34 Low-Maintenance Pixie Cuts That Are Still Super Cute!

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief
Asymmetrical Pixie for Shorter Hair
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#1: Asymmetrical Pixie for Shorter Hair

For fine to medium density, try an asymmetrical pixie for shorter hair. The side-swept front gives the illusion of more length while still blending into a short haircut. The style also makes an ideal low-maintenance pixie cut for a round face or any woman who’s plus size. Clipper cut above ears and nape, then shears or razor for wispy layers on top. Style this cut with a texturing paste or clay for definition.

Low-Maintenance Pixie for Fine Hair

#2 Low-Maintenance Pixie for Fine Hair

Channel your inner Anne Hathaway with this low-maintenance pixie for fine hair, but with a brown color. It’s a great way to make the tresses appear as thick as possible. A razor or point cutting with shears will give this cut a textured look. Styling low-maintenance pixie cuts for fine hair requires blow-drying with fingers and dryer, then finish with styling clay or pomade.

Low-Maintenance Curly Pixie Undercut with Shaved Line
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#3: Curly Pixie Undercut with Shaved Line

Get a curly pixie undercut coupled with a shaved line. Exhibit your curly hair using trendy, low-maintenance pixie cuts. A tapered design will ensure you have clean edges and more time to grow out with a pixie undercut. Add a visual line for extra style. Follow the head shape for a pleasing look. Style with curl cream for definition, and hold and rock out all day with this high-fashion, edgy style.

Low-Maintenance Cute Pixie Cut with a Subtle Side Part and Fringe
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#4: Cute Pixie Cut with a Subtle Side Part and Fringe

Ask for a cute pixie cut with a subtle side part fringe. One of the best things you can do for a pixie cut is add texture. This allows for movement, volume, and a piecey softness. Use a soft texture spray like Hairstory’s Undressed Hair Texturizing Spray for a light hold texture that gives body to your hair.

Low-Maintenance Jet Black Pixie Cut with Shaved Sides
Instagram @kortri

#5: Jet Black Pixie Cut with Shaved Sides

Are you looking for a low-maintenance way to switch up your look? One of the best ways to do so is with a dark textured comb over with tapered sides. This eye-catching hairstyle will give you an edgy and dramatic aesthetic. And without requiring too much effort when it comes to styling or upkeep. You’ll love how soft, and lightweight your hair feels after the cut. Plus, its versatility means that you can style it in whichever way suits you best!

Easy Feminine Pixie with Sideburns
Instagram @kaya__kaia

#6: Easy Feminine Pixie with Sideburns

Going shorter will make your hair appear fuller. It will also create a style that is easy and feminine to refresh. Gather some photos of reference and ask for your stylist’s opinion on what would work for you. They may recommend add-ons to your pixie, like sideburns and full fringe.

#7: Disconnected Pixie Bob for Short Hair

If you are looking for a soft, feminine hair trend, a disconnected pixie bob for short hair with a side part is a beautiful choice. The back of this cut is cropped tighter against the head, while the crown and front still maintain a soft length. It’s easy to turn into an undercut pixie if you shave one side.

Don’t forget to utilize a mousse and texture spray to pump up the volume. Natural curls work great, too, creating loads of movement to this cut.

Low-Maintenance Messy Pixie Cut with a Hard Side Part for Women
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#8: Messy Pixie Cut with a Hard Side Part

If you have thick curly hair and want to try a short chop, a messy pixie cut with a hard side part is the perfect style for you. I love how short and disconnected the style is. You do not need straight hair to achieve a cute short hairstyle. You can embrace your curl pattern by allowing some length on top and tapering in the sides short. Be aware of taking too much length off the top. You still want your natural curl pattern to show through.

Low-Maintenance Salt and Pepper Swept Pixie
Instagram @ittaribeiro

#9: Salt and Pepper Swept Pixie

A salt and pepper pixie is never a bad choice. You might want to get used to spending less time on your hair with this super easy, low-maintenance style. This cut is super simple yet at the same time, so stylish.

#10: Grey Side-Swept Pixie Cut

A grey side-swept pixie cut is a super flattering haircut for women with the confidence to pull it off. When in doubt, a side-swept style is the way to go. A side part on a pixie cut will give you tons of texture because a pixie cut is ultimately layers all throughout. This will look voluminous and feathery. Add a pomade or clay product to your hair to really define your layers and set your style for an everlasting hold.

#11: Salt and Pepper Brushed Forward Pixie

Try something new, and love a salt and pepper brushed-forward pixie. Brushing your hair forward is a great way to hide thinning spaces in your scalp, plus it looks new and modern. No curling iron or round brush is required, so your styling time will be simple and quick. Try using your blow dryer and your hands to guide your hair toward your face. Give your appearance a boost with a trendy pixie.

