31 Cutest Short Shaggy Haircuts for Fine Hair to Look Fuller

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

#1: Tousled Pixie Shag for Thin Hair

A tousled pixie shag is perfect because it adds much-needed texture and volume to your hair, with little to no effort. Keeping your overall length cut into a pixie will help your fine hair look fuller on the ends and frame your face and head shape nicely. Ask your stylist to keep a longer, pointed length in the front of the ear for a more feminine touch. A pixie cut for thin hair is a hairstyle to try if you’ve been fighting pesky fragile ends. Plus, it’s good if you’re looking for a chance to totally transform your appearance.

Short Shag with Face-Framing Fringe for Fine Hair
Instagram @hairbyravenc

#2: Short Shag with Face-Framing Fringe

Adopt the trendy look desired by many, known as the short shag. Imagine a layered texture, like a chopped style, with a fringe that frames the face and extends into small sides. Highlight the texture by adding a contrasting color to the haircut.

Short shag for Asian fine hair texture
Instagram @salsalhair

#3: Short Shag for Asian Hair Texture

Try a short, wispy shag if you have coarse, Asian hair texture and want a soft yet edgy style. A mini shag is one of the best short hairstyles for Asian women. Finding a haircutting specialist when getting this cut is best to achieve the best outcome.

Shaggy Wolf Cut with Wispy Bangs for Fine Hair
Instagram @masato_lim

#4: Shaggy Wolf Cut with Wispy Bangs

Give this wolf cut with bangs a try if you have fine hair. Remember to talk with your stylist about maintenance and good styling products.

#5: Copper Short Wolf Cut

Here’s a short copper wolf cut. The best way for adding body to the hair is with textured layers through the crown. If you want to soften your look, try a textured wolf cut for your short hair that is easy to flip out and shapes your face perfectly. Try Hairstory Powder pumped at the root for volume and texture on dry hair after you wash.

Choppy Shaggy Pixie with Fringe for Fine-Haired Women with tan skin and dark eyes
Instagram @bruno_ilan_

#6: Choppy Pixie with Fringe

When you want something on the shorter side, consider a lixie cut with wispy bangs. This cut is perfect for women who want to add texture to their tresses. To get the most out of this short haircut, tell your hairstylist you would like layers. It will help to create natural movement and body. A benefit of this style is it can be a wash and wear if you have naturally wavy hair.

Soft Messy Shag Cut for Finer Hair
Instagram @shearpulp

#7: Soft Messy Shag Cut

You should try a soft messy shag cut if you are searching for a relevant hairstyle that will make you stand out in the crowd. A messy shag is a super trendy shape that is easy to style and so cool. Ask your stylist to cut the interior layers short and leave the perimeter shaggy. If your stylist doesn’t get you find another one that does. Asking people with cool haircuts what salon they go to is a great way to find the perfect stylist. A shag compliments most face shapes and should be cut about every 4 to 5 weeks.

Short Shag with a Side Part and Bangs for Fine Hair
Instagram @kapo_cabelos

#8: Short Shag with a Side Part and Bangs

Have you been eyeing a shag haircut, but they all seem too long for your style? Try this short shag with a side part and bangs – it may be what you have been looking for all along! At your next salon appointment, you can ask for tips on a quick blow-dry and matte clay to create extra texture!

Very Choppy and Wispy Short Shag for Fine Hair
Instagram @sacamedya

#9: Very Choppy and Wispy Short Shag

If your hair is on the finer side but you want to go shorter, a choppy textured look will work well. Having shorter layers at the crown gives the illusion of thicker hair as it creates more volume. Keep the front sections longer around the face to give an on-trend feel. When your hair is dry, I recommend you use a texturizing product. A spray works well as it’s easier to distribute over your hair.

Razor Cut Pixie Shag for Fine Hair Types
Instagram @boulthair

#10: Razor Cut Pixie Shag

Bring out your inner rockstar with a razor-cut pixie shag. Using a razor or texturing shears will give a more edgy feel for messy tousled locks. These cuts are easy maintenance but do require upkeep every 4-6 weeks to keep the shape of the cut. Use a texture paste to give the hair some grip and hold.

#11: Chin-Length Wolf Cut with Crown Layers

Rock a chin-length wolf cut with crown layers for a punk rock look. This modern take on the mullet-shag hybrid can be enhanced with silver, platinum, or vivid colors. Avoid this cut if you have a very round face, as the shape will make it appear even rounder. For added texture, use a light pomade.

