Shaggy Pixie Mullets Are Hot Right Now – Here Are 29 Great Examples

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

A shaggy pixie mullet is a short edgy haircut with textured layers and fringe. The cut serves as a deep weight removal for hair, allowing freedom, movement, and a cool silhouette.

Haircut specialist Lauren Derbyshire of Wilmington, NC points out that you can “lean into imperfection.”

Pixie mullets, if cut right, are self-styling. They look best even when slept on and lightly restyled in the morning with only a salt spray or wax.

While this chop is effortless to prep, it features layers that still need styling. The short crown layers and face-framing pieces must be lying where they should be. “It’s not for any woman who likes to just wake up and go,” Derbyshire states.

To maintain the style, learn styling techniques using your hands and heat tools. Ask your stylist which products are best to use for air and blow-drying.

A short shaggy mullet has serious longevity as far as growing out seamlessly. If layers are all in the right places, you may not need a whole new haircut session in the salon every four weeks.

Nevertheless, trims are yet necessary. “I encourage reshaping the fringe and face frame in between full haircuts,” Lauren adds.

If you want more tips and details on choosing your pixie cut, go and check our exclusive guide!

Embrace your hair’s natural movement and texture with this look. Try any of these inspiring photos of trendy shaggy pixie mullets and elevate your style!

Vintage Mauve Shaggy Pixie Mullet on Fine Hair
Instagram @stylebyjpk

#1: Vintage Mauve Pixie Mullet on Fine Hair

If you love strong styles, try a vintage mauve pixie mullet on fine hair. Enjoy the razored layers which will give you soft edges and ends for a messy shape. Make sure you style the top flowing forward for a modern look. The longer wispy back creates the mullet shape and should be visible from the front. I recommend applying the mauve color at the root and adding highlights to achieve a color blend.

#2: Shaggy Pixie with Silver Balayage

Any woman can look great with a shaggy pixie haircut and a silver balayage hair color. Are you ready to try this stunning shaggy pixie haircut? Work with your stylist on a dye plan because achieving the silver balayage color might take several appointments.

Shaggy Mullet + Wixie Pixie Cut
Instagram @saltybangs

#3: Shaggy Mullet + Wixie Cut

The shaggy mullet wixie cut is a trendy and modern haircut. It has a mix of longer and shorter layers at the crown around the ears and nape. Wixies are perfect for women who want to add some dimension and texture to their look without going too short. The wixie pixie part of the cut is a cute and playful way to show off your personality and add some edge to your style.

#4: Razored Shaggy Pixie Mullet

This pixie mullet is a great chic, trendy cut that would work great on fine hair. My best advice is to talk with your stylist about maintaining a cut like this. You will want to avoid this cut if you don’t want to be at the salon every 4-6 weeks.

Fluffy Pixie Mullet Cut with Shaggy Layers
Instagram @elven.locks

#5: Fluffy Pixie Cut with Shaggy Layers

Take your haircut to the next level and try a shaggy, pixie mullet! If you prefer a piece-y look, this hairstyle is for you. The feathered layers in this style create instant volume and texture for a fun haircut. Finish with a sea salt spray to really define those layers.

Edgy Shaggy Pixie Mullet for Thin Hair
Instagram @the_hairdressing_room

#6: Edgy Shaggy Mullet for Thin Hair

As you get older, experimenting with hairstyles can be fun. So, for your changing hair, consider this edgy shaggy mullet for thin hair. This hairstyle will give your fine locks a lot of volume and texture, creating an appealing visual style. For easy styling, apply matte clay evenly on damp to dry hair. Remember to trim it every 4-6 weeks for maintenance.

Face-Framing Modern Pixie Shag Mullet with Bangs
Instagram @keithkristofer

#7: Face-Framing Modern Pixie Shag Mullet with Bangs

Create your new image with a face-framing modern pixie shag mullet with bangs. Cutting your hair into a new style can change your whole outlook and make you stand out, in a good way. A shag mullet is an especially great shape for narrow faces. The soft nape hair and bang balance out your features well. Style your new shape flatter with a texture putty and let your personality shine.

