If You’re a Women Over 50 With Glasses, These Are the 25 Best Ways to Get a Pixie Cut

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief
Salt-and-Pepper Short Pixie Haircut on Ladies Over 50 wearing Glasses
Instagram @ingridyaelhair

#1: Salt-and-Pepper Short Pixie Haircut

Upgrade to a salt and pepper short pixie haircut. A soft yet textured pixie cut can make your hair color appear more vibrant and youthful. A pixie cut with a longer fringe can soften your style and also frames oval to long face shapes, balancing the look of glasses. If you have a pixie cut and thick hair, consider adding more texture and shorter layers for a lighter feel and a well-shaped look.

Blonde Pixie Haircut with French Bangs for Women in Their 50s with Glasses
Instagram @priestess_hair

#2: Pixie Haircut with French Bangs

The long, soft curtains of a French bang mixed with a short crop pixie give this style a beautiful feminine softness. You can have a soft, wispy nape hairline that would blend beautifully into this pixie, and the longer framing pieces work beautifully around the eyes with a frame to match the vibe.

Ginger Pixie with Short Fringe for 50-Year-Old Women with Glasses
Instagram @akira__sato

#3: Ginger Pixie with Short Fringe

A woman with a ginger pixie cut and a short fringe looks stunning. A pixie cut looks stunning on an angular face, particularly when combined with a soft, rounded style and short fringe that frames the face. Adding a side part to your pixie cut can enhance your look. It also gives a more balanced appearance to your face shape. This cut looks great with glasses, especially when it features a short fringe and a few small side pieces to frame the face.

#4: Layered Blonde Pixie on Fine Hair

A layered blonde pixie would suit fine or thin hair perfectly. For a fresh and gorgeous appearance, regular trims and shaping are necessary. Using a volume mousse would provide the best styling effect!

Straight Bowl Cut for Mature Women Over 50 Wearing Eyeglasses
Instagram @kurzehaare

#5: Straight Bowl Cut

A short crop cut on ultra-straight hair can transform into a cute, edgy style with added texture at the ends. Regular brushing can give you a fuller fringe area, which is ideal for those with finer, straight hair textures. Tease the ends with some wax or clay for added flair, and finish the look with your favorite pair of glasses.

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Super Short Classic Pixie on Ladies in their 50s Wearing Glasses
Instagram @pixie_abra

#6: Super Short Classic Pixie

Check out this super short classic pixie style. If you’re over 50, this style can give you a new level of confidence. Rock a classic cut with micro bangs for an edgy touch. Ask your stylist to taper the side down to a 1/4-inch for a tight profile, and choose either a finer length or maintain a 1/2-inch length at the crown. This hairstyle can work with all hair types: wavy, straight, thick, or thin. Oval, heart, and inverted triangle face shapes look best with this shape.

Cropped Pixie Haircut with Silver Strands for 50-year-old Women with Specs
Instagram @teddysantosjr

#7: Cropped Haircut with Silver Strands

The haircut is cropped with silver strands. If you’re looking for low-maintenance styling, a tapered crop pixie can meet those needs. This style is more androgynous, giving it a balance of masculine femininity. Ask your stylist or barber to leave a longer fringe with a deep part after giving a 1/4-inch fade. The extra-long fringe gives this style a feminine flair. Pair this style with your favorite glasses, and you’re on your way.

Gray Long Pixie with Side Part on 50-Year-Old Women with Glasses
Instagram @montrosehair

#8: Gray Long Pixie with Side Part

If your hair is on the coarser gray side, I suggest trying a longer pixie with a slight undercut. This approach lets coarser hair lie more flat on the sides, resulting in a nicer hair shape. A trick for adding movement to coarse hair is having fewer layers and more textured ends. A soft side bang flows well with the hair length. This creates layered framing for your face. If you want, you can change your parting.

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Very Short Pixie Hair with Side-Swept Bangs for Women Aged 50 with Glasses
Instagram @lisashearer.hair

#9: Very Short Hair with Side-Swept Bangs

Ask about a very short hairstyle with side-swept bangs. Check out a short pixie cut if you’re over 50 and wear glasses. This style keeps hair out of your face and is also easy to manage. Ladies with fine hair will appreciate how soft, thin ends give body to this cut. The close-cropped sides make wearing glasses easy and add shape to the hairstyle. I recommend a layered pixie cut for a nicely rounded shape. The style is perfect for people with oval, heart, and long face shapes.

