55 Coolest Short Shag Haircuts Women are Getting

Short shag haircuts

Looking for pictures of the best short shag haircuts for women right now? Here, you’ll see the best short shags for each hair type, age, and lifestyle. I also included some tips on how to choose and style a shorter shag. So, before your next hair appointment, take a quick look through these awesome shaggy crops!

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Shaggy Pixie Mullet
Instagram @kris_you_up

#1: Shaggy Pixie Mullet

The shaggy pixie mullet is the ultimate edgy-chic cut, especially when paired with creative colored hair. A cut like this can be used to help transition during a pixie grow-out, or if you’ve always had a short haircut and just want to try a new shape. The key to a shaggy pixie is piece-y texture, wispy bangs, shorter hair on top, and longer in the back.

short shag with tendrils
Instagram @skipdoeshair

#2: Short Shag with Tendrils

Short shag haircuts are created using the razor cutting technique to create more texture on short hair. Short shaggy haircuts have lots of choppy layers that result in a modern messy hairstyle. A short shag cut goes well with textured bangs and for women with narrower face shapes. The shag became popular in the 1970s by celebrities such as Joan Jett and Mick Jagger.

Short shag with bangs and longer in the back
Instagram @sugu_meynewyork

#3: Shag with Bangs and Longer In the Back

One of my top styling tips for short shags is that you should work with your natural hair texture. Many women have a hair texture that falls somewhere in between straight and curly. There’s no simpler and quicker way to style your tresses than by finding a shaggy haircut and hairstyle that works with your texture rather than against it.

Shaggy Cut with Short Fringe
Instagram @yukistylist

#4: Shaggy Cut with Short Fringe

Choose a very textured, short shagged cut with a short fringe that is very customizable to each woman. This short shag hairstyle is for ladies who are a little more adventurous, out of the box, eclectic, and does not have pin-straight hair.

How to Style a Shaggy Cut with Fringe:

– Dry with a diffuser using Aquage Sea Salt Spray for that messy, lived-in look.
– After that use a Hot Tools Curl Bar to wand any curls you don’t like into a direction you go like.
– Finish it off with Dry Texture spray from L’anza to define the texture and put in some hold.

Short 70s Shag Haircut with Choppy Ends
Instagram @seolahair

#5: Short 70s Shag with Choppy Ends

A short shag haircut looks like this short 70’s shag with choppy ends. Modern short shag haircuts that are tousled can give you a fresh look! It frames the face beautifully and gives an effortless texture to the hair.

short shag for wavy hair
Instagram @katiebell_hair

#6: Shag for Wavy Hair

If your waves tend to be unruly and unforgiving, try a short shag for wavy hair. This low-maintenance style could be the perfect change for you this year. Apply a dab of Redken Aerate all over to give you this amazing texture.

Edgy Shaggy Mullet
Instagram @katiebell_hair

#7: Edgy Shaggy Mullet

The edgy shaggy mullet is back as one of the most popular short shag hairstyles right now! Try this for a trendy blast from the past. This length is easy to style and less maintenance than a pixie.

Short Shag for Ladies Over 40
Instagram @shagginsatin

#8: Short Shag for Ladies Over 40

Ladies over 40 can also pull off short shag hairstyles. This length and style is extremely flattering and low-maintenance. Talk to your stylist about styling tips to get these messy but cute waves.

Short modified shag cut
Instagram @emilybakerhairartist

#9: The Modified Shag

Modified short shag hairstyles are making a strong comeback for its easy maintenance and relaxed style and appearance. Also known as a modern mullet, a modified shag can be a great way to test shorter layers without committing to a pixie cut. If you have small facial features and want to make your face appear bigger or more proportional, a modified shag is a fantastic option because it focuses short textured layers around the face which has an enlarging effect on face shapes and facial features.

Shaggy Pixie Bob
Instagram @artemis12866

#10: Shaggy Pixie Bob

Try rocking a shaggy pixie bob if you’re looking for something edgy, feminine and easy to style. Make sure to ask your stylist if they think this style will work for you before taking the plunge. Spritz your hair with Kenra Silkening Mist after styling to get this amazing shine.