Short Curly Mullet for Square Faces with Fine Hair
Instagram @eblackdoeshair

#12: Short Curly Mullet for Square Faces

Bring softness to square faces with a short curly mullet. Delicate soft curls around the face soften the appearance of a strong jaw or a square face. A short hairstyle like the mullet will give your curls volume and let them run wild. Use a curl gel to get a more tamed look.

Short Choppy Shag and Bangs for Fine Hair Textures
Instagram @tiushius

#13: Short Choppy Shag and Bangs

Try a short choppy shag and bangs and bring out the inner you. The style is so retro-modern and perfect to stand out in the crowd. Lots of layers give your shag its funky shape and tousled feel. The flatter style makes it a great choice for fine and limp hair, with no volume required. To style, either air dry or blow dry messing as you go, finish with a paste for texture. A choppy shag can work on all face shapes, so don’t hesitate.

Wash-And-Wear Shag for Curly Fine Hair
Instagram @alexandracutme

#14: Wash-And-Wear Shag for Curly Hair

Discover a new style with this wash-and-wear shag for curly hair. A haircut like this is so perfect for curly ladies who want an effortless look and a soft, classic style. Short shaggy haircuts work so well for those with fine curls because losing length will help bring your curls to life. Don’t forget to talk to your stylist about how often you would need a cut to maintain this shape and make sure that works for your lifestyle.

Undone Shag with Razored Layers for Fine Hair
Instagram @hairbyfitz

#15: Undone Shag with Razored Layers

Undone shag with textured layers and short curtain bangs is a unique, fun hairstyle. A short shag is a great option since it adds so much fullness and volume throughout the crown created by the razored cut layers. Styling with cute, effortless curls really shows off all the movement and texture this haircut offers.

#16: Pixie Shag with Choppy Layers and Bangs

You should try a pixie shag with choppy layers and bangs if you are searching for a cut that is soft and feminine. You will enjoy a cute style that is easy to manage. You can let your hair air dry with a texture paste and be ready in no time. Ask your stylist for lots of layers and texture with point cutting and you’ll have the perfect shape. Shags work wonderfully because you won’t need lots of volume.

#17: Mixie with Micro Bangs

Try something new and edgy with a mixie with micro bangs. A pixie/mullet has short pieces around your face and some fun longer lengths to play with in the back. Really texturize your locks, the funkier the better. Talk to your hairstylist about which short style would look best on you.

#18: Short Shagged Bob Cut for Wavy Hair

Go for a classic style with a short shaggy bob cut if you have wavy hair. Cutting your strands short will release dead weight letting your wavy hair spring up with ease, making your hair look fuller.

Layered Micro Mullet on Thin Fine Hair
Instagram @gregcassese

#19: Layered Micro Mullet

Really express yourself with a layered micro mullet. A layered mullet is great when cut with a razor to get a soft edgy look with tons of texture. Shags give body and height at the crown for max volume. Don’t take your hair so seriously and have fun with it.

#20: Baby Shag with Wispy Bangs for Older Women

A baby shag with wispy bangs is the perfect hairstyle that is short and has lots of volume. The texture will give the appearance of fuller hair!

Crown Layers on Shagged Pixie Hair for Fine Hair
Instagram @alexandracutme

#21: Crown Layers on Shagged Pixie Hair

Crown layers will give your hairstyle an edgy vibe. A shaggy pixie for fine hair will give you that fullness and texture that you’re wanting. Finish your hair with some texture products and have fun!

#22: Disheveled Shag Cut with Choppy Bangs

Fine hair that has a bit of natural wave can be enhanced with a disheveled shag cut and choppy bangs. The short layers will give you so much more volume and shape, especially if you use a thickening styling product such as R Co Rodeo Star Thickening Foam. When describing the cut to your hairstylist, ask for a bob for fine hair with short round layers and piece-y fringe.

Feathered Shaggy Pixie for Fine Hair Types
Instagram @nancyopdahl

#23: Feathered Shaggy Pixie

Try a feathered pixie for a modern take on short to medium-length hair. Adding lots of feathered layers can really change your shape drastically and you can keep your length. The layers are added to the interior of the cut creating tons of motion and interest. Style this cut flatter to your head with wispy bits brought out by tousling with your hands and adding some texture paste.

