The Stacked Wedge Is The Haircut to Try This Spring & Here Are 25 Cute Examples

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

#1: Golden Brunette Bob with Rounded Shape

If you prefer a bob hairstyle in a golden brown shade, try adding layers in a round shape. This style suits those with an oval or heart-shaped face, and can help to soften sharp features. You will need a round brush to give your hair the bounce and volume it requires.

#2: Angled Short Hair with Blonde Highlights

Blonde highlights enhance the appeal of a wedge haircut, such as this angled crop. The sharp angle, in contrast with the highlight pattern, shows the precise cut of the hair.

#3: Layered Round Bob with Wispy Layers

The soft texture is displayed within the modern stacked wedge. Request a textured and graduated A-line bob from your stylist. For thick hair that requires reducing weight, it’s necessary to insist on added texture. A beautiful graduated style with a soft texture will be achieved by shifting layers backward.

#4: Short Choppy Graduated Bob Cut

The bob haircut is voluminous and choppy, with a slight inversion. Stacking or layering is used extensively to maximize the volume of the haircut.

#5: Plum Short Hair with Angled Layers

A short haircut in a plum color with angled layers presents a unique version of the classic short-haired style. Its extremely short length and stacked style recalls a French bob, and the unusual color adds a personal touch.

#6: Thick Wedge Bob with Stacked Layers

Ladies with thick hair will greatly appreciate this haircut! A thick wedge bob with stacked layers will make that unmanageable mane much more manageable.

#7: Wedge Haircut with Shorter Layers

A wedge haircut with shorter layers is a great choice for women who prefer a rounded shape to their style. This voluminous &lsquodo looks lovely on women of any age and any hair color.

#8: Curly Wedge Stacked Pixie Bob

A short hairstyle known as a curly wedge stacked pixie bob is excellent if you want to go shorter but want to keep your curl pattern. The closely cropped back or nape eases daily styling, while the longer locks on top let your curls show.

#9: Jaw-Length Layered Blonde Bob

A jaw-length layered blonde bob is ideal for people who like softer blonde shades. Very blended highlights, with a stylish and noticeable cut, are perfect together.

Super Short Angled Stacked Wedge Bob
Instagram @lanofelipe

#10: Super Short Angled Wedge Bob

If you prefer styles that sit near the neck, you might love the chic, super short angled wedge bob. Popular celebrities such as Rihanna and Victoria Beckham have sported this stylish trim, and not without reason. This hairstyle exudes an impressively feminine aura while maintaining a put-together, professional look.

Dimensional Red Chic Stacked Wedge Bob on Short Hair
Instagram @rhandy_art

#11: Dimensional Red Chic Bob

Think about a striking red bob cut with depth and style. If you want to get this striking red color, you should first get your hair highlighted, then apply a red translucent color. The result is outstanding but it can be costly, as it requires specific skills and time from your stylist. The sharp transition located at the back of your head, will produce the elegant lines of your cut. You should aim for longer layers on the top part of your head to add depth and highlight the stunning red color. Drying your hair is simple with a medium round brush, and you can add a shine spray for a glossy finish.

Edgy Nape-Length Wedge Stacked Haircut
Instagram @miassalong

#12: Edgy Nape-Length Wedge Haircut

Those with round faces desiring a short crop might find an edgy nape-length wedge haircut a stunning choice. Short cuts sometimes make round faces look heavier, but the nape-length wedge haircut’s angular style can help the jawline appear slimmer while keeping the nape area closely cropped.

Short Messy Curly Stacked Wedge Bob for Older Women
Instagram @pkallimeri

#13: Messy Curly Wedge Bob for Older Women

A messy bob with curly layers is a great haircut for older women who have thick or wavy hair. This lively hairstyle accentuates your hair’s natural thickness, making it easier to maintain between salon visits.

#14: Chin-Length Angled Bob with Red Highlights

You should try a chin-length angled bob with red highlights. It’s a bright, sharp, and chic haircut. The expert bob cut’s angled shape flatters those wanting short hair that also gives a slim face look. The bold red highlights are trendy and turn heads when paired with an angled bob cut style.

#15: Voluminous and Dimensional Stacked Bob

Indulge in a stacked bob’s voluminous and dimensional allure, featuring short layers that add texture and movement. This versatile haircut suits a variety of face shapes, particularly oval and heart-shaped faces, by framing the jawline and accentuating facial features with its dynamic layers.

Stacked Short Wedge Bixie Cut with Fringe
Instagram @yp_hair

#16: Wedge Bixie Cut with Fringe

A wedge bixie cut with fringe fits all ages and gives a youthful look. This style adds charm to your features, leaving you looking lively and fresh!

