25 Incredible “Short” Shag Haircuts for Older Women

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief
Short-Length Blonde Shaggy Bixie with Side Bangs for Mature Women
Instagram @jenjoneshair

#1: Blonde Bixie with Side Bangs

For a soft short style that is feminine for women with fine hair, ask your stylist for a bixie. This is a cross between a pixie and bob, but more pixie-like with a longer face-framing you can work with. Try flipping your hair out and away from the face for a youthful uplifting effect. You can do this with a curling iron or round brush and finish with a light hairspray for hold. Try Loreal Level 3 finishing spray.

#2: Salt-and-Pepper Short Hair with Feathery Layers and Bangs

Salt-and-pepper short hair is the perfect cut to compliment your face shape. Soft bangs and wispy layers moving away from the face will give you a facelift. Not only is the mega-layering more youthful, but it’s also a trending style. The feathery layers and bangs are suitable for most face shapes. They can be dried easily with your hands and a molding product.

#3: Very Short Textured Wispy Mullet with Fringe

Go for a very short textured wispy mullet with a fringe. It’s the perfect style for an older woman who wants facial framing or may have thinning hair. The style will give you a cute little fringe and help you navigate some trouble areas. A pixie shag will give you an easy wash and go, especially for those with wavy to curly texture. Try Afterworld Organics Moisture Lock Curl Serum for definition and hold.

#4: Straight Shag with Spiky Layers and Bangs

For women with a longer and rectangular face shape, you will want to add bangs and layers for balancing. A soft bang looks great on older women, while crown layers will give the hair an overall body. Shags work on everyone when tailored to the face shape and hair texture.

Short-Length Brunette Shag with Loose Curls and Mini Bangs for Older Ladies
Instagram @reneedomyhair

#5: Brunette Shag with Loose Curls and Mini Bangs

A brunette shag with loose curls and mini bangs is trendy and edgy. Shags are everyone’s best friend. Shape any face with the right textured layers and facial framing. This style with mini bangs works well for pear and long face shapes. Try Hairstory Undressed for a texture spray and volumizer for those crown layers.

Short Curly Shag with Middle Part Bangs for Senior Women with Glasses
Instagram @ajfb_styles

#6: Short Curly Shag with Middle Part Bangs

Change up a layered shape with some cute curtain bangs. This will give you a modern style to shag and frame your face nicely. Shorter bangs are great for older women with glasses. That way, they aren’t going in your eyes and hitting your frames.

Ear-Length Shaggy Blonde Pixie with Choppy Bangs and Flipped Ends for Older Women
Instagram @alluslarues

#7: Blonde Pixie with Choppy Bangs and Flipped Ends

A blonde pixie with choppy bangs and flipped ends is stylish and edgy! If you want to try a new style and go a bit shorter, this fun and fashionable short hairstyle is perfect for you. I recommend cutting your hair with a razor to add extra texture to create that flipped movement. This style will also require a bit of haircutting maintenance. Ideally, you’ll want to touch up this shape every 4-6 weeks.

Neck-Length Wavy Blonde Razor Cut Shag on Old Woman's Thin Hair
Instagram @jamielovehair

#8: Wavy Blonde Razor Cut Shag

If you like a weightless shape, consider a wavy blonde razor-cut shag. Razored cut layers will lighten the heaviness of your hair and promote natural waves. Make sure you choose a stylist who is comfortable with a razor-cutting technique. Ask for a fair amount of layers and whatever length you’re considering. Keep in mind this weightless shape may shrink up when it’s dry.

Very Short Tousled Mullet Shag with Blonde Highlights for Older Generation
Instagram @brainwashelst

#9: Very Short Mullet Shag with Blonde Highlights

Try a very short mullet shag with blonde highlights if you are searching for a chop that has femininity. Longer lengths in the back and soft points on the sides keep this style from looking too short. Add highlights to create dimension and texture. And as a bonus, the blonde can help hide your few grey hairs. A short fringe works well with the shape, and tousle dry with your hands for a natural and organic finish.

#10: Red Blowout Shag for Thick Hair

This red blowout shag will be a great option if you have thick hair. It has tons of layers that help keep your hair manageable.

Short Vintage Shullet with Side-Swept Bangs on Older Ladies with Glasses
Instagram @thedressupmom

#11: Vintage Shullet with Side-Swept Bangs

If you want a more vintage look, try this shullet with side-swept bangs. This is also a great look if you have natural waves.

Short Shaggy Bixie with Soft Bangs and Choppy Ends for Older Women with Fuller Faces
Instagram @manesbysteph

#12: Bixie with Soft Bangs and Choppy Ends

Step out of your comfort zone and try a bixie with soft bangs and choppy ends. Short cuts can still be feminine, and they amp up your style. A bixie happens when you mix a bob and pixie, and the longer tendrils around the face keep your features soft. Ask your stylist for a layered cut shorter in the back, crown, and fringe with bob-length sides. Be prepared for a messy texture that works well styled with a wax product and a more youthful appearance.

#13: Chin-Length Straight Shag with Full Bangs

Try this chin-length straight shag with full bangs for an easy, versatile look. This is also a good option for a casual and fun style. It can be worn straight but also wavy to add a little texture.

Mini Shag with Bangs and Blonde Balayage for 60-year-old Ladies
Instagram @hairystyles_71

#14: Mini Shag with Bangs and Blonde Balayage

A mini shag with bangs and a blonde balayage will give you a more modern style. Layering moving away from the face uplifts your appearance and is trending right now. You’ll want lots of layers and texture in your cut. This type of cutting will work on most hair types to create wispy movement. Your new shape will be easy to style with Pureology’s Style + Protect Mess It Up Texture Paste, added to damp or dry hair.

