44 Stylish Long Pixie Cuts for Women Over 70 to Have a Youthful Glow

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Long pixie cuts for women over 70 are short-length cuts with tons of layers to boost volume and texture. Plus, bangs can be added to flatter any face shape and enhance facial features.

Hairstylist Jordan Truong of Medford, MA suggests pixie haircuts for older women.

“The biggest benefit with this cut is it’s easy to style , especially if you’re not good with a round brush. It’s the perfect go-to hairstyle for women with thin and fine tresses,” he points out.

Long pixies can be tricky to create, so find a skilled hairstylist to chop your locks. You can do your research via social media. “The most important thing to ask a stylist is if they have experience with short hair,” Truong adds.

Regular salon visits are a must to maintain a great style and sassy haircut. Go for a trim every 4-5 weeks to re-establish the pixie’s shape. However, this can be a drawback for 70-year-old women who can’t commit to this kind of maintenance.

Learn more about this chic and bold hair idea. Here are the photos of the best and most popular long pixie cuts for women over 70! Or check out our guide for pixie cuts.


#1: Side-Parted Red Long Pixie with Highlights

A red-colored pixie with highlights would have a fuller look if styled with side-parted long layers. Even a slight change in the positioning of your parting can immediately refresh your look. I recommend using a color-enhancing shampoo at home to maintain the vibrancy of your red tones between salon visits. Finish off your look using a shine spray!

#2: Brunette Pixie with Choppy Layers and Bangs

A brunette pixie with choppy layers and bangs is a lovely choice for women over 70. The spiky layers and mass of texture will make aging hair look fuller and more youthful. Moreover, this hairstyle adds a fun edge to your everyday look!

#3: Long Pixie Crop with Thin Layers

Older women with a square face shape should consider a pixie cut that’s longer and has thin layers. Longer pixie cuts are generally more flattering on square face shapes.

#4: Grey Long Pixie with Short Sides

A long pixie cut can be styled in various ways — for an easy yet trendy look, wear it with short sides and a textured crown. Pixie cuts are practical, saving your styling time at home. While they are easy to style, remember that pixie cuts require professional maintenance every 4-6 weeks. For a flawless look, it’s best to keep some length on top and add texture to ensure smooth hair growth.

#5: Silver Layered Lixie with Full Bangs

A silver layered pixie is a chic, elegant choice for a short style. Pair it with full bangs for a more edgy look. Short hair can be a powerful expression of personal style. You can experiment with the length, finish, and even the detailing. Layered pixies with a lot of texture are often seen as playful and youthful. Adding texture to the crown can eliminate weight and create a soft, flowing movement.

#6: Gray Pixie Bob with Swept Bangs

The look is a heavily textured, long pixie haircut featuring heavy side bangs that are feathered back. This haircut suits those who prefer low maintenance. It works well for clients with thick hair since it removes extra weight, enabling a more textured, flowing style.

#7: Side-Swept Lixie for Round Faces

Round-faced ladies who are looking for a complimentary style should try a side-swept pixie. The low side part and draping front do wonders for a round face shape. The flatter lines of this cut are very youthful and easy to achieve. Keep in mind you are not trying to style this shape with a ton of fullness, so a medium round brush and your hands are all you need. You’ll want to dry the hair directionally to the side and front for a funky finish.

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Pompadour Silver Long Pixie for older women over 70
Instagram @kylieannefritz

#8: Pompadour Silver Pixie

This beautiful silver pixie styled with a sleek quiff and a feathered finish is perfect for anyone who wants a short style that will fit any occasion.

#9: Long Pixie Blowout

A longer pixie gives more room for styling. I suggest you sweep your hair up and away from your face for an uplifting effect as you age. If you prefer some facial framing or if that suits your face shape better, you can include soft, wispy framing and bangs.

#10: Pixie Shag with Light Bangs

Try the pixie shag with light bangs. The term shaglet refers to a long version of a pixie shag mullet. Choose this style when you prefer more length around your face and neck. The result is a soft layered shape that works beautifully with your bone structure and hair texture. For an easy finish, wash your hair and apply some cult king hair jelly.

