25 Women In Their 70s Prove They Can Pull Off This Hot Hairstyle Trend, Too

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

#1: Pixie Bob with Highlights and Lowlights

A hairstyle featuring a pixie bob with highlights and lowlights is a great option. Adding contrast to the hair can give older women a youthful vibrancy. This change also boosts mood and confidence. You’re never too old to let your style shine. Coloring your hair to complement the pixie bob makes everything pop. If you want a voluminous look, try a style with a graduated bob and short pixie layers. This combination creates a unique bixie that’s perfect for those with fine hair.

#2: Burgundy Long Pixie Cut

A long pixie is similar to a bob (also known as a ‘bixie’) and is shorter than a cropped pixie. A key feature of this pixie cut is the varying lengths of hair at the front, sides, and back (nape). It has different lengths of hair that do not join. This diverse hair length creates a textured look with movement, offering a great transition from short to long styles. Adding a soft side-swept bang to frame the face really makes this cut stand out.

Messy Feathered Pixie Bob for Older Women Over 70
Instagram @ittaribeiro

#3: Messy Feathered Pixie Bob

Women with natural gray hair could look flawless with a feathered, messy pixie bob. The cut not only complements the natural texture of gray hair but is also stylish for all ages. When requesting this cut, ask your stylist for feathered layers and height.

Dimensional Long Bixie Cut for Women Over 70
Instagram @cleitonastro

#4: Dimensional Long Bixie Cut

The hairstyle is a unique, dimensional, long bixie cut. Gorgeous hairlines, hugging the nape closely, create the gentle feel of a soft pixie cut. The cut has a full graduated bob above the nape, giving it the look of a bob. The cut features dark blonde hair with lighter balayage pieces woven into the fringe and crown. This contrast gives the cut a dimensional pop, showcasing the color and the style.

#5: Two-Toned Bixie Cut for Fine Hair

Displaying a bixie cut is great with a two-toned style. It can create the effect of a darker nape and a lighter crown and sides. Adding layers throughout boosts fullness for fine hair. It also helps to remove weight from dense areas, which people with fine hair often struggle with. Using a razor to soften the ends can drastically change this haircut’s look.

#6: Straight Platinum Blonde Bixie

A platinum blonde bixie, a light and straight hairstyle, suits fine textures best. Bixie is a short style that falls between a bob and a pixie, with a tapered neckline and a length that meets the jawline. This style is flattering for oval and square face shapes. Using good quality volume products that are lightweight (such as Aveda Phomollient Styling Foam) will be the foundation for this cut.

Voluminous Layered Pixie Bob on Ladies Aged 70 and Up
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#7: Voluminous Layered Pixie Bob

This style suits thick, coarse hair. Add some heat. Use hairspray to make the hair softer and create a smooth, flowing look. The unevenness provides a pixie vibe to the cut. It has many layers at the crown and side bangs. A lady in their 70s wanting more body and added style will find an uneven pixie bob perfect.

Cropped Pixie Bob with Subtle Layers on Women Over 70
Instagram @teddysantosjr

#8: Cropped Bob with Subtle Layers

The cropped bob includes a tapered layer at the nape area. The rest of the bob extends above this layer, creating a defined shape. The style includes a precise cut for the outer line and minimal crown layers for some movement, creating a classic look for women over 70.

Golden Blonde Wavy Pixie Bob for Ladies Aged 70
Instagram @lisashearer.hair

#9: Golden Blonde Wavy Pixie Bob

Increase the shine on your wavy pixie bob by adding golden streaks throughout. Warmer shades can deepen and illuminate any hair color. Finish with a shine spray for extra gloss.

#10: Round Pixie Bob with Short Layers

Consider a round pixie bob with short layers. Fine hair looks great with a round layered bob. This style creates fullness and shape. To style this bob, you should use a round brush or a 1 1/2-inch curling iron. Remember, the key is to curl long lengths in a bend. Finally, use hairspray to hold your style. This is just what your fine hair needs for a chic haircut.

