46 Gorgeous Short Straight Hairstyle Ideas to Try in 2024

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Short straight hair exudes boldness, confidence, individuality, and style. The beauty of short hair is that it shows off the architecture of the haircut. Here are the best short straight hairstyles and haircuts for you to see before your next hair appointment!


#1: Versatile Asymmetrical Cut

This is a short-length asymmetrical haircut. What I love most about this haircut is its versatility. Women can wear this sleek and radiant as shown, or even wear it naturally curly. Opt for this cut if you want something fun and different that would match your confident personality.

Short graduated bob with a center part for straight hair.

#2 Short Graduated Bob with a Center Part

This sleek and polished short graduated bob with a center part is perfect for those with straight hair. The cut is shorter in the back and longer in the front, creating a flattering angle that frames the face beautifully. The smooth finish enhances the rich, warm auburn color, adding to the overall sophisticated look. Ideal for those seeking a chic and easy-to-maintain style that showcases their confident personality.

short straight pixie with straight bangs
Instagram @mpobedinskaya

#3: Short Straight Pixie with Straight Bangs

A short layered pixie haircut with straight bangs is complementary to a straight hair texture. Style the crown layers and bangs with a small round brush for volume. Apply a root lifting spray before blow-drying for additional height at the root.

Short straight pixie haircut

#4 Short Pink Pixie

Short straight hair can be transformed into a pixie cut that’s chic edgy one! Pink hues offer a cool contrast and complement fair skins beautifully.

Short layered silver blend bob for mature women

#5 Easy Short Hair for Women Over 60

Dare to flaunt your natural grays with this chic, layered bob, perfected for fine hair to add fullness. Ideal for an oval face, the graceful flow of darker roots to light silver ends gives a vibrant yet easy-to-maintain look for women over 60. Enjoy the ease of minimal styling with this cut that embraces the charm of your silver years.

sleek middle-parted neck-length bob
Instagram @anna__ujina

#6: Sleek Middle-Parted Neck-Length Bob

If you’re thinking of an edgy haircut for the summer, consider the sleek middle-parted neck-length bob. A chic and sophisticated look, this is perfect for the woman who wants to highlight her facial features without too much attention going to her hair. For best results, flat iron smaller sections with a light serum to ensure consistency.

#7: Short Haircut with Longer Top

This short haircut is short and tight on the bottom and sides with length on top of the head. Style the front to the side and away from the face for a feminine finish. Oval face shapes with hair that is medium in texture and in density will suit this hairstyle.

Short Straight Very Dark-Toned Hair
Instagram @studio_mostton

#8: Short Straight Very Dark-Toned Hair

If your hair is short, straight, and very dark, think about getting a bob cut that has a blunt weight line. This haircut adds fullness and depth to your hair while maintaining a sleek and polished look. Light texturizing reduces the weight of your hair and stops it from looking flat or lifeless. When you go to your hairstylist, ask about hair products that will make your haircut look great every day.

Short Undercut Bob with a Tapered Nape for Straight Hair
Instagram @yourblackangel

#9: Undercut Bob with a Tapered Nape

Ask about an undercut bob with a tapered nape. When you go short, it can be hard to decide if you should taper the back or make it a little longer layered style. For thicker hair, undercuts, and a tapered look work well. They get rid of some bulk while giving your style a classic look.

#10: Short Feathered Bob Cut

Here’s a short, feathered bob cut with a soft texture. Ideally, this is a great shape if your hair is fine but thick. If you want to explore shorter hairstyles, a bob is always a great way to start! It’s a safe bet because you can always preserve length around your face and create a soft face frame. Ask your stylist to incorporate dry texturizing to keep the shape soft and wispy.

#11: Wispy Short Bob Cut

A wispy short bob cut is effortless and cool. This is a great haircut for someone looking for a low-maintenance style. My favorite thing about a textured bob is the ability to air dry your hair with minimal effort and a single styling product. One of my favorite air-dry hairstyling products is Bumble & Bumble’s Don’t Blow It (Fine).

Short Straight Asymmetrical Bob
Instagram @juliakonstantinova.gcc

#12: Short Straight Asymmetrical Bob

A short straight hairstyle like an asymmetrical bob is a fun twist on a classic bob. Short asymmetrical bobs are usually longer on one side than the other but have the ability to look symmetrical just by parting differently. By leaving the fringe longer and not blending it into the back you get a funky, fun profile. It’s like blending two haircuts into one. Blunt into wispy.

#13: Silver Pixie with Curtain Bangs for Women Over 50

Silver hair is gorgeous. If you were lucky enough to be born with this color that’s incredible. If not, maintaining a color like this requires a lot of regular trips to the salon. You will never be able to keep this color this tone without the proper at-home products. So be sure to ask for what’s best for you.

#14: Short Straight Hair with Bangs

Short straight hair is an elusive style that breathes mysterious yet feminine taste. To style, blowout gels like Redken’s Big Blowout will help to block out the humidity and hold the style in place while adding bounce and an alluring scent.

