23 Best Pixie Cuts for Fine Hair to Look Fuller

pixie for fine hair

A pixie for fine hair is a short-length cut with tons of texture and volume to create a fuller look.

Stylist Andrea Bramchtein of San Francisco, CA shares her thoughts on this trend.

“The biggest benefit of pixies is allowing less hair to manage. These short hairstyles for thin hair are for ladies with non-frizzy, easy-to-style hair textures,” Bramchtein explains.

For those who have an unruly or pin-straight mane, you’ll have to spend extra time styling it in the morning.

This cropped cut can also be a great option, based on women’s face shape and how they would style it.

Hair density is another vital aspect to consider when opting for a huge chop. Good thing, Bramchtein reassures that a pixie cut makes a great change for finer locks. She notes, “Fine hair is at times mistaken for having less quantity of strands, but that’s not always the case.”

Remember that every short pixie for fine hair isn’t always low-maintenance. Bramchtein suggests a salon visit every 4-6 weeks to keep up with the cut’s style.

Here are pictures of the best pixie cut ideas for fine hair!

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Cute Pixie with Natural Highlights for Fine Hair
Instagram @hair_by_pedro

#1: Cute Pixie with Natural Highlights

Try a cute pixie with natural highlights if you’re looking to shake things up a bit without completely reworking your style. If you normally wear your hair in a pixie, try leaving the fringe area longer if you are looking for more style and play. When it comes to adding soft natural highlights, I don’t recommend going more than 2 levels lighter or darker than your natural, or artificial base color.

Androgynous Brunette Pixie Cut for Fine Hair
Instagram @shmoakin_hair

#2: Androgynous Brunette Pixie Cut

Amp up your style with an androgynous brunette pixie cut. To maintain this great shape, be prepared to get your hair cut every 4 weeks. You’ll love the versatility of the long top, which can be styled off your face or forward on your forehead. Consider adding a few highlights to add dimension. But make sure they are only in the front instead of throughout the entire head to avoid spotting on your short hair.

Brunette Pixie Bob for Short Fine Hair
Instagram @marmaladesalon

#3: Brunette Pixie Bob

Extra Long Pixie with Long Bangs for Fine Hair
Instagram @diegomarcsant

#4: Extra Long Pixie with Long Bangs

#5: Silver Extra Short Pixie

If you’re searching for easy care and a stylish shape, try a silver extra short pixie. In my experience, fine hair appears the thickest when it’s cut shorter and styled flatter on the head. You should try blow drying your pixie more forward with some volumizing mist. Some women feel strange wearing flat hair, but I guarantee your hair will be less see-through and it’s the way to go.

Short Fluffy Pixie with Bangs for Fine Hair
Instagram @glamgirlgabi

#6: Short Fluffy Pixie with Bangs

If you like short hair, you should consider a short fluffy pixie with bangs. Short hair is easy for you to manage and dries in no time. One of the best ways for you to achieve height in your pixie is to use a volumizing product, such as Instant Levitation Mist by Pureology. You can use a vent brush to lift the crown. Avoid over-drying as this can damage your hair and remove too much body as well. Keep in mind that your short hairstyle needs to be trimmed often, about every 4 weeks is best.

#7: Soft and Feathery Pixie

#8: Soft Creamy Blonde Pixie

A creamy blonde pixie is everything you’d want in a style. This easy, sassy, and youthful look takes seconds to style in the morning. Make sure to ask your stylist if they think this pixie style could work with your fine hair.

#9: Edgy Pixie for Women Over 60 with Fine Hair

Rock this edgy pixie cut if you’re a woman over 60 with fine hair. Edgy hairstyles for over 60 accentuate the eyes and builds texture in fine hair. You will need a dry wax spray to define all the beautiful choppy layers.

Pixie for Short, Fine Hair
Instagram @inthetresses

#10: Pixie for Short, Fine Hair

If you have fine hair you may benefit from a short pixie cut that’s textured. Feminine pixie cuts for thin hair cut are perfect if you want a “wash and go” style. Use a styling cream to style while the hair is still wet and air dry or blow-dry while finger combing the hair.

#11: Tapered Pixie for Thin Hair

Show that sexy jawline of yours with a tapered pixie haircut on thin hair. It’s very short at the nape of the neck and gradually gets longer as you go up the head. Graduated short cuts can be a perfect choice for thin hair as long as you know how to style it correctly. Ask your stylist to show you what products they recommend and how to use them to make your layered pixie cut for thin hair look perfect.

#12: Short Pixie for Fine Hair

If you have fine hair and a chubby face, a short pixie with side-swept bangs is still an option for you. A stacked pixie for fine hair can be high-maintenance when it comes to trims, but require very little time to style. Try asking your hairstylist what products they recommend when styling your asymmetrical pixie for thin hair.

