Ways Older Ladies with Glasses Can Rock Pixie Cuts

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

A perpetual youthful physique is a woman’s holy grail. They turn to pixies to make them look half their age, but they forget to invite their eyewear into the equation. Trendy pixie cuts for older ladies with glasses are age-defying cuts that work well with glasses.

However, when it comes to the link between pixie haircuts and glasses, hairstylist Wayne French from Mount Pleasant, SC says, “The larger the glasses, the fuller the hair should appear. Smaller frames enable shorter pixies.”

Short haircuts are fun and liberating but need high upkeep. French points out how women tend to assume a short haircut means lesser maintenance. “With short hair, women don’t commit full-on to the cutting and styling maintenance,” he says. Most pixies will need to cut every 4-8 weeks, depending on the length, to keep their shape.

He adds, “Make sure your stylist has experience with cutting pixies. Nothing can be more fun than the right cut on the right lady.” And don’t forget to wear your glasses to your appointment!

Furthermore, our expert guide has all the pixie cut advice you need to make a confident decision.

Before your next salon visit, check out these inspiring photos of the best pixie cuts for older ladies with glasses.

Shaggy pixie cut with spectacles
Instagram @hairby.sara.k

#1: Shaggy Pixie Cut

Consider a shaggy pixie cut for older ladies because it’s very popular, stylish, easy to maintain, and creates a fuller look. Shaggy pixies have multiple blended and chopped layers all throughout and can hide the side frames of your eyeglasses. Adding texture is always a good idea for extra fullness, especially when you’re getting older.

#2: Spiky and Textured Pixie Cut

A spiky and textured pixie cut is perfect for women who want to show off their unique style with their hair. For office days or night outs, use matte clay as your main styling product. Just apply a small amount to dry hair with your fingertips. Ladies with pixie cuts can also benefit from a quick tousled blowdry for better volume and texture.

#3: Blue Tinted Pixie Cut

As we age, we may wonder which haircut suits us. In years of being a hairstylist, I advise choosing the cut that makes you feel fantastic. For a playful look, try a highly textured pixie cut. Use matte hair cream or paste to style your hair without shine. Use blue toner to remove yellow tones in grey hair caused by mineral buildup from tap water.

Messy and Textured Pixie Cut for Old Ladies with Eyeglasses and sideburns
Instagram @anti.dote_studio

#4: Messy and Textured Pixie

If you are an older woman who loves to sport glasses, try a pixie cut with a messy texture. Your aging hair will be easy to work with and give you ample ways to style it effortlessly. If you want an alluring look, add waves and play around with texture spray. For a sleek look, blow dry backward with a little gel on the hair.

#5: Auburn Long Pixie with Layers

Try a long pixie with layers if you’re looking for a new trendy haircut. Be aware that if you wear glasses, I recommend cutting the sides up and over your ears. This will ensure your hair doesn’t get stuck under or over your glasses. Ask your stylist to cut layers and add texture to your long pixie. This will help you to achieve volume and keep your hair from being too heavy.

#6: Blonde Long Pixie with a Side Bang

Long pixie haircuts with side bangs are a great approach to shorter hair. The long side bang adds an interesting quirk to your cut and compliments long or round face shapes. When wearing eyewear, let the long bang hang over your spectacles for a mysterious and charming shape. Don’t be afraid to cut your hair short and leave a long fringe, it will really modernize your hairstyle.

#7: Silver Side-Swept Pixie

A silver pixie with a side-swept fringe works on all face shapes. If you wear glasses, your best bet is to have the longest corner of your fringe lay above your frames. Plan to use hairspray or paste to keep your hair off your forehead and pushed to one side. I like This is a Medium Hold Pliable Paste from Davines for a flexible finish.

#8: Platinum Sleek Pixie

A platinum sleek pixie looks so chic on aging hair. Short in all the right places, the length of a pixie allows style on top and is perfect for women who wear eyeglasses.

#9: Softly Layered Pixie

Aging hair can look just as good as younger-looking hair. A few ways to showcase your hair is with the right haircut. A softly layered pixie, for example, gives you sass and flair and room for the style to evolve as it grows longer.

#10: Choppy Pixie Cut

A salt-and-pepper choppy pixie cut can be a great style for older ladies who wear glasses. Pixies give you lots of texture and style. Add some soft feathered pieces around the ears and detail the nape area with longer pieces if desired. There’s some styling versatility with short hair in those little details. To piece it out, try a dry texture clay and some root powder for volume.

#11: Pixie for Women Over 60 with Glasses

Choose a pixie for women over 60 with glasses to modernize your style. This cut works fabulously on fine straight hair. A small flat iron can be used on the short layers to create texture. Style with a wax or texture putty to achieve a funky look.

#12: Undercut Pixie Cut

An undercut pixie cut is great for older ladies wearing glasses. This cut is done by cutting half the amount of hair, making it easy to style. If you have thick hair, this cut will take a lot of bulk out of the hair from underneath. If you have fine hair, you can get more lift and extra volume through the crown.

Pixie for older women with a round face
Instagram @viruczeszehery

#13: Pixie for a Round Face

A pixie for older women with a round face is a great way to add fullness to the top of the hair, giving the illusion of an elongated face. Adding a thick side-swept bang also helps thin out a rounder face. Styling a pixie forward and with volume is the best way to accentuate features. A soft-hold hairspray to hold the tresses in place is an essential product to use.

