50 Best Short Hairstyles for Round Faces to Look Slimmer

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Short hair for round face shapes is cut above the shoulders with a flattering, slimming effect. Whether it’s a bob or pixie, this hair idea exudes universal appeal and chicness without effort.

To help you figure out what cuts and styles would work best for you, here are tips from stylist Candace Bachara of Denver, CO.

💡 Key Things to Know First

  • Go shorter than the mid-neck to accentuate your features better.
  • Choose the right length, cut, and layers that complement your personality and daily routine.
  • For instance, if you work out or pull your hair up a lot, there may be better options than a bob cut.
  • Look at images online for hair inspirations, and consider models who have similar hair texture and face shape as you.

Fortunately, we have a gallery of photos to reference while thinking about your next killer look. Steal ideas on how to style short hair for round face shapes!


#1: Stylish Asymmetrical Bob

This short bob hairstyle is chic, stylish, and dramatic. It accentuates the round cheekbones, chin, and neck, all very attractive features for a woman or younger girl. It’s a classic cut with a playful edge and can be styled or let your natural texture create shape. Short cuts for round faces take maintenance, so you’d need frequent cuts to maintain the shape. That’s not to say it won’t grow out well.

Flattering Cropped Hair for Women Over 60 with round face shape

#2 Flattering Cropped Hair for Women Over 60

This flattering cropped hairstyle for women over 60 with a round face is both chic and low-maintenance. The short, textured layers add volume and dimension, making it ideal for fine or thinning hair. The soft fringe frames the forehead, drawing attention to the eyes and balancing the face’s round contours. This cut is perfect for those looking for an easy yet stylish option. To enhance the texture and maintain the style, use a lightweight styling cream or mousse. Regular trims will keep the shape fresh and vibrant.

Trendsetting neck-length choppy bob for fine hair and round face

#3 Trendsetting Choppy Bob for Fine Hair

A neck-length choppy bob for fine hair is one of those flattering short haircuts for round faces with a softer, textured style! It even looks lovelier with subtle babylights to add shimmer. This hairstyle does the framing effect better on straight and wavy locks.

Woman with a short textured bob and blonde ombre

#4 Sun-Kissed Ombre Textured Bob

Show off your cheekbones with this neck-length textured bob, perfect for round-shaped faces. The style is cut to amplify volume at the crown, drawing attention upwards and balancing a wider forehead. Thick hair types will appreciate the thinned-out ends for a breezier feel. Want that fresh off-the-beach look? The sun-kissed ombre effect does just that, while offering a forgiving grow-out phase. Regular salon visits will keep the texture sharp, and using a volumizing mousse will help achieve this tousled finish.

Sleek platinum blonde blunt bob haircut for woman with round face

#5 Sleek Blunt Bob in Platinum Blonde

Embrace a contemporary edge with this chin-length sleek blunt bob. Its platinum blonde shade is all the rage, and it pairs splendidly with the round contours of the face, giving a softening effect. Tailored for those in their early 30s, this style is ideal for fine, medium-density hair, offering an appearance of thicker locks. While this hue is stunning, it does require commitment to color treatments to maintain its icy allure. For your everyday style, a simple straighten might be all you need, but make sure to discuss color-preserving care with your stylist.


#6 Textured Bob with Curtain Bangs

For a round-shaped face, this short, layered bob with curtain bangs is the ticket to framing your face beautifully while keeping a modern edge. The balayage coloring gives depth and dimension to the natural waves, perfect for a youthful spirit in her late teens or early twenties. The fine to medium hair type benefits from the textured ends, providing volume without weighing down the style. It’s a delightful balance of easy-going and polished. A sea salt spray will be your go-to for amplifying those waves. However, too much product could flatten your style, so moderation is key, and a touch-up with a curling wand might be needed for those extra special days.

Woman with short wavy balayage bob haircut for round face

#7 Wavy Balayage Bob for Lively Volume

This above-the-shoulder cut captures a vibrant spirit with its wavy balayage highlighting the movement within. Ideal for those in their 30s with round faces, the layered volume adds life to medium-density hair. The darker roots lead to lighter ends, adding depth and making it a low-upkeep style despite regrowth. The waves play against a round visage, crafting an illusion of elongation. It’s a versatile look, yet daily styling with heat may be necessary to maintain those lively waves. Discuss with your stylist about protecting your hair from potential heat damage.

