28 Most Flattering Pixie Cuts for Oval Face Shapes

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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

A pixie cut for oval face shapes creates short hairstyles that look chic without effort. It’s a great chop to show off your personality, whether you’re a fun, sassy woman or more of a sophisticated one.

Oval-shaped faces can look flattering with the majority of the hairstyles. The question, however, is what features do you actually want to emphasize. Your eyes? Your cheekbones? Or maybe a soft hairline?

Canada-based stylist Amanda Nicol tells us the biggest perk of a pixie. “Women, especially with fine hair, can get a ton of volume and shape from a textured short haircut like this,” she notes.

A pixie crop can also work well on a thicker density. The stylist must texturize and debulk the hair in the right places so it’s easier to style.

Having short hair is a commitment. Nicol advises being ready to style your tresses every day. She explains, “Pixies are easy-maintenance but require regular trims. You’ll also need lots of product usage to create shape and definition.”

Moreover, a pixie cut takes at least six months to grow into a bob style.

Choose a haircut that not only flatters your face shape, but suits your lifestyle, too. Explain your daily routine to your stylist. Let them know how long you want to spend styling and how often you plan on getting your hair cut.

Before visiting your trusted hairdresser, check out this trendy gallery. The photos here show the best images of a pixie cut for oval face shapes!

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Shattered Pixie with Side-Swept Bangs
Instagram @rodrigocintra

#1: Shattered Pixie with Side-Swept Bangs

Check out the best pixie cut for oval face shapes. A shattered pixie with side-swept bangs gives a lived-in feel for the low-maintenance lifestyle. This style of pixie cut for short hair can come in a variety of lengths and variations. Waves, curls, and even straight hair can enjoy styling this look with a side-swept bang that can be pinned back for sass or left to lay freely. A working paste on dry hair can help feather and accent pieces for texture.

#2: Fashionable Wispy Pixie Cut

Consider the wispy pixie cut if you want a chic and trendy haircut. This cut is characterized by shorter textured layers on the top and sides. The wispy ends add a soft and delicate touch to the overall boldness of the pixie cut. This style works best for oval faces. It complements their facial structure by highlighting their cheekbones and jawline.

Pixie with Crown Layers on Thin Hair
Instagram @vera_stile.kg

#3: Pixie with Crown Layers on Thin Hair

A pixie with crown layers on thin hair is a great way to level up one’s personal style. Short haircuts for oval faces and thin hair can lay limp over time, but crown layers aid in creating varying styles as it evolves. Blown out with a paddle brush or by hands can polish the look while styling aids like a working paste on dry hair can help feather and accent pieces for texture.

Long Choppy Pixie
Instagram @zinoveva_elena

#4: Long Choppy Pixie

A long choppy pixie can be an edgy leap into a new hairstyle as pixie cuts come in varying shapes and sizes. Helping to choose which works best per face shape and features can be narrowed down with some photos of inspiration during the salon visit. Based on length and preference, salon visits can range from 4-8 weeks. Color can also add dimension to the pixie cuts as the cut and color combinations are endless.

#5: Wavy Pixie Hair with Layers

Wavy pixie hair with layers creates a laid back yet polished style that can be created naturally or intentionally with a hot tool. A wavy pixie cut for an oval face can accent features like eyes or cheekbones. Natural waves can be created with gel-creams and when dried with a 1″ wand to enhance the style. Partnering with the stylist during service to learn varying ways to style up the hair can create appeal for having this haircut last over seasons.

Long Straight Pixie with Side Bangs
Instagram @anano_cha

#6: Long Straight Pixie with Side Bangs

A long straight pixie with side bangs or the modern term bixie is a fun way to have a sassy style while still keeping length. Side bangs can vary from deep side part to off-center to completely switching side for an edgy style day to day. This style works best for straight hair since these pixie styles are meant to breath an effortless style. A quick blow out refresh can be done and polished in under 5 minutes, finished with a quick mist of anti-humidity hairspray like Chi Enviro 54.

Tousled Pixie Style
Instagram @mariana_polit

#7: Tousled Pixie Style

A tousled pixie style is an edgy choice on long pixie cuts for an oval face. Tousled hair can last over the course of days when created naturally or with a hot tool like a 1″ wand. Dry Bars Seashore Spritzer can enhance the tousle as the style becomes more lived in. Added accessories and styles can really funk up one’s personal style.

#8: Super Short Pixie for Women with Glasses

A super short pixie for women with glasses is a powerful way to make a statement with expression. A pixie cut for an oval face with glasses can be paired with solid color all over for a complete transformation. Salon maintenance can frequent anywhere between 4-6 weeks, while color could be refreshed every other visit. This style wears best for straight hair and products like paste or wax can keep flyaways at bay while keeping this look laid.

Very Short Pixie Hair
Instagram @0obbutterflyo0

#9: Very Short Pixie Hair

Very short pixie hair is a liberating way to start over or start fresh! Short pixies can give the illusion of debulking thick hair while adding a bold statement to one’s personal style. Maintenance can run between 4-6 weeks depending on the guest canvas and preference.

Straight Pixie and Bangs for Women Over 60
Instagram @bspokehair

#10: Straight Pixie and Bangs for Women Over 60

A straight pixie and bangs for women over 60 is a classic style that can be dressed up per one’s own personal style.
To avoid falling into a rut with these short cuts, you can partner with a stylist for a fun pastel or vibrant color to make the style pop. Toning and color depositing shampoos like Gem Lites or Keracolor can keep the color fresh without the commitment.