The Mini Shag
Instagram @joeltorresstyle

#11: The Mini Shag

If you’re looking to rock something different this year, try the mini shag. This edgy and feminine style could be the perfect trend to try before the season ends. Ask your stylist what products they think you should use to achieve this textured look.

short one-length shag cut
Instagram @hirohair

#12: One-Length Shag

Try a one-length shag for a low-maintenance and trendy style. The bluntness of the ends of this cut give it a look that is rivaled by none. The length of this cut is perfect for face-framing and still leaves enough length to be pulled up.

trendy short shag for women over 70
Instagram @ivofigatti

#13: Trendy Shag for Women Over 70

Women in their 70s should give a trendy shag a try. This style is forgiving and youthful and will have you feeling rejuvenated in no time. Use a dime sized dab of Schwarzkopf Osis Thrill and rub all over after styling for this textured look.

Short shag for fine hair
Instagram @markanti_hairbeauty

#14: Short Shag for Fine Hair

Shag styles have a lot of short, light, and wispy layering. A short shag for fine hair, however, must have slightly longer layering to maintain a strong perimeter. Too many layers or layers that are too short can make the hair appear thinner.

Short shag for grey hair
Instagram @hinzundkunst

#15: Flattering for Grey Hair

Grey hair can often be coarse and heavy. A flattering style for grey hair is a shaggy haircut with a lot of layers that help keep volume present instead of weighing the hair down.

The Rocker Shag
Instagram @ann_g_mamadoesdos

#16: The Rocker Shag

Finding a style that shows off your personality can be hard, but adding short choppy baby bangs to your short cut creates the rocker shag. This look is cute, edgy, and shows off your unique style.

Shaggy Pixie Cut
Instagram @hairbykateek

#17: Shaggy Pixie Cut

Keep your short cut stylish by asking your hairdresser for a shaggy pixie cut. Adding extra texture gives height to the look, offering more volume and a flattering style.

tousled short shag
Instagram @anti.dote_studio

#18: Tousled Shag

Use a texture spray after adding messy waves to your hair for a more tousled shag. This product will lock in heat styling to last all day while also adding volume. When styling textured bangs you can use a clay or pomade to ensure they stay styled forward and in place.

shaggy pixie with bangs
Instagram @hannahstuberhair

#19: Pixie with Bangs

Most pixies with bangs require higher maintenance and more salon visits. These cuts always seem to grow faster in the nape of the head, causing a mullet look. Switching to a shorter mullet, or shag, fixes that problem by making the grown out look seem intentional and fresh.

Short Shaggy Layers
Instagram @evahairstylistmt

#20: Short Shaggy Layers

A bob shape with short shaggy layers puts a modern twist on this timeless classic style. Wispy layers add a flattering shape to the haircut and provide a youthful look.

Short and Messy Shag
Instagram @hairbyjohnpresley

#21: Short and Messy Shag

Messy short shag hairstyles are made complete with a heavy curtain bang. Ask your stylist to cut your fringe with a razor for a textured shape. Not only will this give the messy look you want, but it will be less maintenance and will grow out easier than a blunt cut.

ear-length shag haircut
Instagram @melissathehairwizard

#22: Ear-Length Shag

Shorter layers enhance your natural curls. An ear-length shag is the perfect cropped cut for beautiful loose curls. The extra texture present keeps the weight off your ends giving a voluminous and shiny style.

short shag for round face shapes
Instagram @sideburnsnbangs

#23: Shag for Round Face Shapes

Avoid heavy and blunt lines because they tend to close off the face shape instead of complimenting it. A great choice is a shag for round face shapes because the shorter layers with extra texture opens the haircut and frames the face in a more flattering way.

wispy short shag
Instagram @causing_hysterica

#24: Wispy Shag

One of the more fun and youthful short shag hairstyles is a wispy shag. Styling the textured layers to flip out while keeping a strong perimeter creates a unique silhouette.

Silver short bob shag hairstyle with a side part
Instagram @rachelwstylist

#25: Short Bob Shag with a Side Part

A modern twist on a short bob shag with a side part keeps some structure in its form. A side-parted shag works great on squarer faces, as the normal full-on bangs shorten the face even more. This is also perfect for those who prefer a side part. Due to the side part style, you won’t want the layers too short. Allowing for lots of movement to form around the perimeter brings flow and texture to your bob.