Shaggy Mullet Pixie with Wavy Feathered Layers
Instagram @hairby.lilli

#8: Mullet Pixie with Wavy Feathered Layers

If you are looking for an edgy hairstyle, try wavy feathered layers paired with a mullet pixie. The layers are point-cut and textured with precision to remove weight. This makes thick hair the best choice for this cut. Wash, put in some Moroccan Oil Curl Cream, and let your natural waves air dry for the best result.

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Long Curtain Bangs on Shaggy Mixie Hair
Instagram @hairanormal

#9: Long Curtain Bangs on Mixie Hair

Longing for a style that looks edgy and undone, but your straight hair makes it hard to decide? A mixie haircut is a mullet with length in the back, but modernized with short pieces in the front, like a pixie. Having this control allows for style versatility. Long curtain bangs also add personality to the overall hairdo. Sitting in the chair of someone who has mastered this cut is your best bet for getting a look that works for your lifestyle.

Mini Edgy Shaggy Pixie Tapered Mohawk Mullet
Instagram @bleach.omaha

#10: Mini Edgy Tapered Mohawk

A mini edgy tapered mohawk is the perfect style choice for short hair lovers who want to go bold. This unisex style includes extra short sides blended with a soft tapered back and a longer top. This gives it its mohawk shape. For women who want a no-nonsense shape, this cut says it all. Enjoy the easy care of wash-and-wear short hair and embrace the attitude of the mini mohawk.

Shaggy Peachy Pixie Mullhawk Hairstyle

#11: Peachy Mullhawk Hairstyle

Bring out your rebellious side with a peachy mullhawk hairstyle. A short hair cut is very detail-oriented and can be tailored to bring out your personality. Make sure you find a stylist that excels in this area of expertise. Try the undercut sides with long bits hanging over to give a strong shape. You’ll want to apply a texture putty to the layered parts to get a disheveled finish.

Wavy Pixie Shag Mullet with Feathered Bangs
Instagram @hairena_bobbit

#12: Wavy Pixie Shag with Feathered Bangs

If you’re growing out a pixie haircut and need a cute in-between style, ask your stylist for a pixie mullet. This haircut has lots of textured layers that will bring you the shape you’re looking for as you grow your hair out. This style cut is great if you have wavy hair. Your natural curls will enhance the shape without having to do much styling.

#13: Soft Mini Mullet on Thin Hair

If you have thin hair, try a soft mini pixie mullet and make the most of your locks. A soft mullet is trending now, and the style uses natural movement in your hair, so it’s easy. Keep it feminine, leaving length around your ears and the back. Your top should be the shortest point and combed forward for a modern look. Bringing your hair forward will also make it look thicker, hiding thin spots.

Shullet Pixie with Heavily Textured Layers
Instagram @zaroslovs

#14: Shullet Pixie with Heavily Textured Layers

A shullet pixie with heavily textured layers is the perfect haircut for medium to thick hair. An excellent choice if you want low-maintenance hair that can be styled wet or dry. Ask your stylist if a shaggy mullet would work for you!

#15: Razor Cut Mullet for Short Hair

A razor cut mullet for short hair is super trendy. The short layers in a razor cut will easily add texture and volume to fine and/or limp hair. Try using a styling paste or wax to add separation to your layers for an edgier effect.

#16: Choppy Layers on Pixie Shullet Hair

Choppy layers on pixie shullet hair are so chic for any hair type. Great for women who have a lot of hair, a pixie can feel very lightweight when layers are textured. Personally, I like to use a point-cut technique and sometimes a razor to create a shaggy and piecey look.

Shaggy Curly Pixie Mullet with Short Bangs
Instagram @bareeminimum

#17: Curly Pixie Mullet with Short Bangs

A pixie mullet is a great option for a woman with curly hair and a round face. The short bangs, when cut following the curve of the brow, provide the right amount of structure. For a modern take, texture the perimeter and leave it soft and wispy. Use some Transforming Paste by Aquage to define and separate the curls.