Sleek platinum blonde bob and shadow roots for woman with round face

#8 Platinum Blonde Bob with Shadow Roots

This chin-length bob in a platinum blonde with a subtle shadow root effect is a sleek and sophisticated option for those in their 30s with a round face. It’s a great way to add depth to fine, straight hair without sacrificing the lightness of the platinum hue. Plus, the shadow roots make it a more forgiving style when it comes to touch-ups. Use a heat protectant before straightening to keep your hair healthy and a shine serum for that glass-like finish.

Woman with copper red bob haircut and bangs for round-shaped face

#9 Copper Bob with Bangs

This copper-red bob with full bangs perfectly suits a round-shaped face, drawing attention to the eyes and evening out the forehead’s width. It brings a playful yet sophisticated feel to straight, medium-density hair. The inward curve at the ends adds softness around the jawline. While the color is lively and requires some upkeep to prevent fading, the cut itself is fairly low-maintenance. Use a color-protective shampoo to keep the vibrancy alive and a round brush when blow-drying to maintain that elegant inward flick.

Woman with a short voluminous pixie haircut with tapered sides

#10 Voluminous Pixie with Tapered Elegance

Embrace the boldness with this voluminous pixie cut, perfect for thick hair and highlighting defined cheekbones. The tapered sides offer a sleek look, ideal for round to oval faces. In your 30s and want something that screams chic? This cut is your go-to. It requires minimal morning styling – just a bit of pomade to tousle the top and you’re ready. Remember, the volume on top elongates the face, and while it’s a low-maintenance style, keep your appointments to tidy the sides regularly.

Short layered bob and subtle highlights for woman with round face shape

#11 Chic Layered Bob with Natural Highlights

This short, layered bob with natural highlights is a fabulous choice for young women seeking a low-maintenance, yet stylish look. The cut skims the shoulders and features longer strands in the front to frame an oval face gracefully. The natural wave of medium-density hair is enhanced by the layers, which add volume where it’s needed. The subtle highlights introduce dimension that can brighten the complexion. While easy to manage daily, discuss with your stylist the right products to maintain those highlights and keep the layers looking fresh.

Short textured bob for round shaped faces

#12 Modern Textured Bob

When considering short hairstyles for round faces, feel free to go extra short this time. Rock this modern textured bob for round faces, and it’ll give you that eye-catching soft, undone edge. Pair it with a dimensional bronde shade to enhance the texture even more.

A Short Bob with Long Bangs for Round Faces

#13 A Short Bob with Long Bangs

A short bob with long bangs and a round face shape is like a match made in heaven. This short bob for round faces and a double chin appear more oval because of the straight long bangs. A jaw-length hairstyle and fringe can frame the face, balancing its structure. This charming short hairstyle can make round faces with a double chin appear more oval because of the straight long bangs, accentuating the eyes and complementing fair skin.

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Effortless Short Shaggy Cut for round faces

#14 Effortless Short Shaggy Cut

This short-length shaggy cut with bangs is a perfect example of short hairstyles and round face shapes. Considered a slimming haircut, it frames the face well. Styling it with a lot of texture and adding .

#15: Undercut Short Hair with Texture

Those with a round face shape looking for short but flattering hairstyles should try undercut short hair with texture! This low-maintenance cut is a bold yet pleasing way to wear short hair.

Short Face-Framing Bob Hairstyle for Round Face Shapes
Instagram @piatupop

#16: Short Face-Framing Bob Hairstyle

If you desire a hairstyle that enhances your face instantly, try a short face-framing bob. Consider your comfort level with short hair. Also, think about what hairstyle suits your face shape best. Avoid using a small brush for styling to prevent your cut from appearing overly round.

#17: Chic Short Layered Bob with Fringe

Try this chic short layered bob with fringe if you have a round face! The texture in this cut will help elongate your face shape features where you like.

