50 Long Shaggy Pixie Cuts That’ll Turn Heads Wherever You Go

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

A long shaggy pixie cut is a short-length layered cut that looks even more amazing with a tousled style. This cropped cut is excellent for any fearless woman out there, as it exudes confidence and freedom.

Rebecca Minichis a Texas-based haircut specialist, and she loves how this chop gives the illusion of lovely sophistication. If you are interested in achieving this style, she offered some advice and suggestions below.

💡 Key Things to Know First

  • Find a stylist who works well with a razor.
  • Ask for a razor cut to soften the edges so it doesn’t look too boyish.
  • It’s a great choice if you want to highlight your eyes.
  • It requires frequent cuts to maintain, especially on thicker hair. Book an appointment every six to 12 weeks.

You can also read our guide if you want to know the secrets of choosing a pixie cut that complements your face shape.

Ready to try out this new style? Look at these inspiring pictures of the most eye-catching long shaggy pixie cuts you can consider. Select one that works best with your hair type and facial features.


#1: Long Shagged Pixie with Choppy Bangs

When looking for a new short haircut, try a long shagged pixie with choppy bangs to add some edge to your look. The razored layers in the cut help take some weight out of a shaggy pixie cut for thick hair. Pair this cut with a textured pomade to be able to create piece-y movement and add some volume to this pixie cut.

Shaggy Layered Long Pixie with Soft Bangs
Instagram @hairbyfitz

#2: Shaggy Layered Long Pixie with Soft Bangs

The hairstyle is a shaggy, layered, long pixie with soft bangs. This adds softness and body to the hair. It’s a fantastic style for women above 40 seeking a sassy look. This hairstyle prominently displays crown height and petals that frame the face, carved with a razor.

#3: Short Hair with Razor Cut Layers

A hybrid shaggy pixie cut can give you a slightly textured edge with added texture at the crown, shorter layers, and fringe. This cut works well on oval faces. Playing with different lengths in the hair will give you texture and ease in styling. I would suggest using a little texture cream to style. Overall, this hairstyle does not need much more styling. A razor cut will be your best friend when creating this shape.

Face-Framing Long Pixie with Shaggy Bangs
Instagram @hairolines

#4: Face-Framing Pixie with Shaggy Bangs

Get a pixie haircut that frames the face and has a soft, feathery, shaggy front to compliment elfin faces. This front area should be styled around the eyes and droop to the cheekbones. Keep the hair long at the nape to prevent the cut from looking too old-fashioned. Use a spray texture product to lightly style the hair. This approach gives a more relaxed appearance.

#5: Light Blonde Textured Pixie Mullet

Light blonde short hair always looks striking. Try teaming it with the current trendy cut, the pixie mullet. The mullet should stop at the neck for a more cohesive look. Layering adds texture. If you want to add a charming touch, keep the hair length around the ears long and let it fall onto the face. This look works well if a full fringe, either long or short, is blended in.

#6: Sleek Mini Mullet with Straight Bangs

If you’re looking for an easy to maintain style for straight hair, a mullet could be for you. ‘Wash and go’ is another option since it’s a simple style that doesn’t need complex styling.

#7: Razored Mullet with Soft Layers

If you have natural, textured hair, short hair can be a good option. It requires little to be done in the morning. Short hair enhances the curls, giving them a full, bouncy shape. Such a style works well with pixie mullets. If you aim for a softer, more feminine look, keep the area around the ears soft. Also, frame the face and eyes with a feathery fringe for a full effect.

'90s Razored Long Shaggy Pixie Crop with bangs
Instagram @anti.dote_studio

#8: ’90s Razored Pixie Crop

A 90s-inspired pixie crop is the edgy haircut trend of the summer! A pixie crop can be a versatile haircut in different shapes and lengths. What makes a pixie edgy is the incorporation of texture and disconnected crown layers. The texture is key in keeping the 90s pixie edgy. To achieve maximum texture, I recommend using tools like a razor or point cutting. These methods still maintain a soft shape.