Long Tousled Pixie Shullet
Instagram @zaroslovs

#18: Long Tousled Shullet

A shullet, aka a soft mullet, looks great long and tousled. If you have a long face shape, add some piecey curtain bangs for width. Spray with Kenra’s Texturizing Spray and scrunch softly for a beautiful, messy look.

Mini Shaggy Pixie Mullet Wolf Cut with Textured Crown and Micro Bangs
Instagram @zaroslovs

#19: Mini Wolf Cut with Textured Crown and Micro Bangs

Trending now is something called the wolf cut. It’s basically a mullet, pixie, and shag all in one! If you’re looking for something fun that will bring you volume and texture, you’ll want to give this cut a try! Pair it with a cute, short bang and cut it with a razor to bring extra texture to the ends.

#20: Long Blonde Pixie on Straight Hair

Girls with limp, straight hair need to try a long, blonde pixie. Longer pixies work great with textured layers in the crown that will help finer hair perk up and volumize. The blonde tone will have your hair looking thicker than it really is. Ask your stylist for a root smudge to make it look extra dense.

Shaggy Wispy Pixie Mullet with Flipped Ends
Instagram @funcoolhair

#21: Wispy Pixie Mullet with Flipped Ends

Looking for a short hairstyle for your thin hair that’s fun and different? Ask your stylist to try a pixie mullet. Hair that is finer on the ends will add a natural, wispy texture making this haircut super cute.

#22: Disheveled Pixie Mullet with Layers

Try the organic style of a disheveled pixie mullet with layers. Embracing your natural hair texture in new short shapes is very important. Your mixie should be dried flat with a texture paste, such as Mess It Up by Pureology. Whatever your texture, let it go its own way, and the layers will help you. Crop the bangs for a strong front and be you.

Long Pixie Shullet
Instagram @modelmullet

#23: Long Pixie Shullet

If your searching for a cool new shape, rock a long pixie shullet. Fine hair will work well with a shullet, because it’s dried flat, making your hair look thicker. Consider your face shape when choosing the length of the sides and bang. Longer face shapes might want to go shorter in these areas, and round face shapes longer. Shaggy cuts grow out well so your salon maintenance might be about every six weeks.

Straight Messy Pixie Shullet
Instagram @renee.rockpaperscissors

#24: Straight Messy Shullet

It can be tricky to style straight hair. But a style like a messy shullet, or shaggy mullet, can create the perfect foundation to add tousled waves. Products like wax or texture spray can help hold your style through its wear.

Textured Undercut Pixie Shullet
Instagram @pinkconchas

#25: Textured Undercut Pixie Shullet

Are you looking for something edgy? Try a textured pixie shullet with an undercut on the sides. To style, I recommend Oribes Fiber Groom texture paste on dry hair to emphasize the choppy layers. Doing so will give it a roughed-up, effortless look.

Voluminous Shaggy Mullet Pixie for Thick Hair
Instagram @zaroslovs

#26: Voluminous Mullet Pixie for Thick Hair

If you have thick hair and are wanting the mullet pixie, then get ready for voluminous, fluffy hair. This cut is layered to various lengths, to help debulk the silhouette and works great on wavy to curly hair.

Shaggy Two-Toned Mixie Hair
Instagram @jfreedburm

#27: Two-Toned Mixie Hair

Consider a two-toned mixie if you have thick hair. This layered look is a cross between a mullet and a pixie. I like it on thick hair as it allows for maximum movement and color dimension.

Shaggy Pixie Mullet with Piece-y Bangs and Razored Layers
Instagram @jayne_edosalon

#28: Pixie Mullet with Piece-y Bangs and Razored Layers

Ask your hairstylist if the pixie mullet with bangs and razored layers is the right option for you. The soft personalized bits create a beautiful frame for your face. This trendy look is best suited for women with any hair type who wants an effortless, chic style.

Modern Layered Pixie Shag Mullet

#29: Modern Layered Pixie Shag

The best looks for a square face include a modern layered pixie shag. Or, any variation of short length, depending on the texture and style preference.