25 Cutest Ways to Get a Pixie Cut with a Side Part

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

#1: Bright Blonde Pixie Hair with Piece-y Bangs

Start with the glamorous version of a pixie haircut. Style it with a side part and long, sweeping bangs. Don’t forget to keep the top portion of your hair layered and longer. This will help avoid a spiky look and give your hair a fuller shape. A short haircut needs frequent maintenance, so don’t forget to schedule a trim every 6 weeks.

Brunette Long Pixie with Swept Bangs and a Side Part
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#2: Brunette Long Pixie with Swept Bangs

To achieve a sophisticated short look, opt for a pixie cut with a side parting. Keeping it short yet stylish by maintaining more length in the front gives room to sweep the bangs to the side. For a glamorous appeal, ensure you hold the hair a bit flatter. This sleek, well-defined style is not just beautiful but also chic.

#3: Super Short Pixie with Long Side Bangs

super short pixie with long side bangs is one style option. Another is a short pixie with side part bangs, which is cute, feminine, and easy to style. Use strong-hold gel or cream. Comb it into your hair and let it air dry. This will keep your style in place all day. Keep the bangs longer if you want to compliment your face shape, such as pear, square, long, round, or diamond. A pixie cut also helps manage thicker hair textures beautifully. You can achieve this through techniques like channel cutting, which adds lots of texture.

Soft Tousled Lixie for Thin Hair with Side Part
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#4: Soft Tousled Lixie for Thin Hair

A soft, tousled hairstyle for thin hair is a style called a lixie, which is a longer version of a pixie. One great way to enhance finer hair textures is by having a blunt perimeter line and a slightly shorter length, like a long pixie. A tousled texture can enhance this hairstyle. You can achieve this texture by round brushing with a twisted finish or using a big wave curling iron to add a few twists. Finish the style with Hairstory powder for extra body and texture.

Layered Brown Pixie Crop with Side Part for Older Ladies
Instagram @ittaribeiro

#5: Layered Brown Pixie Crop

Opt for a layered pixie cut if you want to add body and ease to your style. This style works well for fine, medium, and thick or coarse hair. Modify the cut by removing some weight using razors or shears if necessary. For thicker hair, avoid using channel cuts and opt for slide cuts. The look gets a feminine touch with a side part and soft bangs around the eyes. If you want to add highlights, concentrate on the crown to avoid a striped look on the sides and back.

Platinum Pixie with Straight Side Part and Bangs
Instagram @haaremitstil

#6: Platinum Pixie with Straight Side Bangs

Consider a feminine platinum pixie with straight side bangs. It has more length on one side, which gives it lots of volume. A straight bang without layers provides a focus for the asymmetry and highlights the eyes. If you want volume in this style, shorter layers in the back create a rounded, full shape.

Long Pixie with Spiky Layers and Side-Swept Fringe
Instagram @haaremitstil

#7: Pixie with Spiky Layers and Side-Swept Fringe

A pixie hairstyle with spiky layers and a side-swept fringe can be an interesting look. If you have angular, rectangular facial features and wish to soften them, then a side-swept pixie hairstyle could be a great option for you. If you have thick hair, excessive texturizing can add extreme texture and form layers of spikes. Softeners can also be used for an edgy style. Applying a light hold gel can give your hair a slightly wet look and highlight the textured style you want.

#8: Short Hair with Heavy Side Bangs

Choose the big chop hairstyle that features short hair with heavy side bangs. A pixie with side-parted hair is the perfect cut for long or oval face shapes. Notice how the side part distracts viewers from noticing the length of your face. The draping front off to one side adds width and balance and is very complimentary. You’ll want long layers on the top, weight around the ear on the sides, and a taper at the nape for an easy tousled, dry finish.

Dimensional Blonde Pixie with Side Part and Swept Bangs for Ladies Over 60
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#9: Dimensional Blonde Pixie with Side-Swept Bangs

Consider getting a haircut called the dimensional blonde pixie, which includes side-swept bangs. The rounded sides and low part of the pixie cut make it a perfect choice for people with rectangular face shapes. Ensure that the layers of the cut are not too short so that sufficient thickness is maintained around the scalp area. Blow dry your cut with a round brush to create volume where it’s needed. Darker roots and lowlights will give your cut beautiful depth, making the blonde really pop.