#18: Gray Balayage on Short Hair

Consider embracing a daring and modern look. Try a gray balayage on short hair that helps you make a statement and builds confidence! When styling a bob for round face shapes, lightweight styling wax or pomade helps add texture and definition. Use a flat iron to create sleek waves to add a gorgeous finish.

Beautiful Ringlets for Short Hair and Round Faces and for ladies in their 20s
Instagram @diogo.migli

#19: Beautiful Ringlets

Consider this curly girl haircut if you have curly locks and want to wear your ringlets for short hair. This precision haircut enhances the curl volume. This keeps your ringlets looking healthy and full. I recommend styling with the Bumble and Bumble Curl Defining Cream. Twist your curls in small sections and diffuse them. Then, switch your air temperature from warm to cool. When it comes to curly hair, eliminating frizz can be a challenge. But with these tips, your hair looks so fresh and frizz-free.

Short Blonde Asymmetric Bob Style for Round Faces Shapes
Instagram @elipradohair

#20: Short Blonde Asymmetric Bob Style

A short blonde asymmetric bob style is an excellent choice for women with round face shapes. This cut features longer hair on one side while the other side is shorter. It creates an angle that adds definition to round cheeks. The length and asymmetry provide enough versatility to allow for different styling options. Give your hair regular trims if you want to maintain this look. This look is best suited for those who embrace low-maintenance hair. Its modern, youthful style can make a bold statement without going too edgy.

Deva Cut-Inspired Curly Short Hair for Round Face Shapes with choppy bangs
Instagram @awesome.austin.hair

#21: Deva Cut-Inspired Curly Short Hair

This deva cut-inspired curly short hair is darling and trendy. It’s the best option for someone looking for a shorter silhouette. I suggest a shorter cut if you have stubborn, indecisive waves at the crown or around the face to activate the curl. The weight removal of the long hair will result in light waves to match the rest of your curl pattern. Ask your stylist to incorporate a custom-tailored bang to achieve this result.

#22: Cute Bixie with Messy Curls

If you like to wear your hair short, try a bixie. A cross between a pixie and a bob creates a fuller shape in the crown. Ask about a style that will complement your hair texture and face shape. For round face shapes, a bixie with a fuller crown and fringe area created height to elongate the face. This also created a beautiful effect.

Perfectly Rounded Copper Bob for Short Hair and Round Faces
Instagram @ryennesnow.hair

#23: Perfectly Rounded Copper Bob

Go for a perfectly rounded copper blonde style. You should pre-lift darker hair toned before adding a copper blonde. It will give you the best canvas for brightness. Try a lever 7 or 8 copper for a deep rich copper that works well with warmer complexions. Additional glossing afterward can help reflect shine. Maintenance on reds and coppers is as important as deciding which shade to use. A color-safe shampoo, conditioner, or cream cleanser is key. I love Oway and Hairstory New Wash Original for color protection.

Chic chin-length-bob for a round faced girl
Instagram @nothingobvious

#24: Chic Chin-Length Bob

A chin-length textured short cut has a stunning dimension with those choppy ends and rough layers stacked at the back. Opting for a trendy balayage on soft waves makes it easier to maintain and grow out.

Side-Parted Jaw-Length Blonde Bob for Round Faces
Instagram @kaya__kaia

#25: Side-Parted Jaw-Length Blonde Bob

When you want a short hairstyle, consider a jaw-length bob. It will create balance. This cut is flattering and timeless. It’s an excellent choice for those looking to slim their round face shape. This style will give your look dimension with its soft layers and subtle highlights. Plus, it’s easy to maintain. For added benefit, ask your stylist to add some texture with light waves or curls. This will help create the illusion of width in the right places.

#26: The Classic Bob with Bangs

A short bob cut with bangs is another great option when considering short hairstyles for round faces. This short-length cut is classic and timeless. Black color can be a commitment. You have to know to go into it that it’s staying for a long time!

#27: Lovely Short Stacked Bob

One of the more popular short hairstyles for round faces is a short stacked bob cut long enough in the front to balance and give your look an edge yet short at the back for less bulk. You can also spice up your straight hair with subtle red ends to complete the round face + short hair style you’re looking for.

