The Top 21 Short Sassy Haircuts of 2021

Short sassy haircuts for women

Short sassy haircuts are styled and cut using modern techniques to create a bold and different look. From balayage and babylights to razor-cut layers and asymmetrical lines, these new tricks guarantee to add a playful touch to any jaw to neck-grazing cut!

Hairstylist, Jessika Campbell of Paramount Salon/Spa in Temecula, CA says you should consider your lifestyle first. Do you always pull your locks back in a ponytail hairstyle? Do you prefer a low-maintenance look like the “quick blow dry and go” type?

As an artist who specializes in bobs and lobs, Campbell has the two best questions for her clients. She would ask the things you like about the inspirational photo you’ll be showing her. It’s also essential for her to know how much time you wish to spend when styling.

Chopping your long tresses is about taking the plunge, so Campbell tends to cut 1″ less than what you’ll ask for. “It’s best to be able to cut off more length than to cut the hair too short.”

Thinking of a shorter mane, but are afraid to go super short? “I encourage [you] to go at least 1” above the shoulders, so that [your] hair doesn’t start doing “the flip out,” says Campbell.

For voluminous short hair, Campbell likes to apply a fiber mousse on damp locks. A dry texture spray and volumizing powder for finishing touch are also her faves. Meanwhile, to style a blunt cut, a soothing balm on wet hair will be great to create a sleek finish, too.

Repurpose your ordinary cropped cut into a voguish, eye-catching hairstyle! Here are pictures of the trendiest short sassy haircuts for women right now!

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The Perfect Sassy Pixie

short sassy haircut for black females
Instagram @zunigaelyssa

Q&A with style creator, Elyssa Marshall
Hair Stylist @ Vanity Salon in Houston, TX

How would you describe this?

This short sassy hair is a pixie perfect. The cut creates a soft yet edgy look. With this type of hair texture, this cut makes for a short and easy style. This sassy pixie is a soft and feminine short cut.

What’s your best advice?

If you’re thinking about getting a shorter cut, you can pull off this cute short style. Confidence and the way you carry yourself can make or break short sassy hairstyles.

Textured Bangs for Long Faces

short sassy haircuts for long faces
Instagram @hugoalves_h

Q&A with style creator, Hugo Rodrigues
Barber / Stylist @ H Beauty and Care in Goiânia, BR

How would you describe this?

This hair is a textured pixie. Short and sassy haircuts can be worn all the way up, or it can be styled behaved and discreet.

What’s your best advice?

Find a professional short cut expert to make the ideal cut for face type and hair texture. This cut is very good for those who want practicality in daily life and also want to have the option to change their hairstyle easily.

Short Sassy Haircut for Grey Hair

short sassy haircut for grey hair
Instagram @_lyssacolors

This is the best short sassy haircut for grey hair! Jazz it up with side part and bangs. Ladies with thin tresses look so chic with this style. The subtle and cool tone provides a relaxed vibe that fits women with fair skin.

Perfect Sassy Cut for Women Over 60

short and sassy haircut for over 60
Instagram @hairbytaylorking

“Silver and sassy,” is what the hairstylist Taylor King of Swank Salon in Springfield Missouri calls this short and sassy pixie cut that works best for older women over 60 with short hair.

Sassy and Short for Seniors

Sassy and short haircut for seniors
Instagram @dennisalvesilva

Short sassy hair is always iconic to senior women. Style is kept in this convenient haircut. Blonde highlights are the star of the cut, which is more noticeable with layers and layers of locks.

Sassy Cut with Bangs

short sassy haircut with bangs
Instagram @hairbygabrielaa

“A little change is always exciting,” said stylist Gabriela Salas and we couldn’t agree more. This short and sassy bob is made more fun with bangs and some wavy layers. It looks so stunning to ladies with fair skin and light ginger hair color.

Short Spiky Sassy Haircut

Short Spiky Sassy Haircut
Instagram @crista_quijada_

This short spiky sassy haircut will outshine any men’s cut. The ginger-ish color that dazzles under the sun adds fun and gorgeousness to the entire look.

Short & Sassy for African American Women

short sassy haircut for african american
Instagram @stylesbykeeys

This short hairstyle for African-Americans looks too good to be true. The side-swept bangs plus the texture effect create a sassy and short style many African American women find appealing.

Short Curly Sassy Haircut

Short Curly Sassy Haircut
Instagram @josemithebarber

This short curly sassy haircut features an afro fade.  The textured curls in this sassy style are undeniably gorgeous!