#10: Asymmetrical Pixie with Side Part Style

Softening the face shape is one of the main pluses of a pixie look with side part asymmetry. Thin square, round, long, and inverted triangle face shapes can wear a side parted pixie. The deeper the part, the more fringe coverage you will achieve, your stylist can help determine the best parting for your face shape.

#11: Feathered Pixie Cut for Thick Hair

Try a feathered pixie cut for your thick hair. Utilize a razor cut to create softness in your pixie cut with side part styling. This technique also helps to remove some weight and give movement to your hair. If you’re thinking about a new style, consider a blend of bob and pixie. This combo is a good choice if you’re considering testing a pixie style or planning to let one grow out. Remember, the right length, parting, and styling will ensure that the cut suits most face shapes.

Chopped Uneven Pixie Hair with Deep Side Part
Instagram @kurzehaare

#12: Chopped Uneven Pixie Hair

You can add another layer of edge to your chopped pixie hair by going uneven with your sides. Cutting one side of the pixie hair shorter gives a chic and polished look!

#13: Thick Pixie Style with Side Fringe

thick pixie style with a side fringe is a great haircut option for people with heart, pear, round, or long face shapes. This style allows asymmetry to create balance. Use a razor cut or lots of slicing for added texture and movement in thicker hair types. A slight undercut can also help by making the hair lay both flatter and lighter.

Side-Parted Pixie Bob with Graduated Layers
Instagram @daniel.hairstylist

#14: Side-Parted Pixie Bob with Graduated Layers

A pixie bob with a side part is a top choice for an edgy look. A pixie cut that’s shorter at the nape and has longer layers adds weight, so it’s ideal for finer hair. An asymmetric front where one side is longer and fringed looks pleasing. In addition, tucking the other side behind the ear creates a flattering shape, especially if you prefer not to cut your hair too short.

#15: Deep Side-Parted Pixie for Fine Hair

Opt for a deep side parted pixie for your fine hair. It will add more volume to your lackluster strands. Talk to your stylist about adding bangs if you want to hide any forehead features.

Side-Swept Pixie with Crown Layers
Instagram @zinoveva_elena

#16: Side-Swept Pixie with Crown Layers

The side-part pixie style is a stunning example of a feminine and timeless look. Show off your facial features by cropping the hair around the ears and tapering it tightly at the nape. Request textured layers around the crown to add height. A long sweeping fringe provides a focal point and softens the look.

#17: Sleek Pixie Style with Long Bangs

A dramatic take is provided by an undercut and side parting with a pixie cut. The tight, shorter hair around the nape blends into the longer top and sides for a youthful revision of the classic style. Keeping the top and sides of your hair sleek is a throwback to the late 90s. A glossy finishing product will tame split ends and flyaways without adding more texture.

#18: Very Short Round Pixie with Blonde Highlights

Consider a short blonde pixie cut if you have fine hair. Styling your hair can change how others see you. For finer hair, a pixie cut with a side part can give it depth and movement. Side-parted bangs frame your face well and bring out your eyes. Applying blow-dry serum and then brushing your hair in line with your head’s shape will hold the style. This technique uses your head as a guide to add volume and shape to your hair.

Short Cropped Pixie Hair Parted to the Side
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#19: Short Cropped Hair Parted to the Side

A side-parting pixie hairstyle is short, stylish, and truly classic. If worn a little longer, it can provide a soft and feminine feel. Loosen the definition of the parting by gently ruffling the layers for a sweeping look. Maintaining the length at the fringe makes the hairstyle appear playful.

Purple Choppy Pixie with Deep Side Part Bangs
Instagram @zinoveva_elena

#20: Purple Choppy Pixie with Deep Side Part Bangs

If you like shorter hair, a textured pixie hairstyle with a side part could be a great fit. Taper in at the nape to give the longer, layered top and sides a raw feel. Use a dry texture spray for added definition. This deep side part can be enhanced with a cool, edgy smoke hue. Short hair looks stunning when paired with a bold color.

