36 Sweet Short Shag Haircuts with Bangs

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Short shag with bangs is a pixie to bob-length cut with tons of layers for added movement and texture that tends to be very low-maintenance.

Hairstylist Madeline Carmichael from Richmond, VA approves of the versatility of this chop.

“The shag can bring out a lot of texture in flat, straight hair. The shorter layers help build the volume where you want it, and there’s no weight to pull the hair down,” she explains. The layers are customizable, so the cut will work with your natural hair texture and suit your face shape.

Both razors and scissors can create layers, but the results can vary. Carmichael says, “The razor creates soft variation in the layers. Meanwhile, scissors create sharp and precise lines that often need some texturizing.”

When consulting your hairdresser, discuss your style commitments and abilities. Talk about your lifestyle and preferences. These will determine how short or long the bangs and layers can be.

Take note that with a shaggy cut, you won’t be able to wear your hair in a slick ponytail or bun.

Maintenance is another vital topic to tackle with your stylist. Ask how frequently you must visit the salon. “I recommend at least 12-14 weeks between regular health trims,” Carmichael advises.

Planning to update your look at this time of the year? Here are the photos of the trendiest short shag with bangs hairstyle ideas for inspiration.

Short Choppy Pixie Shag with Choppy Fringe
Instagram @brianacisneros

#1: Choppy Pixie Shag with Choppy Fringe

You’ll feel fabulously funky with a choppy pixie shag with a choppy fringe. Be prepared for an easy-care hairstyle that looks great air-dried. Let your own hair do its thing, but don’t forget to work the wispy ends away from your face. I recommend Pureology’s Mess It Up applied to damp or dry hair to bring out the chunky pieces. Your shaggy pixie will be fairly low-maintenance, with textured cutting about every 6 weeks.

Short Straight Razor Shag with Fringe
Instagram @anti.dote_studio

#2: Straight Razor Shag with Fringe

A straight razor shag with fringe is a great option for embracing hair texture. If you prefer natural hair or love hair movement, a shag is perfect for you. A straight razor helps to give this cut a lightweight, piecey look that gives a more edgy look to the cut. Shags are great as they look good on almost all face shapes, whether they’re styled or messy. Ask your stylist about different types of fringe and what would best suit your face shape and personal style. To define pieces in your hair and enhance the texture, try rubbing a pea-sized amount of Kenra working wax in your fingers and pinching it onto the ends of the hair.

#3: Short Shaggy Mullet Cut with Fringe

If you’re growing out a pixie and want a trendy style, think about a short shaggy mullet cut. This haircut also suits you when you’re trying a shorter look. It’s a good way to highlight your hair with a unique shape. This haircut has a shorter, textured length at the front. Longer wispy locks at the back keep it looking relaxed. This means you get a short style that’s not traditional. This shag style behaves well when styled with salt spray. If you want more volume, just blow dry it and use some hair balm.

#4: Shaggy Butterly Bob Hairstyle

Butterfly bobs are the latest trend in short haircuts, and the hairstyle shown here is a perfect example. This fun, light, and flirty hairstyle is ideal for all seasons and suitable for any age.

#5: Short Shag with Bottleneck Bangs

Try this short shag with bottleneck bangs. This look will require more regular visits to the salon, but your hair will look more full and be easy to style daily. If you want additional volume, try using a texture spray.

Chic Short Shag for Women with Bangs and Glasses
Instagram @almasalonbcn

#6: Chic Short Shag for Women with Glasses

Think about trying a chic short shag if you are a woman who wears glasses. The best way to frame the face is with a shaggy fringe and layers etched down the side. Stylists, don’t forget to use a razor for this cut. This tool greatly removes weight and adds tons of movement throughout.

Short Shaggy Mullet with Fringe for women with an edgy style
Instagram @emilywellsart

#7: Short Shaggy Mullet with Fringe

If you’re looking for a fun shaggy short haircut, try this mullet with a fringe! This look helps fine hair look more textured and full. Please consider talking with your stylist to ensure this is a good option.

#8: Blonde Messy Short Shag

Give your hair a new style and life by cutting off some length and detailing around the face. I suggest trying a French bob with some bangs that accentuate the eyes. Add some beachy curls for texture and finish with a light-hold hairspray.