Wispy Brunette Lob with a Side Part for Round Faces
Instagram @jaders411

#28: Wispy Brunette Lob with a Side Part

You’ll love a wispy brunette lob with a side part. The hair surrounding your face gives the illusion of slimmer features. I recommend having the front length below the chin to lengthen your face even more. The medium layers give you just the right movement. Remember to curl your hair to perfect your finish.

#29: Dark Red Bob Haircut

A dark red bob haircut is a vibe! If you have been thinking about dyeing your hair a fashion color, red is a great option that is both beautiful and professional. Pair this color with a bob haircut for a sophisticated and tidy look. I suggest adding soft layers around your face to give you a more built-in shape to aid in effortless styling.

Adorable Short Cut with Curtain Bangs for Round Face Shapes
Instagram @nakedeyebeauty

#30: Adorable Short Cut with Curtain Bangs

A short haircut with a curtain fringe gives a flattering shape to your face while giving soft movement. Ask your stylist for a short cut with bangs to enhance features suited to you!

Messy Short Hair with Choppy Bangs for Round Faces
Instagram @randa.rivera

#31: Messy Short Hair with Choppy Bangs

A short hairstyle paired with choppy bangs is a flattering choice for round faces because the distinct layering draws the eyes to points of interest on the face. Like contouring, it can visually restructure the face while removing weight from the silhouette.

Cutest Cropped Pixie on a women with a rounded face
Instagram @cabelenka

#32: The Cutest Cropped Pixie

Get a cropped pixie if you’re blessed with a round face shape. It’s one of the most beneficial, beautiful haircuts. This is a neat chop with texture at the top area. The textured style complements and adds balance to a round face.

The fun Shaggy Bob Haircut on a girl with a rounded face shape
Instagram @shearpulp

#33: Fun Short Shaggy Bob with Volume

When pulling off the shorter shaggy bob, it always works better on wavy hair texture. It looks much more natural and fun. This shaggy bob cut on short hair has a tousled texture that flatters a rounded face. The curls are what can break up the fullness of the face.

#34: Cute Short Cut for Curly Hair

Short haircuts benefit you if you add messy waves painted with warm ash brown hues. The soft and effortless styling and cut past the chin balance the whole image, leaving elongated yet voluminous curly hair.

Beautifully Braided Bob for Natural Hair
Instagram @beingstefs

#35: Beautifully Braided Bob for Natural Hair

Short hair for round face shapes is a great way to make your face appear narrow. This accessorized, pretty short braided hairdo can easily be done by anyone as long as you have enough natural hair and creativity.

#36: Trendy Short Pixie Bob with Long Layers

Go for a short pixie bob with long layers because it’s cute, stylish, and trendy! A short pixie bob and long layers are designed for a woman growing out a classic pixie cut. Such a short haircut with textured ends and choppy layers is also great for round face shapes. The cut’s edginess complements the fullness of the face shape.

Youthful Short Choppy Layers
Instagram @hairbykarafina

#37: Youthful Short Choppy Layers

Short choppy layers on a haircut draw attention away from the symmetry of a round face. So yes—it’s ideal for women with a round face shape. This short cut is also great for fine hair, offering a more natural movement. Layering on the crown creates an illusion of more hair while enhancing its shape and body.

Flattering short haircut for women over 50 with round faces
Instagram @todchukstudio

#38: Flattering Short Haircut for Women Over 50

Here’s a flattering short haircut for women over 50. This short pixie cut offers volume at the crown area, making it perfect for round faces. Ladies who don’t always have time to style up are sure to love this pixie.

#39: Trendy Short Angled Bob

Here is a blunt, short, and slightly angled bob styled with a beach wave that compliments round-faced women. It’s very easy to achieve and flattering on round face shapes. A short, angled bob haircut is great for most women who want a low-maintenance hairstyle. It can easily be worn curly or straight without much effort. If your hair is naturally wavy, try a curl cream to enhance the wave and keep the frizz away from your round face. If you have a straight hair type, you can blow dry it with a round brush to create volume or a paddle brush to make it sleeker.

