25 Volume-Boosting Pixie Cuts for Women Over 60 with Fine Hair

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Calling all fabulous women over 60 with fine hair! Are you ready to inject some thrill and volume into your style? Let’s talk about the magic of the perfect pixie haircut. Not just a cut, but a transformation that brings out a fuller, more vibrant you. Whether your hair is as soft as silk or has its own unique texture, there’s a pixie cut that’s just waiting to become your signature look. Short, stylish, and oh-so-chic, these cuts are not just hairdos – they’re a statement. Ready to find the pixie that’s uniquely yours?

Kymber Palmer, a Florida-based salon owner, and stylist, is a big fan of the pixie cut, claiming it looks incredibly intentional and more “put together” than a stringy bob or a long shag.

Before you take the plunge, consider your hair’s natural texture. If you have curly or wavy locks, don’t get your heart set on a straight, sleek pixie. Embrace your unique texture, and you’ll avoid disappointment in the end.

When it comes to styling your fresh pixie, the possibilities are endless! Push the front layers forward for some cute bangs, or sweep them to the side for a sophisticated side-parted look. Feeling a bit edgy? Brush your hair up for a daring faux hawk or pompadour!

Kymber Palmer offers a word of caution for those considering a pixie cut: “If you’re a wash-and-go kind of woman, don’t commit to a style that requires more than a blow-dry and style-aid. A styling routine that doesn’t suit your lifestyle will guarantee a big fat flop on your pixie cut journey.”

Ready to embrace your inner pixie? Check out these photos of the trendiest pixie haircuts for women over 60 with fine hair, and get inspired to switch up your look today! Or check out our pixie guide to help you choose the best one!


#1: Soft Pixie with Side Bangs on Older Women

A soft pixie haircut with side bangs for older women over 60 is a great option. A wispy pixie is great for older women and softens lines around the face. A side bang that flows with your natural hairline and part makes for effortless styling. Ask your stylist to leave width at the temples if you need to balance and design to pear & triangle face shapes.

Silver Pixie with Choppy Layers for Seniors Over 60 with Thin Hair
Instagram @naomididmyhair

#2: Silver Pixie with Choppy Layers

A pixie cut in silver color, with closely cut sides, and uneven layers, is a stylish and easily manageable haircut suitable for people over 60. If you seek a low-maintenance hairstyle, consider a cut with short, uneven layers. Keep in mind that while short, precise haircuts are easy to handle at home, they require frequent professional care. For example, a short pixie will need salon visits every 4 weeks with neck trims in between, to maintain the best overall shape.

#3: Side Parted White Pixie for Fine Hair

A side-parted pixie is an ideal shape for fine hair types. As hair ages, its texture can change to feel wirey. Therefore, it’s vital to consider these changes when getting a haircut. A shorter pixie cut with a textured crown is a good option. This hairstyle accommodates changes in your hair’s texture while still maintaining a trendy look.

#4: Spiked Up White Pixie

As we grow older, we often contemplate a change in our hairstyle. A spiked-up white pixie can be an excellent option. This style works equally well for fine or coarse hair, and it adds an edgy twist to short hairstyles by accentuating volume and texture, especially for those with straight hair. Rest assured, your hairstylist can tailor this hairstyle to your preferences and needs after a comprehensive consultation.

Short-Long Shaggy Pixie for Fine Haired Ladies Over 60
Instagram @yasuyoooo

#5: Long Shaggy Pixie for Fine Hair

long shaggy pixie works wonderfully for women over 60 with fine hair. The layered and wispy nature of this style gives a youthful appearance, along with its distinct, angular shape and playful fringe. Ask your stylist for advice on how to care for this look at home. Get recommendations about maintaining its shape and effect.

#6: Piecey Pixie for Fine Hair

For women in their 60s, a piecey pixie for fine hair can be a flattering and low-maintenance option. This cut typically involves shorter hair on the back and sides of the head with longer pieces on top. It gives the appearance of more volume. This style can make you feel youthful and look 10 years younger! It works best for those with a round or heart-shaped face. The key to maintaining this look is regular trims to avoid any hair looking too stringy or weighed down. This cut is an excellent choice for mature women looking to freshen up their look with a style that is easy to manage.

#7: Wispy and Messy Pixie Cut

This wispy and messy pixie cut is a great option for women in their 60s with fine hair. The cut features layers of varying lengths that add texture and movement to the hair. At your next appointment, ask for a low-maintenance yet stylish look. The best way to style is by applying a volumizing mousse from roots to tips and blow dry using a round brush. Use a flat iron to create soft waves for a flirty and feminine touch. Finishing off with a texture or wax spray to enhance the layers. This cut is perfect for those looking to try an age-appropriate and chic new style.

Voluminous Pixie Style for Women Aged 60 with White Hair
Instagram @gingerdglamour

#8: Voluminous Pixie Style for Women Aged 60 with White Hair

A white voluminous pixie is for women 60 and above. A classic style for women that enjoy volume to their hair. A little sprite of root booster, one-inch round brush, or curling iron will give you the lift needed for volume in your pixie. Ask your stylist to help fill sparse hairlines with a side bang or parting.

Pixie Hair with Long Bangs for Ladies Over 60
Instagram @reece.birkdale

#9: Pixie Hair with Long Bangs for Ladies Over 60

Opt for a pixie cut with long swept bangs on ladies over 60. Long textured pixies and bangs are beautiful for shaping round, square, and long faces. Great for fine hair and easy to style with a medium-size Denman or 1-inch round brush.