Low-Maintenance Short Pixie Hairstyle
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#12: Low-Maintenance Short Pixie Hairstyle

Keeping some extra length can create a simple, low-maintenance short pixie hairstyle. There’s just enough disconnection in the nape and sides of this short style, that allows some wiggle room in-between appointments, but still keeps it fun and versatile! Sleeking out your strands with a flat iron and finishing with a texture spray is all you need to amp up your appearance.

#13: Audrey Hepburn-Inspired Pixie

Keeping it classic with an Audrey Hepburn-inspired pixie is always a great staple for a low-maintenance haircut. Styling is very minimal a quick wrap dry and a texture paste will add just enough definition to your look. All hair densities can be customized to keep pixie hairstyles tight and tucked against the head shape.

Short Androgynous Pixie for Women Over 30
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#14: Short Androgynous Pixie for Women Over 30

A short androgynous pixie for women over 30 will keep an edge to your look, while still being versatile and age-appropriate. Wearing this chic, tomboy style in this sleek pomp keeps things bold and sophisticated, but could also give softness when worn forward with a bit of texture. Maintenance may range from 3 weeks to clean up the sides, to 6 weeks to shape up the sides and top of this short hairstyle.

Short Pixie for Low-Maintenance 70-Year-Olds

#15 Short Pixie for Low-Maintenance 70-Year-Olds

For an updated style on mature women, try a short pixie for low-maintenance 70-year-olds. Hair thins and becomes more coarse as women age, but pixie cuts are always low-maintenance styles that make the hair look and feel thicker. Cut with shears and remove weight where necessary, but be careful of over texturing that might cause more frizz.

Short Wavy Pixie Cut
Instagram @rosies_space

#16: Short Wavy Pixie Cut

A balanced approach of soft and edge with a short wavy pixie cut is a fun option for low-maintenance hairstyles. The disconnected length on top will conceal the grow-out underneath, allowing cutting maintenance to extend up to 8 weeks for the average head of hair. This wavy hair was styled with a soft curling iron curl, but could also be worn in a smooth pompadour style.

Very Short Pixie Cut
Instagram @lauramac.hair

#17: Very Short Pixie Cut

A bold approach to your look will wow everyone with a very short pixie cut! This flatters oval face shapes. A visit to the salon will need to be scheduled every 3-5 weeks, but this approach creates a look for short hair that’s low-maintenance. Styling will be very little to none, a pomade or paste may be all that is needed to keep this look sleek and laid down.

Pixie Cut for Black Women
Instagram @lamacevisions

#18: Pixie Cut for Black Women

A tapered pixie cut for black women can be a great option for wearing your natural hair with a sophisticated vibe. Finding a professional that is familiar with coiled hair is strongly recommended, as they can give you different options of smoothing services like relaxers, keratin treatments, or a press to maintain these smooth, short hairstyles.

Short Pixie with Fringe
Instagram @alexei.fedorko

#19: Short Pixie with Fringe

Trying a short pixie with fringe can be a bold take on short hair! The length on top allows for a low-maintenance cut, and the cut can be customized for any hair type. For styling, a quick wrap dry and a little texture spray is all you need to obtain this look.

Long Pixie Cut with Bangs hairstyle for women
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#20: Long Pixie Cut with Bangs

A low-maintenance long pixie cut with bangs is a great way to keep your shape fun and feminine. Thicker hair density will utilize a lot of debulking using choppy layers to show off the texture, while fine hair density may need a texture paste or spray to accentuate movement. A long layered pixie cut with bangs like this looks great in both sleek and messy styles.

#21: Wash-and-Wear Pixie for Women Over 50

For women over 50 with a never-ending schedule, try out a wash-and-wear pixie! After your wash, use a product targeted for air drying to bring out your natural texture and add height that lifts your roots. Finish with a texture spray to add volume and definition. This soft fringe in front will aid in concealing any fine lines on the face while giving a youthful shape to low-maintenance cuts.

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#22: Shaggy Pixie for Short Hair

If you’re interested in wearing short hair, then a shaggy pixie cut might be a perfect choice! Added face-framing layers are a plus to accentuate your features. The benefit of the wispiness in this cut makes it less high maintenance, allowing 5-8 weeks between appointments.

Keep in mind, the texture of your hair will play a big role in the silhouette of the shape, so a coarser texture may require more debulking to keep the shape light, but still nicely shaped around the head.

Soft Pixie for Ladies Over 40
Instagram @zinoveva_elena

#23: Soft Pixie for Ladies Over 40

Wearing a soft pixie for ladies over 40 will create a youthful, but age-appropriate look by keeping the layering wispy, and sweeping the fringe over the forehead, concealing those fine lines or a recessive hairline. Low-maintenance short haircuts for thicker heads of hair would benefit from this look with the undercut, taking out plenty of bulk and keeping a nice shape.

Low-maintenance Halle Berry-Inspired Pixie Cut
Instagram @hairmakesupbee

#24: Halle Berry Inspired Pixie Cut

A Halle Berry-inspired pixie cut can be a versatile choice whatever your aesthetic may be! A soft curl on top will give a very glamorous feel while going for a straighter, textured look can add an edge. These looks can be low-maintenance haircuts when the neckline is kept wispier, allowing for 5-8 weeks in between salon visits.