#11: Ash Blonde Long Pixie Style

If you want a shorter style but aren’t ready for a short pixie, the long pixie style is an ideal choice. This cut, which has layers stacked upon each other and is cut blunt at the neckline, is a great option if you want to transition from having long hair.

Icy Blonde Textured Long Pixie on Ladies Over 70
Instagram @stellarhair2

#12: Icy Blonde Textured Pixie

Your haircut gets a little extra feminine touch with longer pixies. If you’re in your 70s and desire a versatile short style, ensure you keep some length around the face and neck. For more face-framing, style it forward. Opt for a side sweep for a soft, elegant look.

Long Pixie Bob with Full Blonde Highlights for mature women 70 and over
Instagram @gbhdesign

#13: Long Pixie Bob with Full Blonde Highlights

I recommend this hairstyle for clients with straight and untextured hair. This hairstyle is a longer version of a pixie. It’s versatile for days when the client prefers low maintenance. Also, it can be styled for a more glamorous look for an evening event.

#14: Ruby Red Pixie with Long Bangs

This pixie is perfect for anyone of any age! The edginess and sass is amplified with the stunning ruby red color choice. The long bang pulls the entire look together along with the sleek finish.

Side-Swept Wispy Long Pixie for grandmas Over 70
Instagram @hairbymollymac

#15: Side-Swept Wispy Pixie

A side-swept wispy pixie is a stunning choice for women over 70. This cut pops on silver and light hair colors because of its many layers and texture.

Copper Bixie Hair with Wispy Bangs for older ladies over seventy
Instagram @tudiom02131

#16: Copper Bixie Hair with Wispy Bangs

Everyone adores a copper bixie with thin bangs! This stylish and playful hairstyle is a simple method to breathe fresh life into your hair.

#17: Natural Grey Pixie Cut with Stacked Layers

Adding stacked layers to a natural grey pixie cut will boost its volume, making it a low-maintenance hairstyle. If you leave your hair in its natural color, it will take on a beautiful, dimensional salt-and-pepper hue.

#18: Platinum Long Pixie with Choppy Bangs

For women over 70, a long platinum pixie with choppy bangs is a stunning hairstyle choice. If you want to hide fine lines or wrinkles on your forehead, choppy bangs can cover these up, giving you a playful yet edgy cut.

#19: Thin Pixie with Side Part

Try a pixie haircut with a side part if you have thin hair. All you need is a little hair paste to add texture and volume. I recommend Redken Brews Cream Pomade as it is easy to work with and helps create a piecey look!

#20: Feathered Pixie with Fringe

If you want a longer version of the classic pixie chop, you can try a feathered pixie with fringe. This blended style is longer at the top and sides compared to the standard super short pixie cut.

#21: Lixie Style with Asymmetrical Bangs

Opt for a lixie-style haircut with asymmetrical bangs. Add some edge to your look by incorporating asymmetrical bangs into your haircut. For mature women, this cut adds volume to the top and is still short for easy management. This haircut works with your hair’s thickness and texture to create an ideal style.

#22: Pixie Hair with Crown Layers

A long pixie provides short hair while keeping some length to style. Add shorter crown layers for volume. Also, include a layered side-swept bang for a gentle look around the eyes.

#23: White Blonde Pixie with Pink Highlights

The tapered pixie cut has longer layers towards the front. These extra layers add volume and texture. Combine that with a bold color for a dramatic effect. Make sure to apply the bold hue under the layers. This coloring method helps to conceal the roots so your new hair shade lasts longer.

Blonde Long Pixie with Tapered Nape for Older Women Over 70
Instagram @wolfie_stacy

#24: Blonde Long Pixie with Tapered Nape

A cut with a clean tapered nape provides a well-structured foundation. You can blow dry longer layers for a fuller volume. Keep the color close to your natural hue to blend rather than hide grey hairs for softer regrowth.