Shaggy Crop with Middle Part Bangs for Fine Hair
Instagram @oliveecohair

#24: Shaggy Crop with Middle Part Bangs

Rock a cute shaggy crop with middle part bangs. This haircut is ideal for fine hair because when you lose length you gain lots of body and movement within the cut. To style this cut you could use a salt spray. Try R Co Rockaway onto damp hair and blow dry to get some lift from the roots. This will add some fun texture for that piecey look.

Straight Shaggy Hair with Face-Framing Layers for Fine Hair
Instagram @eblackdoeshair

#25: Straight Shaggy Hair with Face-Framing Layers

Straight hair with face-framing layers would be a great choice for your next salon visit. This cut works so well for women with a thinner texture because all the layering helps to add volume. Ask your stylist for a short cut shag done preferably with a razor, above the shoulders, with short layers on the crown area.

#26: Side-Swept Long Shaggy Pixie

A side-swept shaggy bixie is a fun, unique haircut that will make you realize why this is the perfect length. If you’re a woman over 50, a shorter cut is the way to go. With this haircut, the side fringe brings out your bright eyes and frames your cheekbones. Yet it still has some length to play with when it comes to daily styling. Whether you choose a flickered-out look or soft curls, I promise you it will bring help showcase your beauty.

Edgy Pixie Mullet Shag for Fine Hair
Instagram @katknepphair

#27: Edgy Pixie Mullet

You’ll want to try an edgy pixie mullet as your current style. A modern pixie mullet just screams high fashion. Ask your stylist to leave the back shaggy and crop the top and bangs. Try finishing this unisex style close to the head, moving forward from the crown with a texture paste. Try Pureology’s Mess It Up for fabulous results. Keep in mind, that short hair needs to be cut about every 4-5 weeks for optimal shape.

Fluffy Mini Mullet with Baby Bangs for Fine-Haired Ladies
Instagram @jordanaveryz

#28: Fluffy Mini Mullet with Baby Bangs

The fluffy mini mullet with baby bangs is a cute but edgy hairstyle that accentuates the eyes and cheekbone area. It’s a wash-and-go hairstyle that complements natural hair texture which makes it ideal for wavy fine to medium hair.

Neck-Length Shaggy Mullet with Curtain Bangs for Fine Hair
Instagram @hairbysiggie

#29: Neck-Length Shaggy Mullet with Curtain Bangs

Give a boost to your fine locks with a neck-length shaggy mullet with curtain bangs. It’s a great choice to get body for fuller-looking strands. Add a low-maintenance curtain bang to frame your face and complete your trendy cut.

#30: Textured Shag with Short Bangs

A textured shag with short bangs is a stylish, trendy cut that you will love. Any face shape suits this hairstyle. You will be in love with all the layers and texture that are created!

Face-Framing Baby Shag for Round Faces with Fine Hair
Instagram @ashadoeshair

#31: Face-Framing Baby Shag for Round Faces

A face-framing baby shag is a flattering short haircut when paired with a soft fringe. Short layers in the crown area create effortless volume, especially for women with fine hair and round faces. Flipped out, piece-y bangs with layers around the cheekbones form the illusion of an oval shape. Plus, they create a beautiful balance of femininity and edgy-chic style.

Short shaggy haircuts for fine hair are heavily layered pixies and bobs with choppiness and lots of texture. These have jagged layers that create shape and illusion of volume and movement.

Stylist and educator Carly Rae Coady of Nashville, TN emphasizes how versatile a shag is.

“If you’re looking for a cut that dries naturally with style, this is the one! It allows for so many styling variations and is good for all textures and densities,” she states. Just make sure to ask your stylist what shape of cut works best for your locks. For fine hair types specifically, it’s best to keep all the choppy layers in the fringe and face frame only. This gives out a whole vibe while keeping fullness in the rest of the hair.

Coady also shares tips for her co-hairdressers. She goes on, “Don’t overcomplicate your approach to this chop. Any advanced techniques are just the fundamentals combined together with creativity. Approach this look with an exaggerated face frame and square layers, and you’ll be able to replicate a shag.”

The modern, edgy style that brings out fullness and volume is here! Find the photos of the best and trendiest haircuts right here.