19 Cute Ways to Have a Pixie Cut with Bangs

Pictures of the best pixie cut with bangs haircuts for short hair

A pixie cut with bangs is a short haircut between one half to three inches long that is styled with either a front or side bangs. For fashion-forward ladies who have the confidence to rock an extra-edgy cropped cut, this is definitely a terrific option for you!

From Hollywood legend Mia Farrow to present-day pop icon Miley Cyrus, this cut is literally immortal on so many levels! The major reason why the fringed pixie transcends time is because of how it’s fitting on any hair type, color, and even face shape. All you need is an expert consultation with your trusted hairstylist.

Perfect if you’re a wash-and-go type of gal, pixies at-home maintenance is a breeze! Although if you want to keep your length short, be prepared for monthly visits to your salon for regular trims.

The most stylish chopped locks are coming your way to prove that even the shortest of strands could have so much styling versatility. Look no further than this round-up of the trendiest pixie cuts with bangs!

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Asymmetrical Pixie

Asymmetrical pixie with bangs
Instagram @adrianaa.pina

A great cut that also substitutes as having really long bangs on a pixie. Either way, have fun with it whichever way you want!

Layered Pixie for Thick Hair

Layered pixie cut for thick hair with bangs
Instagram @kaishif

These bangs on this pixie cut for thick hair seem a little bit long, don’t you think? Good for keeping length while savoring in the comfort of a short cut.

Curly Pixie

Curly pixie cut with bangs
Instagram @camilagnoa.hair

A short curly pixie cut with bangs goes a long way. The chop could liven up your whole vibe and draw attention to yourself when you walk across a room.

Messy Pixie

Messy pixie and bangs
Instagram @santy_years_terrones

A perfect addition to your dolled up face, pixie hairstyles with pink and caramel highlights says shows your more delicate side.

Long Pixie

Long pixie with bangs
Instagram @miguelpokomaier_arte

Looking chic, like 90’s chic! The raven hair and textured layers on this long pixie cut with bangs make you a sexy, fierce-looking woman.

Short Bangs

Pixie cut with short bangs
Instagram @klaudia.hair

Cut Caesar bangs onto your pixie cut for ultimate art house vibes!

Side Bangs

Pixie with side bangs
Instagram @salonink

This is a cute pixie haircut with side bangs. Pick a side to create your part and cut long layers starting from the front of the face. Great for adding more notable hair features.

Shaggy Pixie

Shaggy pixie cut with bangs
Instagram @shelleyraehair

The textured on this pixie cut with fringe will benefit with a little salt spray and some ruffling up the hair!

Long Bangs

Pixie with long bangs
Instagram @emma.nagihair

Keeping long bangs on a pixie cut looks makes the look more inclined to a bob. It definitely softens the hard edges created by the pixie cut.

Super Short Pixie

Super short pixie haircut with bangs
Instagram @miamihairmel

Pixie haircuts with bangs were super popular among 90’s Hollywood action stars. This is a really breezy pixie that mixed masculinity and femininity in the sexiest way.

Side Swept Bangs

Side swept bangs with pixie cut
Instagram @courtneyxcentrichair

Bangs on a pixie is the perfect mix of delectable that you must surely try. If you have a long forehead, then adding bangs will make your face appear shorter and of course, make you look posh and suave in an easy way.

Platinum Blonde Undercut Pixie

Undercut pixie with bangs
Instagram @courtneyxcentrichair

This is an excellent choice for people with short thin hair. Undercut pixie cuts with bangs will make your hair look fuller and may help a healthier regrowth of hair.

Choppy Bangs

Choppy Bangs
Instagram @kortri

Q&A with style creator, Kortri
Hairstylist @ Klukva Salon in Russia

How would you describe this look?
This is a modern woman’s short pixie haircut with short bangs where there are maximum practicality and stylish image. Blond coloring allows the hair to look softer, and the subsequent regrowth of dark roots will give the hair the necessary depth. If there is gray hair, light ends distract attention from them.

Any advice for someone considering it?
Do not hesitate to cut your hair short. A professional stylist needs in each specific case to recommend the version of the hair set, focusing on the individual characteristics of the skull and face. You should not have any doubts about the modern look of short hair with bangs and also consider your overall image including the outfits.

With Straight Bangs

With Straight Bangs
Instagram @hirohair

Q&A with style creator, Hiro Ochi
Hairstylist @ Nova Arts Salon in Los Angeles, CA

How would you describe this look?

