33 Volumizing Pixie Cuts for Women Over 50 with Fine & Thin Hair

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Pixie haircuts for women over 50 with fine, thin hair provide an illusion of volume and fullness. The best part? These cropped cuts take less effort to style and maintain!

Short-length haircuts can be a drastic change. If you have long hair and decide to chop most of your length, here’s a tip from stylist CeCelia Hoffmann of Bolingbrook, IL.

“Work in stages and don’t jump straight into a pixie. Start from a shorter bob and get shorter over a period of time,” Hoffmann suggests.

Find a stylist who specializes in short hair. They know how to create the correct head shape for you without looking masculine.

Despite being manageable, very short haircuts require styling. “A pixie has a lot of texture. Just “washing and going” will not let the chop live up to its full potential,” Hoffmann explains.

Consult your stylist for some product recommendations. And since regular upkeep is necessary, ask how often you must be coming back to the salon. This discussion is vital to educate and prepare you before getting a big chop. Or, you could check out our in-depth pixie cut guide to answer your questions.

Do you think you’re ready for a change? Let us show you some hair inspiration! Check out these images of the trendiest pixie haircuts for women over 50 with fine, thin hair!

Messy Long Pixie with Swept Bangs for Women Aged 50 with Thin Hair
Instagram @stylhairniort

#1: Messy Long Pixie with Swept Bangs

A long messy pixie with swept bangs suits people with aging hair. This crop boosts volume in thin hair. It also adds body and movement around the face, making it very flattering.

Platinum Blonde Wispy Pixie for Women 50 and Over with Thin Hair
Instagram @todchukstudio

#2: Platinum Blonde Wispy Pixie

A platinum blonde pixie is perfectly suited for women with fine hair. This hairstyle is very feminine and classy looking. Show off the texture of the wispy cut by using a pomade and placing your hair where desired.

#3: Naturally Silver Balayage Pixie

If you want to try something different, choose a silver balayage on a pixie. Growing out silver hair can be challenging, but a short style can make it easier and still look stylish. For more volume, blow-dry your hair and apply texture spray or powder to the top. To maintain this style, visit your stylist every 4-6 weeks. This will prevent the style from looking overgrown and heavy.

Combed Over Pixie Cut for Thin Haired 50-year-olds
Instagram @tinka_hairshow

#4: Combed Over Pixie Cut

When styled right, a pixie can make your style pop. However, the haircut is just one aspect. Coloring your hair can also create a big effect! Don’t forget to seek advice about color from your hairdresser to discover the best shade for you.

#5: Brunette Side-Parted Pixie

A brunette pixie cut with a side parting is great for thin-haired women in their fifties. The pixie cut adds elegance and sophistication, giving women in their 50s a youthful and trendy look. A side part makes a soft silhouette, which frames the face well. The cut adds the illusion of volume and thickness, which benefits those with thin hair. The pixie cut is easy to style and maintain. To enhance the texture and volume, apply a lightweight volumizing mousse to damp hair and blow-dry.

#6: Side-Swept Blonde Pixie with Fringe

To add extra volume and texture to your style, a side-swept blonde pixie with fringe is perfect for ladies with fine to coarse hair. Depending on your stylist’s recommendation, this style can be created with razors or scissors. It includes shorter layers around the crown for added movement and a side sweep to maintain some length around the face. Apply mousse from roots to ends and blow dry with a vent brush to style. Finish your style with clay or a flexible hairspray to ensure it lasts all day.

#7: Cute Pixie for Thin-Haired Women

For thin-haired women, try a cute haircut. A light-hold volume mousse would be best for styling this look. Pixie cuts are so versatile that they can be worn at any age because they are youthful and easy to style.

#8: Chic Pixie with Natural Highlights

A chic pixie cut has natural highlights. If you have fine hair, ask for a layered pixie cut to boost volume and texture. Adding highlights to your hair is a nice strategy to enhance texture and body. The use of a chemical service to swell the cuticle is effective. Even a small amount can make a major difference.

#9: Light Copper Sweeping Pixie

If you are a 50-year-old woman with thin hair, ask for a light copper sweeping pixie to revamp your look. This cut boasts a soft texture that adds volume to thin hair without sacrificing length. The sweeping fringe adds movement, while the light copper color brightens the face. To style, use a lightweight styling cream to create separation and texture. Then gently tousle the hair with your fingers for a relaxed, effortless look. It’s a great style that takes years off your appearance and requires little maintenance.

Androgynous Silver Pixie for Thin Haired Ladies Past 50
Instagram @bennysfriseure

#10: Androgynous Silver Pixie for Thin Hair

pixie cut is a style that offers body and movement without sacrificing femininity. Did you know that the key to this look is to keep plenty of length on top and a minimal taper on the sides? To style, I recommend a volumizing mousse and blow-drying your hair with a round brush. Using texture paste helps keep your hair in place and gives a messy piecey texture. This cut will give you the perfect balance between style and comfort for any occasion.