Ash Blonde Pixie with Shaved Side and Side Part
Instagram @dudkazhenya

#21: Ash Blonde Pixie with Shaved Side

An undercut, combined with a pixie hairdo and a side part, gives an edgy urban feel. This modern twist highlights the difference in lengths. If you shave one side, there will be an overhang from the layers on top. This fact actually adds a bit of softness to the style. Go bold with color. A short haircut screams for eye-catching hues.

Tapered Copper Pixie with Side Part
Instagram @slhairstudio

#22: Tapered Copper Pixie with Side Part

A pixie cut with a side part results in deep sectioning in the hair, adding volume at the crown and fringe area. This hairstyle complements round, oval, and heart face shapes. The tapered sides offer durability to the style. You can maintain it every 4 weeks or let it grow into a wispy fringe.

Long Blonde Textured Pixie That's Swept to the Side
Instagram @kurzehaare.damen

#23: Long Blonde Textured Pixie

If you want a low-maintenance, shorter cut, consider a longer pixie hairstyle with a side part. This style appears lived in and slightly grown out, offering a softer look. It’s also kinder to regrowth. A parting makes longer hair more manageable as it balances the weight. For a ‘yesterday hair’ feel, dry your hair to add height and texture. A pro tip: dryer products are better than wet or glossy ones to create a messy, low-key vibe.

Side Part Voluminous Layered Pixie with Undercut
Instagram @baborelli

#24: Voluminous Layered Pixie with Undercut

Try a pixie haircut with layers and an undercut for a preppy-chic and bold, edgy look. The undercut requires the most upkeep, needing a trim every 2-4 weeks to maintain a clean-shaven look. To enhance the volume of the layered pixie style with a side part, blow-dry it using a small round brush.

#25: Soft Pixie on Golden Blonde Hair

A soft pixie haircut complements golden blonde hair well. Shapes complementing facial features and style are crucial for a fun and flattering haircut. A soft pixie cut adds movement and femininity to short hair with body and soft style. A side-part pixie cut helps balance facial features. It adds body and frames the eyes with a side bang.

In the realm of hair fashion, a pixie with side part shines as a timeless and versatile cut. Taylor Newroth, an acclaimed hairstylist, has a treasure trove of advice to share. In this guide, Taylor throws light on how to flawlessly wear this trend, making it tailored for your hair type, face shape, and personal style.

Meet The Expert

Taylor Newroth
Taylor Newroth
Taylor is a haircut specialist with over 3 years of experience.
You can find Taylor at Lure Salon in Dallas, TX.

Know Your Hair Type

Taylor kicked it off with her insights on what hair types are best suited for a pixie cut with a side part. She expressed, “Fine, thick hair or fine, wavy hair typically suit this style best.” However, this doesn’t rule out other types. Taylor warned about the level of commitment needed for a pixie cut. You need to be ready for regular styling as well as frequent trims to keep it looking sharp.

Pixies for Every Face Shape

Moving on, Taylor dished on how face shape impacts the pixie cut with a side part. The style tends to enhance features for those with oval, heart, or round faces. She noted, “The side part gives round face shapes a bit more flexibility to go shorter.” But all face shapes can try out this style. Taylor suggests keeping it top-heavy with some layers, as opposed to sticking to a true fringe.

Style a Pixie Cut with Ease

Taylor wrapped up the conversation with her hair styling tips for maintaining a pixie with a side part. Her advice? Blow drying to achieve volume. Push your hair from the back of your head to the front, and direct it side to side, giving you a lift. “For a wavy pixie, most clients prefer to air dry with a light hold product like Curl Gloss from Oribe,” Taylor recommended. For more texture and hold, try Matte Waves and Fiber Groom pomade from the same brand.

A pixie with a side part can offer a fresh, chic look. With this expert advice, you can make sure it complements your hair type and face shape, while making sure you have the right tools on hand.

Photos of the Cutest Pixie Cuts with Side Part