Short Heavily Textured Shag with Bangs for Finer Hair and women with an edgy style
Instagram @diegomarcsant

#9: Heavily Textured Shag for Finer Hair

Ask about a heavily textured shag for finer hair. With my years of experience, I have seen all types of finer textured hair. This means the diameter of the hair strand is either fine, medium, or coarse. You can still have thick (fine) hair, thick, meaning the density of hair on your head. Fine, thick hair types love texture added to the hair to lighten it up and show off shaggy shapes. Your shag can look full, dense, and bowl-like if you don’t add the texture with a razor, slide cutting, or shears.

Glam Short Shag with Bottleneck Fringe for ladies with have thick hair
Instagram @badgirltaytay_

#10: Glam Short Shag

The short shag is the epitome of a cool girl. If you’re looking to stand out and want to change up your pixie, ask your stylist to make it more shaggy and textured. Invest in the hair care products your stylist recommends to maintain your look. Ask your stylist how to use your products and when to return for a trim. Frequent trims are a must, as the style can grow into a different shape in a month or so.

Short Shaggy Cut with Blonde Peekaboo Highlights and Bangs
Instagram @nataliarok

#11: Short Shaggy Cut with Blonde Peekaboo Highlights

If you have thin hair and want a more defined cut, ask for a wispy layered cut. If your hairline is also thin, give a wispy bang a try. The layers will give a fuller illusion. If you can see through the bottom of your hair, ask your stylist to leave that part out while they shape your layers. It will give you a fuller appearance.

Short 70s-Inspired Golden Shag with Bangs
Instagram @peghairsalon

#12: 70s-Inspired Golden Shag

Try a 70s-inspired golden shag if you’re feeling nostalgic. To prevent your hair from feeling too bowl-ish, you can ask for more layers and texture. Doing so will help break up the weight line to create a softer look.

Edgy Copper Shaggy French Bob with Bangs
Instagram @jayne_edosalon

#13: Edgy Copper Shaggy French Bob

Show off a new trendy style with an edgy copper shaggy French bob. The best way to give your locks a boost of body and height is to cut soft shaggy layers. Layers will give your hair the illusion of a fuller silhouette. Keep styling simple for an effortlessly undone look.

#14: Effortless Loose Curls

Loose curls are an effortless way to wear your hair naturally. If you’re having a hard time working with short hairs around your face, the best way to include them is by cutting a shag bang. This look is best suited for a woman in her 20-30s who likes to get ready for her day with minimal effort.

Neck-Length Blonde Shag with Dark Roots and Bangs
Instagram @dmitrovahair

#15: Neck-Length Blonde Shag with Dark Roots

The neck-length shag is a stunning hairstyle that suits most face shapes and hair textures. The bangs are cut heavy to connect with face-framing sides and with the short choppy layers which create a lot of texture. The blonde locks with the dark roots create a very dimensional texture as well.

Bright Maroon Short Shag with Asymmetrical Bangs
Instagram @soubecas

#16: Bright Maroon Short Shag with Asymmetrical Bangs

Change things up with a bright maroon short shag with asymmetrical bangs. If you want to find ways to appear younger and feel different, changing your hair will do it. Asymmetrical bangs are a great choice to create an out-of-the-ordinary shape and will soften your features. Dyeing your hair can give you a dramatic change, but make sure your color choice suits your skin tones.

Wavy Long Shaggy Bob with Short Bangs
Instagram @_infinityhair_

#17: Wavy Long Shaggy Bob with Short Bangs

Pairing a long bob with wavy, shaggy layers with short textured bangs is a perfect match. Short shag hairstyles are beautiful, weightless, and create movement and volume throughout the hair. Try out short bangs or even micro bangs to give a more unique and creative look to the overall hairstyle. Spice up your style with a color block for a pop of interest and attention.

Short Pixie Mullet with Baby Bangs for Wavy Hair
Instagram @shaye.hair

#18: Pixie Mullet with Baby Bangs for Wavy Hair

If you have wavy hair and like to keep a short hairstyle, try out a pixie mullet with baby bangs. A mixie is a mix between a mullet and a pixie, so it keeps the hair shorter while also letting some pieces stay longer. Baby bangs will create a focal point at your forehead and help to elongate your face. Remember that baby bangs are a commitment and need to be maintained both in-salon and at home. They are not a wash-and-wear style.