Layered Pixie with Wispy Bangs on Ladies Over 50
Instagram @yayaatzedge

#11: Layered Pixie with Wispy Bangs on Ladies Over 50

A layered pixie with wispy bangs on ladies over 50 can refresh an entire style for a guest seeking a change. Wispy bangs are a creative way to conceal features while dressing up others. Pixie cuts for oval faces on women over 50 can be customized with long bangs, short layers, color, and highlights. Even how to style it can be versatile per day or occasion.

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#12: Asymmetrical Pixie Cut

An asymmetrical pixie cut can give a simple haircut flexibility to be fun and stylish. Amongst many short hairstyles for oval faces, tucked behind the ear for a posh style or tousled for a fun night out can be achieved with a variety of tools and products. While in service a stylist can assist in learning the many ways this new do can be conquered.

Grown-Out Pixie with Feathered Bangs
Instagram @zinoveva_elena

#13: Grown-Out Pixie with Feathered Bangs

A grown-out pixie with feathered bangs can be evolved from a short pixie cut haircut or it can be created for a lived-in feel. Feathered bangs can be done in a curtain style, micro bangs, or a deep side part depending on preference of style. Feathered haircuts are often created with a razor and have a maintenance window of 4-8 weeks.

Short Pixie with Layers for Thick Hair
Instagram @zinoveva_elena

#14: Short Pixie with Layers for Thick Hair

A short pixie with layers for thick hair is a carefree style. Enjoy a feather-light and low-maintenance pixie cut that best fits an oval face and thick hair, as balancing out the weight will accent the features of the face.

Blonde Pixie with Short Bangs
Instagram @devonrobbie

#15: Blonde Pixie with Short Bangs

A blonde pixie with short bangs creates a sassy style that screams “give it to me, I’m worth it!” For salon maintenance on short hair styles, visits can be coupled for color and cut touch-ups and can range between 4-6 weeks. For best at-home maintenance it will include toning shampoos and bonding treatments in-between visits.

Tapered Pixie Haircut
Instagram @savagesalo08

#16: Tapered Pixie Haircut

A tapered pixie haircut gives a femme fatale allure, and as a choice of pixie cut for an oblong face, it can trump plastic surgery. The slimming silhouette and full top refocus the weight of hair to accent the features of the face. This style is completely customizable, and narrowing some photos of inspiration for the stylist can help in creating a nice style for each lady.

#17: Sleek Pixie Hairstyle with a Side Part

A sleek pixie hairstyle with a side part is a great choice if looking for a feminine pixie cut for an oval face. This style will work best for texture that is naturally straight. Or it can be created by smoothing down the cuticle and applying products like gel or paste to hold in place.

Shaggy Pixie Mullet
Instagram @hairbysinemai

#18: Shaggy Pixie Mullet

A shaggy pixie mullet is a modern take of the classic pixie cut for an oval-shaped face. Feathering of the layers can be customized for the guest preference or framing their features. A solid color change or in dimension can be a great way to evolve the style through the seasons.

#19: Pixie Crop with Micro Bangs

A pixie crop with micro bangs is a great style of a short pixie cut for an oval face. The style distributes focus to other areas of the woman’s features. Layers can be feathered to create textures in the canvas that can be played up or relaxed with hair products.

Long Full Fringe on a Pixie
Instagram @larisachis

#20: Long Full Fringe on a Pixie

Long full fringe on a pixie is a stylish way to style a classic short haircut. A full fringe allows for versatility in styling like a deep side part one way, or a funky faux hawk another way. A bold solid color or color placement is another way to evolve the stylist.

Spiky Pixie Style for Fine Hair
Instagram @elevatehair

#21: Spiky Pixie Style for Fine Hair

A spiky pixie style for fine hair can be sexy, like Halle Berry circa Y2K. This pixie cut for an oval face and fine hair is a delicate way to bring power to a haircut. The pixie style can be as funky or chic as you would like.

#22: Short Pixie Hair with Textured Bangs

Short pixie hair with textured bangs is a low-maintenance short haircut that is flattering for an oval face. Feathering the fringe and layers allows for a customizable style.

#23: Textured Pixie with Highlights

A textured pixie with highlights is a powerful statement to a classic hairdo. Pixie cut styles for an oval face create dimension and a ready-made style for a busy lady on the go. Worn tousled, smooth, or with a body-full blowout this style is posh-worthy.

Pixie Bob Haircut with Long Bangs
Instagram @rossiparkhair

#24: Pixie Bob Haircut with Long Bangs

A pixie bob haircut with long bangs is a hot trend for a spring clean-up. A pixie bob cut for an oval face is low-maintenance for hair that is on the medium to fine density and naturally straight. Air drying or hand drying are easy ways to style the hair yet, products like paste and gels can help to perfect the look.

#25: Face-Framing Pixie Cut with Bangs

A face-framing pixie cut with bangs can be customized to the guest’s preference, kept short or long. A pixie cut with bangs for an oval face will work in distributing weight and accenting features of the face. A feather razor handled by the artist will create layering and texture to the canvas, making every haircut unique.

#26: Voluminous Pixie with Shorter Layers

A voluminous pixie with shorter layers is the ideal haircut for the medium to fine texture that is seeking a new hairdo with volume and sass. An air dry or blow dry style is up to the client’s preference, yet texture can be enhanced using products like blow dry cream or styling paste.

Side-Swept Pixie Hair
Instagram @paulislmaia

#27: Side-Swept Pixie Hair

Side-swept pixie hair levels up the average pixie with bangs. The style can be enhanced with contrasting color placement to be seen when styled tousled or smoothed. The deep side part allows for a look of volume and body and a tapered silhouette.

#28: Short Pixie with Buzzed Sides

A short pixie with buzzed sides is a low-maintenance pixie haircut choice for an oval face. The fringe can be customized for a long or short style can create versatility when styling. A pixie haircut can be done by a stylist or barber, yet photos of inspiration can help narrow down the style best for the guest features.

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