Long Pixie Shag Hair with Micro Textured Bangs
Instagram @drethings

#9: Pixie Shag Hair with Micro Textured Bangs

A pixie shag hairstyle with micro-textured bangs is an edgy take on a 90’s inspired haircut. Pixie and shags have become popular because of their easy ability to style and wear. These types of haircuts can grow out softly and even allow people to air dry them with minimum effort. I recommend using a styling product like an air dry cream. My favorite hair balm is the one produced by Hairstory.

#10: Mini Pixie Shag with Swept Bangs

A short layered pixie adds tone and texture to your look. Keep the style versatile by maintaining length over the ears and having sweeping bangs. You can allow it to air dry or use a flat brush to gently control the hair while drying it.

Short Mullet Shag Long Pixie with Flipped-Up Layers
Instagram @raenikole

#11: Short Mullet Shag with Flipped-Up Layers

For a unique style, keep your layers flat around the top of your head. Flip out the ends by your ears and neckline. Add a rounded, full fringe to your hair, which frames the face beautifully. I recommend using just hairspray for styling to avoid an overly styled look.

Shorter Long Pixie Wavy Shag with Heavy Bangs for Mature Women
Instagram @ema.snips

#12: Shorter Wavy Shag with Heavy Bangs

A layered, mid-length cut will make your natural curls shine. This cut lets the curl structure form well. I suggest a heavier fringe if you want more coverage on your face. Let it air dry or use low heat and low speed with a diffuser.

Modern Short Long Shaggy Pixie Mullet with Thin Bangs
Instagram @hairoin.nl

#13: Modern Short Mullet with Thin Bangs

A modern mullet style suits your hair’s natural texture. The style offers a soft, lived-in look that’s easy to achieve as it doesn’t require harsh styling. To maintain a feminine look, a full feathered fringe that rounds towards the end of your eyebrow works well.

Bouncy Waves on a Layered Long Pixie Shag
Instagram @local_honey

#14: Bouncy Waves on a Pixie Shag

Create a bouncy wave style on a pixie shag haircut. You can shape a beautiful style on naturally wavy hair using a razor and shears. For a longer, shaggy pixie, you can frame the face with a cute piecey bang, and having a longer textured nape fringe will enhance this shaggy shape. Add body and texture through the crown of the hair by creating tousled waves.

Long Shaggy Curly Crop Pixie Cut with Shorter Bangs
Instagram @anti.dote_studio

#15: Shaggy Curly Crop Cut

The hairstyle known as ‘shaggy long pixies’ is becoming popular and will likely continue to be trendy. These hairstyles are easy to style and keep up with. If you use a razor cut technique on a long pixie shag, it can transform into different amazing hairstyles as it grows. I recommend using a good texture powder from Hairstory on your hair. It gives body and grit without weighing your hair down, and a little wax can help define the style further.

Long Jagged Pixie Haircut with Bangs for Mature Women
Instagram @nicks.cutz

#16: Jagged Pixie Haircut with Bangs

The jagged pixie hairstyle with bangs is a popular choice. There’s no doubt this haircut is mastered with a razor. With this long, shaggy style, you will complement a convex face profile. The beauty of getting a haircut that best complements your face shape reveals the skill of craft hairdressers. The essence of the job is to blend a shag and pixie cut into one jagged but seamlessly soft and feminine shape. Such creativity is what makes it all amazing.

Wavy Long Pixie Shag with Framing Pieces
Instagram @thesambullen

#17: Wavy Pixie with Framing Pieces

Styling wavy hair as a long, shaggy pixie is a cute way to show off your hairstyle. Longer strands surrounding your face can make a pixie cut more suitable for your face shape. A curtain fringe and front ear pieces balance a convex face shape nicely.

#18: Layered Long Bixie Cut

When you are ready to grow your pixie longer, come to the salon for maintenance during this process. You will appreciate the regular maintenance. Adjusting your hair cut and giving it a particular shape will motivate you to continue growing your hair. A long bixie with layers is a great in-between. Use a round brush to add volume and create soft, feathery, layered bangs.