Short Soft Disheveled Shag with Long Bangs
Instagram @nunzio_nyc1

#19: Soft Disheveled Shag with Long Bangs

Shags are not just for long hair, try out a short disheveled shag with curtain bangs for a new take on a classic cut. The addition of curtain bangs or peek-a-boo bangs to a shag gives a more modern and flattering look to the style. Short shags are very easy to style and maintain and are a more low-maintenance style.

Curtain Fringe on Textured Shaggy Bob for Short Hair
Instagram @hcartistry__

#20: Curtain Fringe on Textured Shaggy Bob

Curtain bangs are very on-trend, but pairing them with a textured, shaggy bob sends this style to the top. A short shaggy bob with bangs is customizable to help bring out your best assets and facial features. Curtain bangs bring focus to your eyes and cheekbones while also creating softness around the face.

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#21: Messy Shag with V-Shaped Bangs for Thick Hair

A messy shag is a perfect option for women with thick hair to create less weight and heaviness. A fun addition to a short shag haircut is v-shaped bangs because they add a unique style to the overall haircut. Shaggy hairstyles are low-maintenance and are great for women who like a messy, textured look to their hair. V-shaped bangs need to be maintained every 3-4 weeks to keep their shape and style.

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Short Textured Bixie Cut for Women Over 60 wth Shaggy Hair
Instagram @kreeepykylie

#22: Textured Bixie Cut for Women Over 60

Women over 60 want to look great but don’t want to spend hours on their hair. So a textured bixie haircut is an ideal cut for them. The bixie is a mix between a bob and pixie and has lots of texture to create a fashionable and age-defying look to your style. The short shag with short bangs helps to elongate your face while the shaggy layers help to disguise fine lines and wrinkles around the face. Adding texture is a great way to help enhance natural waves or curls, so you can easily allow your hair to style itself.

Layered Shag with Curtain Bangs for Short Straight Hair
Instagram @aquasalon_spa

#23: Layered Shag with Curtain Bangs for Straight Hair

Try a layered shag haircut with curtain bangs if you have straight hair and want more texture and volume. Adding lots of layers and texture helps to alleviate the choppy lines and heaviness that occur in straight hair. Shaggy short hair with bangs will help to give shape around the face while also helping to create more movement in the haircut.

Short Layered Mullet Wolf Shag Cut with Fringe
Instagram @florence.hair

#24: Layered Mullet Wolf Cut

A mullet wolf cut checks all of the boxes for a trendy, fashionable hairstyle. A mullet wolf cut combines elements of both a mullet and shag for a cut with lots of layers, texture, and movement to the hair. Short shaggy layers with a textured fringe create shape and framing around the face to enhance face shape and highlight eyes. Try styling your short shaggy bob with a texture or sea salt spray to enhance the shape of the cut.

#25: Short Curly Hair with Razored Layers for Square Faces

Keeping your curly hair cropped short with shaggy layers is a helpful haircut to soften a square face shape. The soft, wispy shag and face frame help to create softness around the face without diminishing the strength of the jawline. A shaggy short cut is a perfect unisex style, which makes it so much more popular. Using a good curl cream or curl gel will help to enhance your natural wave or curl and will complement the haircut even more.

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Chin-Length Shaggy Haircut with Fringe for Round Faces
Instagram @saltybangs

#26: Chin-Length Shaggy Haircut for Round Faces

Round faces are best balanced by creating elongation, which makes a chin-length shaggy haircut perfect for this face shape. Shorter shaggy layers help to create volume and fullness in the top and front areas of the hair, which lengthen the face shape. A short shag with fringe style also frames the face and helps to disguise and cover any fine lines and wrinkles around the brows and eyes.

Short 70s Razored Bob Cut with Shaggy Bangs
Instagram @davidwbullen

#27: 70s Razored Bob Cut with Shaggy Bangs

The 70s style lives on with shaggy bangs and razor cut bobs and shags. Shag haircuts are customizable to each woman, which makes them a versatile and flattering haircut. Shaggy bangs on short hair can help to build volume to elongate the face shape while also hiding lines and wrinkles around the forehead and eyes. Razor cutting gives a more individualized and softer shag but is not recommended for women with fine, frizzy hair.