Pink Choppy Pixie Bob with Chunky Layers on 70-Year-Olds
Instagram @lisashearer.hair

#11: Choppy Pixie Bob with Chunky Layers

If you want funk, cuteness, and fun in your new hairstyle, a choppy pixie bob with chunky layers is perfect for you. The heavy layers in this haircut allow for versatile styling, whether you prefer a sleek or tousled look. Set off this haircut by pairing it with a rich, dimensional color for added depth.

Brown Bixie with Layers and Highlights for Mature Women Aged 70
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#12: Brown Bixie with Layers and Highlights

A brown bixie is a hairstyle with layers and highlights. This cute style is soft, easy to maintain at home, and looks good on women over 70. This bixie style features softness around the hairline and entails a slight undercut with shorter pieces underneath. There’s also a longer crop bob on the crown and sides. The way the bixie is styled allows it to be a mix of classic cuts.

Side-Swept Gray Angled Bixie with Long Fringe for Women Over Seventy
Instagram @teddysantosjr

#13: Side-Swept Angled Bixie with Long Fringe

A bixie with angled side-swept bangs and a long fringe looks edgy and chic! The sharp edges and shape of the bixie cut really highlight the jawline, and add volume at the top of your head. You can boost volume with a root lifting spray applied at the base of your hair.

Very Short Pixie Bob with Stacked Layers and Straight Bangs for Women Over 70
Instagram @salon_isla

#14: Very Short Bob with Stacked Layers

For a short bob with volume and movement, try a hairstyle with stacked layers. A good dry texture spray can enhance the volume of the layered bob.

#15: Ear-Length Pixie on White Hair

A woman with white hair should try an ear-length pixie cut. Women over 70 with finer or thinner hair should try an ear-level micro bob. This cut allows for a stronger structure and adds layers for volume and style. Maintain a blunt shape around the cut. This will provide the needed fullness to the finer textures. A layered frame and crown shape will give a softer look to your face. It will add volume, ensuring that it doesn’t lay flat naturally. Apply volumizing mousse while blow-drying, or let hair air-dry. Once fully dry, you can fluff it up to add extra volume.

Graduated Long Pixie Bob on Ladies Over 70
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#16: Graduated Long Pixie Bob

Layering your hair can give you a fuller, rounder shape that is very attractive in a bob with a pixie twist. This style can be easily maintained, as the strong shape doesn’t require much product or special handling. This is what makes layering so beautiful. Adding bangs that frame your face gives this style a pixie-like feel, while it retains the classic short hair at the back of the neck that is typical of a bob.

#17: Jaw-Length Bixie with Side-Swept Bangs

Consider a jaw-length bixie hairstyle that often comes with side-swept bangs. A pixie bob can provide a modern style for women over 70 with a shorter look. I suggest a jaw-length pixie for longer face shapes. It offers balance by breaking up the face midway. Volumizing layers blend well with face-framing bangs. This gives your face a soft side sweep and adds lift to thinner hair. If your hair is thicker, using some weight removal techniques can reduce bulkiness while achieving the same style.

#18: Pixie Bob with Layers for Thick Hair

A layered pixie bob is a great option for those with thick hair. The unique blend of an asymmetrical and classic cut produces a chic look that is highly recommended for women over 70. Soft, feathery layers add movement and lightness to the style, making it a perfect choice for thicker, coarse hair. Choose one side of your client’s head that will complement a short asymmetrical pixie bob and seamlessly transition into a classic bob shape on the opposite side. Adding side-swept bangs helps in balancing the entire look, making it suitable for various face shapes.

Side-Parted Pixie Bob Undercut for 70-Year-Old Ladies
Instagram @teddysantosjr

#19: Side-Parted Pixie Bob Undercut

Going with a side-parted undercut pixie bob will give you more volume all around. The undercut creates volume underneath that pushes the hair on top upwards, while the offset part gives instant lift around the face.

Bixie Hair with Side Bangs on Ladies Over 70
Instagram @glem303

#20: Bixie Hair with Side Bangs

Consider a bixie hairstyle with side bangs. If you are over 70 and searching for a modern way to style your short hair, I recommend a bixie. Opt for a chin-length cut filled with a number of short layers that extend beyond the base, producing a pixie look but keeping some length. A side-swept bang is helpful for pear, round, and longer face shapes.

