22 Trendiest Pixie Mullet Ideas Taking Over 2023

pixie mullet
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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

A pixie mullet is a bold, piece-y haircut with layers cut shorter from the sides and longer from the back.

“It’s super on-trend right now and is used to enhance what type of hair a woman has. Plus, it suits almost every face shape if cut correctly,” says stylist Lucy Palmer from Doha, Qatar.

Since this type of pixie haircut features a lot of layers and texture, styling it is the key. Always consider how you wish to prep your hair. Will it work with your natural texture or, will you be blowing your locks every time instead?

Palmer goes on to remind “to spend time styling your hair to optimize the result.” She prefers this look with a maximum wave, kink, or curl pattern to boost the shape. Make sure to use the right products suited for your hair type.

“A matte, textured look is optimal for finer hair to look dense,” Palmer suggests. “A slick, wavier style is great in adding definition to curls. It’s also ideal for thick hair to gain separation and look less bulky.”

Whether you like to keep or grow such a short mullet, understand that upkeep is essential. There’s a disconnection within the layers, which demands regular trims.

You will also get essential tips and details to help you find your enchanting new look in our guide.

I collected images of the best and trendiest pixie mullet haircuts and styles here. You’ll love each of ’em!

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#1: Miley Cyrus-Inspired Pixie Mullet

Consider this Miley Cyrus-inspired pixie mullet to showcase your natural texture in the back, while keeping it soft and structured framing the face. Having dimensional color and highlights is a very easy way to help visualize the texture in pixie mullets. This cut would be most flattering on a medium thickness but can be easily given texture with a hot iron if you do not naturally have any bend to your hair.

#2: Pixie-Inspired Blonde Mullet

If you’re a woman seeking a bold style transformation, ask for a short pixie-inspired blonde mullet, a modern and daring haircut option. This cut features a shorter length at the sides and back while maintaining a longer length on top, offering a unique blend of femininity and edge. The contrast between the cut’s shorter sides and back and the longer top adds dimension and movement to the overall look. To pull off this haircut, you need a confident and fashion-forward attitude, requiring a certain level of personal style. Embracing a short, low-maintenance hairstyle like this is an excellent statement-making option.

#3: The Pixlet Haircut

The pixlet haircut is the perfect combination of a pixie and mullet! This style is easy to apply as well! Use a quality blow-dry cream. When dry, use a matte texture cream to define the ends.

Pixie Mullet with Choppy Ends and Bangs for women with a square face
Instagram @nataliarok

#4: Pixie Mullet with Choppy Ends and Bangs

Talk to your stylist to determine the length you should shoot for when creating the perfect pixie. My best advice is to work with your hair texture. The more you need to change your natural texture to create a style, the more resistance you will endure. A natural flow with your pixie mullet is key. Creating softness in the texture with a razor will be effortless styling on your part.

#5: Sweet Mixie with Choppy Bangs

Try a sweet mixie with choppy bangs and you’ll be in style. My personal opinion is that a mixie is a new standard for short hair. Shaggy and organic, the style works with your natural hair texture. My experience is that a mixie looks best styled closer to your head and forward. A wax or putty will be helpful to give your short cut the best texture.

Sexy Jet Black Pixie Mullet Cut
Instagram @hirohair

#6: Sexy Jet Black Pixie Mullet Cut

If you’re searching for a trendy and cool hairstyle, consider a sexy jet-black pixie mullet cut. When it comes to textured hair, a shaggy pixie has tons of layered pieces that add to its appeal. Be prepared for fun when you style your hair with a paste, such as Mess It Up from Pureology.

#7: Low-Maintenance Short Pixie Mullet Style

A short pixie mullet that is low-maintenance is going to be a great option to have an edgy look, without spending too much time styling. When achieving this look, it’s important to keep your length and texture on the top, fringe, and nape area, while keeping the cut tighter around the sides. Styling a pixie mullet cut at home can be done simply with either a texture paste, powder, or spray for definition and volume.

#8: Emo Pixie Mullet Hairstyle

Consider an emo pixie mullet hairstyle to really edge up a short cut. Short haircuts can styled in many different ways and can be worn at any age. Plus, it works for all hair textures. Ask your stylist to use a razor to create a lot of texture and movement.

#9: Shaggy Pixie Mullet

Pixie shaggy mullets are a hot trend and very versatile. Creates a lot more movement and texture and gives edgy flair to a pixie mullet style. Can be styled easy or just wash and go. Use dry shampoo for added volume and texture.