#11: Cute Red Pixie with Baby Bangs

A pixie with baby bangs screams sassy, yet classy. If you’re getting tired of your current look and want to try something new and fun, this is a great option. A pixie is a big step, but one you will be happy with if you have an oval to square face shape. This will elongate the face and draw attention to the eyes. Styling is minimal with a blow dryer and hands. Always finish a pixie with a texture cream or pomade.

White Blonde Pixie with Layers for Women Over 50 with Thin Hair
Instagram @mamsellefrisor

#12: White Blonde Pixie with Layers

For women over 50, consider a white-blonde pixie with layers. All the soft moving layers will help your aging hair look more youthful and healthy. To help get more volume at your crown, I suggest taking weight out. It will give your hair weightless movement and volume.

Before and After Pixie Cut
Instagram @soubecas

#13: Before and After Pixie Cut

Taking photos of a before and after pixie cut can put into perspective how much a haircut can change the visual appearance of a person’s facial features, as well as show why continued maintenance is so important in keeping the haircuts shape. Pixie cuts should be trimmed and shaped every 4-6 weeks to keep the structure and life of the style in check.

#14: Side-Parted Long Pixie

Try a side-parted long pixie cut at your next salon visit. Aging hair can be hard to embrace. But when you have a trendy haircut it makes it easier to wear and style the look. As long as your keep up with the haircut, keeping it looking tidy, your look will surely make you feel great.

#15: Pixie Crop with Shorter Layers

A pixie crop with shorter layers can really bring focus to many of the beautiful features of a face. A pixie cut can also enhance your face shape by creating a complimentary silhouette.

#16: Spiky Androgynous Pixie

A spiky androgynous pixie is perfect for a client who likes an edgy look with lots of texture. Ideal for an androgynous or non-binary person who wants a unique look to their hair while keeping it easy to style.

Blonde Pixie Cut for Ladies Passed 50 with Oval Face Shapes and Fine Hair
Instagram @lukiur

#17: Blonde Pixie Hair for Oval Face Shapes

Try out blonde pixie hair for oval face shapes if you are looking for a fresh and youthful new look. An oval face shape is the ideal face shape to have, but it can always be accentuated with a pixie cut, especially for women over the age of 50. The brightness of a blonde pixie, as well as the beautiful pieces around the face, help to hide those lines and wrinkles that have been bothering you, to get a more fresh and younger look. Keep your blonde hair nice and bright by using a purple shampoo once every 2 weeks, or when hair starts to look brassy.

Stacked Pixie Cut with Soft Layers for Woman Over 50 with Thin Hair
Instagram @palomapinup

#18: Stacked Pixie with Soft Layers

If you like a fuller look to your pixie, a new cut to try out would be a stacked pixie with soft layers. A pixie cut is great for thinner hair because it gradually builds fullness and helps the hair to look more full in the back of the head. Soft layers help to create a soft, youthfulness to the face and help to reduce bulkiness around the ears. Color Wow Raise the Root is a great product to give your thin hair a little boost of volume. Spray only at roots on damp hair and blow-dry to achieve voluminous hair.

#19: Messy Pixie for Square Faces

A texturized messy hairstyle is perfect for square faces. The soft layers that create the texture in the hair also help to give a softness to a strong face shape. A messy pixie cut for fine hair helps to give the illusion of fullness and softness to give a more feminine look. Messy hair is easy to style and maintain with products such as wax, paste, or texture spray. Sea salt spray is also a great option for enhancing the messy texture of the hair.

#20: Textured Pixie Bob Cut for Round Faces

If you’re looking for a more youthful look that helps to elongate your face, try out a textured pixie bob for round faces. Trade in your long locks that hide your beautiful face for a bixie haircut for fine hair and you’ll look 10 years younger. Your beautiful face can be your focal point with this cut and the texture helps to give the appearance of thicker hair. Style with paste or wax to give the hair hold and texture.

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#21: Short Pixie Shag

A short pixie shag is a great haircut and style to ask for if you are looking for short hair with lots of texture. A shaggy pixie cut for thin hair can help to make hair look more full with the added texture. To style this look, you can use a few sprays of sea salt spray and dry roughly with a blow dryer. Or you can style it with a paste to create separation for a piecey look.

Side-Swept Pixie Hairstyle for Ladies Over 50 with Thin Hair
Instagram @susann_atwell

#22: Side-Swept Pixie

A side-swept pixie is a beautiful and versatile haircut. Not only can this cut help to accentuate your beautiful eyes and cheekbones, but can also help to disguise fine lines and wrinkles to give you a more youthful look. Short hairstyles are a blessing for fine, thin hair. A good wax or paste is all you need to help keep the hair swept to the side and out of your face.