#19: Razored Pixie with Baby Bangs

Sometimes, you may feel weighed down by your hair and want a big change. Try this pixie cut. A razor is used for this cut to provide movement and texture to the hairstyle. This haircut keeps the wavy texture and gives just the right length to the hairstyle. Micro bangs look superb on smaller, round, and oval-shaped faces.

Long Tousled Shaggy Pixie with Mini Bangs
Instagram @anti.dote_studio

#20: Tousled Shaggy Pixie with Mini Bangs

People with inverted triangle face shapes suit a long pixie shag and mini bangs very well. The bangs need to have a soft, piecey texture. You should add long side framing pieces for the shaggy look.

Messy Cropped Long Pixie with Shaggy Layers and Bangs
Instagram @nicks.cutz

#21: Messy Cropped Pixie

If you have a pear face shape, try this cute pixie cut. Your stylist should add layered texture to the top for added volume and a playful look. The textured bangs and long side pieces give the haircut a pixie bob look. This style suits hair with coarse and thick textures due to its piecey and soft appearance.

Spiky Long Shaggy Pixie Hair with Mini Bangs
Instagram @isabel.poppy.hair

#22: Spiky Long Pixie Hair

Wear a longer pixie cut softly around the back of your neck and ears for a light, girly shape. Add textured layers at the top of your head and a short fringe to frame your face. For styling, I suggest using a dry, matte-finish product.

#23: Straight Shaggy Pixie Mullet

A mullet can be trendy with longer hair at the nape and shorter hair at the crown. Keep some hair length around the ears for flexibility. A stylish split fringe maintains the feminine appeal.

#24: Short Shaggy Layers and Piece-y Bangs

A soft feminine pixie cut works well for hair with natural movement. It’s worn over the ears with a piecey feathered fringe for coverage, creating texture and height.

#25: Graduated Lixie Shag

A pixie cut with more length can mimic a mullet shape. Stacking layers adds thickness and texture. A short fringe angled into the sides frames the face well. If you want to use a straightener, slightly curl its barrel to avoid making the hair too straight.

Very Short Shaggy Pixie Mullet with Long Swoopy Layers for Long Faces
Instagram @_hairwitch_

#26: Very Short Mullet with Swoopy Layers

A short mullet cut maintains length at the back, adds softness over the ears, and is modern. The style’s layers that move and a swooping fringe add a feminine feel. Avoid over-styling the hair. Letting it air dry or using diffused low heat is preferred. For the product, scrunch a soft soufflé cream into the hair to define it.

#27: Razor Cut Pixie for Round Faces

Razor cuts work well for pixie hairstyles on round faces. If you have a round face shape, don’t rule out short hairstyles. You can make a great pixie-shag hairstyle by adding volume at the crown, texture, and layers. Having curtain bangs with a high center can help lengthen the face. This style also softens your overall look with delicate framing around the face.

Long Wispy Pixie Shag Mullet with Bangs
Instagram @anti.dote_studio

#28: Wispy Pixie Mullet with Bangs

A pixie with long, shaggy layers creates texture and shape. It has short layers at the crown and long fringe pieces at the hairline. This hairstyle is customizable to your facial shape and neckline. A razor is an important tool to achieve the texture and softness of this hairstyle.

#29: Very Short Shag with Heavy Layers

You’ll cherish the simplicity of maintaining a very short, heavily layered shag haircut. Remember that longer top layers may flatten the hair’s silhouette, which might not suit your preference if you aim for volume. Ask your stylist to cut the sides and back in a shaggy style to boost your hair’s natural body and instigate movement. The cute fringe will be a charming focal point to your natural style. Just leave your hair to air dry with texture wax and relish your speedy hair routine.

Long Shagged Pixie Cut with Long Bangs
Instagram @erinporsia

#30: Shagged Pixie Cut with Long Bangs

A messy short haircut with long front hair suits many face types, especially oval, heart, and square faces. This cut’s layered style and rough feel make the hair seem fuller. It eases sharp face traits and matches the shape of the face. Also, long front hair can hide a big forehead or make the face seem longer. This adds depth and style to the person’s look.