#10: Sally Hershberger-Inspired Cut

For the ladies that love that shaggy mullet consider a Sally Hershberger-inspired cut. Perfect for women who want to have more than just a pixie. Gives more sass to a short haircut with more texture to play with and style. Can be easily grown out or cut to change the shape completely.

#11: Androgynous Pixie Mullet for Round Faces

For round faces, an androgynous pixie mullet is a great option to help visually elongate your face shape. With a short buzz on the sides and added volume and height on top, this short hairstyle will give a slimming effect by adding length to the face. A clipper cut on the side will be more high maintenance, anywhere from 3-6 weeks in between appointments.

#12: Messy Pixie Mullet

A messy pixie mullet is a fun alternative to keeping your length but adding some edge in your internal layering. Giving the top of this cut a lot of wispy layering will help create that messy, bed head look. The maintenance for a longer pixie mullet will be around 6-10 weeks in between appointments.

Pixie Cut Mullet
Instagram @wendycuts_hair

#13: Pixie Cut Mullet

A pixie cut mullet is a subtle way to change up a dainty short cut. This look can be achieved on most hair types, although check with your stylist that your neckline is suitable for this pixie style. A neckline that grows toward the center or has cowlicks can prevent the back from laying straight down if the sectioning is too thin. Maintaining this fun look will be around 4-6 weeks.

#14: Pixie Mullet with an Undercut

An undercut with a pixie mullet is a great option to balance clean cut and edgy. A skin fade is best accomplished with a straight razor, so make sure your stylist or barber is well trained in that for the best outcome. The taper transition on your fade starts around the same area as the front hairline where your fringe will be. This pixie haircut is best suited for fine-medium textures, and maintenance could be anywhere from 2-6 weeks.

#15: Long Pixie + Mullet Hairstyle

Longer pixie style mullets can balance out soft and hard shapes in the hair. Keeping it soft and textured around the face and back, and going in with a “scissor/trimmer-over-comb” around the ears adds a sharper shape to the silhouette of mullets and pixies. This look can be achieved on all thicknesses of hair and requires 4-6 weeks maintenance.

#16: Feminine Modern Mullet Pixie Combo

A way to keep a modern mullet pixie combo feminine is by adding pieciness into your fringe and side area. The texture cut into the hair can add a lot of visual movement to a short style while still keeping it delicate. Styling can be very minimal, but adding a touch of texture dust or a light hold hairspray after a blowout may be needed.

#17: Punk Lixie Mullet

A punk long pixie mullet is a really cute look to try! Keeping the layering wispy can help soften out a strong bone structure while removing excessive bulk to prevent the shape from getting too round. This pixie mullet hairstyle is very bed-head friendly, with the style moving forward from the apex of the head with a texture-enhancing spray or paste.

Layered Pixie Mullet Haircut
Instagram @curlcraft

#18: Layered Pixie Mullet Haircut

A pixie mullet haircut that is layered is a subtle approach to this trending cut. These layers are cut from a 90-degree angle from the head, creating a tight contour to the head shape, and keeping a little more length on the ends to perfect this pixie mullet haircut. Styling can be very minimal with a gel mousse and a diffuser if you have any natural texture to your hair.

#19: Edgy Pixie Cut Mullet with Fringe

A pixie cut mullet with fringe is an edgy take on shorter haircuts. The styling of this fringe is best achieved on medium to thick hair, directing the hair from the top center of the head forward. This look is a great mix between pixies and mullets and can be customized to any thickness or texture to create a unique style that is realistic for your lifestyle.

#20: Choppy Pixie Mullet with Bangs

A pixie mullet that is choppy with bangs is a great way to accentuate natural texture in your hair and can be a very versatile style if you are nervous about wearing a pixie hairstyle for the first time, or even growing out a short, tapered pixie. The styling is soft and delicate, flattering to most face shapes, and will help define weaker jaw structures or conceal larger foreheads.

neck-length pixie mullet with curtain bangs
Instagram @nakedeyebeauty

#21: Neck-Length Pixie Mullet with Curtain Bangs

A neck-length pixie mullet with curtain bangs is very trendy right now. Bring back the 90s with a shaggy pixie that has curtain bangs to bring out your eyes. Great for medium to fine textures and a razor to cut it with. Hair that hugs the neck with a feminine flair but does not look like a bob.

black pixie mullet shag for women
Instagram @stebunovhair

#22: Black Pixie Mullet Shag

Go for a black pixie mullet shag for an edgy yet chic look. The long textured fringe blended into perfectly placed cheekbone grazing sideburns exudes sophistication. This pixie mullet can be dressed up for the office, or as a casual wash-and-go style.

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