29 Short Shaggy Haircuts Women In Their 60s Can Totally Pull Off

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

The best short shaggy haircuts for women over 60 consist of wispy ends, various layers, and a lot of texture. This cut frames the face by softening any harsh lines and illuminating the cheeks. It offers a modish touch while adding a youthful-looking glow.

According to Erin Black, a hairstylist from Denver, CO, “A shag haircut needs styling to look good, but styling comes easily by using minimal hair products and tools,” she says. “It’s great for older women who want a bit of style and edge to their look without needing a lot of effort.”

A drawback that Black notices from this cut are the hefty amount of layers and texture it provides. “It could be an intimidating look at first,” she notes. “You’ll want to prepare for the big change if you haven’t worn a lot of layers and texture in the past.”

When getting this cut, Black suggests being wise with the hairstylist you choose. “This hair style requires a skilled cutter who understands their tools well,” she says.

Cutting shags or other short haircuts with a straight razor is a technique Black follows. “It carves pieces into the hair creating a great shape, tapered ends, and a seamless finish,” she says. The vital component of this cut is its ability to remove weight in all types of hair.

Before your next salon visit, check out our photo gallery for your inspiration. Here are the best short shaggy haircuts for women over 60.


#1: Light Brown Shaggy Mullet

A shaggy mullet has become the new shag trend. Ask your stylist if a shaggy, wispy cut will work well for your hair texture. Typically, it’s not recommended for straight hair. If you have a natural wave to your hair this style is a great option. Your natural waves should support the style and shape for you, allowing you to air-dry with some texture cream and combing into place.

Low-maintenance shaggy bob for women over 60

#2 Low-Maintenance Shaggy Bob

The low-maintenance layered bob for ladies over 60 gives lots of flicky texture, perfect for those looking to add extra width to their hair. It can instantly make you look 10 years younger. The shaggy feel to the hair doesn’t require a lot of styling. Scrunching the hair will enhance the disheveled feel, creating a thickening effect on the hair.

#3: White Shaggy Long Pixie Cut

A white shaggy long pixie is a super edgy and fun way to create movement in your hair. This is a great way to play with a trendy hairstyle while still styling age appropriate. These hairstyles are wonderful for women wanting a low-maintenance style. They require little to no styling. You can air dry this haircut with a hair cream and sea salt spray for the best results.

Short White Shag for Older Women Aged 60 with Glasses
Instagram @lise.marie.hair

#4: Short White Shag for Women with Glasses

Here’s a short white shag for older women with glasses. For aging hair, the best way to add shape, movement, and texture is with a cute lil shag. Add some face-framing bits and bangs to shake the face and compliment the wear of glasses. Having some extra piece-y crown layers gives added volume with minimal effort. Shorter shags grow into themselves over time, so you can reduce your visits to the salon if you’d prefer.

Cute Shaggy Pixie with Lowlights for Ladies Aged 60 and Over
Instagram @felix.lynn

#5: Cute Pixie with Lowlights

You should try a cute pixie with lowlights. Your aging hair may go grey, but it can also wash you out. Putting some depth back into the hair with some lowlights is helpful. If your hair is on the thinner side, getting a textured pixie will give you some lift and movement to your hair.

Neck-length shag for older ladies
Instagram @laruela_life

#6: Neck-Length Shag

A neck-length shag for older ladies is stylish and timeless. If you have natural curls or waves, you should consider exploring some shaggy haircuts. A shorter fringe will make your eyes pop! Ask your stylist if this haircut will suit you.

Chin-Length Shaggy Haircut for Women in Their 60s
Instagram @meesha_hair

#7: Chin-Length Shaggy Hair

Chin-length haircuts are flirty and fun. Spritz in a Verb volumizing spray and blow-dry upside down. You’ll see your cut come to life! Finish with hairspray, and you’re all set.

#8: Modern Shag

The modern shag works perfectly with those that love a short bob-length cut. Women don’t need to stick to their usual haircuts. Instead, opt for more feathered layers and texture to add shape to your hair. The undone texture suits elderly women best as the low-maintenance styling can be left to air-dried or blow-dried.

Curly shag for older women with short hair
Instagram @wendycuts_hair

#9: Curly Shag for Older Women with Short Hair

Opt for a curly shag for an older woman with short hair who wants to wear their locks naturally. This cut works best with natural texture and allows those lucky enough to embrace this haircut for extra volume and shape. Add some Texture Tonic from Aveda to wet or dry hair to give a just off-the-beach feel to your shag.

Textured shag cut for 60-year-olds
Instagram @bgqbeauty

#10: Textured Shag Cut

Try a flattering cut for 60-year-olds with fine hair textures to bring in extra dimension and bounce. Haircuts for short shaggy hair involve lots of texture that creates a fuller look. Try styling with Aveda’s defining whip to add a light textured hold to your style.

Short shaggy pixie for women over 60
Instagram @clairereyenga

#11: Short Shaggy Pixie

Go for a short shaggy pixie for women over 60 to keep the softness of your coarse hair. Going short with thicker hair tends to look bulky. Ask your hairstylist for a softer approach to the modern pixie haircut with a layered shaggy shape. Women over the age of 60 will love this shape as it keeps length around the face for some softness and security.

#12: Short Shaggy Hair

Have a short shaggy hairstyle for older women with straight hair. These styles work best on wavier hair types, but clever layering techniques and lighter layers add movement you never knew you had.

#13: Short Shag Haircut with Bangs

Elevate your look with bangs to achieve effortlessly stylish hair. This bob hair cut with bangs has low upkeep and requires easy hair styling. Add Aveda’s Phomollient while the hair is wet and leave to dry.