Straight Pixie Haircut
Instagram @demetriusmodel

#25: Straight Pixie Haircut

When looking for fresh and short styles, try a straight pixie haircut. The style is swept to the side with bangs to flatter a square face shape. Accentuate eyes and cheekbones with razored textured layers and face-framing. Lightly stack layers at the nape to add body.

#26: Textured Pixie with Wispy Bangs

When looking for low-maintenance hair that’s short, try a textured pixie cut with wispy bangs. When cut on fine or medium hair, a razor will add the perfect amount of texture and softness. Choose the side-swept bangs that can be kept long or short, accentuating the features of a heart-shaped face.

Low-Maintenance Pixie for Women Over 60
Instagram @simahaircut

#27: Low-Maintenance Pixie for Women Over 60

Consider a low-maintenance pixie for women over 60 with side bangs. Softly stack the hair at the nape to build fullness and body. However, do not cut layers in the crown too short, as thinner hair can cause cowlicks harder to control. For this low-maintenance style, use volume mousse and create lift with fingers or a round brush.

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Short Textured Pixie for Thick Hair
Instagram @knigahair

#28: Short Textured Pixie for Thick Hair

If your hair is dense, you can still rock a short textured pixie for thick hair. Using a razor on short cuts can remove a lot of weight and add the desired wispiness. For low-maintenance pixie cuts for thick hair, thinning shears can be used to remove bulk. Style with pomade on dry hair for a messy look.

Easy-Maintenance Lixie
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#29: Easy-Maintenance Lixie (Long Pixie)

An easy-maintenance lixie, or a long pixie cut with long bangs, is perfect for fine hair to achieve a fuller look. Lightly stacking the back builds volume in the crown, making it a low-maintenance cut. Style this long pixie crop with a dryer and fingers. Use a small round brush if needed on stubborn pieces.

Short Low-Maintenance Pixie Cut for Thin Hair
Instagram @kassiabarbo

#30: Short Low-Maintenance Pixie Cut for Thin Hair

Consider a short, low-maintenance pixie cut for thin hair. This easy hairstyle takes minimal effort and can make hair feel denser. Clipper cut the sides and back, then razor the top. Low-maintenance pixie cuts for thin hair look stunning when you style them with a medium hold pomade.

#31: Edgy Pixie for Older Women with Glasses

If in need of a new look that’s easy to style,  try an edgy pixie cut for older women with glasses. Cut front fringe above glasses to avoid hair flipping. With fine or medium density, these low-maintenance pixie cuts for older ladies with glasses must have lots of layers to create great texture and movement.

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#32: Feminine Pixie for African-American Women

Consider a flattering, feminine pixie for African-American women. This short cut for a black woman can be done on dry or wet hair, using shears to blend. If cut wet, keep in mind shrinkage as it dries, so leave a little extra length. Use oil to style and add shine to your black hair.

Messy Pixie Haircut
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#33: Messy Pixie Haircut

Try a modern, messy pixie haircut. Ask your stylist for a razor cut to add more texture. Diffuse or air dry and finish with a texturizing spray. Pops of colors would definitely add an edge and dimension to this messy pixie cut.

#34: Tapered Pixie for Low-Maintenance Women

For time-saving styles that work for straight hair, try a tapered pixie for low-maintenance women. Avoid shears on the sides, and use clippers to create a seamless taper through the sides and back. Remove extra bulk and blend with thinning shears.

If you’re looking for pictures of low-maintenance pixie cuts that are still trendy, then you’ve come to the right place! These are the perfect cuts for busy women who don’t have much time to style their hair.

Pixies can be very liberating, says stylist Wayne Joseph Washington of Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire.

He points out, “Nothing is more punk rock than a woman cutting all her hair off. You can change your image and make a dramatic deviation from your previous look.”

Go messy for an edgier look, make it sleek for a professional style, or opt for finger waves and stay classy.

A pixie crop that’s lopw-maintenance enhances and lifts ladies’ facial features. “Women’s beauty is better shown off by erasing the distraction of hair around the face. It’s most suited to those who have smaller faces,” Washington shares.

A word of advice from Washington is to be knowledgeable about your stylist. Find one who’s proficient at short pixie haircuts.

“Hairdressers have strengths and weaknesses,” he notes. “Shorter hair may seem easier to cut but takes a much highly skilled eye to execute these shapes.”

“Get some tips and tricks from your stylist on how to deal with the grow-out stage would help. Use the correct after-care products, benefitting your natural hair texture. These would let you achieve your hair goals,” Washington suggests.

You can also get more pro advice on choosing a fabulous pixie cut by reading our guide.

Go fearless by revamping your look. Here are images of the trendiest low-maintenance pixie cuts to choose from!