32 Cutest Ways to Get a Neck-Length Haircut

Neck-length hairstyles
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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

A versatile neck-length haircut is any type of cut that grazes women’s necklines. It can be sleek and blunt, shaggy and messy, or wavy and flowy, depending on your personal taste.

The biggest benefit of a neck-length style is that with less effort, you get a refine and polished look. It serves as a chic frame for your best facial features.

Consultation is fundamental. It’s vital to ask honest opinions from an expert, says stylist Rebecca Raine of Seattle, WA.

She explains, “Hairstylists study face shapes, hair types, and textures. Depending on these aspects of yours, ask if they think bangs, layers or a face frame could be a good addition.”

Texturizing is everything. You don’t want a triangle effect on short hair, where you see a ton of bulk in the lower part.

Even if you want a one-length bob, there are tools and tricks to remove the weight from the interior.

Raine states, “Neck-grazing hairstyles come in all shapes and styles. Work with a stylist who knows how to find the right layers and texturizing that work best for your tresses.”

Hair never stops growing, so if you fall in love with the look, visit the salon more often. Refresh your cut at least every three months to keep it from resting on the shoulders. Don’t forget to do a daily styling routine to maintain your shape.

Bring inspirational photo during the consultation. Here are the images of the best and trendiest neck-length hairstyles you can save.

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Neck-Length Bob with Curtain Bangs
Instagram @crishairr

#1: Neck-Length Bob with Curtain Bangs

Go for a one-length bob with curtain bangs for thick hair. Consider a short cut for your hair to help remove some of the weight from your perimeter. Determine with your stylist if you should get bangs with a short choppy bob and what length to cut them to bring out your unique features.

Smokey Grey Neck-Length Bob with bangs for ladies with oval faces
Instagram @local_honey

#2: Smokey Grey Neck-Length Bob

A smokey grey neck-length bob with bangs is a chic haircut perfect for women with oval faces. The smokey grey hue adds a touch of coolness and modernity to the classic bob. The neck-length cut allows for easy styling and versatility. The bangs frame the face beautifully and flatter the oval face shape. To style, I recommend using a volumizing mousse to add texture and lift to the root. Then using a round brush to blow-dry the hair straight. Finish with a few drops of hair serum for added shine and softness.

Neck-Length Soft Waves and Texture for women with dark brown hair
Instagram @hirohair

#3: Neck-Length Soft Waves and Texture

Try adding waves and texture if you have neck-length hair. You should aim to get a good texture spray to achieve this look.

#4: Classy & Sexy Bob with a Side Part

If you’ve got a soft spot for classic, sexy styles, then the bob with a side part may be just what you need. It’s perfect for neck-length hair and is sure to bring out any face shape. For extra volume and hold, use mousse or another light styling product to define the layers of your cut. Keep in mind that this look works best on straight or slightly curly hair types. To finish off this chic style, opt for a shine serum. Try Garnier Fructis Brilliantine Shine Glossing Spray to keep your locks their best.

Neck-Length Lived-In Lob Cut
Instagram @elizabethporter.beauty

#5: Lived-In Lob Cut

When growing out your hair, there could be longer visits in between the salon. Styles like a lived-in lob haircut help to transition length past the shoulders. Be sure to ask for the best time to return for maintenance. And also, at-home care for your hair goals.

Tousled Messy Neck-Length Blunt Cut
Instagram @hirohair

#6: Tousled Messy Neck-Length Blunt Cut

If you’re looking for a cut that is helpful in adding movement to your straight hair, consider a short razor cut. They texture on the layers shape the ends and allows your hair to push in different ways. This gives you more definition. Avoid leaving the front without layers as it may make your cut look heavy and flat. For a more bouncy look, wave your hair with a flat iron.

Neck-Length Middle Part Bob with Subtle Waves
Instagram @hairdresser.patricia

#7: Middle Part Bob with Subtle Waves

A middle-part bob paired with soft waves will keep you up-to-date with all the new trendy styles. A neck-length bob cut will really show off your neck and jawline structure while making you feel pretty and professional since it gives your tresses a sleek, lux finish.

Beautiful Neck-Length Cut for Older Women
Instagram @yp_hair

#8: Beautiful Neck-Length Cut for Older Women

If you plan on getting a haircut that is best for your age and style, I’d choose a beautiful neck-length cut. For older women, this helps to hide maturing lines and looser skin around the face. This length works great for all textures and can be customized via layering and hair color.

#9: Dark Chocolate Evenly Cut Bob

When having a sharp cut bob, pairing it with a classic dark hue works so well. It’s a chic classic that’s always on trend. The most important thing is to maintain a glossy shine. So don’t forget to ask your stylist for the recommended color-safe shampoo. It will help to lock the color into your hair.