Shaggy Layers and Choppy Bangs for Short Hair
Instagram @shaye.hair

#28: Shaggy Layers and Choppy Bangs

Shaggy layers and choppy bangs are such a perfect combination and a great option if you’re looking for a change. A short shag with bangs will create a voluminous look to the hair and will create flattering face-framing pieces to enhance your face. Shags are a wonderful option for women who love low-maintenance styles because it looks great when styled, but also looks great when messy. Try using Amika Un.done volume and texture spray to create more hold and texture in your style.

Short Tousled Shag with Wispy Layers and Bangs for Thin Hair
Instagram @texturedpetite

#29: Short Tousled Shag with Wispy Layers for Thin Hair

Thin hair can lay flat and lack volume, but by cutting it into a short tousled shag and adding wispy layers, you can achieve the illusion of more hair and more volume. Layers in thin hair help to create variation in lengths throughout the hair, and those lengths support each other to create a fuller look. Textured curtain bangs in short shag hair give framing around the face to enhance the eyes and cheekbones. Style this hairdo easily by diffusing or by adding waves with a wave iron.

Long Mixie Shag Cut with Crown Layers for Short Hair
Instagram @toniiii_j_hair

#30: Long Mixie Cut with Crown Layers

mullet pixie cut with crown layers is an excellent choice if you’re looking to go shorter but are not ready to commit to a short pixie cut. Layering or texturizing the crown area is a good way to create a bounce in the hairstyle. Short, feathered bangs give shape to your face without falling heavily on the forehead and blend nicely into the rest of the haircut. Dive headfirst into a shaggy pixie cut with bangs for a new style this season.

Short Petite Shag with Bangs for Women Over 40
Instagram @manelyco_

#31: Short Petite Shag with Bangs for Women Over 40

If you’re looking for more sass in your haircut, try out a short petite shag with bangs. Women over 40 will love the ease of styling and the airiness of this short haircut. Keeping brow-length bangs will help to hide any fine lines or wrinkles developing on the forehead or between brows. Styling hair forward also helps to create more face-framing which helps to disguise lines around the eyes.

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Mini Wolf Shag with Face-Framing Bangs
Instagram @florence.hair

#32: Mini Wolf Shag with Face-Framing Bangs

Consider a mini wolf shag with face-framing bangs for a twist on a trendy haircut. Creating a mini version of a wolf cut is a unique way to incorporate this trend in a way that feels comfortable to you. A short style creates a lot of layering and texture which can help to alleviate weight from the style. Keeping the overall cut at jaw length helps to highlight your jawline, while the face-framing bangs help to bring out your eyes.

Short Feathered Shag with Bangs for Women Over 50
Instagram @nataliapark_g

#33: Short Feathered Shag for Women Over 50

Growing out a pixie cut is hard, especially for women over 50 who are used to pixie cuts, but it can grow beautifully into a short feathered shag. A short shag for 50-year-olds is a perfect and easy transition cut for women looking to grow their hair from pixie length. Ask your stylist to cut your layers to various lengths to give volume and lift to the shag. Try opting for side bangs in your shag if you have a more round face to help create balance.

Short Mullet Shag with Textured Bangs
Instagram @shaye.hair

#34: Mullet Shag with Textured Bangs

If you’re interested in a short shag with bangs, consider a mullet shag with textured bangs. Mullet shags add texture and movement to the hair. If you have fine or thin hair, a shag haircut on short hair can create the illusion of more length as well as more volume. Combining these two different haircuts is a great option if you like both styles. You get short layers on top that slowly turn into longer layers.

#35: Mini Shullet Haircut with a Shaggy Fringe

It’s not quite a shag and not quite a mullet, but this mini shullet with a shaggy fringe is the best of both worlds. Short layers in the front give framing around the face while creating height for an elongated face shape. Longer, shaggier layers in the back create length and movement in the back of the hair. A short shag with curtain bangs is easily worn, blown out, or styled but also looks great with minimal styling and effort.

Shaggy Short Bob with Bangs for Fine Hair
Instagram @saltybangs

#36: Shaggy Short Bob with Bangs for Fine Hair

A shaggy short bob with bangs is a perfect haircut for fine hair to add a little texture and a lot of movement to the hair. Texture and layers help to support each other to give a more voluminous look that works very well on fine hair. This cut works very well and helps to enhance facial features, especially when curtain bangs or micro bangs are added.