26 Cutest Pixie Shags Women Over 60 Are Rockin’ in 2024

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief
Nape-Length Razored Pixie Shag with Side Bangs for Seniors Aged 60
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#1: Razored Pixie Shag with Side Bangs

A razored pixie shag with side bangs could be your updated hairstyle. As hairdressers, we offer you new ideas for your cut. The razored pixie shag presents a fresh approach to your short hair. The shorter layers in the crown and the longer tendrils at the bottom are on point for a trendy shape. A razor cut reduces the weight of your hair and achieves a shaggy perimeter.

#2: Cutest Pixie Cut with Bangs

A pixie cut with bangs is a fun and funky hairstyle. It’s perfect for anyone wanting to make a bold statement. This style features textured, short lengths throughout, usually between 1 and 3 inches. You can choose to incorporate a fringe that suits you. To maintain the volume in this style, you can use matte clay from roots to ends. Also, regular trims every 4 to 6 weeks can help keep your pixie cut fresh.

#3: Brunette Mullet Pixie Hair

A brunette mullet pixie is a trendy hairstyle. Shag hairstyles are popular, whether you’re going for a retro 60s look, or you’re in your 60’s. Ask your stylist for soft, feminine cuts that frame your face and nape. You could also ask for a textured crop on the crown of your head. These pixie hairstyles for women over 60 with glasses can be tailored to suit all hair types and head shapes.

Salt and Pepper Shaggy Pixie on ladies over 60
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#4: Salt and Pepper Shaggy Pixie

Consider a salt and pepper shaggy pixie cut. For those with thicker wavy textures, try a carved-out style using a razor. The carved-out style will soften your cut and add movement. It also allows your hairstyle to naturally follow your hair’s growth pattern and highlight your features. An added bonus is that this style changes into numerous attractive shapes as it grows. You can enjoy a new look every few months as it transforms.

Short Layered Pixie Shag with High Crown Layers for 60-year-old Ladies
Instagram @thehairhuman

#5: Layered Pixie with High Crown Layers

If you want volume and height, you should opt for layers around the crown. Style it using a one-inch round brush or a curling iron and finish with hairspray. Face-framing layers will enhance your style by adding texture to your hair. This layered pixie is a great choice for 60-year-olds with finer hair who desire more volume.

Mixie Cut with Feathered Bangs and Layers for ladies in their 60s
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#6: Mixie Cut with Feathered Bangs and Layers

This style is called a mixie cut, which includes feathered bangs and layers. Artistic women in their 60s will love this amazing mixie cut. This is a low-maintenance style requiring a proper cut. It works great with all hair textures. It is a result of combining a pixie and a mullet cut. You can let the mixie cut grow for a few months. With age, it looks even better.

Shagged Pixie Cut for Thick-Haired Women Over 60
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#7: Shagged Pixie Cut for Thick Hair

Here’s a shagged pixie cut for thick hair. If you had a shag hairstyle in the 60s, now is your chance to revisit the style in your current 60s. Shags suit all face shapes, and your stylist will guide you to choose the best length according to your face shape.

#8: Low-Maintenance Very Short Mullet

Consider a low-maintenance, very short hairstyle known as a mullet. The reasons that make a mullet low-maintenance include its natural growth pattern and the improvement of the look as it ages. With its nape being feathery and a bit longer than most, we can categorize it as a micro mullet versus a longer version of the mullet. This is a great transition from a pixie to a mullet.

Super Short Razored Shaggy Pixie Cut with Piece-y Bangs for ladies in their 60s
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#9: Super Short Razored Cut with Piece-y Bangs

If you have been scared of a razor cut, trust the process and go for it again. A skilled razor-cut stylist will be able to deliver a gorgeous cut, and it will look soft and carved out perfectly. A short feminine pixie looks good with texture, volume, and movement. It’s one of the best short shaggy haircuts for ladies in their 60s.

Red Curly Shaggy Pixie Crop for women past their 60s with round faces
Instagram @jldoeshair

#10: Red Curly Pixie Crop

Go for a red, curly pixie crop as a hairstyle. For a pixie crop with wavy hair, you can create a gentle, feminine style that frames the face. The pixie crop leaves more length near the top of the head, helping to add volume and shape to the haircut. However, cutting your hair too short at the top may result in flat hair.

