25 Flattering Pixie Shags for Women In Their 70s

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief
Wavy Shaggy Pixie with Choppy Layers for Women Over 70
Instagram @melrose.hair

#1: Wavy Pixie with Choppy Layers

A wavy pixie with choppy layers is the best style for those looking for a shag-inspired look. The wavy, layered pixie is a perfect style for individuals who prefer to air-dry their hair. To achieve the wavy, layered pixie look, a razor cut is the best method for optimum texture and movement.

#2: Face-Framing Purple Highlights on Gray Pixie

Purple highlights can frame the face on a gray pixie cut. A shag hairstyle for ladies over 70 works well on any age and any hair texture, so you don’t need to worry about whether it will suit you. Consider your hair texture, density, and face shape. A stylist can tailor your hairstyle to suit you perfectly based on these factors. Purple coloring around the face enhances your look and highlights blue or green eyes. With grey hair, the contrast of purple is striking due to its cool undertones.

#3: Pixie with Crown Layers for Fine Hair

If you are a woman over 70 with fine hair, consider a pixie cut with layers on top. You can create more volume with a volumizing spray or by teasing your hair a little. Dry your hair forward with a small round brush for a bouncy look. Finish with a tousled hairspray like Kevin Murphy’s Doo.over.

#4: Edgy Undercut Pixie Mullet

You can choose an edgy undercut pixie mullet as a hairstyle. Are you looking for a bold haircut for someone older? No problem. The mullet undercut is the best hairdo to vary in length, give texture, and add an edge. It works well for straight, fine, medium, and thick hair. If you have a long face or a wide forehead, create a face-framing fringe for balanced features. Add texture paste or styling wax to define the texture and style the ends of your hair.

Salt and Pepper Choppy Pixie Shag for Older Ladies Over 70
Instagram @amelia.dray.hair

#5: Salt and Pepper Choppy Pixie

Take a look at this stylish short haircut for ladies aged 70. The salt and pepper choppy pixie cut suits those who prefer spiky hairstyles. It’s best to get this haircut from a stylist who uses texturizing and razoring techniques. Apply matte clay to dry hair at home to create a bold and cool look.

Angled Silver Pixie Shag with Feathery Layers and Bangs for Older Ladies Aged 70
Instagram @gorgou_z

#6: Angled Silver Pixie with Feathery Layers

Try an angled silver pixie cut with feathery layers for a face-lifting effect. A hairstyle that keeps hair off your face helps lift sagging features and balances out thin faces. Request a layered wedge from your stylist. Blow dry your hair using your hands or a round brush. Use mousse or gel for control. You can use a curling iron for added body.

#7: Straight Hair Pixie Shag with Soft Layers

This pixie shag hairstyle has straight hair and soft layers. Soft layers around the face shape it aesthetically to enhance your features. Creating a soft look is crucial for older women, helping to express their femininity at any age. A pixie shag can either be the final desired haircut, or it can be a bridging style leading up to a full shag or mullet. The options for this hairstyle are endless. The natural texture of your hair makes this style easy and successful.

#8: Shaggy Pixie with Tapered Layers

Consider a soft, feminine pixie cut with a shaggy look. It has longer tapered layers around the face and ears. This style is perfect if you prefer hiding your ears. A shorter cut can build up weight in the hair, giving it a fuller look. Try using a dry-textured paste to style the hair. This paste will add texture without making the hair too heavy.

#9: Shagged Pixie with Short Layers

This hairstyle is for you if you want a trendy style that grows well between haircuts and adds body and movement to your hair. Tell your stylist to give you a shaggy pixie mullet that frames your face well with your natural hair texture. This style can give your hair more body with layers at the crown and soft curls around the hairline. Set with Hairstory Undressed for added body and texture to the hair and easy styling.

Very Short Pixie Shag with Wispy Bangs on Grandma Over 70
Instagram @hairgrl12

#10: Very Short Pixie Shag with Wispy Bangs

Pixie shag with wispy bangs is a hairstyle often loved by women over 70. The texture of this hairstyle is very flattering and easy to style. Older women usually prefer a wash-and-go hairstyle that’s easy to maintain. To achieve a voluminous style, stylists can apply rollers to the head or use a volumizing hair serum after washing and drying.

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Half Pink, Half Green Pixie Shag Mullet for Older Ladies Aged 70
Instagram @really.good.hair.day

#11: Half Pink, Half Green Pixie Mullet

A half pink, half green pixie mullet. Age doesn’t limit your style. Pick a cut that enhances your face shape, like the classic 70’s shag cut. Wavy, straight, or curly, a shag can be tailored to suit you. Add a mix of edgy green and pink, also known as watermelon hair color, to your hair for an exciting look.

#12: Extra Short Graduated Mullet

Opt for a very short layered shaggy mullet. Adding layers at the back of the style gives shape to the head and enhances the longer strands near your neck’s base, creating a more daring appearance.

Very Short Pixie Shag Mullet with Purple Highlights for 70-year-old Ladies with Glasses
Instagram @rebelhairaz

#13: Very Short Mullet with Purple Highlights

You can upgrade a very short mullet by adding purple highlights. The purple color emphasizes the textured layers of this stylish haircut. My recommendation is to finish this look with some texture paste.

Textured Shaggy Pixie Mixie with Blonde Highlights for Women Over 70
Instagram @gregcassese

#14: Textured Mixie with Blonde Highlights

A textured hairstyle, a mixie or mullet/pixie, can be improved with blonde highlights for greater contrast. For maximum texture, you might want to request a mixie haircut using a razor. Use a salt spray like R CO’s Sail and air drying to style such a hairdo.