Black shag bob hairstyle with pink highlights
Instagram @hairby_hannaemilia

#26: Black Shag Bob with Pink Highlights

A black shag bob with pink highlights can add some brightness and lightness to your style. The shag adds a lighter feel to the hair from the layering techniques used. With increased flow and movement to the hair, your color pop even more. Try adding pink highlights to your black shag to enhance the depth, with the bright pink sitting against black tones that blend into the layers.

Short Shaggy Bob with Middle Part
Instagram @hirohair

#27: Short Shaggy Bob with Middle Part

Short shaggy bob hairstyles can be catered to any woman’s hair texture and face shape with face-framing layers. If you are considering a short bob haircut like this, just know it’s so low-maintenance! Shagged short bobs are totally a wash-and-go haircut. To style, get a curl cream like Davines Love Curl Controller for wash days and Davines Sea Salt Spray for a refresher on non-wash days to keep that fun texture.

#28: Short Dirty Blonde Shag Style

A short dirty blonde shag style is a textured cut, ideal for medium to semi-fine hair. Idaho-based stylist Allison Loftin creates short shag haircuts for women like this one. For a big forehead or receding hairline, this short cut’s curtain bangs will be a good look on you. Shorter shag haircuts help ladies with less hair get more body and volume. When hair is cut short with texture, it can create a cute messy look.”

Shag with Short Layers
Instagram @jenikafortrue

#29: Short Shag Cut with Short Layers

This short shaggy hair style is so sassy and sporty. The nice thing about this cropped shag cut is that you can get so much diversity out of this look. From sleek and straight to wavy messy and edgy. Shaggy short haircuts for girls are great for those who don’t mind taking a little bit of time to get their style just right every day. The cons of short shag haircuts like this are that it’s not a wash-and-go kind of look.

#30: Neck-Length Wavy Shag with Bangs

Go for short shag hair that is a little fuller on the ends instead of carving it out as much as a true shag. The fullness created by the wavy hair and shaggy layers pictured here gives the crown more volume, and the bangs and bits create such a flattering frame for the face. This shag cut for short hair is also incredibly easy to wear. It works just as well air-dried and tousled as it does blown out or curled.

Shag hairstyles for short hair work on so many different hair types, including very curly hair and very straight too. If you have very thick hair, ask your stylist to remove a lot of bulk using a straight razor technique.

If you want short wavy shags, then know they come in different lengths and can be modified by the amount and length of layers, as well as the style, length, and fullness of the bangs/fringe.

Chin-Length Choppy Shag for Thick Hair
Instagram @singing_stylist

#31: Chin Length Choppy Shag for Thick Hair

A chin-length choppy shag cut is a modern take on the classic shag for short hair. Short shag haircuts for thick hair are a great way to remove the bulk and heaviness.

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#32: Super Short Balayage Shag

This popular short shag is low-maintenance blonde hair. Super short shaggy haircuts are great for women with strong jawlines.

Short French Crop Layered Shag
Instagram @cindi.love

#33: Short French Crop Layered Shag

A French short shag style is relaxed with an effortless aesthetic that moves between the French girl vibe and 70s rock and roll vibe. The internal layers of this short cut and transitions give it a fresh textured shag style. Now you can wear a shag hair cut that easily showcases your personality. The shagginess of this hairstyle is ideal for the girl on the go that can commit to at least two styling products and can at least take ten minutes to style. Short shaggy haircuts for fine hair should add movement to the hair.

Products like beach waves, texture sea spray, or texture clay is the easiest way to maintain the fresh and effortless aesthetic of a short shaggy hairstyle.

#34: Short and Chic Shaggy Lob

This is the cutest idea of a short shag haircut for women. A chic shaggy lob haircut is a modern twist on a retro style.

Know that shaggy short styles should have layering and de-bulking. This way it becomes a great way to style a shaggy, short-length haircut in big, loose waves.

Razored Shaggy Pixie Cut for Over 60
Instagram @lissettehair

#35: Razored Shaggy Pixie Cut for Women Over 60

A very short shaggy pixie cut is a popular short haircut for women in the 60s. This is short in length and so it’s a low-maintenance cut that’s still stylish. This spiky pixie shag can be recreated at home with ease and minimal blow drying.

Use a hydrating shampoo like MoroccanOil to add shine and keep the natural texture of a shag from drying out. Finish off with a little Redken Outshine, which really adds definition to shaggy wispy haircuts for older women.