Short Straight Copper Wedged Stacked Bob with Tapered Nape

#17: Straight Copper Bob with Tapered Nape

A straight copper bob with a sleek cut back is a classic style that catches attention! This hairstyle is timeless and chic and grabs the attention of those who enjoy standing out with unique styles.

#18: Dimensional Blonde Stacked Bob

The wedge haircut can be stylishly worn as a dimensional blonde stacked bob. Adding blonde highlights adds fullness and volume to any short hairstyle.

Short-Length Stacked Wedge Cut for Fine Hair
Instagram @miassalong

#19: Short-Length Stacked Cut for Fine Hair

Short-length stacked cuts work well for fine hair. Typically, shorter lengths with precise layering can make thin hair look fuller and healthier than if it were cut longer.

Stacked Wedge Short Bob with Soft Layers
Instagram @tornado.takeshi.bob

#20: Stacked Short Bob with Soft Layers

A stacked, short bob with soft layers is one of the best short haircuts for accentuating sharper or more prominent facial features. However, not all short bobs have to be sharp. They can also be angelic and cute.

Messy A-Line Wedge Stacked Bob Haircut
Instagram @hairitagehousehair

#21: Messy A-Line Bob Haircut

Channel feminine charm with a messy A-line bob haircut that effortlessly frames the cheek. This playful style exudes casual elegance, blending structured lines with tousled waves for a modern twist on a classic look.

Layered Stacked Wedged Pixie Bob
Instagram @olyakuzochkina

#22: Layered Stacked Pixie Bob

Enjoy the strong charm of a layered stacked pixie bob. It brings out your cheekbones and helps you stand out. This unique cut adds fullness and texture, making a powerful visual effect. With its sharp layers and set shape, it adds a good touch to oval and heart-shaped faces.

Very Short Stacked Wedge Bob with Undercut
Instagram @teddysantosjr

#23: Very Short Bob with Undercut

Consider a short bob with an undercut for an edgy shape. A closely cropped back of the head provides a flattering look, and this style can be carried over to the sides as well. Undercutting is ideal for thick hair types as it reduces hair volume. Leave the top layers long for easy, sleek styling. For those with narrow faces, tuck your hair behind your ears to balance the look.

Wedge Bob with Short Stacked Layers with Highlights
Instagram @amanda.palen

#24: Short Stacked Layers with Highlights

Elevate your style with short stacked layers and highlights that enhance movement. This dynamic combination adds depth and dimension, giving your hair a vibrant and lively flair.

Feathered Short Wedge Bob with Stacked Layers
Instagram @cleitonastro

#25: Feathered Short Wedge Bob

A feathered short wedge bob is versatile in styling, offering options ranging from sleek to tousled. This flexibility lets you express your unique style effortlessly. With its tapered silhouette and multiple layers, this style merges texture and enhances style. These features add dimension and movement.

Ever thought about shaking up your look with a stacked wedge haircut? Known for its dynamic layers and chic style, this haircut, also called the “A-line,” is a game-changer for anyone looking to add volume and flair to their hair. Breanne Miller, a seasoned hairstylist, shares her expert insights to help you rock this look with confidence.

Meet The Expert

Breanne Miller
Breanne Miller
Breanne is a stylist with over 12 years of experience.
You can find Breanne at her own studio in West Jordan, UT

Choosing the Right Cut for Your Hair Type

According to Miller, the stacked wedge haircut is a versatile choice that suits almost everyone. “You need to be ready to style it daily,” she explains. This doesn’t mean hours in front of the mirror, but a quick styling session to bring out the best in those layers. For those with fine or thin hair, Miller advises against going too extreme with the layers to maintain a balanced look. Thick-haired folks might need more pronounced layers to avoid a boxy appearance.

Matching the Cut to Your Face Shape

The secret to a flattering stacked wedge? Tailoring it to your face shape. Miller suggests lengths that can either elongate or soften your face to mimic the oval shape, often seen as the most pleasing to the eye. “Round faces should go for longer fronts, while square faces can benefit from curtain bangs,” Miller notes. She also mentions specific adjustments for long and heart-shaped faces, ensuring that everyone can find a style that enhances their natural beauty.

Styling Tips and Product Picks

When it comes to styling, Miller has a golden tip: Redken Spray Wax. This wonder product helps achieve a textured, yet soft, look that’s perfect for any occasion. Whether you’re after a sleek, straight style or playful waves, this haircut has got you covered. And for the active ones among us, Miller assures that while you might not get all your hair up, there’s still room for creativity in keeping those locks in check.

Pictures of the Most Stylish Stacked Wedge Haircuts