Pixie Shag Cut with Shaggy Bangs and Layers for seniors over 60
Instagram @hairoin.nl

#11: Pixie Cut with Shaggy Bangs and Layers

A pixie cut featuring shaggy bangs is quite the statement. Women in their 60’s can look fantastic in this style. If you’re looking to bring a youthful vibe to your look and bring out your eyes, then a pixie with face-framing petals and some micro chunky textures bangs give you a feminine youthful edge. Utilizing a razor cut technique will enhance this hairstyle’s appeal.

Colorful Tapered Shaggy Pixie Mullet on women aged 60s and up with glasses
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#12: Colorful Tapered Pixie Mullet

You should go for a colorful tapered pixie mullet. This style is for fun-loving women in their 60’s, grandmother or not. This style of cut and color will draw attention to you, no doubt. Remarkable pink highlights will frame your face. The pixie mullet cut will offer you shorter bangs and crown. Expect soft tendrils near your ears and the nape area.

#13: Straight Long Pixie for Gray Hair

A straight long pixie is great for gray hair. Many think that gray hair is not fun. But if your hair is straight, aim to have a smooth texture across your style. Cut it well or else small mistakes will pop up. Many layers will lend this cut shape and volume, framing the face and profile.

#14: Choppy Pixie Crop with Light Bangs

A choppy pixie crop with light bangs is a great choice. A pixie shag works well for most face shapes and can be tailored to suit your needs. This hairstyle can be adjusted according to your preferred length, thickness, and texture. Also, the best part is that a shag improves with age, making it a low-maintenance option for regular salon visits. Use texture cream for a matte, roughed-up look, or leave your hair natural.

Flipped-Up Shaggy Pixie with Blonde Highlights on Older Ladies Over 60
Instagram @natalie.rae.hair

#15: Flipped-Up Shaggy Pixie with Blonde Highlights

Here’s a style known as a flipped-up shaggy pixie with blonde highlights. Try a shaggy pixie if you want added texture and shape to a short style. Using a curling iron or blow dryer to flip the hair up can draw attention away from the face. This creates an uplifting effect, which is a benefit, especially for older women aged 60.

#16: Blonde Razor Cut Pixie Shag

A blonde shaggy pixie cut with style can make you look younger. Adding short, spiky layers at the crown, combined with shaggy sides and back, gives it a modern touch. Razor cutting is recommended to give the cut excellent texture and shagginess. If your hair is coarse, use a drop of smoothing cream when you blow dry. Finish the look by applying texture putty using your hands.

Short and Soft Shaggy Pixie Mullet for Senior Women Aged 60 with Fine Hair
Instagram @honey.comb.hair

#17: Soft Pixie Mullet for Fine Hair

A soft pixie mullet is a great choice for ladies in their sixties with fine hair. Another neat way to style your hair as you age is a timeless pixie shag. Razor-cut layers around your face can soften your features and improve the texture of your hair. Think about your profile and face shape when picking the best cut length. A shag hairstyle is always a good option.

Neck-Length Mini Pixie Shag with Micro Fringe for women over 60
Instagram @caylacutshair

#18: Mini Shag with Micro Fringe

Try a new hairstyle – a cute, trendy mini shag with a small fringe. The short fringe pairs well with the soft length in the back, and the layers throughout provide easy styling. Don’t worry. The mini shag hairstyle also looks great on straight hair. If you like versatility, try tucking the sides behind your ear or style the fringe to the side. This style offers a lot of flexibility.

Very Short Shaggy Wolf Cut with Choppy Bangs on Older Women Aged 60 with Glasses
Instagram @lise.marie.hair

#19: Very Short Wolf Cut with Choppy Bangs

A very short haircut, known as a wolf cut, with jagged bangs will give your style a modern look. Your natural hair will look elegant and trendy shaped into a shaggy mullet. Ask for layers everywhere, longer hair in the back, and slanted sides for this standout cut. The wolf cut suits both straight and wavy hair types. Finish the style by applying texture paste with your hands.