Textured Sass for Short Wavy Hair

Textured Sass for Short Wavy Hair
Instagram @beautybymacib

Textured sass for wavy hair always provides an amazing style. Textured waves and a graduated cut boosts the volume and body of the hair. Definitely sassy vibes right here!

Very Short Sassy Haircut

Very Short Sassy Haircut
Instagram @salon_vela

The sassier, the better! This very short sassy haircut with long layers can roll a short hair cut, molding style, and functionality all in one.

Short Sassy Pixie Haircut

Short Sassy Pixie Haircut
Instagram @staceylibuit_hair

The type of sassy short cuts with a feisty look is the pixie. Get those layers and textures going with tapered ends and a side-swept arrangement.

A Sassy Short Bob for Thin Hair

A sassy short haircut for thin hair
Instagram @museparlour

This is the best sassy short cut for thin hair! Work on adding more layers to your short cut for a combo of texture and volume in one bouncy style.

Q&A with style creator, Tinka Salinas
Hair Stylist @ Muse Parlour in Leander, TX

How would you describe this?

This is a fun, playful, and polished asymmetrical bob that’s beautiful, whether it’s styled straight, wavy, or curly!

What’s your best advice?

The bob is a classic cut that will never be out of style. This sassy haircut for short hair fits all face shapes and most hair types. Plus, it offers easy styling options.

Short White Undercut Bob Hairstyle

A sassy short bob undercut for older women with white hair
Instagram @kaileedoeshair

This white undercut bob is perfect for older, sassy women, and women who want a low maintenance look. Adding longer layers in the front compliments one’s face.


Q&A with style creator, Kailee Foidart
Hair Stylist / Colorist @ Posh and Pixie in Kenora, ON

How would you describe this?

Looking for something different rather than a straight-across bob? Ask for an undercut underneath and added texture. This sassy short hair easy and quick to style.

What’s your best advice?

Short sassy cuts like this are versatile on all types of hair. You can wear it curly or round brush to have more volume. Root lifters will help give more volume in the crown. You can tuck it also to give it a different style.

Flattering Short Cut for A Round Face

Sassy and short cut for round face
Instagram @raenikole

Q&A with style creator, Rae Steele
Master Stylist @ Hair by Rae in Covina, CA

How would you describe this?

The color on this short cut is a rich chocolate brown chosen to bring depth and warmth to her complexion. Use organic hair color that contains ingredients that aren’t as aggressive on the body. Ask your stylist to cut face-framing layers and redistributed your hair so that the cut can grow out gracefully. Sassy short haircuts should last about four months.

What’s your best advice?

This cut doesn’t require much, but if your hair is straight, then there is a little more that is needed on your end. Face framing bits are universal because they’re completely tailored to you. Work with your hairdresser to find where your face frame should begin and how it should connect with your ends.

Try HairStory Studio’s hair balm and Rahua’s salt spray. Apply the leave-in cream first, then the salt spray. Use the salt spray mostly at the root and lightly mist all over. If your hair is a little on the straighter side, opt for texture dust that should be applied when the hair is dry. To beef up fine hair, try Hairstory Studio’s powder. It allows for strand separation, which looks amazing.

Short Sassy Layered Bob Haircut

Short Sassy Layered Bob Haircut
Instagram @yorkhair_

Q&A with style creator, Sylvia York
Stylist @ Red Dahlia Salon in Senoia, GA

How would you describe this?

The shorter and mid-lengths are so versatile. This short sassy textured bob is great because you can wear it straight or messy and tousled!

If you want something that grows out easy, try doing a few balayage pieces around the face and top half to brighten things up, but keep it looking very natural.

What’s your best advice?

This is a short sassy women’s haircut designed for all types of hair. All of the lengths can vary, which is why it’s so great. Mid lengths work if you do not want to go too short. If you’re someone with thick hair, removing all of the weight can help the hair move and give you body. If you have the opposite of that, then you probably need more help in the styling department.

Adding in a thickening spray from Bumble and Bumble will help as well as adding a salt spray or even mousse. Bumble and Bumble have a spray that has both. It’s called Surf Foam Spray. If you add in the thickening spray as well as the surf foam, you’re set. Just blow-dry and curl if you like and finish off with the Dry Spun from BB, and you’ll be thrilled with how good it looks.

Short Blonde Sassy Haircut

Short Blonde Sassy Haircut

Q&A with style creator, Erinn Salewski
Hair Stylist @ Tangerine Salon in Frisco, TX

How would you describe this?