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#15: Short Brunette Pixie

Go for a short brunette pixie on thick hair. Ask your stylist for an undercut to give you a nice shape. Undercuts also take away some underneath weight from thicker hair. I suggest getting a razor or slide scissor cut for added piecy texture.

short and precise hair
Instagram @jhair_stylist

#16: Short and Precise Hair

Straight hair with curtain bangs that are precise. Plus, the metallic silver is amazing! For this look, it’s really important to have a product that helps you smooth your hair for a straight look. It’s important to work in thin sections of hair to get your hair as straight as possible.

#17: Copper Straight Hair with an Undercut

One of the best ways to de-bulk your thick hair is to opt for an undercut! It helps to remove weight and it works best on my clients, with naturally straight hair. Want to take it a step further this season? Consider a copper hair color to really jazz up the short hairdo. It can range from golden copper to red copper depending on your complexion and preference.

#18: Sleek Jet Black Hair with Choppy Fringe

Try straight hair with a choppy fringe for a classy style with an edgy twist. Jet black is best on darker and warmer skin tones, but lighter and cooler skin tones may feel “washed out.”

sharp, edgy, and sexy straight hair
Instagram @sidali_merzouk

#19: Sharp and Edgy Straight Hair

Short straight hairstyles like this are sharp and edgy. It is such a trending length at the moment. It’s a perfect length for most women as it’s still long enough to throw up and style straight or wavy.

#20: Short, Feminine, Fun, and Friendly

This textured cut is for a rectangular face shape and for someone who has a busy lifestyle and doesn’t want to spend too much time styling their hair. The back is cut short and left the front and top area longer. It can be styled with a straightener for a sleek look or in classic pin curls for an elegant night out. Visit the salon every five to six weeks to maintain the shape.

feminine grey pixie
Instagram @prairiehair

#21: Feminine Grey Pixie

This haircut proves short hair can still be feminine. This style needs to be cut every six to eight weeks to keep the shape. If you have a round face, just leave some soft strands of hair around the face. If you have a rectangular head shape, we can cut more of a bang that can “fall” down.

universally fierce short straight hair
Instagram @alisonallvess

#22: Universally Fierce

Hair that’s short and straight is universal, trendy, and edgy. It demands respect and is very fierce. This hairstyle is great for on-the-go lifestyles because minimal styling is required, especially for fine to medium hair. Someone with more coarse textured hair may have to manipulate the hair with hot tools to get a more smooth look.

#23: Short, Soft & Bouncy

This short haircut is based on Vidal Sassoon’s classic bob. Using the classic bob as the overall shape for this cut, your stylist can add layers while shaping the bob. This creates the softness and adds much more movement around the outline and surface than the classic bob. It gives the effect of a lighter weight with added volume.

straight pixie with length
Instagram @xbeautybyv

#24: Straight Pixie with Length

Consider a straight pixie with length if you’re a pixie cut lover because it’s super short and cleaned up on the sides and back, but still has length to play with on top and in the bangs. This allows for versatility with styling, depending on how you’re feeling that day. The best thing about this look is the longer and lighter bang. It gives this simple pixie cut an edge and a little excitement with the highlights!

#25: Unicorn Bob

Check out this unicorn bob. My favorite thing about it is that it makes her so happy! Color has the power to do that. If you want to feel confident, do it! Try a fun and creative color that suits you and your personality.

stacked a-line bob for short straight hair
Instagram @shmoakin_hair

#26: Stacked A-Line Bob

This is a stacked A-line bob on short hair. The best thing about this type of cut is that it looks great on anyone and works with well with most hair types. If cut properly, you shouldn’t have to do much for the style. It works well for people with thick or thin hair and gives every hair type great volume! Round brushing will be your best friend with this haircut, but you don’t have to round brush the whole thing. Get it 80% dry, then go in the right size round brush and do the back, bottom and top layers for smoothness, volume and hold.

short textured bob hairstyle
Instagram @nacirsomera

#27: Short Textured Bob

Consider a short textured bob with angles and dimension. The clipper cut through the nape reduces styling time and the texture helps with dimension throughout the style, while also making it easier to achieve volume and movement. Women with finer-textured hair would be perfect for this look, but this can also be achieved on someone with thicker hair as well.

strong disconnection pixie for straight hair
Instagram @jcx28

#28: Strong Disconnection

This pixie haircut consists of many different aspects that deliver a balance between softness and strong disconnection. I particularly love the shaved sides, as well as the movement and depth above the occipital.  This haircut creates a very edgy and bold impression. It’s great for anyone who is looking for a unique change within a short hairstyle, or anyone who may be looking into enhancing strong facial features.

#29: Blunt Cut With Textured Bangs

This look is very sleek with an edge. You can easily texturize with some product and make it look kind of modern/edgy, or just leave it sleek and professional! My favorite part about this cut is how full it can make fine hair seem. It is just a blunt cut with textured bangs, but add some texture and it will look very full!

#30: Graduated Bob with Blonde and Dark Roots

This bob is graduated but has a heavy perimeter, giving it a slight bevel. Its graduation is slightly shorter in the back and longer in the front and the perimeter is cut even from back to front for a chic finish.