#20: Messy Cropped Pixie Shag on Copper Hair

Think about a hairstyle that is soft, wispy, and messy. It’s a cropped pixie shag for older women with copper hair. This hairstyle is a cute, textured cut. It has short layers at the crown with a longer length at the edges. The bits of hair around the edges can soften one’s features and keep a feminine look. All you need to use is Pureology’s Style + Protect Mess It Up Texture Paste. Apply it to your hair, and you’ll look fabulous.

#21: Straight Silver Hair with Vivid Blue Underlights

Silver hair with vivid blue underlights looks stunning. You do not have to be young to have modern blue underlights. The blue underlight technique suits those who prefer having a darker color around their face. It contours the features, so it’s important to remember. You can choose a plethora of shades to suit your skin tone.

#22: Textured Mixie for Thin Hair

Here’s a textured mixie that suits thin hair well. As time develops, our hair tends to thin out, but there’s no need to abandon style due to that. A mixie, a blend of mullet and pixie styles, can up your texture and body. Long strands near the nape will give your hair some length to style and enjoy.

#23: Super Short Pixie Shag

To add elegance to a super short pixie, you will want soft wavy tendrils that frame your face. Making the hair around your hairline wispy and having a short edgy crown will give you the charming appeal of a pixie cut and a feminine sparkle.

Short Gray Bixie Shag with Short Bangs for ladies over 60
Instagram @byedyebye

#24: Gray Bixie with Short Bangs

A gray bixie, a hairstyle with short bangs, can look stunning and suitable for women over 60. The bixie hairstyle, also known as a pixie bob, features a short tapered back but more length at the top and front, enabling you to tuck your hair or add curls for extra texture.

#25: Messy Pixie Shag with Natural Texture

Try the easy-care style of a messy pixie shag with a natural texture. The messy pixie shag, due to its flatter profile, simplifies the process of air drying while accommodating any natural waves in your hair. The classic layering pattern of this hairstyle will enhance your natural waves and decrease hair bulk. We recommend using a curl mousse. This can help reduce frizz and enhance your hair texture.

#26: Textured Wavy Shagged Pixie

You might be seeking a pixie cut with a textured and wavy appearance. This pixie cut is soft and feminine, leaving some hair around your ears and neck. Adding shorter layers throughout the cut can simplify your hair care routine. With this short haircut, managing your hair is simple. You can air dry it or soften the style with a round brush.

When it comes to embracing a chic and youthful look, the pixie shag is a popular choice among women over 60. We sat down with the esteemed hairstylist Candice Surface, who has a wealth of experience and expertise in this field. She shared invaluable insights on various aspects of the pixie shag, from hair texture considerations to face shapes and styling tips.

Meet The Expert

Candice Surface
Candice Surface
Candice is a haircutting specialist with over 19 years of experience.
You can find Candice at her own studio in Eugene, OR.

Catering to Your Hair Type

For women with a range of hair types, from fine to thick, and including aging, naturally curly, wavy, and straight hair, Candice’s top tip is clear: *Invest in a good diffuser!* This easy-to-use tool sets the style and shape of your pixie shag, bringing volume to your hair.

Tailoring to Your Face Shape

When asked about the key considerations for different face shapes, Candice was brimming with insights. For round, oval, and heart-shaped faces, she suggests cuts that are slimmer and more contoured, with a shorter length on top and a little more length at the nape. This elongates the face shape.

Ladies with rectangle and square faces stand to gain from adding a little more volume on the sides and less height on the top, to counteract their face shape. Most importantly, though, Candice reminds us that “Everyone’s face shape is beautiful” and encourages us to rock a pixie shag that feels good!

Styling Tips, Tricks and Product Recommendations

For busy women on the go, Candice brings a suite of styling solutions to the table. A good texture spray or cream is what she advises for scrunching and an easy on-the-go style. For lighter weight needs, she recommends Cult + King’s Jelly, best suited for finer to medium hair types. For thicker hair types and tighter curl patterns, she vouches for Hairstory’s Balm, a medium-weight sculpting cream.

A pixie shag, Candice reminds us, opens up space for more movement in your hair and facilitates any morning styling choice, from air drying to full blowout. Embrace these expert words and flaunt your pixie shag with confidence!

Photos of the Best Pixie Shag Haircuts for Women Over 60