Ear-Length Shaggy Pixie for Women Over 60
Instagram @lauren_g.hair

#14: Ear-Length Shaggy Pixie

Rock an ear-length shaggy pixie if your thick hair tends to get too bulky when cut short. The ear length allows a little extra length to hold down fuller hair types. The beauty of short shaggy hairstyles is the techniques used to cut this style also help remove weight from the hair, as long as your hair isn’t prone to too much frizzing.

Silver Shaggy Pixie with Layers for Older Women
Instagram @stemolly

#15: Silver Shaggy Pixie with Layers

A silver shaggy pixie with layers softens any masculinity of a shorter haircut. The layered shape follows the femininity of the head shape, while the cut keeps the outlines light and feathery. This style of pixie works great on finer hair types that prefer minimal volume.

#16: Youthful Shaggy Pixie Cut

Get a youthful shaggy pixie cut to embrace a softer vibe to short hair. A haircut with a shaggy edge gives a younger-looking finish as the curtain bangs frame the edges of a round face, creating a modern touch. Scrunch in some of Aveda’s texture tonic to enhance the shaggy feel to hair.

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Shaggy cut for grey-haired women
Instagram @byedyebye

#17: Shaggy for Grey-Haired Women

Try a cut for grey-haired women to emphasize the texture of your silver hair. These cuts create bounce and softness with the layers added, making your gray hair stand out even more.

#18: Short Shaggy Cut with Feathered Ends

Opt for a cut with feathered ends if you have naturally wavy hair. The haircut looks lighter when the ends are feathered, as it removes bluntness from the ends, enhancing them to flip out, adding volume to your haircut. Consider adding feathered bangs to frame the face, which creates a softening effect.

Short shag with razored layers for older women
Instagram @hair_do_tracey

#19: Short Shag with Razored Layers

Get an edgy youthful-looking short shag with razored layers for older women to add some funk to your style. The razored cut creates a wispier look to the hair, tapering the edge of each layer that works perfectly for a shag-style haircut. While the haircut is best worn in its natural texture, try adding a salt spray like Aveda texture tonic for effortless bounce and extra hold.

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#20: Shaggy and Short for Thick Hair

Go for a cut for thick hair to help soften the heaviness of your tresses. It’s cut with a lot of texture and is a good style as it has a lighter feel compared to the sharper shapes. Talk with your hairstylist about ways to compliment your face shape and hair growth pattern with this cut.

#21: Short Shag with Beach Waves

Go with a short shag with beach waves if you have fine, thin hair or when dealing with hair loss for the illusion of added thickness and volume. Ask for long-angled stacked layers when getting this cut. Style it with a volumizing mousse and a 1 1/4″ curling iron to create that beach waves hair.

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Short shaggy bob with curtain bangs
Instagram @jikaiahstylist

#22: Short Shaggy Bob with Curtain Bangs

Try a classy short shaggy bob with curtain bangs if you have natural curl and texture or love beachy styles. This modern shag for short hair gives off body and movement. It’s a fresh take on the classic style.

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Layered Shaggy Bob for Women in Their Sixties
Instagram @dolledbydaws

#23: Layered Shaggy Bob

When looking at hairstyles for short shaggy hair, try a layered shaggy bob. If you’re looking for a cut that helps lay down thick, bulky hair, a vertically layered bob with diagonal back face-framing layers will offer you the solution. Use a blow-dry smoothing cream and dry the hair down and back to avoid adding extra volume at the roots.

Shaggy bob for senior women
Instagram @pictotalsalon

#24: Shaggy Bob

When looking for a shaggy bob for senior women, try short layers for added volume. It’s great for adding height on fine hair and removing bulk on thick hair. A fully layered bob is one of those hairstyles that is timeless and a fantastic option for everyone over 60.

Classic shag for 60-year-old women
Instagram @ciaradidit

#25: Classic Shag

Not your average grandma haircut, a classic shaggy has a bit more flair! With soft razored edges and a tousled layered look, this shaggy hair is for the sassy and unconventional lady out there!

Middle-Parted Shaggy Bob for Women Over 60 with Short Hair
Instagram @jikaiahstylist

#26: Middle-Parted Shaggy Bob for Short Hair

Rock a middle-parted shaggy bob for short hair if you’re looking for something a little different. Shags on razor-cut styled up and away from the face, provide a natural face-lift, softening any fine lines and wrinkles.

#27: Salt and Pepper Shag for Women with Glasses

A salt and pepper shag haircut for women over 60 with glasses is great for someone with thick, unruly hair. Layers and texture are added to create movement. This hairstyle always pairs well with your favorite spectacles. A quick blow-dry and some texture paste will make your style last all day long.

Super Short Shaggy Bob for 60 plus women with Fine Hair
Instagram @_jpgartistry_

#28: Super Short Shaggy Bob for Fine Hair

Try a super short shaggy bob for fine hair! Notice the heavy texturizing of the fringe and short layers. Women in their 60s can be just as bold with their hair as their younger counterparts, and this type of cut is proof. It’s easy to style for all hair types. Blow-dry forward from the crown and add a light styling cream to show off the texture and dimension.

Short Shaggy Haircut with Bangs for 60-year-old women
Instagram @josedacruzhair

#29: Short Shaggy Hair with Bangs

A haircut with bangs is a creative choice to add volume and draw attention to the eyes. These haircuts are customizable to different hair types. They implement various hair-cutting techniques to remove weight, add texture, or strengthen lines. Enhance a facial feature and create some fun when rocking this haircut!

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