Copper Long Pixie Shag on Fine Hair
Instagram @cocolemon.hair

#31: Copper Long Pixie Shag on Fine Hair

Change your look with a long copper pixie shag, great for fine hair. The asymmetrical cut gives it a dynamic flair. The copper color also adds warmth and depth. The cut gives your hair texture and movement. If you want a bold but easy-to-manage style, it’s ideal.

#32: Messy Shaggy Pixie on Thin Hair

Change your style with a shaggy pixie cut designed for thin hair. The shaggy layers in this style create a sense of thickness and add volume and texture instantly. Enjoy the simple charm of messy hair with the easy upkeep of a pixie cut. This style is ideal for those with thin hair who want a stronger style.

Undone Long Shaggy Pixie for Thick Hair
Instagram @brianhickman1

#33: Undone Shaggy Pixie for Thick Hair

Achieve a chic look with a shaggy pixie. This style suits thick hair. It also works well with the natural volume that thick hair has. The shaggy style adds depth to your hair. The pixie cut is easy to maintain. This style lets you show off your hair’s natural beauty.

#34: Edgy Long Pixie with Choppy Layers

The hairstyle is a modern, lengthy pixie cut with uneven layers. If you’re letting your short pixie cut grow out, the long pixie can be a good in-between style. Since the hair at the back of the neck usually grows out first, you can use a razor to taper its edges. A short fringe and a longer outline and neckline lend a unique shag-like feel to this long pixie cut.

Curly Mixie with Micro Bangs
Instagram @mystic_shear

#35: Curly Mixie with Micro Bangs

Revamp your look with a curly pixie cut featuring micro bangs. This style provides a playful twist on the classic curly, shaggy pixie cut. This daring style exudes confidence and individuality, blending textured curls with edgy micro bangs for a statement-making look bound to turn heads.

Short Long Shaggy Pixie Bob Cut for women with a long face
Instagram @salonoslc

#36: Long Shaggy Pixie Bob Cut

A long shaggy pixie bob cut is a great short hairstyle for women wanting to keep their locks stylish. If you have a long face, a shaggy or layered version of the cut can help add some width and volume. A longer top section of hair can be styled forward to create bangs. Bangs shorten the appearance of the face. The best way to style is to apply a small amount of texturizing product to the hair while damp. Then use a round brush to blow dry. Finish with a light-hold hairspray to keep the cut looking fresh and bouncy all day.

#37: Long Tousled Pixie Shag with Short Layers

If you want to look edgy but not messy, consider a shaggy long pixie cut. This punk rock style is one of the trendiest of the season and looks good quickly styled with just a bit of wax. As a stylist, I prefer to cut this with a razor but not every client is a candidate, so ask your stylist if it’s an option for you!

Short Bangs on a Mini Pixie Wavy Shaggy Mullet
Instagram @white_pepper

#38: Short Bangs on a Mini Wavy Mullet

If you’ve been thinking about going shorter, consider a long shaggy pixie with bangs. If you feel like a cut such as this is too edgy, keep in mind that it can really be customized for each client. Especially with the way that it’s layered and the fringe in the front. This is a low-maintenance haircut as far as styling. But, you will need to be in the salon getting a cut about every 6 weeks in order for this to maintain its proper shape.

Long Pixie Shag Mullet with Framing Layers and Bangs
Instagram @archieco_

#39: Pixie Shag Mullet with Framing Layers and Bangs

The modern pixie mullet is one of the biggest hair trends right now. I have clients with thin hair that want to try this cut but don’t want it to look too limp and wispy. I tell my clients as long as they blow dry in a texture spray and style with wax, you won’t be worried about it.

Long Soft Tousled Pixie Shag Cut on Straight Hair
Instagram @lueluehair

#40: Soft Tousled Pixie Shag Cut on Straight Hair

Try the retro-modern soft tousled pixie shag cut on straight hair. A long shaggy pixie cut incorporates short top layers into shaggy sides and a mullet back. It’s truly a trendy take on a pixie. Keep in mind, when styling your hair, that the finish should be piece-y but not too fluffy. The top layers will give you some pop and texture but the profile should be closer to your head shape. You’ll want to utilize a texture paste for separation.