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Shaggy Long Pixie Cut
Instagram @salonpuremtl

#36: Shaggy Long Pixie Cut

Get a short shag cut like a long pixie cut that is easily worn in a few different shag hair styles. Take this shaggy pixie for example. For women considering short shag haircuts, keep in mind that the woman pictured has fairly fine hair.

If you are considering short shaggy styles and have thick and/or coarse hair, you may find yourself working a little bit harder to style your hair without it looking poofy.

Shorter Shaggy Angled Bob
Instagram @howehair

#37: Shorter Shaggy Angled Bob

An angled shaggy bob on short hair is trending right now because it is a relatively easy style to achieve at home with a small amount of effort. The most important thing to consider when you have a shag haircut is that chunky short hair isn’t always the easiest option. However, for styling purposes, it is easy once you get the hang of it. This shag hairstyle with short layers works best on women with short fine to medium hair. You will need to be ready to use some sort of product like mousse or texturizing spray to give it that shaggy look and the hold that it needs. If your short hair is quite curly or straight, using a tong is the easiest way to get that perfect short summer wave.

#38: Feathered Short Chopped Shag

This is one of the best shag haircut ideas for a wash-and-go style that is great for women with thin hair. The short length works best for women with a heart or oval face shape. A textured bob shag on short hair that has feathered layers as opposed to sitting on top of each other makes for a versatile shag.

Short shaggy hairstyles are great for women that don’t have a lot of natural texture to fight with. This is why it’s good to add shaggy layering into the cut.

Short Razored Shag
Instagram @jpattonsalon

#39: Short Razored Shaggy Hair

A short razored shag cut is full of texture and carved out pieces that make it youthful and fun to wear. Short layered haircuts often look undone or lived-in, so it works well for a low-maintenance woman who is not looking to shampoo and style their hair often.

If you’re exploring popular short shags and aren’t sure if it will work for you, set up a 15-minute consultation with your stylist. Bring some images that you like so your stylist can customize a short scruffy cut shag that will work best for your hair texture and face shape.

How to Style a Short Shag:

– Towel dry the hair very well
– Add some salt spray
– Use your hands to style as you dry the hair

Modern Short A-Line Shag
Instagram @misahara5

#40: Modern Short A-Line Shag

A modern A-line shag haircut for short hair is still a feminine cut. This short cut is great for women with fine to medium texture hair. It gives the appearance of a thicker, sexier and can help you pull off the shaggy trend for short hair.

The best short shags have lots of texture that work for every hair type.

Short and Shaggy Undercut
Instagram @samkanehair

#41: Short and Shaggy Undercut

A really short shaggy bob with an undercut is the trendiest cut for bold girls. Edgy short shags are great for any woman who is maybe a little shy about committing to a full short pixie bob cut. You have the shortness in the back, but the safety net of some length in the front. This short hair style is a great way for thin and fine hair to appear thicker and fuller.

Prettiest Jaw-Length short Shaggy Cut
Instagram @elyselouise_rixonhair

#42: Prettiest Jaw-Length Shaggy Cut

The prettiest jaw-length shaggy cut works well on fine textures and a heart-shaped face. Taking away any underneath bulk with an undercut and texture the ends. Shorter layers in the back crown give a lot of lift working around any cowlicks and mid-length layers around the face. Showing off the jaw creates a fun short shag haircut.

Short to Medium Shaggy Asymmetrical Bob
Instagram @tagyourhair

#43: Short to Medium Shaggy Asymmetrical Bob

Adding texture with an asymmetrical razor cut and a ton of layers makes for noticeable shaggy short hair. Use the razor to create texture in shaggy bob haircuts, and then texturizing it with shears when it’s dry, will create an effortless short style that has the shag haircut feel. This shorter cut is great for all hair types from straight to wavy to curly. It just depends on what style you are going for, and that determines how it will be styled.

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 Short Blonde Shag with Bangs for Over 50
Instagram @christopherashleysalon

#44: Short Blonde Shag with Bangs for Over 50

A short shag cut is perfect for older women who still have thick hair. Adding some champagne blonde balayage color is a great way to hide your naturally gray hair and add a youthful look if you go short.

#45: Cute Shaggy Cut with Curls for Short Curly Hair

Short shag cuts are super trendy right now. This short cut is very diffused, rounded at the top, squared on the sides, and very open around the face.