Easy-Styling Neck-Length Blonde Bob for Short Hair
Instagram @terezaturzova

#10: Easy-Styling Blonde Bob for Short Hair

Try an easy-styling blonde bob if you have short hair and want to get a fun, classic look. Beautiful for fine or thin hair, neck-length haircuts are perfect for giving fullness and youth to your limp hair.

Soft Neck-Length Wavy Bob with Side Bangs
Instagram @renzpangilinan

#11: Soft Wavy Bob with Side Bangs

A soft wavy bob with side bangs would be great for your next big cut. Hairstyles for neck-length hair are perfect for any hair texture. Ask your stylist for side bangs to soften your bob.

#12: Side Part Fluffy Haircut

Try a fluffy hairstyle with a slight side part. Lobs can be a great neck-length hairstyle if you have thick hair. Consider asking your stylist to texturize your ends with point cutting or razor work to give some movement to your thick bob. Using a 2-inch barrel, you will be able to create barely-there waves.

#13: Low-Maintenance Haircut for Straight Hair

Looking for a low-maintenance haircut because of your straight hair? Try a neck-length bob! Super straight tresses tend to look fuller with shorter crops, however, that doesn’t mean some level of maintenance won’t be involved. Remember this, keeping your crop sharp will give life and fullness to straight strands and keep your style on-trend.

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Neck-Grazing Cut with Subtle Layers
Instagram @maggiemh

#14: Neck-Grazing Cut with Subtle Layers

A neck-grazing cut combined with subtle layers is versatile when it comes to styling, which is great if you love wearing your hair both straight and curly, and everything in between. Keeping your length cut blunt and straight across will give your hair fullness, while the subtle layers will help give your hair some softness and shape, which makes neck-length hairstyles with layers very desirable.

#15: Side-Parted Blonde Bob

Look super sassy with a side-parted bob. Blonde bobs are so versatile and look great on all different hair types and textures. To get soft blonde waves, you will need to use a big barrel curling iron with lots of texture spray. Styling is a must to get a messy lived-in texture.

Modern Layered Neck-Length Shag
Instagram @yukistylist

#16: Modern Layered Shag

Trending now is the modern shag with layers. If you like the effortless, cool-looking style, the shaggy cut is for you! Out of all the neck-length layered haircuts, a shag really is catered to your face shape and facial features. Make sure you find a stylist well-versed in shag haircuts as these cuts can be tricky.

Tousled Loose Waves on Short Neck-Length Hair
Instagram @graphichair

#17: Tousled Loose Waves on Short Hair

The tousled loose waves bring a classic bob to a whole new level. A bob or a crop cut will add thickness and volume to your hair. If you want to add some life to your short hair, adding some simple waves will add so much style. Waves can be done with a three-fourths to one-inch curling iron or wand if you prefer. Holding the iron vertically when curling will create that tousled, beachy look. Always finger comb, or wide tooth comb through your curls once they’ve cooled.

Middle-Parted Neck-Length Long Bob with Money Pieces
Instagram @beautybybost

#18: Middle-Parted Long Bob with Money Pieces

You’ll be irresistible with a middle-parted long bob. When dyeing your hair, ask for face-framing money pieces and make your cut and color pop. Make sure you blow dry your hair straight then curl with a 1 1/4 sized iron for a silky soft wave. You should try braiding tiny braids hanging around the front for an interesting hair idea. A lob with money pieces is always a jaw-dropper at my salon.

#19: Face-Framing Bob Cut for Oval Faces

If you have an oval face, a face-framing bob cut is a perfect choice. You will want the long bang to hit at your cheek for the best balance. Women who aren’t sure of their face shapes, don’t be afraid to ask your stylists. You’ll want to blow dry your bob silky, with smoothing cream and a large round brush. A bob grows out well so you’ll be able to stretch your cuts to about every 6-7 weeks.

Short Neck-Length Side-Swept Hairstyle
Instagram @marianiliehair

#20: Short Side-Swept Hairstyle

A short hairstyle gives off a chic, yet flirty vibe. If you’re looking for a short neck-length cut, try a side-swept hairstyle. That deep side part will create so much more volume and movement than if your hair is parted in the middle.

Ask your stylist for tips on how to add waves to your cut. Typically, a curling wand will be the best and easiest option. Taking small, one-inch sections wrap your hair around the wand while holding it vertically and leaving the ends out and straight. Finish off your style with a dry paste or texturizing spray.

