23 of the Boldest Short Spiky Hair Pictures and Ideas for 2023

Short spiky haircuts for women
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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Short spiky hair is a women’s short haircut with a ton of layers, finished withholding products to create a spiky texture.

Defying the norm for women, celebrities Miley Cyrus, Angela Bassett, Pink, and Halle Berry have had this spicy look that got everyone raging about it. It’s no surprise that in just a matter of time, these edgy cuts became as popular as ever!

Short hair artist and colorist Stephanie Paul shows how to do short spiky hairstyles in various colors and shapes. With a bit of a hold product, such as a quality gel or clay, you’re able to lift those strands up and create an easy-to-manage, textured look that’s both fresh and feisty.

A spiky haircut also benefits thin hair because it gives fullness to the overall look. No matter your age, there’s no doubt that the result is always youthful and full of glam! Plan on looking effortlessly unique and sassy?

Then before your next hair appointment, check out these inspiring photos of the most eye-catching short spiky hair haircuts and hairstyles!

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#1: Low-Maintenance Short Spiky Cut for Women Over 60

This low-maintenance cut was created using a scissor over-comb closely cropped to this woman’s head shape. From the parietal ridge up to the top, texturized deep peaks encourage the hair to swoop up and have a spiky look. It’s a smart hairstyle for any occasion, for sure.

A spiky haircut for older women is for a bolder and more confident look. This closely cropped haircut for women over 60 with short hair complements the shape of the head. Hair trends like this are probably the most liberating style, as they require minimal time and effort to look polished yet edgy and go great from day to night!

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#2: Spikiest Pixie Cut

The spikiest pixie cut is an option that adds volume and ensures texture to your hair. For a low-maintenance style, this cut works best for those with a busy lifestyle. I recommend applying a small amount of mousse to your hair and using your fingers to shape the spikes. To help define the spikes, finish with the Paul Mitchell Spray Wax and a Extra-Body Finishing Spray. This cut is perfect for an easy yet stylish everyday look that requires minimal effort.

Sassy Spiky Hair
Instagram @shmoakin_hair
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#3: Sassy Spiky Hair

This look is an edgy, fun pixie with spikes for a mature woman. I want to give my girls an easy way to look good no matter if they style their hair or leave it to air dry. This cut is easy to style and will last a few days. It gives the guest longevity in the shower/style category.

Consultation is key. Short hair is a commitment, but I feel everyone at some point should explore it. Short hairstyles like this will need to be cleaned up about every 4-8 weeks, depending on the guest and how much they can tolerate hair growth.For shorter and textured cuts, think about what it will take to maintain the cut. It’s suggested that you do some research on a stylist that specializes in pixies and other extra short cut ideas.

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#4: Razor Cut Blonde Spikes

Razor cut blonde spikes can be your next short hairstyle. A razor cut will make your cut grow out better and it adds wonderful texture to your shape. One of the best ways to convey to your stylist exactly what hairstyle you would like is to show them a picture. Do keep in mind the spikiness requires straighter hair textures. Don’t forget to style your shape more foreword with a texture paste for the most awesome results.

Grey Blended Soft Spiky Hair
Instagram @kariebell_hair
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#5: Grey Blended Soft Spiky Hair

Grey blended soft spiky hair will change your hair from boring to spectacular. You’ll want to avoid styling the top backward if you want to look current. Blow drying from the back towards your face helps you achieve the perfect finish. You can pop the front up for a bit of height around your face. Don’t forget to apply a small amount of paste or wax for control and shine, and frequent cuts are a must.

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#6: Cute Spiky Short Hair Combover for Women

A cute spiky short hair combover for women is a fresh take on a pixie. If you have an oval face and can rock any length style, an asymmetrical spiky pixie is exciting and a great way to express your personal taste through your haircut. Schedule this type of haircut with an advance level haircutting specialist as inventive haircuts require a high level of precision and skill.

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#7: Trendy Spiky and Feathered Faux Hawk

The spiky and feathered faux hawk gives personality and lightness to a woman’s hair. It adds more volume to your hair, leaving them very beautiful and bold-looking.

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#8: Short Spiky Haircut for Women with Round Faces

A short spiky haircut for women with round faces gives a lot of volume that is especially flattering. Adding height to short women’s haircuts creates the illusion that the face shape is longer.

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#9: Ear-Length Spiked Haircut for Black Women

An ear-length spiked haircut for black women is an ultra-cool way to showcase a personal style. Hair that has been relaxed by way of smoothing treatment, will help with managing the short lengths. Electric hot combs, paddle brushes are great tools to have when styling these women’s short edgy cuts.

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#10: Short and Spiky with Choppy Bangs

Short and spiky with choppy bangs draw attention wherever it goes and shows your personality. The undercut is a great option to reduce the volume of thick hair, while the choppy bangs frame your facial features.

Spiky choppy cut for over 50
Instagram @hair_by_pedro
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#11: Spiky and Choppy Cut for Women Over 50

Pixies are all about texture and sometimes spikes! If you have fine and straight hair, this choppy haircut gives you the texture and height you need.  If you want to avoid an old lady haircut that’s easy to style, this is your cut!

This side-swept spiky style has a blonde hair color and is edgy and piece-y but is still feminine. When considering a very short haircut for women over 50, be prepared to style every day. But the best part is, is that it takes minutes! The at-home secret to styling this pixie is the messier, the better. Towel dry and apply KMS Thermashape Hot Flex Spray for heat protection. Once dry, work KMS hair, play messing creme throughout and piece out your bangs for lived-in texture.