Tapered Silver Pixie on Women Aged 50 with Eyeglasses
Instagram @vera_stile.kg

#10: Tapered Silver Pixie

A tapered silver pixie is the perfect look if you want something edgy and feminine. The combination of shiny silver hair, short sides, and back makes this look easy to style, whether you have straight or curly hair. We all love versatility!

#11: Red Razored Pixie Hair

A red, razored pixie hairstyle is perfect for women over 50. If you’re a woman over 50 looking for an edgy style, try out a wispy pixie. Adding texture and layers to your hair is a fantastic way to show off your style, and it also benefits fine, thin hair. Having less hair in the temple region is common, but you can blend it with shorter face-framing bangs to help it fill in. Incorporating bangs into your hairstyle brings out your eyes and works great with glasses.

#12: Tousled Pixie with Mini Bangs

Adding mini bangs to your tousled long pixie can draw attention to your eyes, especially when flattered by a pair of glasses. Short textured layers on the peak of a mini bob allow a long crop to provide a quick and efficient framing style. This style works great for someone whose hair naturally has body and wave, adding texture and dimensional movement. Medium to fine hair textures can easily carry off this style.

#13: Pink Choppy Pixie Hair

If you are over 50 and looking for a stylish option, consider a textured, cropped pixie cut. The added texture enhances this style well. Keeping a tighter cut at the nape will blend the shape and add dimension to the cut. Glasses complement this style well, as the hair stays clear of your eyes and frames your face.

Brushed-Up Pixie Crop on Ladies Aged 50 with Eyeglasses
Instagram @rachelpeeraer

#14: Brushed-Up Pixie Crop

A brushed-up pixie crop is a great cut for women with glasses. The brushed-up look allows you to put on and remove your glasses without messing with your hair, so your hairstyle will last all day.

#15: Pixie Cut with Shorter Layers for Thick Hair

A pixie cut with shorter layers is great for thick hair. You may wonder whether a pixie cut suits thick hair. And yes, it does. The goal is to add texture and reduce weight in specific hair parts. The methods include razor cutting the ends for a feathery finish, channel cutting, and using textured shears to take off extra bulk.

Deep Gray on Side-Swept Pixie for Older Ladies Over 50 with Glasses
Instagram @vera_stile.kg

#16: Deep Gray on Side-Swept Pixie

Update your side-swept pixie for the winter season with a rich gray hair color! Make your hair more muted for a casual, modern, and edgy feel. This color is easy to keep fresh at home with blue shampoo. Finish with a shine spray to add a glow to your look!

#17: Spiky Pixie with Highlights

A spiky pixie with highlights is a sophisticated and youthful look for fine hair. The highlights provide a sense of depth and volume to the hair. A matte styling paste would be a popular choice for styling this cut.

#18: Undone Pixie Style with Side Burns

This is an undone pixie style finished with sideburns. A messy textured pixie is perfect for women over 50 who seek an undone look with extra movement and pieceyness. Adding longer sideburn pieces to a pixie haircut provides more face framing and creates a blend of a pixie and bob style. Many layers add volume to this bob hairstyle, which is beneficial for fine, thin hair. Include a root boost, mousse, or powder for extra lift in your hairstyle.

#19: Black Messy Pixie with Orange Bangs

Sassy glasses pair well with new trends like orange bangs. The contrast of black and orange looks striking and is a great choice for people with pale skin who prefer dark hair colors. A short pixie gives this a perfect palette to color, with blunt textured ends and a face-framing shape. This hairstyle can be custom-tailored to suit pear, round, oval, and heart face shapes elegantly.

#20: Platinum Pixie with Short Bangs for Thin Hair

A person with thin hair would look good in a platinum pixie cut with short bangs. A cropped cut with a soft round shape gives a classic style. The deeper part and side bang in a pixie cut balance rounder face shapes. Adding layers to the haircut enhances the crown’s body. Also, adding blonde highlights gives hair more texture and fullness.

#21: Short Pixie with Side Bangs

A short pixie with side bangs is a cute cut with lots of versatility. The haircut starts with an undercut, which lets the hair on top flow over the closely trimmed sides and back. The cut’s shape lets you swap sides, curl the hair, style it smoothly, or even mold it into a mohawk. The long side bang suits most face shapes, and the overall cut is straightforward to style.