#25: Lixie Hair with Wispy Layers

A pixie haircut, firmly shaped, feels like a bob due to its layers and texture. This style helps if you have fine hair, as it adds volume. Keep the hair longer over the ear and maintain a sweeping fringe if you prefer hair around your face. After drying your hair, apply a texturing product to add separation. Try using products such as dry shampoo and hairspray because oil-based products may weigh your hair down.

Long Pixie Blonde Hair with Side-Swept Bangs for Women Aged 70
Instagram @frizerski.salon.be.in

#26: Long Pixie Hair with Side-Swept Bangs

A cut with side-swept bangs is perfect for women over 70. Keep your hair short for low maintenance, and style it with swept bangs for a classic look.

Layered Long Pixie with Copper Highlights for Women Over 70 with Glasses
Instagram @icoloridi._sara

#27: Layered Pixie with Copper Highlights

If you want to enhance your look, a short haircut called layered pixie with copper-colored highlights is a great idea. The warm and inviting copper color suits short, easy-to-manage haircuts perfectly. Additionally, this style of haircut is excellent for aging hair as it can make it appear thicker and fuller.

Stacked Lixie Cut on Straight Hair for a Woman Over Seventy
Instagram @yourhairbymere

#28: Stacked Lixie Cut on Straight Hair

A stacked lixie cut on straight hair is a great style that is achieved at the salon by a professional whose tools could vary from a razor to thinning shears. When it comes to hairstyles for women over 70, Longer pixies have many variations from the longer fringe, longer perimeter, stacked back, and can definitely evolve over the season for more wearability.

#29: Long Pixie Cut for Wavy Hair

A long pixie cut for wavy hair is a great choice, especially if you would rather have a little bit more length than a traditional pixie. Longer lengths around the ear and in the crown make this shape more feminine and also give it versatility. Tuck the hair behind the ear for a different style on one side or both, your choice. A seventy-year-old with any face shape will look soft and stylish with this long pixie.

#30: Spiky Long Pixie on Thinning Hair

If you have thinning hair, you might want to try a spiky long pixie. Ask your stylist to cut the crown layers about 2 inches long, leaving enough hair to tousle and spike which will hide thin places on the scalp. Volumizing gel and a texture paste can help you create that messy style. You’ll look 10 years younger with this fun pixie.

Textured, Piece-y Long Pixie for a Woman Over 70
Instagram @laurynality

#31: Textured, Piece-y Long Pixie

A textured, piece-y long pixie is a trendy, feminine, and chic way to freshen up the hair without risking too much length off. The lixie haircut, long pixie, is a great trial style to begin exploring shorter hairstyles. Discussing with the salon professional the frequency of service can provide clarity of how often to come in for a refresh, and can predetermine how long or short to go in length.

Messy Pixie for Thin Hair for a Lady Over 70
Instagram @solo__capelli

#32: Messy Pixie for Thin Hair

A messy long pixie for thin hair can give the illusion of fuller hair with this lixie hairstyle. A woman over a certain age often times has thinning hair issues, and partnering with a salon professional could result in finding the appropriate length and style of the right long pixie variation that best fits them.

#33: Tousled Lixie Hairstyle

The tousled lixie hairstyle is making its stamp in modern hair trends. The longest pixies are a perfect fit for women that are transitioning to shorter lengths or are wanting to go a little longer for the season. Like makeup contouring, playing with the lengths can, for example, shorten a long neck, camouflage age lines across the forehead, or shape a rounder face.

#34: Tapered Long Pixie on Grey Hair

A tapered long pixie on grey hair can be a fresh new hairdo option for the next visit to the salon. A short haircut comes in all lengths and variations, and a long pixie can add some youth back into grey hair. Some photos of inspiration can assist with choosing the right fit for the next best haircut.

Razored Long Pixie with Layers for Seventy Year Olds
Instagram @jadedahlhair

#35: Razored Long Pixie with Layers

Try a razored long pixie with layers if you’re searching for a style with lots of texture and movement. A razor haircut is cut with a small hand tool razor that gives hair extra pieciness and separation. A long pixie hairstyle cut with a razor can be very beneficial for medium to thick hair, and will help get rid of bulk. This technique can make your hair more manageable as well. Try styling your pixie with a wax that has a gloss to it for the best-textured finish.