Long Pixie with Side Swept Bangs For Round Face Shape
Instagram @randa.rivera

#40: Blonde Long Pixie with Side-Swept Bangs

A long pixie with side-swept bangs is one of those cuts suitable for women with rounder faces. The haircut’s short edgy shape and side sweep are sure to complement the curve of the face. If wanting a fringe, choose side-swept bangs. They give a much more flattering angle to the face.

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Short Wavy Bob for women with a round face

#41 Feminine Short Wavy Bob

This feminine short wavy bob is a fantastic choice for women with round faces. The chin-length cut with soft waves adds a flattering texture and movement, creating an illusion of length. The subtle layers provide volume without overwhelming fine to medium-density hair. Ideal for those in their late 20s to early 30s, this style is easy to maintain with occasional trims. A sea salt spray will help enhance the natural waves, but avoid heavy products to keep the look light and airy.

Cute Choppy Pixie Cut with Long Bangs for Round Faces
Instagram @zinoveva_elena

#42: Cute Choppy Pixie Cut with Long Bangs

A choppy pixie haircut with long bangs can flatter round faces. The length was left on top for added movement and softness. This haircut works well on women who want to put little effort into styling. It may be easy to style, but it demands regular trims to maintain its shape and volume.

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#43: Side-Parted Long Bob (Lob)

This side-parted long bob is a choppy bob styled with lots of undone texture and airiness. Style it with a 1.25-inch curling iron and finish it with texture hairspray. The right amount of movement would complement/soften round face shapes. If you want a more natural version of this bob, go for a softer shade of rich brown. This length is great for get-up-and-go lifestyles but plays up well when you spend time styling it. This short haircut for chubby face shapes looks great, both wavy and straight.

#44: Sassy Textured Inverted Bob

A textured inverted bob on short-length hair will flatter an overweight face. The movement within short hairstyles for women like this will bring extra spice to your blonde locks.

Beautiful layered bob haircut for a chubby face and short thick hair
Instagram @dnwluxehair

#45: Beautiful Layered Bob for Thick Hair

Try a layered bob for thick hair that flatters women with chubby faces. Consider adding extra texture to make more of it a shaggy boho bob. To style, use a texture spray that keeps memory in your hair.  This way, when you touch those curls, they hold their definition and shape.

Short messy beach waves for round face shapes
Instagram @caithelle_hair

#46: Messy, Beach Waves

This is a slightly messy haircut with beach waves and a super cute choppy fringe. It has no layers except a messy interior layer. This short hairstyle for round faces is great for women with thick or thin hair with a fine texture. It works great straight or curled. There are no layers on top, so it’s still easy to pull up, but it has interior layers, so you can still get texture and movement.

Short Neck-Length Bob with Side Part for Round Faces
Instagram @kotaiba_ekhari

#47: Short Straight Neck-Length Bob with Side Part

Check out this lovely short hair for chubby faces! A simple neck-length bob for straight hair will make you want to try many styles. You can flaunt your bob with waves and braids or explore a blonde color melt, too! Switch your part, then blow your hair dry to achieve instant volume when styling.

#48: The Dramatic Short A-Line Bob

Short A-line bobs are a dramatic angled cut with low graduation. It’s a haircut for a chubby face shape and a great length to have versatility with. Keeping the cut below the chin elongates the face and neck.  One thing to consider about this haircut is the maintenance. You’ll likely need to see your hairdresser every 6-8 weeks.

Modern Graduated Bob with Glasses and a Round Face
Instagram @emiliebhd

#49: Modern Graduated Bob with Glasses

Perfect for a round face, this short haircut that’s short at the back and longer at the front has a natural slimming effect and gives dimension to the short graduated bob hairstyle. These cuts may be styled straight to offer you that amazing shine you can easily recreate at home.

#50: Modern Textured Pixie with Side Bangs

Opt for a textured pixie with side bangs. With the right amount of texture, the color will pop. “Bedroom Hair” by Kevin Murphy and “This is a strong dry wax” by Davines are good hair products.