Tousled Pixie Shag on Older Women Aged 70 with White Hair
Instagram @sarah.slays.hair

#15: Tousled Pixie Shag on White Hair

A tousled pixie shag on aging hair is a great choice for fine hair. A flatter style covers the scalp more, and gives your hair a denser appearance. You will feel more trendy with the layered and shaggy pixie look. Avoid a curling iron for a modern look that stays close to the head, which suits thinning hair better. Style your hair forward using your hands and a texture wax product.

#16: Brown Choppy Layered Pixie

For women over 70, a pixie with brown choppy layers would be an excellent choice. Its brown color adds warmth to the look and suits cooler or neutral skin tones. Tell your stylist to include short, choppy layers at the top of the pixie hairstyle to attain an easy but voluminous style.

Textured Shaggy Pixie Cut for Thick Hair for Older Women Aged 70
Instagram @hair_by_ala

#17: Textured Pixie Cut for Thick Hair

Women over 70 with thick hair really need a textured pixie cut. Texture reduces hair bulk and makes it appear less thick. Stylists should use a point-cutting technique, which is cutting straight into the ends. Apply a paste to highlight the thin layers. Use hairspray to keep them in place.

#18: Grey Pixie with Choppy Bangs

In your 70s, try a textured pixie shag for a soft feminine style. This style can soften your features using a razor cut to add texture. A low-maintenance soft feminine blend is essential, especially to avoid a bowl-like appearance in your later years.

#19: Pixie Mullet with Fringe

A short hair style that combines a pixie cut, a mullet, and a fringe is ideal for older women seeking a fun look! Your stylist can use a texturizing product, like a paste or styling cream, to give your hair more texture. This could result in a sleek or punky look.

Razor Cut Pixie Shag with Baby Bangs for Grandmothers Over 70
Instagram @fran.smithandfox

#20: Razor Cut Pixie with Baby Bangs

pixie haircut with short bangs, cut using a razor, would be ideal for fine hair. The razor-cut technique gives a defined and sleek look, especially to the edges that frame your face. Finish this look with texture cream for extra definition.

Messy Red Pixie Shag with Light Bangs for Older Ladies Aged 70
Instagram @jillsellhair

#21: Messy Red Pixie with Light Bangs

Consider choosing a messy pixie haircut with light bangs, colored with a fun shade of red. I recommend doing some research on the best reds for your skin tone. Discuss with your stylist the most flattering length for your messy pixie cut, considering your hair texture and thickness. To maintain the freshness of your red color between salon visits, use a red-enhancing shampoo and conditioner at home.

Textured Shaggy Short Pixie for Seniors Aged 70
Instagram @sixeastsalon

#22: Textured Shaggy Short Pixie

For a stylish and edgy short haircut, consider a textured, shaggy pixie cut. This haircut suits both the young and old. For a textured feel, it should be point-cut or razored. Ideally, you can air dry it with Hairstories Salt Spray. Alternatively, you can blow dry and style it with Hanz De Fuko’s Quicksand for a light, airy feel.

Very Short Feathered Shaggy Pixie with Pink Hue for Women Over 70
Instagram @jdxhair

#23: Very Short Feathered Pixie

Look at this short, feathered pixie cut that suits people of all ages. It features short sides and a top with wispy sideburns. Maintaining this style is easy, it just requires routine washing, blow drying, and applying styling cream or matte clay suited to your hair type. Plan a trim with your stylist every 4 to 6 weeks to keep it looking fresh. If you seek extra flair, consider adding a color of your choice.

 Curly Baby Pixie Shag on women over 70 with glasses
Instagram @kimsue22

#24: Curly Baby Shag

A curly baby shag is a trendy way to add more body and movement to aging hair.

#25: Pixie-Length Thin Hair with Wispy Layers

A classic and gorgeous cut for any senior is a pixie-length hair cut with wispy layers. The utilization of texture in this look makes aging hair look fuller and more lively.

Ready to make a style shift? As you age, don’t let the idea of a hair makeover scare you away. Elite stylist Lindsey Bridges offers up expert tips on the pixie shag cut. Perfect for those over the age of 70. She spills the secret on how to tailor this look to suit your unique face shape and hair type.

Meet The Expert

Lindsey Bridges
Lindsey Bridges
Lindsey is a hairstylist & salon owner with over 11 years of experience.
You can find her at Once Wild Salon in Tucson, AZ.

Managing texture and thickness

Lindsey believes these two factors are key in styling a pixie shag. “The best part about this haircut is it is wash and go,” she says. She explains that layers flatter all face shapes. These layers can make the cut your own and suit many types of hair.

Your hair may need a bit more style if it is gray. A texture serum or leave-in conditioner may be all you need if you have fine hair. “For most people, using a razor will enhance any texture in the hair. It makes for a soft, fun, and low upkeep style,” suggests Lindsey.

Tailoring to your face shape

The pixie shag can flatter all kinds of face shapes. If you add bangs or a softer curtain fringe, you can adjust how wide or thin your face looks. Lindsey states, “If you have high cheekbones, this is a great cut. The layers around the face really highlight them!”

Styling tips and product picks

Your hair type will guide you in deciding the products that meet your needs. Lindsey has several suggestions. For curly hair, she suggests moisture and curl-enhancing serums. If your hair is thick, opt for a leave-in conditioner and a soft pomade to control it.

For thin fine hair, volume and texture sprays are perfect to mold hair and give it volume. “Scrunching will add fun little kicks in the hair. The pixie shag isn’t meant to be perfect. It’s meant to have some fun texture,” Lindsey advises.

Pictures of the Most Flattering Pixie Shags for Women Over 70