#21: Straight Short Hair with Tapered Cut

The hairstyle is straight and short with a tapered cut. As you age past 70, it’s common to have less hair than in your 20s and 30s. A cut that maximizes fullness can match your new hair density and texture. Maximized fullness can look like shorter hairstyles, blunt cuts, and bangs if they fit your face. For a blunt haircut that fits the neckline, ask for a French bob with minimal layers.

Stacked Pixie Bob with Feathered Bangs for Older Ladies Over 70
Instagram @ittaribeiro

#22: Stacked Pixie Bob with Feathered Bangs

Many pixie bob hairdos are popular among women over 70. This elegant hairstyle is on the longer side. The style gives the hair some lightness with feathered layers and fullness on the crown and back with a graduated cut. Soft sweeping bangs give this cut its elegance. Using a round brush to style away from the face or flat iron can provide different looks.

#23: Layered Bixie on Natural Grey Hair

A layered bixie works perfectly on natural grey hair. Pixie bob hairstyles can be modern and stylish for ladies over 70. Adding texture and shape to these styles suits today’s trends. To achieve a softer look and a pixie vibe on grey hair, consider adding shorter layers to the bixie.

#24: Rounded Pixie Bob with Wispy Layers

Pixie bobs for senior ladies add a modern, youthful touch to their hairstyle. Use a razor haircut on your bob that results in gentle movement and textured ends. Emphasize crown layers to enhance volume and the appealing look of your hairstyle.

#25: Edgy Bixie with Chunky Blonde Highlights

Sleek pixies are a flattering feminine hairstyle for women who want to emphasize their cheekbones with a bold statement cut. Adding highlights and underlights to the bixie cut gives it dimension and extra edge. Underlights beautifully frame the face, especially when combined with bold blonde hues. Women over 70 find the edgy bixie cut with blonde highlights particularly appealing.

Ready to feel that special thrill only a fresh haircut can spark? As you navigate your golden years, let your style shine with a hip pixie bob haircut. Fashioned to suit women over 70, this chic hairstyle can amp up your style. Take a tip from expert stylist Marley Irisa and discover how this trendy cut can transform your look, no matter the texture of your hair or the shape of your face.

Meet The Expert

Marley Irisa
Marley Irisa
Marley is a cutting specialist with over 4 years of experience.
You can find her at Mint Salon Block in Scarborough, ME

Hair Type Advice for the Pixie Bob

Marley insists that a pixie bob can look great on any woman over 70, no matter her hair type. “If you’ve got normal or fine locks, this cut will look top-notch on you,” she says. Even if your hair is thick, don’t worry! “You might need to ask your stylist to thin it out a bit to get the perfect blend.”

So, if you have pin-straight locks or super tight curls, don’t shy away from this style. A pixie bob looks fantastic on everyone!

Understanding Face Shapes and Pixie Bob

Once you’ve considered your hair type, it’s crucial to think about your face shape. Marley notices that women with oval or heart-shaped faces often look great in this haircut. But, there’s no hard and fast rule against rocking a pixie bob if you have a different face shape.

“Remember, this style looks great if you have high cheekbones or a strong jawline,” she adds. “So, live your best life with this look!”

Styling Tips and Product Recommendations for Pixie Bob

To keep your pixie bob looking its best, you must know the best products and techniques to use. “Get to know a good paste like L’Oréal Professionnel Techni.ART or Mizani’s Sculpting Paste, they’re my go-to choices,” Marley advises.

If you have hair that won’t let you simply wash and go, try using a heat protectant. Marley’s preferred choice is L’Oréal Professionnel Transformer Lotion. “Once dried naturally or with a blow dryer, a flat iron can work wonders.”

Her method? “Take 2-inch bits, use the iron near the root, turn the iron, and slowly pull down.” This trick, advises Marley, will cause a loose wave that will keep you looking fab!

Pictures of the Most Fabulous Pixie Bob Haircuts for Women Over 70