Low-Maintenance Short Pixie Hair with Choppy Bangs for Ladies Aged 50 with Eyeglasses
Instagram @hairbyjenmoore

#22: Low-Maintenance Short Hair with Choppy Bangs

A low-maintenance short haircut with choppy bangs is practical when you’re a sporty, on-the-go lady or simply busy with work or family. The hairstyle is classic due to its soft, layered short length, choppy bangs, and face-framing edges. The back of the neck has a rounded cut. This cut adds fullness around the hair outline and gives a light texture overall. Styling the cut with a light gel or texture cream gives more hold and a piecey texture.

#23: Pixie with Green Highlights and Long Side Bangs

A pixie bob makes flat, finer hair textures appear fuller and round. The style of the pixie bob is flattering for long, square, oval, and heart-shaped faces. The pixie has green highlights and a silver base, bringing a fun and youthful appearance.

Voluminous Messy Feathered Pixie on Ladies Over 50 with Glasses
Instagram @kurze.haare.stylen

#24: Voluminous Messy Feathered Pixie

Consider a voluminous, messy, feathered pixie cut. If you’re over 50 with fine hair, consider a long pixie cut with wispy textured ends. The suggested cut allows for maximum volume when styling and is great for balancing long and oval face shapes. Show off your cute glasses with a side bang at a matching length. Style with a big round brush and root grip mouse or spray. Tease at the root and apply hairspray to maintain the style.

#25: Piece-y Bangs on Short Crop Cut

If you’re over 50, wearing cute glasses and micro bangs may be the perfect style for you. A razor-cut cropped pixie means shorter hair at the nape and side. However, it leaves the crown textured with more hair to style. Using wax will help you style your hair by creating defined sections and adding volume.

Short, sassy, and easy to manage, pixie cuts for over 50 with glasses are surging in popularity. Striking the perfect balance between style and practicality can seem challenging. With guidance from short-haired stylist Shannon Carver, that balance is within reach. She offers expert tips to tailor your pixie cut, maximizing your features and personal style.

Meet The Expert

Shannon Carver
Shannon Carver
Shannon is a licensed stylist with over 14 years of experience.
You can find Shannon at her own studio in Lake Wales, FL

Hair Texture and Glasses

Carver starts off by reminding us that, just like us, our hair ages too. “Many women over 50 experience hair thinning due to aging, stress, hormonal changes, and genetic factors,” she notes. The presence of grey hair is another factor to consider as “Grey hair can be wiry, frizzy and hard to tame!”, she adds.

The right pixie cut can aid in embracing this change gracefully. Coupled with your glasses, it helps you get a personalized look that complements your face shape and hair texture. Glasses too play an important role here. “Pick frames that compliment not just your face size and shape, but your skin tone and hair color as well. Glasses should work as an accessory, adding more confidence and panache to your getup!”

Face Shapes and Pixie Cuts

Moving on to the topic of face shapes, Carver advises on the best pixie for each type:

  • Oval Faces: With this flexible shape, experiment with textures and lengths to create your perfect pixie.
  • Round Faces: Volume is key for round faces, creating volume at the top helps elongate your face.
  • Heart-shaped Faces: Balance is vital, maintain volume at the crown with soft layers.
  • Square Faces: Soft layers and a textured pixie top help soften angular faces.

She emphasizes that “When you wear glasses with a pixie cut, it’s crucial to decide the place of the fringe (bangs). Some prefer it above the glasses frame while some tuck it on the side, based on your comfort.”

Styling Tips and Tricks

She offers insightful guidance on styling your pixie. “Hair products are your best friends here,” Carver specifies. “You need a leave-in product, a styler, and a finisher.” She recommends specific products for different hair types – volumizing mousse for thin hair, detangle spray for thick hair and hair care products specifically made for curly hair.

When it comes to maintaining the pixie, Carver suggests “Use a microfiber towel, wide-tooth comb, and ensure to reduce the heat of your heating tools.” She further advises, “Let your hair air dry about 30-50% before applying any product.”

Keeping the scalp health in mind, she recommends using hair care products that are sulfate, paraben, phthalate, formaldehyde, and artificial fragrance free.

So, ladies over 50, your pixie cut journey is a versatile and fun one with countless ways to create your own unique look. Armed with Carver’s expert advice, you’ll be ready to rock your pixie cut and glasses with style and confidence.

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