Pixie with Choppy Layers for Old Women
Instagram @hairnerdsalon

#14: Pixie with Choppy Layers

Try a pixie with choppy layers to instantly upgrade your style! The textured layers moving forward softens the facial lines. Achieve the choppy look effortlessly with styling wax. Choppy pixie cuts for older ladies with glasses are your go-to, especially if you’re looking for ease and a haircut that compliments your facial features quite well.

#15: Very Short Pixie

A very short pixie is a classy and stylish haircut. A pixie cut takes minutes to style and makes fine hair look thicker. It’s a great option to try for busy women who got no time for styling. The only drawback of this cut is the frequent cutting necessary to keep it looking its best.

#16: Sassy Spiky Pixie Cut

A sassy spiky pixie cut is styled forward for a fun, edgy finish. Blow-dry forward with your fingers with some sculpting gel.

#17: Silver Pixie for Women with Large Eyewear

A silver pixie for older women with large eyewear creates a modern look and is a great option to try for those who like practicality with their hair. You’ll need a haircut every two months to keep the shape and hue.

Flattering pixie with asymmetrical bangs
Instagram @soubecas

#18: Flattering Pixie with Asymmetrical Bangs

Flattering pixie with asymmetrical bangs is a versatile cut for older ladies with glasses. Asymmetrical pixies have longer fringes with one side shorter and many choppy layers to create height and body.

#19: Curly Pixie Cut

A curly pixie cut is the ultimate low-maintenance style for senior women with gray hair color. Wash-and-go with a little curly defining cream or apply a diffuser to dry, and voila, you’re ready to go! It’s a great hair style for all face shapes. By adding some bangs to frame the face, it works with with most eyewear. You can pull off a short pixie with longer face shapes as well.

The low-maintenance short pixie cut
Instagram @saxarna.malin

#20: The Low-Maintenance Short Pixie

The low-maintenance short pixie is a great style for women who want a quick fix with minimal effort. Low-maintenance pixie cuts for older ladies with glasses can be done in under 10 minutes using a root boost product, a blow-dryer, and a 1-inch round or flat brush. In-salon maintenance happens every 4 to 8 weeks.

#21: Tapered Pixie for Older Women

A tapered pixie for older women with bold eye frames is a classic style that looks great on a heart and square-faced shapes. The tapered edges give the pixie hairstyle a clean look while giving you extra time to grow the hair out. To keep it clean, you will need to have it cut every 4 weeks. You may also allow the style to grow out into natural wispy edges and stretch it to 6-8 weeks. If you’re a mature woman with thinning hair or hair loss, ask your stylist about the tapered pixie.

Pixie cut women over 50 with glasses
Instagram @mixd.salon

#22: Short Pixie for Women Over 50 with Glasses

A short pixie for women over 50 with glasses is a fabulous choice. If you would like a wash-and-wear hairdo, this is the one for you. Pomade can be used for shine and dimension, but even that isn’t necessary with such short layers. Extremely low-maintenance at home, this simple shape still needs a cut every 3-4 weeks to look its best.

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#23: Pixie with Bangs

A pixie with bangs is the best cut for older ladies with glasses. It’s great for highlighting the eyes and can help you look 10 years younger. Also, it’s a great option for older women with thin hair since it gives an extra layer of volume to help it look thicker.

#24: Pixie for Women Over 70 with Glasses

A pixie cut for women over 70 with glasses is a great way to show off your frames with hair that’s full of life. Pixie cuts are known for their volume-boosting properties. A choppy layered texture makes it easy to wash and style daily. Opt for a fringe above the eyeglass frames to avoid your hair from getting into your eyes.

#25: Pixie Bob

A pixie bob haircut is a chic look and very versatile. Tuck it behind your ear for a shorter shape or wear it forward for more of a bob style. This shape also benefits from a high crown area. To achieve this, blow-dry the crown with a metal barrel round brush backward with some volumizing spray. Ask your stylist for longer bangs to hide your forehead and to soften wrinkles for a younger look.

Long pixie cut on an older woman with glasses
Instagram @christylargent

#26: Long Pixie Cut

A long pixie cut is a classy hairstyle that flatters graying hair and any pair of glasses. The layers on the top are longer, creating a smoother and softer, youthful appearance. Blow-dry away from the face with mousse to create fullness for oval face shapes. This cut works well with a medium hair texture.

Asymmetrical pixie hairstyle with eyeglasses on older women
Instagram @cutnj

#27: Asymmetrical Pixie

The asymmetrical pixie is ideal for older ladies with straight hair—whether it’s thick or thin. This youthful haircut was done with a straight-edge razor using the precision razor-cutting method. It’s a great technique to provide optimal movement and texture.

#28: Textured Pixie for Thin Hair

A textured pixie for thinner hair is a short chop that offers a lot of volume and movement. If you wear eyeglasses and have salt-and-pepper hair, consider getting matching spectacles for a fun, blended look.

The layered pixie haircut
Instagram @sit_n_mychair

#29: The Layered Pixie Haircut

The layered pixie is an ear-length cut that’s easy to style and always makes a statement. Furthermore, it’s one of the most ideal short hairstyles if you wear eyeglasses. Anyone can have short hair, but the shape and style are what matters. If you have a long and slender face, opt for this short-length cut, as it doesn’t accentuate the length of the face.