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#23: Bowl Cut Pixie

If your forehead is a problem area for you and you want to disguise it, a bowl cut pixie is an easy and beautiful way to do so. The bangs on this bowl cut pixie are ideal for women looking to hide those lines and wrinkles across their forehead and between their brows. The roundness of the haircut for fine hair also helps to create a softness around the face to give a more youthful appearance. When styling, try blowing the hair forward while drying to help bring the hair to where you want it covered.

Very Short Pixie on Over 50 Ladies with Thin Grey Hair
Instagram @rairhairr

#24: Very Short Pixie on Grey Hair

A very short pixie on grey hair is a beautiful way to show off both your natural color and face shape. A pixie cut works very well on people with heart-shaped or oval-shaped faces, but can look good on all face shapes if styled correctly. Switching to a very short pixie cut is also a great way to start fresh to allow your natural grey to grow out when transitioning from hair coloring. Pixies are easy to style and maintain and reduce your drying time.

#25: Low-Maintenance Pixie Crop

If you have a busy schedule or just dislike spending time on your hair, a low-maintenance pixie crop is for you. Low-maintenance pixie cuts are wonderful for helping it look fuller with little to no effort. Ideal for women who want a wash-and-go style and want their hair out of their face.

Choppy Pixie for Women Past Their 50s with Thin Hair
Instagram @trend_salon

#26: Choppy Pixie

A choppy pixie cut for thin hair is a fun way to add texture and fullness to your style. The choppy layers help to give the hair a trendy disheveled look that is easy to style and maintain on a daily basis. Sea salt spray or sugar spray are two great products to use to accentuate your piecey look, spritz either product on damp hair and roughly dry the hair with a blow dryer.

#27: Feathered Bangs on Layered Pixie

Feathered bangs on a layered haircut can really create a unique look to enhance your personal style. A layered haircut is a great short hairstyle for women over 50 that wear glasses. The layers help to reduce bulkiness around the ears and the arms of the glasses, and the feathered bangs flow nicely around the frames, so there is no heavy chunkiness at the side of your glasses. Keeping up on regular bang trims is needed for a cut like this to keep it lying nicely around your face and glasses, and in most places, it’s a complimentary service.

#28: Asymmetrical Bangs on Pixie Hair

Try an asymmetrical bang on pixie hair to give a pixie an edgier, sexier look with little effort. Side-swept bangs help to disguise fine lines and wrinkles, which also helps to give you a more youthful look. An asymmetrical look is a perfect cut for short haircuts on fine, thin hair and women over 50-years-old. Try out a texturizing spray to add some hold and texture without the stickiness of a hairspray.

#29: Feathered Pixie on Women with Silver Hair

A feathered pixie on women with silver hair can really create a youthful softness to your face. Women with thinning hair can benefit from a feathery pixie because it helps the hair to lay less heavily so you can achieve a fuller look to your hair. Thickening cream is the perfect product to apply to damp hair and blow-dry to create volume and fullness without stickiness.

Long Pixie with Bangs for Women 50 and Up with Thin Hair
Instagram @m.lcutting

#30: Long Pixie with Bangs

A long pixie with bangs is much more complimentary and stylish. Longer layers and bangs help to really accentuate your face shape while also helping to hide lines and wrinkles on foreheads and outer eyes. A long pixie cut helps to reduce the bulk that weighs hair down, so you can achieve more volume and fullness. Color Wow Xtra Large Bombshell Volumizer is the perfect product to create volume and fullness while maintaining touchable softness.

#31: Pixie Cut with Long Bangs

A pixie cut with long bangs is an ideal cut for someone looking to elongate a round or chubby face shape. Layered bangs that sweep to the side can help to frame the face with softness, whereas a bang with no layers can look too chunky. A pixie is a perfect cut for a grandma who plays with her grandchildren and wants an easy style that stays out of her face.

Short Tapered Pixie for Older Ladies Over 50 with Thin Hair
Instagram @smokinhothair2

#32: Short Tapered Pixie

Try out a short tapered pixie if you have hair that gets bulky around your ears but lays limp on top. A cut with tapered sides will help to decrease bulkiness while helping to increase volume on the top of your hair. A textured pixie cut for fine hair is ideal because the shorter side layers will help to push the top layers to give the hair a more full, voluminous look.

Straight Pixie Style with Choppy Layers for Woman Over 50 with Thin Hair
Instagram @robledostudio

#33: Straight Pixie with Choppy Layers

A straight pixie with choppy layers is an ideal haircut for women with naturally straight hair. The choppy layers in a youthful haircut help to reduce the appearance of chunky layers while also helping to camouflage fine lines and wrinkles. A paste or wax with a slightly higher hold is best to keep this style looking piecey and in place all day long.