Short Pixie Crop for Fine-Haired Women
Instagram @rastvorova_

#13: Short Pixie Crop for Fine-Haired Women

A short pixie crop is a great cut for fine-haired women. Try a sea salt spray to give baby-fine hair some grip, and make this pixie for fine straight hair look more full and textured.

Very Short Pixie Cut for fine hair
Instagram @cocoon_styling

#14: Very Short Pixie Cut

Pixie cuts that are very short are sure to display a strong, confident impression. Since pixie haircuts are probably one of the most low-maintenance haircuts of all time for thin-haired women, it is suggested for those who are always busy, don’t have much time to spend on their hair, or just want a new chic, edgy style.

#15: Shorter Pixie for Women Over 40

Women over 40 will love this shorter pixie haircut because it is so refreshing and youthful. From the shaved back and sides, to the scissor-cut disconnected length on top, these short hairstyles give the perfect balance between polished and professional to fun and edgy. Depending on how your natural hair lays once dried, you may not even have to add any hair products to recreate the style in this disconnected pixie for fine hair. Just comb your hair in the direction you want it to lay and finish with a light-hold hairspray.

Low-Maintenance Pixie with Layers
Instagram @thebarnathome

#16: Low-Maintenance Pixie with Layers

Consider a low-maintenance pixie with layers and wispy bangs if you’re someone that doesn’t have a lot of extra time to spare in the mornings. These easy-to-manage short hairstyles for fine hair are complimentary with your natural hair texture, so you really don’t have to do much to style it.

Textured Pixie for Fine Hair
Instagram @yuya__hair

#17: Textured Pixie for Fine Hair

Here’s a stunning and very eye-catching textured pixie cut for fine hair. This wavy and high volume haircut is shorter on the sides with a gradual layering that blends into the longer length towards the front. Short piece-y haircuts for fine hair are best paired with a root-lifting spray once your hair is 85% dry and start round-brushing the layers towards your face to recreate this high volume style. Set your style with a finishing hairspray.

Audrey Hepburn-Inspired Pixie for Fine Hair
Instagram @yuya__hair

#18: Audrey Hepburn-Inspired Pixie for Fine Hair

Looking for an Audrey Hepburn-inspired pixie for fine and dark hair? Look no further! This classic, timeless short messy pixie for fine hair looks best on women with a round or heart-shaped face and will accentuate all their feminine facial features. Finish off your style with a texture or tousle spray.

Wash-and-Go Pixie with Side Bangs
Instagram @krystayao_hair

#19: Wash-and-Go Pixie with Side Bangs

It doesn’t get much easier than this wash-and-go pixie with side bangs. A short pixie haircut with side bangs is perfect for all hair types and has just the right amount of volume with a soft stack tapering in the back. This choppy pixie cut for thin hair is chic and low-maintenance, so what more could you want?

Modern Pixie Cut for Finer Hair
Instagram @alexei.fedorko

#20: Modern Pixie Cut for Finer Hair

Consider a modern pixie haircut if you’re someone with finer-textured hair looking for short haircuts that are effortless and versatile! Adding short layered lengths will create natural volume in a short pixie cut. You can try playing with different hair products to create different looks like a pomade or a clay, or if you’re someone who doesn’t like the feeling of lots of product in your hair, try something light and airy like an aerosol texture or tousle spray.

Cute Pixie Cut for Fine, Curly Hair
Instagram @seabrapaullo

#21: Cute Pixie Cut for Fine, Curly Hair

A short pixie for fine curly hair will give your curls that extra little oomph and bounce they need. Such a curly pixie with your natural texture will require little to no product. Leaving the top a little longer than the back and sides will also help add more shape to your pixie cut.

Short Platinum Pixie with Bangs
Instagram @todchukstudio

#22: Short Platinum Pixie with Bangs

This platinum pixie with short bangs is the perfect haircut for fine locks because it has so much texture. Find a hairstylist that is confident in using a razor and thinning shears to recreate the messy, edgy layers of your blonde pixie. You can help define your fringe and layers by using a small amount of clay or pomade to hold those hairs in place all day and all night.

#23: Tousled Long Pixie for Older Women with Fine Hair

A tousled long pixie cut for thin hair is ideal for older women because not only is it flattering, but it is also perfect to highlight the best features of an oval face shape. Short styles like this long pixie are great to help shape your face. Keeping that extra length in the front will help shape those with an oval-shaped face. Adding longer, wispy layers to the top will create more volume and body, and will give you a more tousled style.

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