Pixie Mullet for Grandmas with Wavy Hair
Instagram @danicurl42

#10: Pixie Mullet for Grandmas with Wavy Hair

Consider a wavy pixie mullet for grandmas. Celebrate natural wavy textures with a pixie mullet. Soft tendrils around the face and hairline for a romantic vibe. Easy to apply texture cream or spray and let air dry completely before fluffing up.

Thin Wispy Pixie for a Woman Over 60 with a Square Face
Instagram @hairbysecuur

#11: Thin Wispy Pixie for a Square Face

If you’re a more mature woman with finer hair, consider a modern pixie haircut. The shorter layers give a fuller appearance. The short cut removes weighing down your facial features. Don’t forget to ask your stylist to teach you styling tips and tricks. One of my favorites is Kenra 6 dry texture spray to give a more define look.

#12: Grey Pixie Hair with Asymmetrical Bangs

A pixie cut haircut with asymmetrical bangs on grey hair is great for 60-year-olds. Bangs that sweep across the forehead work great on most face shapes and the finest hairlines. To soften a pixie and create a feminine style, ask your stylist to cut texture in your hair that you can sweep forward around your face.

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Short Textured Pixie with Crown Layers
Instagram @hairbysiggie

#13: Short Textured Pixie with Crown Layers

Consider a short textured pixie with crown layers. Layered hair in your crown works great with hair growth patterns and cowlicks to give the right amount of body for fine hair. An easy cut to style with a quick round brush or a few crown curls with a one-inch iron and a whisper of hairspray to hold in place.

Super Short Pixie with Tapered Sides
Instagram @hair.byjennv

#14: Super Short Pixie with Tapered Sides

Go for a super short pixie with tapered sides if you want to look 10 years younger. A sassy cut that is easy to style with a pea-size amount of styling cream. A great cut for fine hair and the minimalist. A higher maintenance length will bring you into the salon every 3-5 weeks.

Copper Pixie Hair with Layers and Bangs
Instagram @absolutelyhair

#15: Copper Pixie Hair with Layers and Bangs

Opt for a layered copper pixie cut with bangs. Layered pixies help achieve volume and texture on fine hair. Adding some color to the hair will also boost up some volume by roughing up the cuticle a bit. Easily styled with a flat brush, root booster, and over-directing the hair while blow-drying. Finish the style off with a little matte or satin paste to show off the texture.

#16: Classic Pixie with Side-Swept Bangs on Mature Women

Consider a classic pixie with side-swept bangs for mature women. A very short style that requires appointments every 4-6 weeks to maintain. Side bangs add a feminine aesthetic and help bring out the lines while softening the forehead in 60-year-olds with wrinkles.

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Tousled Pixie Shag with a Fringe
Instagram @shapeshifthair

#17: Tousled Pixie Shag with a Fringe

Ask your stylist for a tousled pixie shag with a fringe. A soft crop with natural texture is the perfect pixie shag cut. Great for sixty-year-old women with wavy and curly hair that like the ease of wash and go. Ask your stylist to leave tendrils around the face and hairline to give a tousled effortless style.

#18: Short Crop with Side Bangs for 60-Year-Old Women

A short crop haircut with side bangs is suitable for 60-year-old women. A sassy lady at any age can pull off a short crop with a shaved undercut. A heavy side parting with layers gives height and body to the short hair and is great for round face shapes.

Icy Blonde Short Haircut with Wispy, Micro Bangs
Instagram @studio.17.hair

#19: Icy Blonde Short Haircut with Wispy, Micro Bangs

Opt for a short icy blonde haircut with wispy micro bangs. Classic pixies are amazing for fine hair by adding volume and texture. They can be made modern, edgy, or classic by changing up the bangs. A square face shape works well with an inverted micro bang by rounding off the hairline.

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Long Pixie with an Undercut for Straight Hair
Instagram @hairxjessie

#20: Long Pixie with an Undercut for Straight Hair

Long pixies for straight hair with an undercut can be made edgy by piercing out or more sophisticated with a simple styling brush to create waves and curves. Undercuts are great for weight removal and shaping a long or short pixie.

#21: Sleek Pixie Cut for Salt-And-Pepper Hair

Go for a sleek pixie on salt-and-pepper colored hair. Fine, wavy, or straight hair works best with a sleek pixie. Easily styled with a comb and gel or texture cream. You can shape a hairline that may be on the finer side with a sleek pixie. Great for the wash and go styler who wants a confident look.

#22: Pixie Cut with Stacked Layers for Grey Hair

Consider a pixie cut with stacked layers on grey hair. Soft grey hair can be made fuller with stacked layers and create a beautiful round shape. Great for face shapes that need either some corners to soften the hairline or width added at the temple.

#23: Short Side-Swept Pixie for Fine, Silver Hair

A short silver pixie with a side-swept fringe is for the edgy and artistic individual. Cut with scissors over comb to create softness and tapering. Pixie haircuts are great for women over sixty with fine hair and a side-swept bang to soften the forehead and fine lines.

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Side-Parted Pixie for Older Women with Natural Curls
Instagram @joyouscurlss

#24: Side-Parted Pixie for Black Women with Natural Curls

Opt for a natural curly pixie hairstyle with a side part for older women. Natural curls or perms work great with a soft pixie by giving a soft body and shape to the style. A side part gives a beautiful asymmetrical shape and suits most face shapes well. Styling with a moisture cream and set spray makes styling very manageable and effortless for finer hair.

Short Layered Pixie with Thin Bangs
Instagram @edgesalontulsa

#25: Short Layered Pixie with Thin Bangs

Go for a short layered pixie with thin bangs if you’re over sixty years old. Thin bangs and layers that fall forward lay nicely with the direction of hair growth. Pixies are great for balancing face profiles that are convex and give some height to the fringe area by using a round brush or curling iron.