36 Low-Maintenance Short Haircuts for a Trendy, Yet Time-Saving Look

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Low-maintenance short haircuts are easy to style and won’t demand strict upkeep. The length ranges from a shaved head to a wide array of pixies, bobs, and lobs. The length options are limitless, flattering women’s features in the best light possible.

Christine Sandella, a hairstylist in Toms River, NJ, shares some perks with short hair. “It’s fast to dry and simple to style, making it a low-maintenance cut,” she says. “With short-length cuts, fine hair appear stylish, fuller, and voluminous in an instant.”

Sandella identifies hair products as your best friend when styling short haircuts. “You’ll need to use hair products to style and provide texture, bounce, and volume to your tresses.”

A limited styling repertoire is a drawback that Sandella sees when handling short hairstyles. “You’ll need to style it daily since you can’t just pull it up in a ponytail,” she notes. “If you like switching up your style now and then, a low-maintenance short haircut might not work well for you.”

A one-on-one, in-depth consultation with your stylist is highly suggested. “Be certain that your preferred cut enhances your hair texture, face shape, and won’t be a hindrance to your lifestyle,” says Sandella.

Trimmings are vital to keeping the shape of the cut. Make it a habit to ask your stylist about the styling and upkeep commitment that each cut necessitates.

Browse through these inspiring images of low-maintenance short haircuts. Share your top three picks with your stylist and keep an open mind to their suggestions.

Simple Undercut for Women with Thicker Hair
Instagram @autumnhartt

#1: Simple Undercut for Women with Thicker Hair

A simple undercut for women with thicker hair is an easy low-maintenance haircut for short hair. Ask your stylist to show you how to style for soft volume on top.

Low-Maintenance Bold and Beautiful Bob Haircut
Instagram @teryn.tucker.hair

#2: Bold and Beautiful Bob Haircut

Get your style on with a bold and beautiful bob haircut. A shorter haircut gives a professional look and is easier to manage. To achieve the shape of your bob, it should end above the shoulders but below the chin. Adding long layers enhances the body of your bob haircut. This haircut works well on most face shapes, making it a popular style choice.

Low-Maintenance Effortless Neck-Length Cut for Fine Hair
Instagram @salsalhair

#3: Effortless Neck-Length Cut for Fine Hair

A blunt cut with slight facial framing will make your fine hair look thicker and easier to maintain. Some facial framing provides shape to your face and lets your hair move. The hairstyle can be styled using a bit of Cult&Kkng Jelly to add body, create a salty texture, and retain moisture.

Fun and Short Low-Maintenance Cut for ladies with glasses
Instagram @drethings

#4: Fun and Short Cut

You could go with a stylish cut for ladies with glasses seeking a low-maintenance style. This textured haircut works best for wavy hair and provides a playful look. You could do choppy layers and add short bangs to give it a flirty edge. If you want extra volume, spray dry shampoo at the roots and comb through with a brush. This cut is perfect for anyone who wants to look effortlessly chic.

#5: Graduated Cut with Lots of Texture

Try a heavily textured graduated cut if you have thick hair and wish to have a low-maintenance style. You can use a blow-dryer to smooth it or just wash and go. If you have to wash often, opt for a voluminous dry shampoo to give you a great boost.

#6: Short Bob Makeover

A short bob makeover will change your outlook and make you feel fabulous. Ask for a length above the shoulders that you’re comfortable with. And ask for medium-length layers to achieve a modern shape. Try blow drying with a medium round brush to create waves. You might not need to curl it.

Low-Maintenance Short Messy and Choppy Bob Cut with bangs for women with long faces
Instagram @mariana_polit

#7: Messy and Choppy Bob Cut

Consider getting a messy choppy bob cut. If you get a short textured bixie cut, you won’t have to spend time styling for very long. Ask for a lot of texture added throughout the crown, so you have moveable pieces. Use a paste through the ends with root powder like Hairstory’s Powder to create volume and texture.

Modern Low-Maintenance Brunette Chin-Length Bob
Instagram @hirohair

#8: Modern Brunette Chin-Length Bob

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance haircut that looks great on most face shapes, then consider a modern brunette chin-length bob. A slight undercut at the nape creates a seamless, angled forward perimeter. Ask your stylist for internal texturizing and softly razored ends for an effortlessly tousled look.

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Younger-Looking Bob for Women Over 60
Instagram @summerverrett

#9: Younger-Looking Bob for Women Over 60

A younger-looking bob for women over 60 is sure to be a head-turner. A bob haircut is always in, and since it’s a low-maintenance short hairstyle, it will fit right in with your busy schedule.

#10: Short Bob Cut with Shaved Sides

A short bob cut with shaved sides can mean an easier getting-ready process. It can make it a breeze to wash and go.

#11: Long Blonde Pixie Bob with an Undercut

Time to give a long blonde pixie bob with an undercut a try. Shaving a section of your hair can give you a drastically new look and less hair means less maintenance.

Short Lob for Women with Glasses
Instagram @hairsprayer

#12: Short Lob for Women with Glasses

A short lob for women with glasses is a great haircut to enhance frames. Wearing eyewear can be the focal point and looks best on fine and short hair.

Low-Maintenance Brown to Blonde Ombre
Instagram @domdomhair

#13: Low-Maintenance Brown to Blonde Ombre

Try a brown to blonde ombre to embrace a short, textured cut. Low-maintenance cuts are easily styled with little effort but show off soft, tousled ombre hair.

#14: Tousled Beach Waves for Women with Wavy Hair

Try tousled beach waves for women with wavy hair to enhance a layered haircut. Giving effortless body, a low maintenance short cut is great for naturally wavy hair or heat-styled waves.