Neck-Length Straight Lob Cut for Thick Hair
Instagram @marianiliehair

#21: Straight Lob Cut for Thick Hair

Consider going for a straight lob cut if you have thick hair. You can rock a short haircut even if you have thick hair. If you don’t want your hair to be too big and bulky, ask your stylist to do some texturizing. Texturizing your hair will help to remove bulk and add some movement.

#22: Neck-Length Haircut with Beach Waves

Go for an easy breezy style with a neck-length haircut with beach waves. A short hairstyle is fun and sophisticated and easy to manage. Styling your hair is key to getting a lived-in, beachy wave. A curling iron can be used to make loose waves and a texture spray should be used to finish your style.

#23: Neck-Grazing Choppy Bob for Thin Hair

We love a neck-grazing choppy bob if you’re a woman with thin hair. Some haircuts fall flat, but neck-length hairstyles are best for thin hair. Taking off length will remove weight and give your fine hair a boost, instantly making it appear thicker and fuller. Style your hair with a volumizing mousse and rough dry with a blow dryer. Add some loose waves with a larger barrel iron, leaving the ends straight.

Neck-Length Long Bob with Feathered Ends for Women Over 50
Instagram @hershesons

#24: Long Bob with Feathered Ends for Women Over 50

If you’re a woman over 50, consider a long bob with feathered ends. A neck-length hairdo is easy to maintain with its short length. Chipping into the ends will bring softness and movement into your hair. You can use a blow dryer and round brush to style to get smooth and flippy ends.

Messy Neck-Length Hair
Instagram @hershesons

#25: Messy Neck-Length Hair

Messy hair is chic, sexy, and feminine. This short style works with the natural texture of your hair. Should you choose this hairstyle be prepared to style your hair in a flash. Straight to slightly wavy hair works best with this style. Apply some styling cream, mousse, or texture cream and you’re out the door.

Neck-Length Blunt Bob
Instagram @leticiayez

#26: Neck-Length Blunt Bob

Have your fine hair look fuller with a neck-length blunt bob haircut. A trendy bob with blunt ends will give your tresses a bold look and a fuller appearance. Girls who want a short bob style should make sure to keep their ends fresh by getting them trimmed every 4-6 weeks.

Classic Neck-Length Cut with Full Fringe
Instagram @versasalonspa

#27: Classic Neck-Length Cut with Full Fringe

A great option for any face shape is the classic neck-length cut with fringe. Neck-length hair with bangs flatter every face shape and your stylist can customize face-framing to show off your favorite features. Adding a fringe is a nice way to switch up your cut. You will want to ask for recommendations on how to style your specific bangs, especially if you have any cowlicks.

Sleek Medium Neck-Length Bob for Fine Hair
Instagram @hairdresser.patricia

#28: Sleek Medium Bob for Fine Hair

A bob for straight fine hair is always a good choice. There are many neck-length hairstyles for fine hair, our favorite go-to is a sleek, solid bob. If you have fine hair that seems to not want to grow longer, or you grow long, but look stringy, trying out a blunt, sleek bob will work wonders! The bluntness of the medium bob will instantly make your hair appear and feel thicker. Styling will be simple, using a volumizing mousse before blow drying will help lock in the lift.

Neck-Length Soft Tousled Bob
Instagram @hirohair

#29: Neck-Length Soft Tousled Bob

Rock a softly tousled bob if you have straight hair and are looking for a haircut that is easy to style. You can style your rounded bob by using a flat iron to smooth your hair down while curving your flat iron towards your face where you want your hair to start to curve outward. This will create extra volume to your straight hair, which is what makes this one of the most sought-after hairstyles.

#30: One-Length Bob with Textured Ends

A one-length bob with textured ends is a great choice for most face shapes and hair textures. This modern take on a sleek bob can be achieved by texturizing the ends of your hair with a razor or texturizing shears. One of the best ways to show off your textured ends is by curling your hair with a curling iron or flat iron, leaving the ends out.

Neck-Length Asymmetrical Haircut
Instagram @burjanrichard

#31: Neck-Length Asymmetrical Haircut

Try a neck-length asymmetrical haircut for an easy short cut. Perfect for any hair texture, asymmetrical cuts add visual interest. Don’t forget to ask for texture and avoid a razor if your hair is already frizzy or super curly.

#32: Neck-Length Butterfly Straight Hair

Neck-length butterfly straight hair is a chic hairstyle that suits various face shapes. The butterfly effect is the layered technique to create soft, feathered ends. This gives the hair a natural and effortless appearance. This hairstyle is particularly flattering as it frames around the face. It draws attention to your features and makes them pop. The shorter length keeps it manageable and low-maintenance.

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