhoneybehr

Cute and posh! Get ahead with a short do that will leave you looking fresh, modern, and effortless for all seasons.

6. Modern Mohawk

May I present a softer and curlier view of the classically aggressive mohawk. Here, the sides are kept tapered and soft with the length being utilized in different varieties of styles.

Soft Curly Modern MohawkSoft Curly Modern Mohawk Back

How to Style:

1. Using a small barrel curling iron on dry hair, curl the “hawk” however loosely or tightly you desire.

2. Use a dry shampoo or texturizing product to add a little grit!

Recommended Products:

Lulu’s Organic Hair Powder would be a killer dry shampoo for this style. Shake a pinch evenly around the scalp and emulsify!

Best Face Shape and Hair Type: 

Oval, diamond and square head shapes will be the most flattered by this style. Natural hair textures, as well as curlier and wavier locks, will work best for this style.

7. Totally Tiny Bob

This traditionally rounded bob has been extremely shortened to create a fun style!

Traditional Rounded Bob HaircutTraditional Rounded Bob Haircut Back

How to Style:

1. Using a small round brush, work a volumizing creme from roots to ends while blow drying. The shorter this bob, the more fun it can look!

Recommended Products:

Purely Perfect’s Foundation Creme would be a beneficial product for this look. It simultaneously creates volume while smoothing.

Best Face Shape and Hair Type: 

Oval, square, triangle and round face shapes will benefit from the accentuated cheekbones that this look provides. All hair types will look great in this style.

8. Radically Asymmetrical

Here is a dramatic haircut that puts emphasis on an extremely short cut side of the head versus a beautifully long cut side of the head. This look is a unique style, for sure.

Dramatic Asymmetrical Haircut with HighlightsDramatic Asymmetrical Haircut with Highlights Side

How to Style:

1. To create softness and movement after blow drying, use a flat iron to gently smooth hair away from the face, adding a wave or two for even more excitement.

Recommended Products:

A heat protecting smoothing serum should be used to keep the hair gently cared for. You can also run the serum through your delicately placed waves to create a more textured look. Redken’s Smooth Lock Heat Glide is amazing!

Best Face Shape and Hair Type: 

Round and diamond face shapes would be greatly complimented by this style. All hair textures and types can absolutely be cut and styled to work well with this ‘do.

9. Foxy Fade

A sassier version of a traditional fade hairstyle, this look is tapered closely to the head shape, but still leaves a shadow in the fade. This allows a minuscule amount of length at the crown for extra movement if desired.

Sassy Super Short Fade HairstyleSassy Super Short Fade Hairstyle Side

How to Style:

1. This haircut is very short, and very easy to work. Using an oil, work your fingers from roots to ends (and back to front)  to create extra shine!

Recommended Products:

Argan oil would work incredibly for this look. Apply minimally at first!

Best Face Shape and Hair Type: 

All face shapes and hair types can be complimented by this style.


Wearing your hair this short can take an extra punch of confidence. Don’t be scared to rock this look, as you’ll definitely love the feeling!

10. Dimensional Designs

If both a daring AND super short haircut is what you desire, this tapered bald skin fade with detailed design might be right up your alley.

Tapered Bald Skinfade with Detailed Design

How to Style:

1. Because this style is so tight, it requires very minimal styling. Using a pomade to smooth down any flyaways will keep this cut looking fresh.

Recommended Products:

A very traditional pomade will do the trick. Himadi’s Shae Pomade would be incredible for this style.

Best Face Shape and Hair Type: 

Stronger face shapes such as square and rectangular will benefit from the tightness and simplicity of this haircut. Natural hair textures will work best!


Don’t hesitate to get wild with designs. This style is great for expressing yourself however you want!

11. Short and Silver

This soft, grey, cropped haircut is a wonderful style for anyone who is looking to fashionably grow out their grey hair!

Soft Grey Cropped HaircutSoft Grey Cropped Haircut Side

How to Style:

1. Using a flat brush, blow dry the hair in several different directions to create movement.

2. Use a finishing hairspray of your choice to seal down any unwanted flyaways.

Recommended Products:

Bumble & Bumble’s Does It All Hairspray is the ideal lightweight spray to complete this look.

Best Face Shape and Hair Type: 

Because of the soft fringe, this style can be customized to flatter any face shape and hair type.

12. Faux – Hawk Fairy

For a soft and edgy blend, mix tightly cropped sides and a loosely cut top to create an awesome take on the faux hawk.

Soft Edgy Faux Hawk Haircut

How to Style:

1. Using a flat brush or small round brush, blow dry the hair up and away from the scalp to create volume.

2. Set with a firm finishing hairspray.

Recommended Products:

A teasing comb will be beneficial in achieving maximum height at the crown. Bumble & Bumble’s Classic Hairspray is a great setting spray!

Best Face Shape and Hair Type: 

Diamond and heart shaped faces will look very flattering with this style. All hair types, especially curly, will look killer with this volume.

13. Wonderfully Wavy

This gently disconnected pixie is a great way to keep a little bit of length in the front (if you are not willing to take the plunge just yet) while taking the back extremely short!

Wavy Disconnected Pixie HaircutWavy Disconnected Pixie Haircut Side

How to Style:

1. Use a small round brush to blow dry the front pieces away from the face.

2. Run your fingers through the shorter length in the back until completely dry.

3. Use a small flat iron or curling iron to add extra movement if desired.

Recommended Products:

A light hold hairspray will keep this killer style in shape. Bumble & Bumble’s Does It All would be smashing!

Best Face Shape and Hair Type: 

All hair face shapes and hair types can benefit from the simple and fun look that this style displays.

Short hair is sexy hair, ladies. Don’t hesitate to take the plunge with one of these super short haircuts!