This is a woman’s short cut, also known as a pixie cut. Ask your stylist for babylights for a softer grow-out.

What’s your best advice?

Sassy haircuts for short hair, most of the time, are something you have to style. You can’t just wake up and go. Use a texture spray when the hair is wet and then sometimes use a light paste to hold the hair in place the way you like it.

The Best Sassy Bob Cut for Fine Hair

short sassy cut for fine hair
Instagram @cosmarissa

Q&A with style creator, Marissa Grohosky
Stylist @ Charlotte Thomas Salon in Phoenixville, PA

How would you describe this?

This is a modern short bob with a fringe and textured layers cut with low elevation. It’s great for fine-textured hair. The full bang works here, but this short cut works well without it too. It’s short and sassy and totally fun yet chic enough for the office!

What’s your best advice?

This benefit of this short sassy cut is that it works for so many face shapes and hair textures. Your stylist can customize it so that it is perfect for you! Consider adding an inch or two to the length or creating more volume on top if you have a fuller jawline or shorter layers for thick or wavy to curly hair. If you have cowlicks in the front, then bangs may be difficult to style. Maintaining shorter lengths requires a salon visit every 4-5 weeks for a trim.

If you have straight hair, considering adding a lot of texture and style it with products that give it shape without adding weight. The cut does most of the work, so styling is fairly easy. However, if you have curly hair and prefer a smooth, straight style as you see here, it will take a bit of work.

Short Natural Sassy Haircut

Short Natural Sassy Haircut
Instagram @daveydidmyhair

Q&A with style creator, David Matthew
Barber / Stylist @ Number 9 Salon in St. Petersburg, FL

How would you describe this?

To complement a strong facial structure, height is needed at the crown. This takes a shape that could be perceived as square and rounds it out a bit. To ensure a mullet wasn’t created,  maintain some length at the front to counterbalance the soft fringy neckline.

This is a short shaggy pixie. I’m a razor-cutter by nature, and this hair texture is the ideal canvas to put that tool to its best use.

What’s your best advice?

A razor creates a soft taper to the ends of the hair rather than a blunt end, which a scissor would create. With coarse, dense hair, it gives the hair some room to live and breathe. Beyond that, it allows a haircut to bloom into different shapes as it grows out.

With short hair, salt spray is a must. Try R+CO’s Rockaway because it provides muscle without stiffness. Layering on a light styling cream or pomade gives a little separation to achieve a lived-in quality. For the style in this photo,  R+CO’s Mannequin was used. It has more of a cream base, allowing it to be worked through the hair easier than a traditional waxy pomade. Together, these products create a certain ‘je ne sais quoi,’ somewhere in between caring and not caring what the hair looks like.

Sassy Bob for Thick Hair

Q&A with style creator, Stacey Shea
Salon Owner / Hair Stylist @ Stacey Shea Yoga and Hair in Las Vegas, USA

How would you describe this?

This fun, contemporary shorter bob is very fashion-forward and a sassy change from the longer, heavier hair shapes.  With a shorter balance, styling is quick and easy using either a flat iron or 1 1/4 inch barrel curling iron for a soft bend.

What’s your best advice?

If you’re looking for a fresh and youthful update, consider this short and sassy bob. The length of the cut can be tailored to suit your face shape and neckline. This cut will offer a natural frame to the face and is flattering on most women. All textures and densities can support this shape!

An Edgy Cut for Women Over 50

Q&A with style creator, Kirsty Seden
Salon Owner/Master Stylist @ Hair Gallery Cairns in Cairns, AU

How would you describe this?

For a short sassy cut like this, ask for an edgier, yet feminine finish. This is a modern adaption of the old school bowl cut. It requires minimum effort when styling. Plus, it frames a feminine face, high cheekbones, and petite jawline perfectly. To soften the graduation, ask for a strong weight line around the edges.

What’s your best advice?

To style, use a small amount of Schwarzkopf Miracle 15, which creates enough mold-ability, texture, and grit in the hair. You can run straighteners over the ends only, not thoroughly, just enough to sharpen it and finished with a little bit of Schwartzkopf Powder Cloud, In humid climates, this stops the humidity affecting your style throughout the day and can be reworked to suit.

This style would complement a more petite face shape, with a narrowing jawline from the cheekbones with a nice rounded head shape in the back. If you have multiple or strong crowns, you would need to be careful to leave plenty of length around the crown.