A short curly shag can fit any woman. It can enhance natural hair texture, remove weight, or add body. It’s extremely easy to maintain as long as you’re willing to use a little product. Straight hair can become textured, wavy, and curly short hair can become enhanced.

A girly shag haircut really opens the face and looks great with fringe too. For women with strong cheekbones, you can really open it up. For women with a round face, you will still look great and you can even narrow the look of your face with a slightly longer face frame.

Short Textured Shag with Side-Swept Bangs
Instagram @mainpointsalon

#46: Short Textured Shag with Side-Swept Bangs

Short shag hairstyles are great for thin hair.  A short textured shag with a side-swept bang is a sassy and cute style. A shag differs from a bob because the sides are shorter than the back.

Cute Short Blunt Shag with Bangs
Instagram @timpascoe_hair

#47: Cute Short Blunt Shag with Bangs

A short shag hairstyle with bangs is a razored haircut that has graduation along the length showing disconnected ends. The cute short blunt shag and bangs stands out with a super stripped messy finish.

Short Brown Shag with Highlights
Instagram @definedbysav

#48: Short Brown Shag Haircut with Highlights

Add some toffee highlights to dark brown hair for a fun and fresh short to medium shag. Each highlighted stand will show off all the dimensions of your new short shaggy haircut, and the darker hair color is sure to match any skin tone.

The Cutest Short Layered Shag
Instagram @holly.stylist

#49: The Cutest Short Layered Shag

Try a short shag with baby bangs, which gives short hairstyles a vintage and punk feel. The best thing about this cool short haircut is that it is so versatile, depending on how you style it. Waves give it a soft ‘lived-in’ look while straightening this gives an edgier vibe. Wavy medium/fine hair is perfectly suitable for this shag’s length and shape.

If you have straight hair, the key to making a short layered shag look effortless is to create a ‘bend’ with the flat iron vs a curl. Tousle your hair with a texture spray to finish your new short shaggy hair!

short shag with middle part curtain bangs
Instagram @hairbykysa

#50: Short Shag With Middle-Part Curtain Bangs

Short shag haircuts with a middle-part curtain bangs is a perfect cut for someone looking to add fullness to their hair. Curtain bangs are great to frame the eyes and soften square face shapes.

modern textured shag with full curtain bangs
Instagram @yukistylist

#51: Modern Textured Shag with Full Curtain Fringe

A modern textured shag with a full curtain fringe is the “it” style of the moment. Great for a variety of face shapes and hair textures, this look can be tailored to your individual needs and lifestyle. Consult with your stylist about what version of this look would work for you.

colorful shaggy short mullet
Instagram @hairpin_me_down85

#52: Colorful Shaggy Short Mullet

A mullet cut is becoming one of the more popular short shag hairstyles right now. Something spunky to try is a colorful short mullet cut and styled in a shag. Strawberry blonde ombré tips and whispy styled ends gives this cut and style a whimsical feel. Ask your color specialist which color combo is best for you.

Short shag with choppy shaggy bangs
Instagram @mo_safi_

#53: Short and Choppy Shaggy Bangs

Short and choppy shaggy bangs are a fantastic way to add texture, movement, and fullness to thin or fine hair. Shaggy bangs with choppy texture and layering is a perfect compliment for a textured pixie cut and opens the face without taking away from the overall face-framing effects of bangs. Choppy bangs require minimal styling time as they are meant to look messy or disheveled. Like any other bangs, these will need a bit more frequent maintenance appointments.

Short shag for square face shapes
Instagram @bekahdoesmagic

#54: Flattering Shag for Square Face Shapes

Try a shag for a flattering look that pairs well with square face shapes. Short shag haircuts are a perfect way to soften the harsh horizontal lines of square faces while adding roundness to balance out the face shape. Use a shag to draw attention to the features you love about your face while diminishing the features you may not want as much attention brought to.

fluffy shag hairstyle
Instagram @ernestomeneses

#55: Fluffy Shag

A fluffy shag is a neck-long shaggy hairstyle that is extremely voluminous and textured. Length slightly brushing the shoulder and fringe softly falling below the eyebrows. To achieve this short shag hairstyle, the fluffiness curls are done and pun in pins or rollers then sprayed with hairspray and left to cool down and brushed out.