Shaggy Long Pixie with Textured Fringe and Face-Framing Layers
Instagram @jldoeshair

#41: Long Pixie with Textured Fringe and Face-Framing Layers

Wolf cuts are all the rage and can be flattering for a myriad of people with just a bit of alteration to the cut. I recently had a client who thought she couldn’t pull this off because she had a round face. That simply isn’t true. By keeping the cut a bit longer and opting for a bit more of a curtain bang, you create a great style for fuller faces.

#42: Short Golden Pink Hair with Messy Shagged Layers

Whether you have textured or fine hair, the shaggy pixie is a versatile cut for women. Because this cut works on all hair types, this is a very popular cut with a lot of my clients. This haircut has a bit of an edge, but if you blow dry it smooth with a brush and some shine serum, it can also look sleek.

Shaggy Wispy Layers on a Long Pixie Bob Cut
Instagram @pinkconchas

#43: Wispy Layers on a Pixie Bob Cut

If trendy is what you’re looking for, the shaggy pixie bob haircut is what I’m constantly being asked for. This haircut is a combination of the bob and the pixie with a lot of feathered layers. The thing that I like the most about this haircut is how soft everything is. Making it a great first haircut for anyone who’s hesitant about going shorter.

Mini Wolf Shaggy Long Pixie Cut with Short Crown Layers
Instagram @mal.hair

#44: Mini Wolf Cut with Short Crown Layers

Girls have many options when it comes to choosing a haircut, from face shapes to density. The variations are limitless. A mini wolf cut with short crown layers, for example, is a modern take on the shaggy pixie cut for thin hair. It takes what works and removes what doesn’t so the wearer feels empowered by her unique style.

Long Shaggy Pixie Hair with Feathered Layers
Instagram @colormechula

#45: Shaggy Pixie Hair with Feathered Layers

One of the most trendy cuts right now because of its unisex style is a shaggy pixie. What sets this cut apart is its very jagged layers that are usually cut with a razor. This cut looks good on virtually everyone and has a ton of style. All you have to do is throw a little wax in it before you head out the door and you’ll be good to go!

Long Shaggy Pixie with Razored Layers with Side Part Bangs
Instagram @loxbybrynn

#46: Razored Layers with Side Part Bangs

Try the modern style of razored layers with side-part bangs. Crop off your hair and enjoy easier manageability and a trendier shape. Shaggy pixie cuts for fine hair should be styled flat with wispy ends. This will make the most of your thin strands. Straight hair will work wonderfully for texture and the side part adds style. Take the leap into shorter hair and I think you’ll laove it.

Fluffy Long Shaggy Pixie Style on Short Blue Hair
Instagram @knotsalon

#47: Fluffy Pixie Style on Short Blue Hair

A fluffy pixie with short blue hair is for the eccentric and stylish type of woman. I love the idea of adding length around the nape and lots of tousled volume on top. It gives the whole style a very anime vibe.

Long Pixie with Shaggy Jagged Layers
Instagram @salontage

#48: Long Pixie with Shaggy Jagged Layers

A long pixie with shaggy jagged layers is the perfect mix of a pixie and a short shag cut. Start the cut with choppy micro bangs as your guide. Then, the layers become gradually longer towards the bottom. This cut is great for wash-and-go or to style out with some loose curls. Use a piecing cream for added texture and style.

#49: Layered Bixie with Bangs and Waves

A layered bixie with bangs and waves is an easy style that you should consider. If you want to embrace your natural wavy locks, overall layering will bring them out. Your hairstylist might want to use a feather razor to cut your shape and this will create more dimension. Try air-drying your short hairstyle to achieve a flat shape that is on trend.

Long Feathered Pixie Shag and Curtain Bangs
Instagram @babe.generator

#50: Feathered Pixie Shag and Curtain Bangs

You’ll adore a feathered pixie shag and curtain bangs. The heavy layers will give you a flat crown with flicky ends that looks awesome. Try styling your long bangs backward on both sides with a middle part, and you’ll get a great shape. These hairdos are meant to be styled with whatever natural movement your hair has. Pureology’s Mess It Up will help you get the look you desire.