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#12: Short Spiky Asymmetrical Haircut

A short spiky asymmetrical hair cut translates to a fearless, decisive, and practical woman. Style this cut with a styling gel to hold the spiky finish longer.

spiky pixie for older women with front blonde strands
Instagram @sm_lawless
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#13: Spiky Pixie for Older Women with Front Blonde Strands

A really short spiky pixie for older women showcases that great hair transformations are possible. Emphasizing the white-blonde hair in the front to come up with a subtle contrast is a genius idea. Now tell me who rocks a combination of spiky hair and a pixie cut better than anyone else?

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#14: Vivid Spiky and Messy Short Hair

Tapered cuts help achieve messy, wild spiked-up pixie hair ideas. Sleeker ends help create a sharper edge. And along with the soft purple hues, short spiky haircuts will appear to be the most out-of-the-box look.

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#15: Spiked Pixie Undercut for Thick Hair

Consider a short spiky hairstyle by having a clean undercut on all sides and keeping the middle bunch thick and full. It’s perfect if you’re getting tired of a bob cut but still want a short length. It works very well on ladies with medium to thick hair. The dark burgundy hair color adds all the attitude to this spiky pixie undercut that’s both cute and charismatic.

Very Short Piece-y and Spiky Faux Hawk Cut for Women
Instagram @kratkovlasky.cz
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#16: Very Short Piece-y and Spiky Faux Hawk Cut

Turn heads with a spiky and shaved faux hawk cut, which requires a lot of texture to remove weight. Match this mohawk-inspired cut with a fun color of silver-blonde. On the sides, it has a skin fade.

It’s a cut that involves a lot of maintenance. Your hair must be textured enough. It can be done on any type of hair, and you can use the iron and the dryer. It’s a very modern short spiky hairstyle, and you have to be willing to undergo a change with this type of cut.

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#17: Wavy Spiked Pixie Cut with Long Bangs

Opt for a messy spiky pixie crop cut with length on top and design flowing with texture and waves on the side of the head.  I’m all about definition, texture, and volume, and if you combine all of that with a nice line or design, it’s the perfect hairdo! This piece was a collaboration with a makeup artist and photographer, so all that also helps to come out with this extraordinary hair creation.

Also, line and design work look great but don’t stay forever. You need to know that if you want the cut to look sharp in that area, you need to get a clean-up every week. It’s a great wavy spiky pixie look, but it will take more than 5 minutes to achieve.

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#18: Feminine Layered Pixie with Spikes

This short and spiky haircut is an edgy layered pixie cut. The textured top gives the look style dimension and lift. Amp it up with a powdered texture wax to give it movement. The best part about this cut is the grow-out. A little dark root and textured short shag will bring her back in, eventually.

We wanted an upgraded classic blonde pixie that includes a blonde hue and layers with spiked ends that wouldn’t take away this lady’s delicate features. We kept her hairline, around her face and neck, short and shattered with a razor cut. Her crown texture was cut with shears, careful to break up any bulkiness and create movement and texture. A short layered haircut is meant to be a “rockin’ bedhead” look without much styling fuss – just a little product and go!

soft spikes for fine hair
Instagram @marianagorini
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#19: Soft Spikes for Fine Hair

Consider a short haircut with soft spikes for fine hair, which is a great way to flaunt a casual look. Hair type, face shape, and lifestyle play a pivotal role in how certain styles work for different people. Be open to the professional opinion from your stylist on how a particular style might need to be adapted in different ways to suit you.

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#20: Modern Texture and Spiky Haircut for Thin Hair

This spiky style with modern texture for thinner hair is iconic. It’s a strongly textured haircut yet feminine and wearable. It’s a combination of a pixie cut with a bit of extra length at the nape and the side area, which adds the current modern mullet twist to the look.

Short spiky haircuts for women work on all hair density and texture with the correct adaptation of cutting techniques and cutting tools. The best thing about this cut is the undone texture and the chewed-off fringe. It’s one good edgy style for a woman who doesn’t want a commitment to styling but still wants a cutting-edge hairstyle. It’s a very versatile hairstyle that can be worn conservatively or, with a bit of manipulation.

Platinum Blonde Color on Spiky, Short Haircut
Instagram @kat_a_combs
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#21: Platinum Blonde Color on Spiky, Short Haircut

Here’s a spiky modern punk-rock style in a minimal hair length, but a lot softer and more feminine than the one from the ’80s. I lightened her hair to a platinum blonde and created a shadow root to give it an illusion of depth. I used light cool lavender color at the roots and left the rest of the hair platinum.

Any woman can pull off this look if the cut and color are properly selected for her face shape and skin tone. I recommend using no or very little product for girls short edgy cuts like this. If your hair is cut properly, it will do what it’s meant to.

Edgy Spiky Style with Bangs and Blue Highlights
Instagram @hairocd
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#22: Edgy Spiky Style with Bangs and Blue Highlights

This short and spiky hairstyle with bangs is versatile. With the haircut, the sides are cut shorter because the disconnection gave her an edge and more body, but when combed down can be very commercial as well. This short style is for women who like switching it up from a day look but a fun nightlife!

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#23: Blonde Soft Spiky Curls

Blonde soft spiky curls give a formal style to your short hair. Perfect for the lady who wants a short spiky look but have length on top play and style. Can be styled in so many ways and easy to maintain. Universally flattering on all hair textures.