This is a pixie undercut with bangs. It’s basically a pixie with an undercut. I texturized it for movement, so it looks piecey and edgy. I used Milbon’s No. 5 cream to style the hair.

Any advice for someone considering it?

I think the most important part of a short haircut for a woman is the balance between the shape of the cut and the bangs. I determine the length of the bangs depending on the clients face shape.

Feathered Pixie Cut

Feathered Pixie Cut
Instagram @onhair_salon

Q&A with style creator, Ekaterina Konoreva
Salon Owner @ On Hair Salon in Moscow, RU

How would you describe this look?
I really like this pixie hairstyle with bangs because it will stay fresh and textured for a very long time. The temples and the back of the head are not shaved off very short. This haircut is cut initially in such a way as if it is already a bit overgrown. It looks very feminine, and the light strands emphasize the texture and add visual mobility and shearing volume.

Any advice for someone considering it?
This pixie cut with bangs is suitable for every woman, both young and adult. It will freshen your look. This haircut does not look aggressive. It’s very soft, so it can be for the businesswoman.

I always recommend these kind of pixie haircuts. If you have thin hair emphasized with highlights, it will visually look very volumetric and fresh. Even such short haircuts look good on slightly curly hair.

It is very easy to style this haircut at home by yourself just with your fingers and a hairdryer. For the finish, use a texturizer or sea salt spray.

Textured Pixie For Fine Hair

Q&A with style creator, Amani Deleon
Hair Artist @ Salon Nathaniel in Meriden, CT

How would you describe this look?
This look is a very modern, edgy, and versatile pixie cut with bangs. The texture is so in right now, and this look gives you the option to rock the tousled look or slick it back for a more elegant chic look. The dark color provides the most amazing contrast to showcase the tight bald fade, but it can also help enhance any fade or design! I have to say the versatility and the look of the texture throughout have to be my favorite aspects!

Any advice for someone considering it?
This pixie style definitely requires styling of some sort. However, it generally does not take long to style. For the height and definition, you need a product that gives you structure and texture. Hair with natural texture (curls/wave) will really enjoy this cut when going for a more effortless style.

It’s textured, it’s edgy, it’s in, and there are so many ways your stylist can customize it for you! As long as you’re willing to put a few minutes into styling your hair daily and are open to something fun then you’re a perfect candidate to rock this look!

Full Bangs

Pixie haircut with full Bangs
Instagram @mimididmyhair

Q&A with style creator, Mimi Z
Hairstylist @ Mimi did my hair in Vancouver, BC

How would you describe this look?

This pixie with full bangs was inspired by a Macaw bird. My client previously had a faded green color, and we thought it would be really cool to incorporate blue and yellow which create green! The color is definitely my favorite part of this look.

Any advice for someone considering it?

If you’re considering this look, I say totally go for it! You’ll have to commit to lightening your hair for the color, but it offers such versatility since you switch up the colors pretty easily!

This specific pixie haircut with bangs works great on straight hair, but if you have curly hair you can always apply a strong hold gel to wet hair and comb it straight to prevent the fading from heat tools. You can also apply a pomade or wax in order to give a more textured style.

This cut looks great on most face shapes, so if you’re considering the jump towards a pixie with bangs, you should take the plunge!

Pixie Bob

Pixie Bob with fringe
Instagram @tbakerbeauty

Q&A with style creator, Tristan Baker
Personal Salon Assistant @ Stella Luca Salon in Winter Park, FL

How would you describe this look?
This fringe pixie bob is a modern shagged bob that’s very textured and versatile! My favorite thing about it is definitely the texture, as it really allows her natural curl pattern to shine.

Any advice for someone considering it?
If you have curls, this cut is very low maintenance. Just adding a little leave-in conditioner plus mousse, you can air dry or diffuse. If you’re hair’s straight, a 1.25″ curling iron can replicate this look with ease.

Short Choppy Pixie with Wispy Bangs

Q&A with style creator, Cecily Vinegar
Salon Owner / Hair Stylist @ Cecily’s Hair Studio in Lexington, KY

How would you describe this look?
I am a sucker for a good pixie and bangs. Many people seem to think that short hair is masculine. In my experience, a good pixie actually accentuates feminine features. This tight textured fade and the customized color was so much fun to create. The best part of this cut is that the texture allows for lots of styling diversity.

Any advice for someone considering it?
I would recommend this pixie haircut with wispy bangs to anyone who is ready for a carefree, versatile pixie. My styling advice is to blow-dry with sea salt spray and have fun with some awesome styling paste.