#15: Choppy Short Shag with Face Frame

Try this amazing choppy short shag with some face frame layers. This is a great look on fine and thick hair. This cut is cool and classic!

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Neck-Grazing Wispy Shag with Face-Framing Bangs for Fine-Haired Mature Women
Instagram @hairlove_salon

#16: Wispy Shag with Face-Framing Bangs for Fine Hair

Try this sexy wispy shag with face-framing bangs. This is a great option if you have fine hair and love layers.

Shorter-Length Shag Cut with Flipped Layers and Curtain Bangs for Old Women with Gray Hair
Instagram @thedressupmom

#17: Shag Cut with Flipped Layers and Curtain Bangs

If you want a more dimensional haircut, try this shag cut with flipped layers. You can add curtain bangs as well to help your hair look fuller.

Short Shaggy Bob with Disconnected Layers for 50-year-olds and up
Instagram @micashairhaus

#18: Short Shaggy Bob with Disconnected Layers

I love this short shaggy bob. While the layers are disconnected, they are still soft. This whole look would embrace features that you want to accentuate.

Neck-Length Messy Shagged Short Cut for Older women with Straight Hair
Instagram @hair.by.cortnie

#19: Neck-Length Messy Shagged Cut

This neck-length messy shagged cut is a fun and versatile look. It’s easy to style and great for any age.

#20: Grey Pixie Shag with Wispy Bangs

If you want a feminine and classic cut, try this grey pixie shag with wispy bangs. It’s easy to style and will give your hair natural added volume.

Very Short Razored Pixie Shag Haircut with Soft Messy Texture on Women passed their 60
Instagram @elven.locks

#21: Razored Pixie Haircut with Soft Messy Texture

I love this razored pixie haircut. Its soft, messy texture gives a modern look with natural volume.

Micro Shag with Fringe for 60s and older with Thin Hair
Instagram @frankys.girl.hair.etc

#22: Micro Shag with Fringe for Thin Hair

This beautiful micro shag with fringe would be great if you have fine hair. It’s elegant and trendy and is wash-and-go!

Short-Length Modern Mullet with Shaggy Layers for 60-year-old Ladies
Instagram @ivylouisehair

#23: Modern Mullet with Shaggy Layers

This modern mullet is fun, and the added shaggy layers are flattering. It’s a great easy-to-style haircut.

Feathered Shaggy Pixie on Older Ladies with Dark Hair
Instagram @hairsorceress_

#24: Feathered Shaggy Pixie

Try this feathered shaggy pixie! It’s so cute yet classic and perfect for ladies of older age who want a low-maintenance hairstyle.

Tapered Short Shaggy Pixie for Older Women with Textured Hair
Instagram @emily.wood36

#25: Tapered Short Shaggy Pixie

For the client who wants a lot of texture and body in the crown with face and neck-framing bits. Shags are a great way to shape the face and accentuate features. A disconnection in length can give you versatility with your style. It will give you short crown layers and long feathery hairlines.

Short shag haircuts are becoming increasingly popular among women of all ages. Still, for older women, it can be an excellent way to update their look while embracing their natural texture. A professional hairstylist, Rachel Rende shares her expert tips to help older women choose a short shag haircut.

Meet The Expert

Rachel Rende
Rachel Rende
Rachel is a hairstylist & razor specialist with over 5 years of experience
You can find Rachel at Shine Salon in Charlotte, NC

Customization for Every Hair Type and Texture

According to Rachel Rende, one of the reasons she loves shag haircuts is that they are highly customizable and can work well with any hair type and texture. While short shags are ideal for medium to thick hair types, they can work equally great on fine hair. “A short shag on finer hair makes my clients feel much fuller than when their hair was long with just a few layers,” says Rende. Shags can work on straight, wavy, or curly hair, bringing out the natural texture in a way that allows for a modern and effortless style.

Embracing Your Natural Hair with Movement and Texture

Rende emphasizes that the short shag haircut is about enhancing and embracing your natural hair with movement and texture. It is perfect for women who are tired of forcing their hair to do something they don’t naturally want to do. “Whatever your hair type is, just make sure your hairstylist is customizing the haircut to your hair type, texture, and lifestyle needs,” she advises.

Considerations for Different Face Shapes

The shag hairstyle is highly versatile and can suit any face shape. Rende suggests that a heavy blocky fringe might make a face look shorter for a round face shape, so dropping the length below the chin and opening up the fringe to part in the middle like a curtain bang can create lines that narrow a round face shape.

Styling Tips and Tricks

The short shag style can be very versatile and easy to style. It can look great air-dried and natural or be blown out for a fun 70s vibe. For everyday life, Rende suggests air-drying or diffusing. “I like my clients to have the option to blow their hair out and feel great, but also to be able to wash their hair and go,” she says. When styling, she recommends brushing the hair forward and allowing the hair to bend around the side of the brush to create that recognizable wing form. Diffusing is also excellent for styling a shag, and Rende suggests hovering around the head and setting the products without touching the hair too much while diffusing. “You want to kick up the volume a notch, try diffusing with your head upside down,” she advises. There are no rules on how much or how little to diffuse your hair, and you can diffuse 100 percent or just the fringe and let the rest air dry.

Product Recommendations

Rende recommends using a texture or sea salt spray on damp hair before diffusing. These sprays will help enhance the hair’s natural texture and create a more defined curl. She also suggests using a light hairspray or a leave-in conditioner to finish the look and tame any frizz.

Photos of the Most Incredible Short Shag Haircuts for Older Women