Tapered Asymmetrical Pixie Crop for 70-Year-Olds
Instagram @sheshejean

#36: Tapered Asymmetrical Pixie Crop

A tapered asymmetrical pixie crop is a sassy way to spruce up one’s personal style and not fall into the typical “short hairstyle for older women.”

Long Pixie Crop for Thick-Haired Ladies 70 and Up
Instagram @linhhairartist

#37: Long Pixie Crop for Thick Hair

If you’re a woman in her 70s, go for a long pixie crop for thick hair. It can be a freeing way to transition into a breathable haircut in the warmer seasons. Short styles can be classy and polished or vary from edgy to sassy. Stacked styles or longer face frames are also great add-ons to the short style when transitioning to other times of the year and the style is needing to evolve for fun.

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Shaggy Pixie with Curtain Bangs for a Lady Over Seventy
Instagram @gigi_l.amore

#38: Shaggy Pixie with Curtain Bangs

Consider a shaggy pixie with curtain bangs for its softer short style. Hair textures with a tiny bit of wave or body will enjoy the easiness of this wash-and-wear style. Ask your stylist to leave a bit of length in the crown and around the ears to encourage movement. Air-dry this style with a volumizing gel or scrunch with your hands and a blow dryer. A shaggy pixie is a great choice for ladies over 70 who are looking for a more modern style.

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Sleek Pixie with Bangs for a 70-Year-Old Woman
Instagram @themoorehair

#39: Sleek Pixie with Bangs

A sleek long pixie with bangs is a great style choice and will really change things up. A timeless pixie is a cute shape that is a breeze to maintain. A short cut takes minutes to dry and you don’t need much product or shampoo. The only drawback is that short styles need to be trimmed more often, about every 4 weeks.

Long Pixie with Feathered Layers for Women 70 and Up
Instagram @mahtab.haircut

#40: Long Pixie with Feathered Layers

A long pixie with feathered layers is the perfect example of flattering short haircuts for women over 70. Soft layers moving away from the face perk up sagging facial features and make you appear younger-looking. A shorter cut is also less time-consuming to style, and tapering in the nape gets rid of even more hair. If your hair is a medium texture with some body, you might be able to air dry. For finer hair textures, use a volume-building product and blow-dry with your hands for the best finish.

#41: Choppy Pixie Cut on Fine Hair

Fine hair ladies should try a choppy pixie cut if you’re looking for a trendier style. Ask your stylist to layer your hair but leave some wispy length around the perimeter. If you are lucky enough to have some body, this will work fabulously, just add some texture wax and air dry. Straighter hair might require some scrunching with the wax to create body. Either way, 70-year-old women will benefit from this cute style that is easy to maintain.

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#42: Layered Pixie Bob for Older Women with Glasses

A layered pixie bob is a great choice for older women over 70 with glasses. The longer lengths around the ears help the hair lay well around the sides of the glasses and won’t stick out. Long pixies compliment all facial shapes and are trendy and popular, even for a grandma. A long pixie bob is versatile and can be worn curled or straight, and as a stylist, is one of my top picks for women of all ages.

Low-Maintenance Pixie for Senior Citizens Over 70
Instagram @reddahliasalon

#43: Low-Maintenance Pixie for Senior Citizens

A low-maintenance pixie for seniors over seventy can be chosen wisely with the help of the salon professional and some photos of inspiration.
Long pixie styles, for example, can start short but can also grow out by default into a style that still looks intentional while preserving a youthful appeal and keeping salon visits less frequent.

#44: Pixie Mullet with Short Bangs for Curly Hair

For a woman in her seventies, a pixie mullet with short bangs for curly hair is a modern twist to a retro style. A long pixie haircut allows for textures like curly and wavy to move organically to the curvature of the head while causing low to no mechanical manipulation. This will promote hair health and reframe the need for frequent salon visits.