23 Perms for Short Hair That are Super Cute

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

#1: Edgy Permed Pixie Cut

The permed pixie cut is an edgy hairstyle that suits slim faces with angular features because the curls will create a rounder shape, balancing out the chiseled cheekbones or nose. To tame the curls and keep the frizz down, use gels on damp hair and air dry instead of diffusing.

perms for very short hair

#2 For Very Short Hair

A clean vintage-looking perm for very short hair is so mesmerizing for women with the oval face shape and classic hair color. Bangs and texture on hair work hand in hand like magic.

#3: Low-Maintenance Perm

The client wanted more volume and a more natural style. I feel like we were able to achieve both of those things. I think body waves and perms are great for texture and volume when styling straight hair. They are also great for a fast-paced/on-the-go client who needs an easier hair routine.

Lovely for Women Over 60
Instagram @todchukstudio

#4: Lovely for Women Over 60

Try a lovely short style for women over 60. A perm in this look is vital to give you such defined curls, carrying out a bold round shape. Don’t be afraid to flaunt your natural grey strands as they will bring shine to this textured look.

trendy spiral short hair perm
Instagram @hairbysarajoy

#5: Trendy Spiral Perm

Give the short haircut and shiny, soft brown-haired color a new definition with these spiral perms. What more could you ask for if you have the massive texture and volume imposed by layered tight curls?

bold digital perm short hair
Instagram @emil.val27

#6: Bold Digital Perm

What makes a digital perm the best is that it helps ladies both feel and look alluring even on the ordinary days. The loose, thin curls give hair the much-needed texture. Couple it with straight full bangs on a rich ginger hair color to show that you are one of a kind.

#7: Loose Wave Perm

For extra fun and charming vibes to hair, these loose wave perm did a great job. Wear your best fancy smile and be the most gorgeous woman in the room that people would look up to.

#8: Feminine Wavy Perm

The combination of french bob cut and wavy perm can make people want to have short perm hairstyles, as well. The smooth beach waves on soft brown-colored hair create the most exceptional texture effect one could have imagined.

#9: Easy Perm for Thin Hair

An upgraded and modern version of mullet haircut in a length that goes down to the neck is ideal to do a perm on it. Nothing beats this perm on dark hair color if matched with your retro fashion taste.

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#10: Textured Permed Bob with Bangs

This bob haircut with bangs paired with perm curls works perfectly on ladies with fair skin and naturally brown hair color. Texture and volume given to this permed bob with bangs define those lovely curls to perfection.

#11: Perm Rod Set on Natural Hair

As the name suggests, using a perm rod to perm your hair can still result in natural-looking curls that spring with life. Dark curls shine magnificently, getting all the attention that this perm needs.

sassy beach wave short hair perm
Instagram @galenassalon

#12: Sassy Beach Wave Perm

Short haircuts are indeed the faces of a sassy look. A beach wave perm can form a movement to your dark brown, neck-length bob. Texture comes out more naturally in this hairstyle, giving you a much more exciting shine.

#13: Perms for Seniors

Adding these kinky curls to your hair is the perfect way to amp up the texture and volume of older ladies. Plus, everything looks cute and fluffy when you’re wearing this perm, so try it on now!

#14: Sweet Asian Perm

Famously seen in Asian dramas, this perm is a light feathery look that boasts both texture and gentleness. The bangs over the eyes complement the bob pretty well to give that cute, Aegyo look!

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Cute Curls for Women Over 50
Instagram @zay.nomore

#15: Cute Curls for Women Over 50

Who can pull off a style better than the grey-haired ladies? These cute curls for women over 50 will minimize your need for daily styling. You’ll love how they can add bulkiness to your short and thin tresses. Take good care of your curls by using a hair mask, keeping them soft and shinier.

beautiful short hair soft perm
Instagram @sabrinafunz

#16: Beautiful Soft Perm

Where are my beautiful and modest ladies? This is the soft perm that is very special for you. The ample amount of texture and volume brought by soft perm using the flexi rod is always addicting to gaze at. This gentle flexi-rod perm allows the guest to achieve a tousled beachy wave.

short hair body wave perm
Instagram @curlcult

#17: Gorgeous Body Wave Perm

This look is a body wave bob. She wanted to change her look, so we cut about 12 inches into a cute layered bob. I then permed her hair with Redken’s Inner Secret using large rollers rolled every other way in a brick-lay pattern to create a little bit of a natural-looking texture in her hair.

curly perms for short hair
Instagram @brunodantte

#18: Bright Short Curly Perm

Educate yourself on curly hair. Changing the state of your hair could also mean a change in your everyday routine! Curly hair can be as much a job as any other hair type, so be prepared to work with it, not against it. If you have short hair and are considering a perm, keep in mind you will lose a bit of length from the shrinkage of the curls! Someone with a heart-shaped face may want more volume with layers, but someone else with a shorter, wider face should desire more length.

Short Hair Dry Perm
Instagram @weeklyyeg

#19: Polished Dry Perm

This look is a natural curly perm. I cut it round with 90° layers to achieve a “natural fro” look. Women considering getting a perm done should be aware of the harsh effects of chemically reforming your hair’s structure. Deep conditioning and treating the curls as if they were natural with the appropriate curly products (depending on the texture) will help the style live longer and strengthen the health of your hair.

#20: Perfect Loose Perm

This look is free-flowing, relaxed, and lived in. I love the way we cut the curls to make a perfect frame around her face. I would advise women considering a perm to understand what it is going to do to their hair.  Yes, you will get volume and texture, but you will also get some damage and frizz.

modern loose curl short hair perm
Instagram @dogan__kuafor

#21: Modern Loose Curl Perm

I like very short hair. It’s becoming a more attractive and modern style. Face lines and head structures are very important to consider for short hair. Take into account the client’s face shape and skin color when deciding the haircut and color. With beautiful waves, I created a more voluminous, more modern, freestyle feeling.

loose spiral perm short hair
Instagram @permsfeed

#22: Fashionable Loose Spiral Perm

This look is both easy and fashionable. My favorite thing about this look is its softer curl, perfect for the beach and in a beanie when it gets cold out! Some advice I’d give to a short-haired client thinking about getting a perm is to determine how you’d like the curl pattern to look, what suits you best, and what makes you feel most beautiful. Then, just go with it!

#23: Permed Black Hair

I call this look an “enhanced natural.” The model had natural curls, but it was so fizzy and dry. That’s why I did a cold perm to give her hair stronger curls that suit her face well.

A short hair perm is a women’s short hairstyle that is done by setting the hair in waves or curls and treating it with a perm solution to make the style last for months. There’s now no barrier to achieving your curly hair goals because, with modern hairstyling techniques, honestly nothing is impossible!

Perms for short hair might have come from decades ago, but don’t fret because there’s now a long list of contemporary styling options for you to choose from! Following the iconic steps of the perm hair goddess Shirley Temple are modern personalities Lili Reinhart, Sarah Hyland, Emmy Rossum, and Jaime King, who did this curl-inducing treatment and made us all envious.

Hairstylist and texture expert Ivanova Irina fills her feed with remarkable examples of short permed hairstyles! Bobs and pixies, loose or tight curls – you’ll impress in just a short styling time!

Getting natural-looking ringlets by perming requires chemicals, so there’s a big chance that your strands might be up for the damage. To prevent this and maintain your perm, use sulfate-free products and avoid heat.

It’s time for you to get introduced to these fusions of a classic ’80s hairstyle and present-day hairstyling techniques! Read below for the trendiest short hair perm photos!