#15: Edgy Pixie Bob with Shaved Undercut

Try an edgy pixie bob with a shaved undercut for a soft and easy style. Low-maintenance hairstyles for short hair are best suited for fine hair and are great for a quick blow-dry-and-go routine.

#16: Very Short Pixie with Long Bangs

A very short pixie with long bangs is perfect for women who want to keep length around the forehead and shorter around the neck. Ask for a close cut around the ears and back of the head, but keep the length on top.

#17: Pixie Bob for Women Over 40

Try a low-maintenance pixie bob for women over 40 for a youthful and effortless cut. Great for fine or thick hair, short styles require little styling time.

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Short Shag with Curtain Bangs
Instagram @lcs.hairdesign

#18: Short Shag with Curtain Bangs

A short shag with curtain bangs is a beautiful layered haircut to add softness and fullness. Low-maintenance haircuts for short hair are perfect for women who want volume but don’t want to spend a lot of time styling.

Low-Maintenance Short Buzz Cut for African-American Natural Hair
Instagram @andreabordeaux

#19: Low-Maintenance Short Buzz Cut for Natural Hair

Try a low-maintenance short buzz cut for African-American natural hair. A shorter haircut enhances facial features and has little to no styling time. Ask your stylist for the shortest guard on clippers for an edgy, close-to-the-skin cut.

#20: Low-Maintenance Short Cut with Balayage

Try a low-maintenance short cut with balayage to get a soft contrast without the length. Balayage is great for any hair type.

#21: Jaw-Length Short Bob Hairstyle

Try a jaw-length short bob hairstyle for a more defined look. Perfect for fine hair, these cuts can have precision and sleekness. Minimal products and hot tools may be needed, so ask your stylist for advice.

#22: Razored Shag for Women Over 30 with Thick Hair

A razored shag for women over 30 can enhance and frame the face. Adding a lot of texture to hair, a short style is best suited for thicker hair types who want to embrace facial features but still leave a little length.

#23: Youthful Pixie Cut for Women Over 50

Try a youthful pixie cut for women over 50 for a new fresh-faced look. Low-maintenance short haircuts add a lot of life to hair by adding texture, volume, and fullness.

#24: Stylish Pixie for Older Women

A stylish pixie haircut for older women adds a lot of fullness and texture to any hair type. Low-maintenance cuts are flattering for a trendy woman who wants a fun style in minimal time.

Low-Maintenance Short Pixie
Instagram @tinietashaa

#25: Low-Maintenance Short Pixie

Try a low-maintenance, very short pixie for a chic, soft, feminine style. This hairstyle can be styled with a texture product and looks great on fine hair or thinned-out hair textures.

Low-Maintenance Pixie Cut with Bangs
Instagram @teresa_witt_

#26: Pixie Cut with Bangs

A low-maintenance pixie cut with bangs is a fun, tousled, and easy-to-manage style. Perfect for fine or thick hair, these haircuts enhance the eyes and are not difficult to style. Pair it with a platinum hair color to really make it pop!

#27: Low-Maintenance Short Haircut

Try a low-maintenance short haircut to enhance facial features on round or oval face shapes. It’s so easy to style and may require regular trims to keep the shape.

#28: Low-Maintenance Shaggy Cut for Short Hair

A low-maintenance shaggy cut with bangs for short hair is trendy and full of texture. Great for thick and medium hair, these styles are appealing to the eye and cannot be over-styled.

#29: Short and Sleek Angled Bob for Straight Hair

A short and sleek angled bob for straight hair is a well-put-together hair style. Excellent for straight hair or those who want to style straight, it’s stylish and easy to style.

#30: Ear-Length Asymmetrical Pixie

Try an ear-length asymmetrical pixie for a dramatic cut that is sure to turn heads. With thick texture and a strong bang, this cut is great for fine, dense hair for ultimate volume.

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Short and Low-Maintenance Long Pixie
Instagram @ucal_muradli

#31: Short and Low-Maintenance Long Pixie

A short and low-maintenance long pixie is stylish and spunky. A very textured haircut with long wispy bangs is easy to wash, style, and go and is great for fine to medium hair.

#32: Low-Maintenance Cut for Women Over 70 with Thin Hair

A low-maintenance cut for women over 70 is perfect for thin hair. These hairstyles are easy to wear, so ask your stylist for a lot of texture for a spiky look.

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Easy Shag Cut for Low-Maintenance Women
Instagram @randa.rivera

#33: Easy Shag Cut for Low-Maintenance Women

A low-maintenance short style is a fun, textured cut for ladies who want to throw in hair product, and go!

Chin-Length Bob Hairstyle
Instagram @demetriusschool_eng

#34: Chin-Length Bob Hairstyle

A chin-length bob hairstyle is stylish and flattering. Great for enhancing the neck or jawline, short bobs are low-maintenance.

#35: Low-Maintenance Middle Part Bob

I like to use it for women who want a short haircut with multiple styling options. Worn with soft curls can show the beauty and dimension of your hair color. While worn straight, it is always chic and classic. For girls who want the option to pull their hair up, the perimeter can be cut longer towards the front. This gives you a quick and easy half-up top knot.

Low-Maintenance Gray Butterfly Layered Haircut for Older Ladies with Short Hair
Instagram @shear.fun.with.lauren.elyse

#36: Gray Layered Haircut

Here’s a low-maintenance gray layered haircut. A short layered bob will give you body to your hair and is especially great for finer hair textures. Try adding feathered ends to your layers to create a beautiful butterfly cut.