#31: Very Short and Spiky Crop

This short haircut is shorter on the bottom and sides with length on top of the head. The hair is worn forward, making the hair on the hairline appear and function as a fringe.

sleek bob with low graduation
Instagram @gianni.rando

#32: Sleek Bob with Low Graduation

This sleek bob has low graduation that is shorter in the back and longer in the front. Its perimeter is even from front to back for a classic finish. Oval face shapes with hair that is medium in texture and density will best suit this hairstyle.

short straight bob with concave layers
Instagram @hair_expert71

#33: Bob with Concave Layers

This ultra short bob is cut with concave layers that accentuate the roundness of the head. The shape of the layers are shorter in the back and longer in the front while the perimeter is cut slightly shorter in the back and longer in the back.

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silver pixie with bangs for older women with glasses
Instagram @phdstudio

#34: Silver Pixie with Bangs for Older Women with Glasses

A short straight hairstyle is shorn tightly at the nape area, leaving some wispiness at the perimeter. It progressively gets longer as it reaches the top, giving the area above the occipital bone volume and some roundness. The hair is worn towards the face, making the layers on top of the head appear as bangs.

Graduated Bob with a Side Part
Instagram @kariebell_hair

#35: Jaw-Length Graduated Bob

This sleek and shiny graduated bob is shorter in the back and longer the front with the perimeter cut evenly from front to back. It is worn with a side part, giving the front of the heavier side of the part the appearance of being a flattering long side-swept fringe.

#36: Short Hairstyle with Feathered Layers

This short straight hairstyle is layered shorter in the back and longer in the front. On one side, the perimeter is slightly shorter in the back and longer in the front, mirroring the angle of the jaw. On the other side, the back is longer in the back but shorter and disconnected in the front. Heart face shapes with hair that is medium in texture and in density will best suit this particular hairstyle.

#37: Short Layered Cut with Choppy Bangs

This haircut is layered shorter in the front and longer in the back and its perimeter is cut the same way. The top of the head is heavily layered, allowing the layers by the hairline to function as a trendy fringe. Heart face shapes with hair that is medium in texture and in density will best suit this hairstyle.

short and textured bob with a slight side part
Instagram @sacaumut

#38: Short and Textured Bob with Slight Side Part

This short and textured bob appears to be beveled in, despite having longer layers. It also seems to have lightness and movement in the perimeter. The way this is achieved is by having the hair below the occipital bone graduated short and having the hair above choppd, long, and layered while draping over the graduation.

#39: Short Blonde Bob with a Side Part and Low Graduation

This classic bob has a low graduation that is longer in the back and longer in the front. The perimeter is shorter in the back and longer in the back, except for the the area by the ear which is kept the longest.

short choppy layered bob with fringe
Instagram @seville_hair

#40: Short Choppy Layered Bob with Fringe

This is a heavily layered bob that is styled with a lot of texture and a wispy and choppy fringe. All face shapes with hair that is high in density and medium in texture will suit this style.

#41: Ultra Sleek Bob Hairstyle

This sleek bob is layered really short in the back and a bit longer in the front. The perimeter is even from front to back for a polished finish. Longer face shapes with hair that is high in density and medium in texture will suit this style.

Ultra Long Pixie for Straight Hair
Instagram @anna.zamyslova

#42: Ultra Long Pixie for Straight Hair

This ultra long pixie is graduated shorter in the back and longer in the front. The perimeter is longer in the back and shorter in front. Shine Spray allows you to add shine to the hair without disrupting the style. It’s also a lightweight alternative to serums. Oval face shapes with hair that is medium in texture and density will best suit this hairstyle.

#43: Asymmetric Haircut with Disconnected Side Bangs

This asymmetric haircut is graduated shorter in the front and longer in the back. The top is left disconnected and long, veiling over one side for an enchanting finish. Oval face shapes with hair that is medium in texture and density will suit this style.

Long Disconnected Layers on Short Straight Hair
Instagram @shmoakin_hair

#44: Long Disconnected Layers

This haircut is cut with longer layers on top of the head. One side of the head is cut really short and disconnected from the rest of the haircut. It’s styled with an extreme side part, making the layers by the hairline swoop above the forehead. Oval face shapes with hair that is medium in texture and density will suit this hair style.

Short Brushed Up Pixie Style for Straight Hair
Instagram @rene.hfdzk

#45: Short Brushed Up Pixie Style

This short edgy haircut is shorter on the bottom and gradually longer on top, giving volume on top of the occipital bone. It’s styled parted to the side with the hair spiked and to the side. Oval face shapes with hair that is medium in texture and density will best suit this hairstyle.

retro-inspired bob with volume
Instagram @sacaumut

#46: Retro-Inspired Bob with Volume

This retro-inspired bob is graduated shorter in the back and longer in the front. The perimeter is cut shorter in the back and longer in the front. It’s styled with volume on the crown area and on the sides of the face for a vintage-ey finish.